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Version: 0.1.4


Enchanted is a free adult browser game where the main hero has to move to his relatives - his aunt and her two daughters. The outcome of this adventure depends on the player. Many types of fetishes and different kinds of content are planned to be added to the game.

Main features:

  • you can play as a male, a female or a transgender character
  • you can customize the main hero choosing between portraits and perks
  • you can customize main non-playable characters choosing their gender and appearance

Currently the game is being actively developed.

There are five main types of content planned to be in the game: main story (it doesn't depend on player's gender), dominant (dating-sim), neutral (non-sexual interactions), submissive male (sissy) and submissive female (bimbo).

Patrons of the game can get access to the night builds (the latest versions) of the game, in-game cheat menu and exclusive content.


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Download the game - public version

Download the game - patron-only version

There are five characters you can interact with: aunt, elder cousin, younger cousin, butler and maid. All of them are persons with different temper, hobbies and activities.


A highly educated, rich and mannered lady of elite society circles.
Gender: female / trans (customizable)
Dateable: yes
Sexable: only demon yet
Fetishes: bimbofication
Associated storylines: main story, bimbo

Elder cousin
A rebellious, brat, rude girl that is into sports and partys.
Gender: female / trans (customizable)
Dateable: not yet
Sexable: only demon yet
Fetishes: humiliation, domination
Associated storylines: main story, sissy

Younger cousin
A shy, reserved girl that likes yoga and reading books and doesn't like to leave home.
Gender: female / trans (customizable)
Dateable: yes
Sexable: only demon yet
Fetishes: sissification
Associated storylines: main story, sissy

A diligent, responsible houseworker.
Gender: male
Dateable: no
Sexable: only demon yet
Associated storylines: main story

A friendly, caring, helpful girl.
Gender: female
Dateable: no
Sexable: only demon yet
Associated storylines: main story


Red Light District

An extremely hot, horny star of the city.
Gender: female
Places: brothel, strip-club
Dateable: no
Sexable: yes
Associated storylines: none

An asian girl with a big surprise.
Gender: trans
Places: brothel
Dateable: no
Sexable: yes
Associated storylines: none

A handsome, charming man.
Gender: male
Places: brothel
Dateable: no
Sexable: yes (only gay)
Associated storylines: none

This page contains all possible scenes and actions currently present in the game.

There are several story lines planned to be implemented, one of them being main and others are secondary.

Enchanted - main story line.
Getting closer - initial quest, done. Just have enough interactions to complete it.
Strange door - visit the door in the main hall and get the quest, then talk to the aunt. After that the next task is to find a way to open the door. This quest requires completing three side quests ("Underwater treasure", "Pandora's box", "Classics of the genre"). When you got the gems, open the door and discover the Book of Pleasures.
Underwater treasure - a quest to obtain the first gem. Swim in the pool and activate the quest. Just have enough energy to dive and complete the quest.
Pandora's box - a quest to obtain the second gem. Visit the younger cousin's room, explore it and find a Rubik's cube to activate the quest. Learn the cube solving instruction in your room and return to complete the quest.
Classics of the genre - a quest to obtain the third gem. Visit the library, explore it and find a keyhole in the bookcase to activate the quest. Then explore aunt's room and find a key on the notebook - take it, return to the library and open the safe.
When you got the gems, open the door and discover the Book of Pleasures.
If you agree, you get access to the Level 1 of the Dungeon, where you can speak with your relatives to initiate a sex scene.
If you choose to join the succubi, you will receive 'Live and Learn' quest to learn spells.
- First Words - a quest for applying first three spells (Transfusion, Incitement, Revelation) on people. After completing the quest you get access to the second level of the Dungeon with a slave. To activate the quest, learn the mentioned spells and talk to the demon aunt.
- Call to Arms - after completing First Words quest aunt will send the main hero to demon butler about fight instruction. After explanations the quest will be considered as completed as the player defeats a weak slave. There is a shortcut for characters that answered 'Martial arts' as one of their hobbies in the start of the game.


  • Spell of Transfusion - a spell that allows you to put your energy into a gem. The charged gem can be used to restore your energy or serve as a component for other spells.
  • Spell of Excitement - this spell forces the target to feel arousal. In general it captures main hero's arousal in a gem and then transfer it to the target.
  • Spell of Revelation - this spell allows you to learn more about the target of the spell.
  • Spell of Humiliation - this spell makes target's cock a little bit smaller. To gather 'Bitterness of Humiliation', advance the sissy storyline. You'll get one vial everytime on checkup and triggered scenes. Talk to the demon aunt to get an empty vial.
  • Spell of Hunger: increases target's oral fetish
  • Spell of Proud - this spell makes target's cock a little bit bigger. The mechanics to gather 'Taste of Victory' the right way is not implemented yet, so just ask the demon aunt to borrow you one or more.
  • Spell of Corruption - increases target's anal fetish.
  • Spell of Motherhood - increases target's tits size.
  • Spell of Orphancy - decreases target's tits size.
  • Spell of Suggestion - allows to hypnotize other characters to force them to do what you want.
  • Spell of Obedience - increases target's submissiveness, decreases domination.
  • Spell of Power - increases target's domination, decreases submissiveness.
  • Spell of Softness - increases target's feminity.
  • Spell of Hardness - increases target's masculinity.
  • Spell of Padding - increases target's butt size.
  • Spell of Thinness - decreases target's butt size.
  • Spell of Conversation - increases target's lips size.
  • Spell of Silence - decreases target's lips size.
  • Spell of Limpness - transforms target's cock into a clit if possible

Dominant / dating content
Manor storylines (aunt, elder cousin, younger cousin, butler, maid) depend on the Spell of Suggestion. There will be other characters, whose relationship progress can be advanced both with or without magic.

The aunt, Spell of Suggestion options:
Pocket money
Visual masturbation
Morning nightwear
- theatre
- cafe (incomplete)

The elder cousin, Spell of Suggestion options:
Sexy dance
Pole dance

The younger cousin, Spell of Suggestion options:
Sexy yoga
Naked yoga
- park
- fastfood restaurant

The maid, Spell of Suggestion options:
Sexy cleaning


Sissy storyline content

Trial of Silk - go to Sandra's room, explore the room and find her panties. Sandra will require to pay her money. The quest just restarts every time the main hero pays the debt.

Silk Route - after the first paid debt Sandra will ask the main hero to buy new underwear. The quest is many-stage:
1) panties;
2) socks.
3) blouse and skirt;
4) flats;
5) bra;
New tasks will be added.

Shavification (completed) - on the first check up Sandra will tell the main hero to shave the crotch. Do it in a bathroom and come back to her. She will be displeased with the results and send you to the beauty salon. Then the elder cousin will ask the main hero to wax his crotch, legs and body. To get new tasks, wait until hair grows back and pass elder cousin's check. Achieve full body permanent hair removal to complete the quest.

Heart to Heart - the quest is available after player got chastity. The quest is many-stage:
1) the younger cousin will invite the main hero to discuss problems that he has with the elder cousin. Come to her, when she is in her room resting. In the end of the talk she will offer to help her with making cosplay costumes.
2) aunt wake up talk - this talk unlocks after aunt catches the hero sleeping in panties. One of the options will give the main hero younger cousin's nightgown
3) when the elder cousin checks the main hero wearing chastity, it's then possible to discuss it
4) chastity key talk - available after the smartphone event (look below)

Freedom Fight - the quest starts after the smartphone scene (look below). After locking up in chastity the player have to earn elder cousin's favor to get free.

main hero caught jerking off - peep when the aunt or the younger cousin masturbates and the 'Trial of Silk' quest is active. If Sandra is at home she will catch you and get to the sexshop with the following chastity cage confinement.
smartphone event - after the previous scene go to elder cousin's room and search the bed. There will be her smatphone with a lot videos. The elder cousin will catch you and take the chastity key. This scene activaties the Freedom Fight quest
main hero caught peeking - peek when Sandra takes a shower and the 'Trial of Silk' quest is active.
sucking competition - pay the debt, the scene will start right after that. Stages:
1) popsicle;
2) lollipop;
3) cock-shaped lollipop;
bathroom dance - peep at the elder cousin in her bathroom the second time. Contains optional watersports content.
cuckold scene - peep at the elder cousin in her room when she has sex (Trial of Silk quest and cuckold content should be activated).
morning scene with the aunt (sleep wearing panties and wake up at 7:00)
hypnotherapy induction - when the player discusses wearing chastity, younger cousin invites to try the hypnotherapy she's been developing
hypnotherapy stage 1 - becomes available after the hypnotherapy induction
maid humiliation scene (available after buying blouse and skirt; when choosing work, pick to do chores without effort)
hypnotherapy stage 2 - becomes available after the stage 1
hypnotherapy stage 3 - becomes available after the stage 2
maid humiliation scene (available after buying blouse and skirt; when choosing work, pick to do chores without effort)
buying g-strings scene (available after buying flats, includes a bit of SPH content)
cosmetics lesson during the cosplay help work (triggers after aunt's cosplay event)

eager sissification events:
- aunt lingerie try on (when aunt catches the main hero sleeping in girls underwear, choose 'I was curious' option. The aunt will come to your room later)
- training in the gym with the elder cousin - available for female and trans characters, becomes available for a sissy character after getting the ass training task (should have at least 1 point of eager sissification)

forced sissification events:
- snitch punishment (to activate, choose 'elder cousin forced...' when aunt comes at morning. Then go to room after some time, the elder cousin will come to punish you )
- hypnotherapy doubts - talk to the younger cousin after the second hypnotherapy session
- shopping try on - after the elder cousin returns from shopping, she forces the player to try on her things
- nail polishing - available after completing the ass training task; be in your room, the elder cousin will come herself

Bimbo storyline content

Straight and Narrow is the quest that starts this storyline.
1. First talk. Choose a feminine character (female or transgender), don't work several days in a row, until you get a message from the aunt, then talk to her.
2. First meet behavior. After applying the smokeys eyes makeup (see below), the aunt will invite the main hero to deliver a lecture about behavior during dates.

Beauty Queen
1. Hair bleaching. Wait a couple days after the first talk. Then aunt will send a message inviting to talk again. She gives a task to make your hair long and blonde and make it bleached - you can do that in the beauty salon in the city center. After that come up to talk to her again.
2. Buy heels. when the previous task is done, talk to the aunt again and get the quest to buy heels;
3. Smokey eyes. When the previous task is done, wait until you receive the message from the aunt and get the quest to apply 'smokey eyes' makeup.

Ignorance is Bliss
1. Hypnotherapy introduction. A couple of days after showing newly bought heels the aunt will send a message that she received motivational videos from her university. Talk to her to watch it.
2. Stage 1. The continuation of the therapy.
3. Stage 2. The continuation of the therapy.

v. (12 October) (patron-only)
- 5 sissy visions (available after watching the third stage of the hypnotherapy)
- changed concept of the sissy hypnotherapy, a little addition to the introductive scene
- new stage of the bimbo hypnotherapy
- new clothing clot: sleepwear, male pajamas were added to the men clothing store
- new character in the Red Light District - Colby Keller (gay sex only)
- bad ending of 'Credit of Trust' quest is temporarily disabled
- bug fixes

v. 0.1.4 (1 October)
- Stats page has been updated: opening new possibilities will be implemented in the next update
- basic fight system has been added to the game
- quest 'Learning to fight' has been renamed to 'Call to Arms' and finished: new combat skills, scenes with the demon butler, a test fight with a slave plus two more slaves and one mini-boss
- Fitness Center received options to train combat skills
- a new forced sissification scene: older cousin forces the main hero to polish her nails and then gives the task to do the same for himself
- beauty salon now offers to apply nail polish, too
- aunt's cafe date is finished
- aunt and cousins rooms now have 30+ new items overall (29 August) 
- new forced sissification event - available after buying bra, be in your room when the elder cousin returns home from shopping 
- Shavification quest received a few new tasks that lead to permanent hair removal. To receive a new task, wait until your hair grows back and show it to the elder cousin 
- new therapy talk with the younger cousin about the chastity key 
- Main story: introduction of 'Learning to Fight' quest with the butler 
- new talk options and a date in a fastfood restaurant (includes a short psychological test) with the younger cousin 
- Bimbo: introduction scene with the future boyfriend, allows to choose his appearance 
- new interactions with the gloryhole in the mall men toilet, there are four cases: empty, mouth, big white cock, big black cock, includes a bit of gay content, too 
- Red Light District: new sex actions with Venus Lux for trans characters 
- bug fixing: maid massage, elder cousin's undefined status, double phone messages at the game start, the park date completion mark, repeatable chastity buying event (12 August) 
- new elder cousin's tasks: buy a bra and ass training 
- new Spell: Spell of Limpness (converts a cock into a clit if possible. Cock should be less than 7 cm. The clit size depends on the cock size.) 
- younger cousin's forced sissification event: talk to her after the second hypnotherapy session 
- elder cousin's gym event: available for female and trans characters, becomes available for a sissy character after getting the ass training task (should have at least 1 point of eager sissification) 
- bimbo: hypnotherapy stage 1 
- dom: date in the park with the younger cousin 
- Red Light District: scenes with a new character - Venus Lux (transgender) (22 July) 
- sissy: hypnotherapy stage 3 was added 
- forced sissification event (to activate, choose 'elder cousin forced...' when aunt comes at morning. Then go to room after some time, the elder cousin will come to punish you ) 
eager sissification event (when aunt catches the main hero sleeping in girls underwear, choose 'I was curious' option. The aunt will come to your room later) 
- new sissy tasks: body waxing and voice training 
- bimbo: introductive hypnotherapy 
- the maid can give the main hero a massage now 
- fixed the bugs with showing flats and other minor improvements (11 July) 
- custom start back-end reworked: checkboxes instead of links with page refreshing 
- lifehack: 'learn all the spells' button was added 
- added new aunt replies for teaching her spells 
- added a new sucking competition scene 
- aunt and younger cousin react if the main hero wears female clothing (works for blouses, skirts, socks, yoga pants, heels and flats) 
- a new setting: player's text color can be changed depending on feminity/masculinity 
- Spell of Softness and Spell of Hardness change player's portrait (at the moment works only for the first four male archetypes) ty Kellianne 
- minor bug fixes (1 July) 

- quality of some texts has been improved ty Buckler
- custom start now allows to pick answers to aunt's questions and get straight to the room
- slavery: Master's Book received the basic layout
- added reactions for teaching spells the demon aunt (Transfusion, Excitement, Revelation, Suggestion)
- added a little task within 'Credit of Trust' quest
- new Suggestion option for the aunt
- added the first part of the cafe date with the aunt
- a new hypnotherapy scene with cock sucking inductions
- sissy: locking up in chastity event (visit the elder cousin's room after being confined the first time, search for her smartphone
- latin lessons level 2
- applying makeup: blusher, eye shadows, eyelashes, eye liner, lips
- lesbian scenes with Jessica in the Red Light District
- bimbo: a new lesson
- fixed wrong alignment of items ty jonny8bit
- fixed wrong image path for the Spell of Excitement ty jonny8bit (15 June)
- quality of some texts (main story content mostly) has been improved, some spells were renamed ty Buckler 
- Latin skill rework: sub-skills are removed, a couple of learning level 1 scenes (only when you start to learn it the first time, not available later) were added (alone and with the aunt), new characters: Rachel, a succubus, and Kayden, a nun. 
- maid humiliation scene (available after buying blouse and skirt; when choosing work, pick to do chores without effort) 
- buying gstrings scene (available after buying flats, includes a bit of SPH content) 
- lapdance suggestion for the elder cousin 
- Credit of Trust - new quest of the main story line 
- sucking competition received the second stage with lollipop 
- new event with cosmetics during the cosplay help work 
- three new jobs available at weekends: waiter/waitress, walk with a dog and babysitting. 
- bimbo: new lesson about cosmetics 
- new scenes in the brothel with Jessica 
- and other minor changes and bug fixes (30 May)
- new locations: mall men and women toilet 
- added a lesbian voyeur scene in the women toilet (just visit it, this event is repeatable) 
- new content for 15$ patrons: stripclub and brothel in the red light district and a sex scene with Jessica 
- SPH-content additions to the aunt's morning panties event (requirements: SPH content enabled, not wearing chastity, cock size less than 10 cm) 
- pole dance suggestion for the elder cousin 
- a short intro scene with Jacob starting slavery storyline 
- 'Live and learn' quest has received a simpler progress bar 
- new elder cousin task: buy flats 
- the next stage of the hypnotherapy was added 
- new task for the bimbo storyline 
- new setting: 12 hours time format 
- fixed a serious bug with checking item types that didn't allow proper game walkthrough ty Becca 
- fixed: going to the theatre with aunt is counted as an interaction (12th May) 
- sex scenes with aunt, elder cousin and younger cousin are reworked; a new action is added - cum in chastity 
- three new Spells: Spell of Reticence (reduces lips size), Spell of Thinness (reduces ass size), Spell of Orphanage (reduces breast size) 
- fixed Spell of Fatness 
- finished aunt theatre scene 
- bra choice increased to 50 options 
- talk with the younger cousin about chastity (becomes available after the elder cousin sees the main hero wearing chastity) 
- first stage of hypnotherapy (becomes available after chastity talk) 
- new item: stockings 
- bimbo: first lesson of the good look (two-three days after the first talk aunt will send a message) 
- elder cousin does not take keys after buying chastity in the sexshop, Freedom Fight quest is temporarily disabled - it was done for a future scene that will activate this quest 
- fixed disabled options for hair styling in the beauty salon (21st April)
- new test feature: custom start - allows to mark completed quests or stages right at the start of the game. Available for 5$ and above patron tiers 
- new Spell: Spell of Garrulity - increases player's lips size 
- casting spells at the altar does not require an empty gem in the inventory anymore ty GBae9 
- fixed one of aunt's dialogs ty Sneylor 
- first introductory quest of the bimbo storyline - choose a feminine character (female or transgender), don't work several days in a row, until you get a message from the aunt, then talk to her 
- female socks choice is increased to 50 options 
- new item: male thong (sold in the sexshop, 25 options) 
- notifications link in the sidebar was removed, notifications appear in other pages they belong to 
- fixed a funny glitch with the money dollar sign ty big d

0.1.3 (10th April)
- shops redesign: more stylish and comfortable clothing selection
- panties choice increased to 40 options
- new item: nightgown (50 options)
- new Spell: Spell of Fatness (increases ass size)
- new activities in the gym (increase and decrease ass size)
- work and sleep scenes have additional descriptions if the main hero wears chastity or buttplug
- sissy storyline: new talk with the younger cousin (unlocks after aunt catches the main hero sleeping in panties)
- fixed missing transfusion gem image in the online version
- changed elder cousin's schedule: she goes to the nightclub at 22:00
- fixed buttplug insertion gifs, added a new buttplug gif for characters having a cock (2nd April)
- aunt's theatre event is a bit expanded 
- blouse choice is increased to 40 options 
- skirt choice is increased to 40 options 
- new item: yoga pants (or leggins) - 40 options 
- new spells: Spell of Softness (makes player's body features more feminine) and Spell of Hardness (vice versa) 
- sissy storyline: new scene with aunt (sleep wearing panties and wake up at 7:00) (20th March)
- new item: sissy pouch (sold in the sexshop, 21 options) 
- face lines is replaced with body features (extremely masculine, masculine, androgynous, feminine, extremely feminine) with pictures displaying it. 
- new options for the Spell of Suggestion: 
Aunt - masturbate only looking at the main hero - use the Spell, aunt will come at night during sleep 
Elder cousin - striptease - you can ask her anytime to do it 
Younger cousin - naked yoga - use the gem, then ask her when she practices yoga 
Maid - sexy cleaning - you can ask her anytime to do it 
- sissy path: new elder cousin's task - buy blouse and skirt 
- fixed missing Spell of Suggestion option for the aunt 
- fixed broken haircut image for two last male archetypes 
- fixed wrong incorrect image while choosing two last male archetypes in the cheat menu (10th March)
- first part of the aunt's theater event (a scene with multiple dialogs and choices, affects aunt's opinion) 
- new city locations, including Honours Board - list of contributors and patrons who wish to leave their name in the game forever 
- new clothes: formal dress (26 options) (27th February)
- new level of the Dungeon: Training grounds
- slave training for Audrey
- sex scene with Audrey is improved
- new male slave and training for him (only femdom gifs at the moment)
- Navigator is replaced with Wiki (13th February)
- new characters: maid and butler (they have their own day schedule, dialogues and sex scenes in the Dungeon)
- fixed 'little_sister' mistake
- fixed missing 'videogames' choice responce in the answer questions dialog
- fixed wrong display of learned spells in the 'Live and Learn' quest ty GIGI BECALI
- sleeping in the living room now takes time ty DKar
- fixed aunt's dialog about university - bugfixes:
- multiple notifications of completed 'Lost and found'
- aunt's 'Taste of Victory' dialog
- 'Live and Learn' quest display of learned spells (29th January)

Main story:
- quests 'Flush Bluch' and 'Communicating Vessels' are merged into one quest 'Live and Learn'
- added five new spells: Spell of Suggestion, Spell of Corruption, Spell of Motherhood, Spell of Power, Spell of Obedience
- new talk option with the aunt: about spending free time - will lead to the go out event in the next update
- effects of using Spell of Suggestion on aunt and cousins
- cuckold scene (visit elder cousin's room, when she fucks her boyfriend)
- name, money, arousal and player's portrait parameters are updated instantly as the player presses the "Set" button
- fixed missing names of the week
- added the missing "Trigger" button for the main story scene
- added the arousal option (to the stats dropdown menu)
- added perks option
- added breast, pussy, ass and anus size options
Other changes:
- two new perks: Dominant / Submissive behavior - names are self-explanatory
- the elder cousin starts the dialogue when the player visits the pool - only once a day
- sexual interactions and toy insertions increases pussy or anus size
- pussy / anus size decreases a little bit every day
- elder cousin's new activity: fucking
- check out yourself page is redesigned again
bug fixes:
- fixed missing image for the "Cast Spell of Revelation" passage (online version)
- fixed orgasm statistics when watching porn (21st January)
- bathroom scene with watersports content (it goes after buttplug and chastity scene, can be triggered via the cheat menu)
- two new perks: thin and stocky build. Thin build perk: if the player has a low body shape level, a thin body is displayed in the 'Stats' passage instead of fatty ones. It has a downside: it's a bit more difficult to build muscle. Stocky build: easier muscle building but fast body shape decreasing when eating snacks. 
- eating usual food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) decreases body shape stat a little, eating snacks decreases body shape more significantly 
- first slave in the Dungeon: Audrey: you can try to talk to her, have sex with her (some of the options are with text descriptions), inspect her (slave parameters) and use the Spell of Revelation 
- demon aunt: new dialog about Audrey (13th January)
- waxing crotch scene is finished (to enable a SPH-content part in the scene, you should have less than 10 cm cock and have SPH content enabled in the content settings) 
- 'trick with disappearing' quest is removed from the game - the quest was unobvious to complete and had little sense for the story. The Dungeon reveal scene triggers on the first exploration of the Book 
- added a new player portrait 
- two new perks: 'Bull' and 'Nerd' - names are self-explanatory 
- cheat menu is expanded with fetishes options 
- debt to Sandra, initial and following, decreased to 70$ 
- new spell: Spell of Revelation. It allows you to learn more about the chosen character (body stats and sexual preferences) 
- aunt, elder cousin and younger cousin received their first personal parameters (breast, cock size, orientation) 
- new quest: 'First Words' - demon aunt wants you to use spells (to get it, learn Spells of Transfusion, Incitement and Revelation, then talk to the demon aunt)
- new location: Dungeon Level 2 - Slave cells (it's empty at the moment)
bug fixes: 
- fixed wrong portraits in the dialog with the younger cousin 
- fixed disabled "Women clothing" link for transgender heroes in the Shopping Center passage ty csieggy 
- fixed wrong behavior of some options in the cheat menu (7th January)
- storylines and main hero backstories are replaced with choosing the gender, perks and sexual orientation 
- "Answer questions" does not have any option restrictions anymore 
- no restrictions for porn genres 
- "Check out yourself" page is redesigned 
new things: 
- possibility to play as a transgender woman 
- added content settings page (for the time being just two options look ridiculous, it will be expanded with adding new content to the game) 
- cheat menu is expanded with 'your name' and 'mark the spell of ... learned' fields 
bug fixes: 
- "kiss" action ty naomikae, esse1985, Elijah Hu, Morpheus Ahrms, Goofych, Yuki, freddycrougar10 
- added missing "nobr" in the Car passage ty jonny8bit 
- "City Center" and "Gym training" links in the Fitness center are corrected 
- Kimber James archetype: added images for receiving anal and cumming 
- Younger cousin "How do you spend your spare time" question is fixed ty jonny8bit 
- image for body stat is corrected ty Goofych 
- "Cast Spell of Transfusion" - missing image corrected ty Goofych 
- wording error in the bathroom 
- "Dildo in Ass" masturbation image is fixed, added another image for female orgasm - hotfixed version


- fixed "City Center" link

- fixed problem with the empty page on elder cousin's panties check

- fixed missing skill names (31st December)
- finished i18n support, fixing wording errors 
- some memory optimization, game became a little bit faster 
- working in the university slightly increases communication stat 
- new item: men suit 
- male dominant storyline: a little quest to buy a suit 
- minor changes and bug fixing 
sissy storyline: 
- task to wax legs 
- task to buy socks 
- sissy's check scene has notices what things exactly decreased the debt 
- new work option: help the elder cousin with morning routine 
- new work option: help with the younger cousin with cosplay costumes 
- a little event during cosplay help


Version (22nd December)

- added a link in the sidebar area to report bugs and issues via a special form
- new messages indicator is displayed separately from all notifications
- add new dialogues to the younger cousin, including talk about panties accident
- younger cousin has a new activity: recording in the music studio
- learning Latin is much faster
- learning spells is changed: it takes three steps, every step is followed with its own picture
- three new spells: Spell of Humiliation - decreases cock size, Spell of Proud - increases cock size, and Spell of Hunger - increases oral fetish
- new dialogues with the demon aunt (without new quests yet)
- minor changes, fixes and improvements 

Nightly Build (15th December)
- Freedom Fight quest is finished 
- new item: women socks 
- bug fixing and other minor changes 
- cheat menu is expanded 
- consumable items have count indicators 
- the main hero can use Spell of Transfusion on himself 
- Spell of Incitement can be applied on the hero and relatives 
- new talk options with the aunt 
- quest placeholders for the dominant storyline

Version (8th December)
- sissy storyline: shaving quest is expanded 
- beauty salon: hair removal treatments are added 
- new character: cosmetologist 
- added "Refresh text variables" link in the Game Settings page as a temporary cure of possible errors 
- new location: Altar room 
- now you can learn Latin on your own in your room (the link appears if you chose learning languages hobby or discovered the Dungeon) 
- first spells: Spell of Transfusion and Spell of Incitement. learning and casting into gems are implemented 
- Freedom Fight mechanics is finished 
- new item: women socks 
- bug fixing and other minor changes


Nightly Build (1st December)
- trial of silk: to ease the quest, it's possible to visit elder cousin's room from 9:00 till 10:00 (till 11:00 at the weekend), she's always there at that time
- added new sex actions: creampie and anal creampie
- added 'Messages' link in the sidebar area for future distant interactions. You can get new messages after panties and chastity scenes
- trial of silk: the elder cousin uses different phrases on check up (10 options)
- freedom fight: you can ask the elder cousin to unlock you.
- a few bugs linked with buying things are fixed


Version (25th November)
- cocks are measured in centimeters, the minimum size is 1cm, the maximum - 25cm. Dominant male starts with 17cm, neutral - 13cm, submissive - 8cm. Every size has its own image. That's made for future growing/shrinking transformations.
- cock size option is also added to the cheat menu 
- images for communication stat 
- elder cousin catches the player masturbating only if she is at home 
- finished sissy chastity scene 
- added new lesbian actions: suck tits, lick pussy, rimjob, tribadism, strapon pussy/anal f***, double dildo pussy/anal f***. Images are not archetype-specific 
- added images for creativity stat 
- added sissy buttplug punishment scene (peek when the elder cousin takes a shower and the 'Trial of Silk' quest is active) 
- fixed a bug that any hero could take the 'trial of silk' quest 
- additional scene if the hero sleeps in panties or chastity 
- 'Go to work' link now is rendered in the bottom of the main page 
- trial of silk quest mechanics changed: it's necessary to pay the debt, not wearing panties 
- a stub quest for elder cousin's favor, still unfinished 
- the game starts on Sunday instead of Monday 
- fixed a schedule time error 
- added inventory, now you can observe what items you have - 'Pockets' link in the sidebar area 
- added elder cousin's popsicle competition scene (sissy story line) 
- latin skill changes: it's divided into several sub-skills that will be required to learn the spells of the Book of Pleasures 
- other minor fixes and changes

Version (12th November)
- added archetype-specific masturbation gifs
- added quest for buying panties (sissy story line)
- added new sex actions: deepthroat and angry dragon (only for dominant male)
- minor fixes and changes
- added sex scene in the Dungeon with the younger cousin
- added the quick start link (skips initial quests) in the tutorial page
- added shaving quest (sissy story line)
- body shape influences amount of energy
- added images for the intelligence stat
- trial of silk now has "days past" progress bar
- fixed the error with the elder cousin weekend schedule
- sex statistics now works
- added footjob and hotdogging sex actions
- added a half of the 'getting caught jerking off' scene (sissy story line)
- 'Study the Book' now has an approximate list of spells
- elder cousin's panties check image depends on the player's state

Version (31st October)
- added player, aunt, elder cousin and younger cousin archetypes options to the cheat menu
- added younger cousin and maid teasings in the start of the game
- non-fixed day schedule: characters randomly pick what to do in their freetime. Timetable is removed.
- added stub peeping scenes for aunt, elder cousin and younger cousin masturbation (for now it's only two pictures for a female and a trans, archetype gifs will be added later).
- changed energy system,
- changed relationship system
- existing player stats changed to body shape, creativity, intelligence and communication
- a little Halloween event (go to the living room and rest)
- added the first quest of the sub/male path

Version (20th October)
- added foot fetish porn
- Kendra Lust added to aunt archetypes
- cheat menu now has weekday, time and quest options
- disabled options are shown with floating tooltips (not everywhere yet)
- added some snooping content to aunt's room (more later)
- added teasing visions to the introduction
- removed energy consuming while travelling in the manor
- added elder cousin sex scenes in the Dungeon

Version 0.1.2 - a little update (12th October)
- swimming skill is removed from the game, yoga renamed to "concentration" skill. Swimming in the pool now increases sensation (with a bit lower chance than the gym), doing yoga with the younger cousin has a chance to increase sensation and concentration;
- "Underwater treasure" now only requires 20 sensation to complete the quest
- "Pandora's Box" logic and intuition requirements are lowered to 20;
- fixed issues with "Lost and found" bracelet search, wrong links after dungeon meeting, sub female sex with aunt, music dialog;
- drawing increases intuition by 1, not 0.5.

Version 0.1.2 - changes log (1st October)
new things:
- new location: university. Only a custom hero with the backstory "enter a university" can visit it. The main hero can attend preparatory courses to increase his logic and intuition. The price of one class is 50$.
- some of actions linked with energy/money/time gains or spendings are followed with hints with exact numbers
- first quest that can be found in the to-do list ("getting closer")
- sidebar link to the notifications area that will contain info about completed quests
- better "sleep" links
- "diary" renamed to "contacts" and can be accessed via a sidebar link Diary link removed from the main hero room. Information about character relations is displayed on the same page now.
- double progress bars to indicate relationships
- custom names for the butler and the maid
- added the second quest of the main story line ("strange door")
- added a new dialog about the door with the aunt
- statistics, skills, and fetishes stats are merged into one page "Stats" that can be accessed via sidebar link "Stats"
- added "Navigator" sidebar link that leads to the game content page
- accumulated hunger and fatigue
- arousal and energy bars redesign
- kitchen: links to have breakfast, lunch and dinner are added
- new quest - Underwater treasure. The first key to open the door. Swim in the pool to activate the quest.
- when you arrive to your room, you now have to unpack your bags first
- added "Lifehack" sidebar link - a cheat-menu for fast testing and game walkthrough
- added BDSM porn type (available only for dominant or submissive heroes)
- added pegging porn type (available only for dominant female and submissive male heroes)
- added the second quest to obtain the next gem for opening the strange door: visit the younger cousin;s room (when she is at home), explore it and find a Rubik's cube to activate the quest. Develop your logic and intuition up to 35 and return to complete the quest.
- library: now the main hero can practice drawing to increase his intuition
- you can ask younger cousin to help you to complete a game (when your friendship with her > 9 and you already have some percent of completion). If you complete the game together, you get +5 respect with her.
- added the quest of finding the third key - read the Navigator for details.
- "Strange door" quest is completed, added the Book of Pleasures
- added a player portrait in the sidebar area (does not work if the images are disabled)
- added "Lost and found" side quest - ask the elder cousin about the blue gem
- added "Trick with disappering" quest - read the Navigator for details.
- added the next part of the story line
- added handcuffs and condoms to the sexshop
- added drawing hobby to the "answer questions" dialog, available only for non-dominant heroes
- now the main hero can play music with his aunt and younger cousin to train his intuition and music skill
- added new location - Fitness Center, where the main hero can visit different trainings.
- added basic sex interactions with the aunt in the Dungeon
- sissy: fixed shaving and anal masturbation images
- fixed a bug with making cuts in the beauty salon
- game settings are remembered now
- fixed false energy consuming when entering settings and other sidebar links)
- dancing now consumes energy
- and other minor improvements

v. 0.1.1
new things:
- most jpg-images are optimized to have about 10 times less size
- the size of some gif-images is also significantly reduced
- the sidebar now includes quick links that allow you to view the hero's appearance, his skills and fetishes, quickly navigate through locations, and also track where the aunt and cousins are
- added the opportunity to sleep 4 hours
- skills improving is now displayed using stylized progress bars
- skills, fetishes, relationships are also now displayed using progress bars
- added mechanics of side-jobs: now four ones to choose. You can go to work from 9:00 to 14:00 on a weekday, skipping work will increase the level of contempt of the aunt
- three new answers to questions at the beginning of the game
- sissy: new images for anal masturbation in free and locked state
- changes in the relations system: now, instead of five kinds of emotions, there are ten, which change independently of each other
- dialogues in the pool and gym with older cousin are now accompanied by images where they managed to find suitable
- custom text color of the player now works
- added missing link to the music studio
- saves now have normal names
- each floor now has separate bathrooms, not one common
- wrong paths to images are corrected
- masturbation is now always available regardless of the arousal level
- fixed the swimming pool mechanics
- searching and watching porn now takes time

First version - content list
v. 0.1
- settings: image size and display, difficulty level, hints;
- main hero customization: name, gender, text color, archetype, backstory;
- main characters customization: name, archetypes, text color;
- main hero customization by answering questions;
- diary containing the history of relations with other characters;
- 7 porn genres for watching;
- watching porn develops fetishes;
- erotic dreams, the content depends on the fetishes of the main hero;
- manor: character rooms, gym, pool, kitchen, dining room, music studio, library, garage, media room, fitness room;
- city: women and men clothes shop, sex shop;
- base mechanics of sex toys;
- ability to buy clothes and change clothes in the wardrobe;
- ability to examine yourself in the mirror;
- counting the statistics of the main character actions;
- the main characters have a schedule, according to which they live. The schedules of weekdays and weekends are different. The schedule can be found in your room;
- you can ask money from your aunt when she is in her office;
- 50% chance to spy on how someone takes a shower;
- starting dialogues: night meetings, breakfast, lunch, dinner;
- aunt dialogues: rest in her room, work in the office, practicing foreign language, playing the violin;
- elder cousin dialogues: gym, dancing, swimming pool;
- younger cousin dialogues: video games, yoga, drawing.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Morion

Version reviewed: on 10/03/2019

This game is quite disappointing.  The creator is trying to do too many things, and as a result is not doing any of them well.  There are probably three or four good games in here, but mashing them together has not not really worked.  It could benefit from more focus, some significant UI improvements, and some bug fixes.

Review by chrisx

Version reviewed: on 09/12/2019

i found a pretty bad partially game breaking glitch, sandra becomes "on her way" when she should b sleeping in her bedroom on the 3rd days morning but she isnt a few actions after waking up or w/e, but anyway id rather wait till 0.2 since its such shit with how lil content has been made in the long run, theres been alot of lil bits and pieces of progress but its just looking more and more like a sawed off shotgun aftermath, the range is extremely short but spread out like the further development is made then theirs an additional sawed off and the range has increased an inch with more spread more shotgun pellets, id prefer a long range m16, many bullets but far reaching, so say 10 plot points fleshed out to 5x the current progress, instead of like 50-70 with barely 1.5x more progress compared to the very start, its never a good idea to fleshout this type of game from the very start, its like trying to run a full race track of cars on 1 AAA battery (1.5 volts per second) they will get an inch per 20 charges or w/e. this style of development is mostly only good in VN since theirs much less to flesh out and its mostly got a single direction to progress. btw i have a hope and suggestion that u start a new plotline at around 0.3 or 0.4 that u can sissify and/or bimbofy ur family since they can b transgender with various ways to do it. srry for the long winded review, ive played this game 3x since it 1st appeared, 1st when it was bare bones a month or few after it was released when i found it, around 3 months later an now, so far its like at 1st it was a just a small picture then a bigger picture now a small slideshow of a few even bigger picture, it seems its not even 10% finished and its been a fucking yr, i could go on and on with analogies of this style of development and how badly it fits and why, hopefully u change the style and become more forward thinking and progress a few main points at a time for a yr instead of progressing everything all at once, either way itll take yrs, but at least the work uve put in will b much more noticable to us and many of us will love to support u even more and newcomers will see reason to support u and will do so much more readily and everything. mayb next yr or the yr after i would pledge top tier if u actually do something like this and ur development of ur game looks much more worth it, cuz ur game itself definitely is worth supporting its continuation and completion but id rather just 1 massive growing rollercoaster to ride while i watch the surrounding rides of the amusment park ur making b built much slower. wish u the best, see u next yr or whenever uve completed 0.2 ^_^ <3

Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: on 07/23/2019

This would be a decent amount of content for a first release ... except first release was almost a year ago.

Back at that time it was bare bones. Now it's not. But it's still not getting anywhere either way.

If you're impatient, there's enough here for a decent "first look". Just don't expect it to get beyond that any time soon.


In hindsight, that sounded harsher than it is.

There's actually a decent amount of content here and the speed of updates doesn't look all that bad either, but there are two problems with it.

First - the content is all over the place. Multiple plot lines sound great on paper but what it means in reality is that the author's workload is split between them. This creates a disparity between the total amount of content and the "length" of the game.

Could have been a game with a (nearly) finished storyline by now, instead it's more like multiple games that have just started.

And second - most of it is not intertwined. Easiest example - there are "spells" that can change PC's body, but nobody ever reacts to any of those (except for the size requirement for sph).

Combined with the fact that the game is an "open" style one, that's a pretty bad trait to have. It's not a good trait to have in general, but at least in most "streamlined story" games low content interconnectivity can be well hidden in the shadow of all the story-writing. This one behaves more like a life sim, except no actual life simulation is going on and the fact that so many changes end on the same page they begun is painfully obvious.


Given time and effort both of those problems can vanish. But till they do I recommend avoiding the game - wait for it to finish cooking, so to speak.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: on 07/02/2019

In general its a good game.

But if you look az the development you can see that it went side way from corruption  into a sissy story with spells.


Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.1.3 on 04/21/2019

Last time when I reviewed this game it was version 0.1.1, a framework with a lot of rooms, a handful of quests and some ridiculous settings. For some strange reasons (say ease of development or play testing) you know exactly the location of the house characters. It makes life a lot easier but it also breaks many things at the same time, for example you can move somewhere else in the middle of some minor plots...

Anyway, the game did head in the right direction since then. It had quite some regular updates, more plotlines, less grindings, almost to a point that it is playable... No, don't get me wrong. The presentation was not bad at all. The only problem is that there was too much freedom to figure out what to do. Say to kick off the second quest, the three leads were hidden in three out of the 20+ rooms, some of them only available during certain hours during the day... then each lead needs three or more steps to evolves, each steps were hidden in the not always available 20+ rooms...

I'd say this. Make sure that you use the walkthrough. people like me hate to use a walkthough unless it is absolutely necessary... and trust me, a walkthrough is absolutely necessary in this game unless you want to spend real hours for nothing.

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