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Version: 0.9 Hotfix

Version: 0.9

Version: 0.8 Hotfix

Version: 0.8

Version: 0.7

Version: 0.6.5

Version: 0.6

Version: 0.5 Hotfix

Version: 0.5

Version: 0.4 Hotfix

Version: 0.4

Version: 0.3

The Whore of Babylon

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Hello everyone, welcome to our first interactive story in Twine 2, hope you enjoy it!

Our small (but very motivated!) team consists of a couple addicted to reading and playing erotic fiction. Our objective is to make this game in both Spanish and English, maintaining a (relatively) high writing standard and appealing to a lot of different tastes.

Our primary format for the foreseeable future is going to be twine games, at least until our programming skills improve somewhat. Our games will always be 100% free, but patreons will receive Walkthroughs, Cheatcodes, Bug Testing, Previews, Polls on future content, and more!



-Live, nude and explicit model hired specifically to play the main character!

- Languages (English and Spanish)

-60,000+ words of story (that's over 120 pages)!

-500+ handpicked images and gifs!

-Amazing story!

-Good(ish) programming!

-4 different routes to pick from!




Current Fetishes:

Nuns (obviously), M/F, F/F, Dom/Sub, Corruption, BDSM, F-Self, M-Self, Feet, Shemale on male, Cum eating, Noncon, Penis shrinking, Facefucking, Thighfucking, Creampies, Mind control, Forced masturbation, Anal, Domination, Religion, Sex Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism... and much more!


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In this story you will play as a nun who's lived her whole life in a convent and, consequently is sexually repressed (hopefully not for long).

Nevertheless, a penance involving the book of Revelation and the Whore of Babylon will pique her interest, taking her down the path of submission and obedience, or domination and vengeance. It's your choice!



Available for our lovely Youngster patreons and up.

Version 0.9 Hotfix (Dominant Route)


- Fixed issue with Sylvia's diary where it would jump to a mirror passage

- Fixed issue where after the ending Mother Superior's quest would still trigger

- Fixed a picture not showing in the showers

- Fixed an issue where looking in the showers would transport you to a weird alternate reality where nothing would work

- Clarified that, while you enslave both Grace and Aitana, only one of them will be available to help you with your chores and such


Version 0.9 (Dominant Route)


- Avatar system for both dominant and submissive routes 

- New full body pics when looking at the mirror 

- 3 new "mini-scenes" with David in the Garden

- Naomi's training, ending of story with Naomi for Apprentice route 

- Mother's vengeance, ending of Apprentice route story

- Remodeled inventory system, should be easier to navigate now

- Changed "cock reveal" pic on day 3 to one of Jesss

- You can now smoke a blunt with David once you've done his initial event

- You can take a shower in the dom and sub routes, including a gif of Jesss

- Day 2 Helen and Layla submissive scene has new gifs!

- 4 new Jesss gifs spread over the game 

- Over 30 new gifs and images

- Too many bugfixes to count, including a back-end overhaul of some events to make them less likely to bug out



Version 0.8 Hotfix (Submissive Route)


-Bugfix for some Helen choices that did not give sin during the enslavement sequence

-Bugfix when exploring confessional

-Bugfix when talking to Helen about Dalia and then receiving food in the Kitchen

-Bugfix when working at the confessional



Version 0.8 (Submissive Route)


-New photo in Room (dominant route)

-2 new images of Jesss for "masturbate with dildo" and "masturbate with vibrator" (dominant route)

-New image for "talk to the rosary" (both routes)

-2 new Jesss images for Day 2's submissive sex with Helen scene

-1 new Jesss image when you take a shower on Day 1

 -A total of 107 new images and gifs  

 - New Avatar for the main character for Dominant and Submissive routes [Featuring Jesss the Girl] 

- Aesthetic overhaul for passive route

 -Minor bugfixes

-Minor typos fixed

- David scene 2 

- Naomi scene 1 

 - Grace and Aitana scene 1 

- Work at the Confessional 

- New dialogue with Helen in her room 

- You can now go to the kitchen and ask for your special breakfast (+1 Energy/day) 

- Helen mini game

- You can now shower to reduce your sin (-2 Sin/day) 

- Work at the Chapel: public disgrace and confessing, which has different randomized results depending on your Sin level

- Random event with Sonia when going to work at the Chapel (Original amateur gif from one of our lovely patrons, Sonia!)

- You can now spy on Sonia in Mother Superior's office after meeting her in Grace and Aitana scene 1  (Original amateur gif from one of our lovely patrons, Sonia!) 

- New option for the dominant route (Try on your strapon) [Featuring Jesss The Girl]

- Futa content warning (Day 3)

-Dreams added for submissive route

-Warning added to Ben's scene in the dominant route clarifying that he's not corruptible

-Fixed some dreams not working




Version 0.7 (Dominant Route)


- Sonia event 2

- Naomi event 2

- You can now prostitute Helen

- You can now prostitute Silvia

- You can now offer special services in the brothel with 6 different interactions (18 different gifs and 3 if you get caught + 1 if trying to rebel)

- 6 new images for ordinary services

- New image for feeding Silvia

- Dreams fade in 15s before (aka dreaming doesn't take too long)

- Grace and Aitana events recoded

- New planned revenge (Papa Slick)

- Build the basic Dungeon in the basement

- Store for buying items for the Dungeon (New male character: Ben)

-Attempt to seduce Ben

- Torturing Helen (3 levels)

- The options now have a symbol to indicate the type of interaction

- Cheats for submissive route


Version 0.6 (Dominant Route)

- Introduction scene for David (Garden)

- Scene 2 Grace and Aitana (Chapel)

- Scene 1 Sonia (Mother Superior's desk)

- 30 different themed dreams depending on your Power score

- +4 descriptions to read when you look in the Mirror depending on your Power score.

- You can now go to the Town!

- 9 possible interactions with the Town

- Monetary system

- You may now go to the kitchen to drink some coffee (+1 Energy)

- New Punishment gif for when you don't do your tasks

- Reconfiguration of Naomi's scene (you need a certain amount of Power to access scene 1, not just feed her)

- New objects for the inventory! (Whip and Chastity belt)

- You can now masturbate in your room (9 gifs depending on your inventory status)

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't see Naomi anymore after doing the first scene

- Fixed some language issues with some scenes and the Story Menu


Version 0.5 Hotfix

-Fixed several spanish hold-overs

-Fixed a bug where you could not obtain the schoolgirl outfit

-Fixed a couple of rare bugs with the inventory


Version 0.5 (Submissive Route)

-Updated submissive route (open world!)

- Scene 0 Grace and Aitana

- Scene 0 Naomi

- Scene 0 María

- Scene 1 María

- Scene 2 María

- Scene 0 David

- Scene 1 David

- Implemented Sin system

- Descriptions in the mirror according to your Sin level

- 24 New purification events with Silvia

- 10 New random chore events

- Punishment concept implemented (what happens when you don't do your chores)

- Updated behind the scenes code to streamline

- Updated/Beautified inventory system

- Added possibility of finding various sex toys throughout the Convent

- You can now spy on Helen and Silvia and search their rooms if they are absent (be careful, you could increase your Sin!)


Version 0.4 Hotfix

-Added "end of current content" messages to ends of event chains so that players know when they can't advance any further with a character

-Fixed spelling mistakes

-Fixed several minor glitches


Version 0.4

-Naomi's events fixed

-You can now preview enslaving Naomi (you get a boost to chores)

-Colors added to names

-New structure map, should be more intuitive now

-Several bug fixes -Innumerable format changes

-Images added to new locations

-You can now skip directly  to Day 5 of the dominant route (the passive route is yet to be implemented)   

And here is the changelog for the changes from 0.3 to 0.4 (Preview)

-New feature: Become the overseer of the convent and corrupt the nuns to your will.  

- Too many minor changes to count.

- Images rehosted

- End of Introduction (Day 5)

- Continuation of the Dominant route

- New Power mechanic (represents your influence/dominance over other people) - You can now explore the convent freely after Day 5.

- Images for every place

- New inventory system

- New energy system

- Tasks system: "To do list"

- Start plotting your revenge: "The black list"

- New characters to interact with:  Naomi 2 scenes Sonia: 1 scene Grace and Aitana: 1 scene

- 12 possible interactions with Silvia (Pet play)

- You can now start the path to get revenge on Helen.

- Random events added to tasks

- Character description will change in regards to your power.

- Day and week system

- New fetishes: Pet play, voyeurism 


Version 0.3:

-Dominant and Active routes implemented.

-Continuation of the Passive and Submissive Route for Day 4

-Choose your name!

-Different colors for the characters

-Other minor changes (Cosmetic, small bugs, typos...)


Version 0.2.5:

-First split in the story! First part of submissive route implemented

-New scenes+photos/videos

-Story up to Day 4


Version 0.2:

-Several cosmetic changes and new dialog/story options depending on your dominance

-New images/gifs (more nuns!)

-English version (which is the more developed of the two)

-New scenes and updates to old scenes.

-Save/load system


Version 0.1:

-The story reaches until day 3

-Images/gifs implemented

-Logic to track domination/submission implemented

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 09/05/2019

A fap cyoa with big chunk of gifs (1.1GB) throwing your way with a nun background setting. There is little story except for the fap material and there is little gaming elements.

Review by Ali-Jo

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 10/09/2018

Really great game but I don't know how to get onto the sub path it always just ends up turning me dom, how do you give the townies the bread for free? Thank you to kitty for responding I will definitely be sure to keep an eye on this game!

Review by KatyCristy

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 10/04/2018

Just on Day 4 and already loving it sooooo much (Dominat route btw), the scenaries are very well described in English, and so far so good with the variety of scenes, really good, really happy testing this 

update: all dom endings done, love the not so dom one, its reaaaally good, and the mistress one too, BUT I need my revenge so badly

with love 

Grace  ✾(〜 ☌ω☌)〜✾


Review by NyxReborn

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 10/03/2018

Promising game with great writing and selection of images. Starts off pretty linear before surprising you with several branching out paths. Access to which is limited by your dominance.

My suggestion would be to implement a profile image on the side bar that changes with the dominance variable. This would allow the player to track the nun’s status and remove the linear feeling of the early game choices.


Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 09/07/2018

It would certainly be helpful if ye add a GAME DESCRIPTION in the Synopsis Tab (Synopsis meaning/definition= a brief summary or general survey of something).  Ye gave a hint as to who ye were and why ye make this game along with the Current/Planned Fetishes, but DID NOT say anything about the Story of the game itself (which is what most people use to decide if they want to play a game or not).  As for playing your game- i did not. 

I hate when games are linear because if it is linear because then it ISN'T A GAME, IT'S JUST A STORY ONLY (if i wanted a story then i'll go read a book).  I didn't want the fact that it is presently linear to affect my opinion and feel for the game to make it so i never play any of the future updates because of that sad fact.  If in a few updates your game stops being linear, then i will certainly try it.

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