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Siblings Swap

Siblings Swap is a multiple-choice body swap story (with pictures) written using the Ink narrative scripting language, so you start as a man (in the intro) who wakes up as a woman. You start out by playing a nerdy 18 year old boy called Christian Knowles, who is living in a small apartment with his mother Irene, his father John and his 21 year old sister Nicole who has just started working as an art and computer science teacher in the same school that Christian goes to.

Christian has always had a little crush on his big sister ever since he came into puberty, their parents are poor so the siblings share a room which drives Christian’s hormones crazy. But it’s not just a crush, there is envy too and the wish to not only have her, but to become her, to become a woman. That wish is going to be heard by a fairy who was sent to earth as punishment for her sometimes devilish attitude. She has to help people to redeem herself so that she is allowed to go home to her magical land, and she is just too glad to help Christian because she also hopes it’s going to lead to a lot of mischief that she enjoys just so much.

“Siblings Swap” is a complete simulation of being a woman, with all the fun and the hardships that entails. A character creator lets you define exactly how Nicole (and therefore you, in her body) should look. You can lose your virginity, date, marry, get pregnant, work, eat, sleep and everything else you could do in real life (once it’s all implemented of course).

Good things can happen to you but if you’re not careful also very bad things, like abduction and rape. Don’t eat enough and you will eventually starve to death. Every action you take advances the time, there is a full 24 hours/1440 minutes day/night cycle.

It is inspired by QSP games like Girl Life, or what I like to call the Skyrim of adult interactive fiction.

You can read much more about it, what you can do in the current version and what's planned for the next update on my Tumblr.


To save your progress, you need to go sleep in your bed, then you can load your progress from the menu on the left which shows the date and time you saved and a load button, the last five saves are kept in that listIn my other interactive fiction story, "You're Vicky" (which is very similar but with more elaborate stories and less interactivity), you can save wherever you want, but it means I can't make drastic changes without breaking save games, so for Siblings Swap I decided to use a much simpler auto save system for now.


Check out the walkthrough section if you have trouble finding more content in the story. While it's this early in the development process, I'll add a few hints to the walkthrough section on here with every update, later on I won't do that anymore because a lot of the fun comes from finding things out yourself. But for now it makes sense since it can get boring quickly without it.


When writing reviews and feedback (which I love, thanks for all the comments, you're awesome!) please keep in mind that this story is in very early alpha stage and is clearly marked as such, quite a few people seem to have overlooked that in their eagerness to check out the story (hey, as long as you read the story I'm fine with it, so thanks for your eagerness!). There is not much you can do yet. Check out the changelog here or the post on my Tumblr to see what exactly is possible right now and what is going to come in the next updates.

You will likely see all of the content there is right now within an hour or two of playing, within the first two or three ingame days, so please don't try to play this for ten hours straight just yet, you won't have fun and will just be disappointed and maybe give up on the story completely, which would be super sad.

This story is highly interactive, much more like Girl Life than typical interactive fiction, the plan is for this to become a huge open world where you can do everything you ever wanted, so developing the gameplay systems has taken up most of the development time so far, so there is happening a lot more behind the scenes than you might be able to see this early on while there isn't yet that much story content that makes use of it. This should become more and more apparent with every update, I'll try to get the first few out as quickly as possible :)

Here are a few tips to find sexy scenes in the current version, use these if you played for a while and just don't find anything anymore. I'll keep updating this for the first few updates, while there isn't that much content to find yet, so it's less boring.


Version 5


Orgy in the Park

You can have sex in the park with a group of youths drinking alcohol at night on the playground. To make them notice you, you need to wear the sluttiest version of an outfit you can buy, doesn't matter which one, just upgrade it all the way. Then walk around in the park at night when the description says nobody is here at this time of day. It's random, so you might have to walk around a lot. One of the random events is a thief taking all your money, so you should deposit it in the bank before you do this. You might want to keep a few dollars on you however, since he will use your body as payment if he can't get any money out of you. And that is not a nice scene, he'll take your virginity if you still have it, you've been warned.

Get it on with Irene

Your mother comes home during workdays at 1:30 AM, she works in a mysterious nightclub from 19:00 to 1:00 AM which neither you nor the original Nicole have ever visited. Irene takes a shower and then sits in front of the TV from 2 AM to 4 AM. You can talk to her then to increase your relationship with her, but the most important thing is to watch movies with her you can buy in the video store. All family members have their preferences, Irene loves romance movies. If you have one and it's between 2 AM and 2:30 AM, you can watch the movie with her. When you've done this three times and you're wearing the sexy black teddy you can buy in the boutique (upgrade for your pyjamas), you'll be able to watch porn movies with her. Doesn't matter if they're straight or lesbian movies, the descriptions will be different, but they both work to get Irene in the mood. Whenever you watch a porn movie with her, things will go further.

This will also unlock new "sleepless night" scenes when going to bed, and a new scene with Christian which can lead to sex. There will be new movies added every few updates, so don't worry if you used them all up. Also, make sure to watch a few romance movies with your mum or talk to her a few times to improve your relationship with her before you wear the black teddy around her, otherwise she will react badly to it and you will need to increase your relationship again by talking until you can get to the porn movie options with her. Your brother and father will also react to the sexy nightwear, but always positive.

Bonus exhibitionism points

You can increase your exhibitionism stat (not shown in the user interface, isn't just exhibitionism but also your relationship with sex in general, how open you talk about it and so on) by purchasing the adult movie "Gaping in public" in the video store. In the future, more movies will have little stats boosts attached to them and also unlock new kinks. The golden shower movie for example unlocks getting peed on and peeing on people in a future update.


Version 3

Most of the new content becomes available by teaching art in school where you will meet Yvonne for the first time, naughty choices there lead you to a visit with the principal and when you go to your desk in your room there will be a message on your phone, the nude model invites you to a day on the sea in her little rowboat. Your actions with the nude model can raise your exhibitionism stat, which isn't shown in the UI (most stats aren't, by design). Getting drunk on your visit to the principal's mansion and not denying him and his wife's advances, lead you to a side job as a maid, you can work for them every weekend on Saturdays and/or Sundays at 18:00 (you can be an hour early or late when it comes to appointments like this). Your exhibitionism stat unlocks new outfit adjustments in the principal's mansion, and will be used for lots of other things in the future. Opening the curtain when your brother peeks on you in the shower also raises your exhibitionism stat once.

Having a 50% or higher arousal stat usually gives you more/kinkier options in scenes and that's the case in the new scenes as well, so it can be beneficial to keep that stat high at all times. In future updates it will have negative effects in some situations, like when you need to concentrate, but for now, higher arousal is always better.

To get caught masturbating, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth while you're aroused, then masturbate with the tooth or hairbrush. There is a small chance that your mother will catch you. In later updates your brother or your father can catch you and depending on your relationship with them, it can lead to more scenes.

Version 1


You can meat a colleague in school called Melissa by checking out your desk in the staff room twice.

John (your father)

Talk to him in the kitchen between 18:00 and 19:00 and he will grope you. After that, talk to him in the living room from 19:00 to 22:00 and he will go a little further.

Christian (your brother, formerly yourself)

Make him aroused by talking to him about the body swap and choosing the right options and by doing exercises in front of him a few times. Then go shower between 19:00 and 22:00 and he will peek on you. Every time he does you get additional options, up to inviting him inside with you. After you've chosen the option to open the curtain for him to get a better look, you can be naked in your room and you can talk to him about "Peeping Tom". Choose the right options and you can show him a good time. From then on you can show him a good time whenever you want by talking to him and getting frisky.

Version 6

This is a quick update that fixes a few issues, no new story content, but it also adds a new feature to export your saves to a file some people have asked for, so you can make a backup of your saves now.

These files are simple JSON files, so they are both machine and human readable. You can open them with a text editor and poke around in there to cheat for example. On your own risk, if you break your save you have to deal with it yourself, so make a backup of your save file before you go poking around with a text editor.

All of your saves are exported into a single file (called SiblingsSwap_saves_dateAndTimeOfExport.json), so it's very easy to use. You can import the file again to overwrite the current saves or if you move to a different browser you can use this to import your saves from your old browser.

  • You can now import and export saves from/to files
  • Fixes calculation of how many hours of school you missed this week (I mixed up art and computer science)
  • The bonus payment you get when you didn't miss any classes didn't work
  • Your fitness stat didn't affect the walking speed
  • Fixes orgy in park not triggering when wearing a dress or sports outfit
  • Allows you to go back to the principal's mansion to reconsider the offer, it worked before but wrongly, as if you had never declined


Version 5


This is quite a big update, lots of new things and changes behind the scenes but not that much new story content and it is a bit hidden so you might want to look at the walkthrough. Took me a few days longer than planned because I had issues keeping save games compatible.

There was apparently a bug in Ink (tool I use to write the story) which lead to branches sometimes not being counted as visited. I tried to work around this and hopefully you won't have any issues, but if you see something weird in your save, like being able to do something again you shouldn't be able to, or not being able to do something anymore you were able to before, then you will probably have to restart the story from the beginning at some point. I updated to the new Ink version for this update which supposedly fixes the issue, so this hopefully won't happen again, but it's out of my control.

There are 11 new outfits in this update, including new outfit types, also one-pieces like dresses and nighties. Since clothing actually matters in this story and isn't just cosmetic, it's quite complex. If you notice a description involving clothing is wrong (especially in the older scenes), for example trying to unbutton a top which doesn't have any buttons or running around in panties when you aren't even wearing any, please mention it in the forum so that I can fix it. Prices for outfits might seem a bit high, but keep in mind it's a complete outfit with underwear and shoes. The importance here isn't realism but balancing, making sure your money isn't worthless but also not worth too much, I'm sure I'll have to tweak values like the prices over time to get them just right.


  • New location: Park (you can go jogging here, among other things)
  • New location: Bank (you can deposit and withdraw money there so you don't have to walk around with tons of cash, becoming a nice target for a mugging in the park)
  • New location: Videostore (buy movies to watch alone or with your family to improve your relationship with them, maybe drastically, right now only watching with mother is implemented who is sitting in front of the TV at 2 AM when she comes home from work in a mysterious nightclub, which you will also be able to visit in a future update)
  • New location: Clothes store (buy new outfits or sluttify, ahem, upgrade your current ones)
  • New outfit: Sporty (you'll need this to go jogging)
  • New outfit: Nightie (for those times when a pyjama just isn't sexy enough)
  • New outfit: Casual - Dress (A party outfit with dresses will come later, these here are just summer dresses)
  • 8 "upgrades" for the different outfits
  • Lots of new pictures, mostly for the new outfits
  • New stat: Fitness (can be increased by exercising at home, or jogging in the park. Goes down a bit throughout the day)
  • Money is now displayed in the UI
  • Walking distances (walking to locations now takes time depending on the distance to your current location and your walking speed, which depends on your height, weight and fitness)
  • Weekly payment for School work on Mondays (based on how many hours you actually taught, bonus when you did them all)
  • You can now be up to 15 minutes late to a class in School before another teacher covers for you, "Wait for class" now displays the actual time you will wait, not how long the class itself takes
  • Mirror in the bathroom shows your current look (same description as is used in the character creator, can be useful to check if you've gained or lost weight for example)
  • Stats now all change slowly throughout the day, not when you go sleep since you might not go sleep at all
  • New scenes with your brother, your mother and your father
  • Progress is now also saved directly after you create a new character
  • Added one paragraph to the intro which explains that you can skip school and a teacher will cover for you, hours you missed will be taken out of your paycheck


Version 4

Just a quick bug fix that fixes an issue when you end the art class with the nude model early, it lead to a dead end. That should never happen, there aren't supposed to be dead ends anywhere, so if you encounter one please mention it in the forum and I'll fix it.


Version 3

It's only been a week and a half, so don't expect too much, but this update adds more than 15k words of new content, bringing it to more than 25k words in total. It adds two new locations you can visit (Sea & Principal's mansion) and introduces three new major characters, James (school principal), Evelyn (his wife) and Yvonne (nude model).

  • Last five saves are kept now instead of just one
  • New scene in art class, nude model comes to visit (most of the new content is unlocked by this scene)
  • Spend time with the nude model outside of school, go on a boat trip, explore a small island on the sea
  • Indecent proposal by the school principal that leads to a new side job during the weekends
  • Visit principal's mansion and interact with him and his wife once a week
  • Appointments, you can now make appointments with characters to meet them on a specific day at a specific time (right now only the principal and the nude model), later this will be used for all kinds of things where you meet up with characters in the story, like dating.
  • Cumshot and creampie system, tracks cum on face, tits, stomach, pussy, ass, back and both anal and vaginal creampies. Take a shower to clean it off, in later updates there will be other methods as well like using napkins while on the go
  • Masturbating in the bathroom can now lead to getting caught, it's rare however so that it doesn't become annoying, the longer you masturbate the bigger the chance is to get caught
  • Someone might make a surprise appearance in the story, breaking the fourth wall to tell you an area is under construction and will be finished in a later update, just fun little bonus scenes while there isn't much content yet, without any influence on the story
  • Sex system, incomplete, just has groping, pussy eating, blowjob, deepthroating. Handjob, anal and vaginal sex will come in another update, it's much more complex since I want to add different positions and different styles like rough sex, domination, submission, getting tied up and things like that


Version 2

No new content yet, just quick fixes and improvements

  • Fixes issue when masturbating with household items
  • Makes the design responsive, so it now works on mobile phones (or just make your browser window smaller to try it out)
  • Adds setting to disable the text fading animation (it then fades in all the text in one go, not slowly each paragraph)

Version 1

You can:

  • Create a character (Nicole), selecting hair color, skin color, eye color, hair length, breast and butt size, weight and height.
  • Go through the 2.3k word long intro which is not interactive but changes a tiny bit depending on the characteristics you chose for your character, like all the text in the story does. You can skip it, but it’s highly recommended to not skip it on your first play through, especially right now where there isn’t much content yet
  • Eat in the kitchen or the school cafeteria (You can get by eating once or twice a day, eat more or eat when your hunger isn’t high enough yet and you get fat, eat too little and you start to lose weight and eventually die)
  • Sleep in your bed (advances time to 6:00 AM the next day and saves, so don’t forget to go sleep!)
  • Shower (Keeps you clean, and your brother might peek on you at a certain time of day)
  • Pee
  • Brush your teeth
  • Change your clothes
  • Exercise in your room
  • Deflower yourself with household items (not that you’d want to, but you can do it)
  • Masturbate with household items, both vaginal and anal (no lube yet so it’ll hurt)
  • Teach art and computer science at school
  • Talk with your brother
  • Talk with your father
  • Meet one of your female colleagues in school
  • Sleepless night (happens when going to bed after some special events)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by PandaLulz

Version reviewed: 6 on 09/15/2018

I don't ever write reviews on here, this is literally my first one - I just wanted to take a moment to share some words of encouragement more than review.

These latest updates have been birlliant first steps towards a brilliant game, the activity from the author these past few weeks have been massive and I really hope it continues. Loving the developing story and the potential for this game is huge. Keep on being awesome, looking forward to more updates!

Review by Immoral

Version reviewed: 5 on 09/05/2018

Version 5:

Not bad overall, I like that there are more outfits and locations. HOWEVER, y u kick me out of the island??? :( i cri everytim

In all seriousness, game is getting a little more polish. The fitness stat starts at 0 for some reason, even though the player is not a landwhale weight... So I hope that the intro section weight setting translates into the appropriate fitness level for that weight. I think it would help if I could see the relationships in some sort of coherent menu or perhaps it would state the relationship when the name is mentioned, for example Dad(30) where 30 would be the relationship value? At the moment I feel the player is in the dark. Thanks for your work so far.

Version 2:

I like the option to remove the fadein of on-screen items, that was a little annoying before this update.


Version 1:

Interesting so far, can't wait for more content. I'd imagine there will be other locations than just home/school, since the co-worker event hints at clubbing, and I reckon some shopping might do as well? Also parent's bedroom should be a location, as well as interactions with the mother... and father... and other than talking if you know what I mean. In the workplace, I can't wait to find out why the extra outfit is paired with the provocative red underwear. Better yet, maybe the principal has to "evaluate" the new teacher say Wednesday and Friday?

Review by lushlife

Version reviewed: 4 on 08/26/2018

Great work!  This seems really promising.  I hope to follow the buildout closey!

Review by Jqraptor

Version reviewed: 4 on 08/25/2018

A strong start to an interesting premise! The introduction was excellent; and while the content is still sparse, what is there is well written. I look forward to seeing the new kinks and scenes as they are expanded on. Definitely worth watching folks~

Review by nishara

Version reviewed: 4 on 08/24/2018

Can you please up it in mediafire??? i cant seem to download from mega, it gets stuck at 99%

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