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Version: 0.0.41

Spiral Clicker

You've been given a magical gift from a charitable Elf who clearly has no ulterior motives what-so-ever. A magical spiral which can drain your willpower and convert it into energy you can use to control those around you.

Click your way into the minds of the girls on your college campus, deepen your control over them, and unlock new Costumes, CGs, and conversations as you go. If your will is strong, you may get a harem of your own before your willpower runs out.


This game is hosted on the TFGamesSite via. the Hypnopics Collective. Visit my game thread at Hypnopics as well.

0.41 updates:

- Dungeon Minigame added.
- Dominya added to game.
- 2 convos added for Dominya.
- 5 CGs added for Dominya.
- Queen added to game.
- 5 CGs added for Queen.
- Liandra added to game.
- 5 CGs added for Liandra.


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Review by MayxMarzo

Version reviewed: 0.0.35 on 08/28/2021

This game is a pretty fun and simple game once you get down to it. It's a clicker game and so don't expect anything overly complicated. Each of the characters have a personality and if you're into hypnosis and mind control, then you'll enjoy it. 


Some of my gripes with the game though are certain annoyances that can range from minor nuisances to gamebreaking. Images don't load sometimes but these often occur are the more out the way situations. It can make things awkward but one situation where its really a problem is when trying to access the gate into the elf realm and the gatekeeper doesn't show up. 


The game is mostly focused on hypnosis but despite having bimbo and BE as tags, there's very few scenes that involve bimbo transformations and I've not encountered a single BE transformation so scenes including them may or may not be in the current version. 


The game definitely looks like it's something you would play on the phone as the window definitely is designed with phones in mind and the buttons are large enough for a thumb despite it not being playable phones on the phone (at the moment) so it seems it will be on phones in the future.


It's definitely a little buggy but I do think it's got its charm and i hope to see more in the future.

Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 0.0.35 on 08/20/2021

Incorrectly labeled as an HTML game, but is actually a Windows executable. Wasn't able to play it.

Review by 60745

Version reviewed: 0.0.29 on 02/22/2021

good clicker game with hypnosis theme faster than cookie clicker you can even choose the type of hypnosis being used on you although I would personally like those options expanded or give you the option to make your own although as I have never done any programming in flash I don't know if it is possible 

Review by anonmr

Version reviewed: 0.0.24 on 09/24/2020

youll need a click macro if youre a completionist.

configured my fourth mouse button to click once every ms while pressed and fifth to just keep clicking every 100ms once toggled.

the amount of energy u need is just too much to stay motivated otherwise


still havent been able to unlock two rows of pictures, nor did i find the final resolution of the main quest (where is the mother?), but everything else was doable in a timely manner :-9

Review by awkwardcultism

Version reviewed: 0.0.22 on 08/15/2020

(Original Review, v0.0.14)

One of the most fun clicker games out there. Great to have on in the background while you're doing something boring.

It allows both for very passive and very active strategies and is quite entertaining either way.

The art varies in quality, but even the worst of it is still passable and some of it is pretty dang good.

True to his name Changer has been updating the game regularly and every update I've played has made the game longer, better and with a whole lot more depth. It was pretty fun back in version 0.01 and by now it's legitimately better than an average AAA video game. Even though it isn't finished yet and won't be for a while, if you're looking for a bite-sized break between two big long video games or a way to have fun while you're balancing your checkbook, Spiral Clicker is one of the best options out there.

The only other game I can think of that does what Spiral Clicker does better than it is Alicesoft's Dungeons & Dolls, and even then that game isn't free and Spiral Clicker is!


(Update, v0.0.22)

Spiral Clicker has received consistent updates since it's original release and since my last review. The amount of content in the game has essentially doubled over the past year, and now the game has a similar amount of stuff to do as Cookie Clicker, just more story-focused and with much, much less waiting.

The gameplay has continued to be quite interesting. Every update has it's own unique exploit for you to find and abuse to bend the world to your will. If you're the kind of person who enjoys minmaxing in RPGs, you'll get a real kick out of this game. With the right strategies it can become the most active clicker ever, but if you prefer a more patient passive style the game also supports that well.

Changer has in particular outdone himself with the most recent updates to the game, which add, in addition to a slew of new content, mod support! It's incredible how some tiny creator on the internet has the skills to make his game easy for anyone to mod but major game studios just haven't quite figured it out yet. 

Spiral Clicker has progressed so much it's now in my personal Top 100 games of all time. It's good enough at this point that it's worth playing for the gameplay alone even if you have no interesting in mind control or hypnosis. Getting to play a game this good for free is an absolute treat, and you'd be a fool to pass it up.

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