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Version: 0.95

The Chair

In 2035, full-sensory virtual reality is on the cutting edge. The protagonist and his friend are attending a university in which major developments in the field of VR artificial intelligence are being made, in the form of a highly advanced VR-enabled reclining chair. Will the protagonist end up there, and if he does, will he ever want to leave?

Note: This story contains dark subject matter and is not a light-hearted VR sex romp. In fact, it's almost the exact opposite of that. 

The game is "complete," for some definition of complete. All the intended paths have been filled in. If somebody else wants to take over development and/or expansion of this title, contact me. I would be happy to turn it over to somebody else with more time to add branches and content.

Version 0.95 (functionally complete)

  • Completed the story transition between leaving the Chair and getting the final exposition from your friend.
  • Completed four scenarios from the continuing "ending." More endings may be added at some later date.
  • Final story size (per Twine): 717353 characters, 79648 words.

Version 0.8 (first upload)

  • Initial upload.
  • Some missing story elements, but possible to play through to the end.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Arael

Version reviewed: 0.95 on 02/12/2019

Very well written and extremely dark short story. Erotic and horrifying. It very much feels like a Black Mirror episode.

Review by Firestormian

Version reviewed: 0.95 on 09/26/2018

It is written pretty well, as StrongRight said. However, instead of being disappointed by the lack of explicit sex, I would advise anyone to check the rating of the game.

"R (219 games)
Restricted - may contain nudity and violence; may contain sexual situations, but no explicit sex"

Review by StrongRight

Version reviewed: 0.95 on 09/26/2018

Its written pretty well, but ultimately, its very disappointing. A warning for anyone who wants some fleshed out sexual scenes and detailed erotic stuff, you won't find any here. The sex is glossed over at best.

Review by Kishinslayer

Version reviewed: 0.95 on 09/02/2018

If you want black mirror the tg game, this is for you. It has very good writing, a very linear story, and a VERY dark twist. Love the concept, it works way better than I thought it would.

Review by Xodiac

Version reviewed: 0.95 on 08/27/2018

This is definitely more of an interactive story than a game.  You can make choices, but they have minor effect on how things play out.  Like a braided river, the course changes but it all goes to pretty much the same place.


But if you think of it as a story, well... it's a pretty darn good story.  It has some interesting concepts and executes them well.  I really enjoyed this.

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