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Version: v10-22-2023

The Whore of Babylon


An interactive novel that offers an intriguing and kinky path down the rabbit hole involving the book of Revelation and a naïve, young nun who’s desperate choice between trying to remain pure or giving herself into corruption is in your hands. TWOB is a dark, sexy open world adventure where you can lean towards the path of purity and submission or domination and vengeance. A carefully spun story reflecting two possible worlds along with its elegant media accessories will pique your interest since Day 1.

Inspirations: Marquise de Sade, Anne Rice. Justine or the Misfortunes of Virtue, The Book of Revelations, Wuthering Heights, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Bible Black: Night of the Walpulgiss.




About us

It all started with a couple enthusiastic about games and erotic literature five years ago. We asked ourselves "how can we contribute to this amazing world that has provided us with so much fun?"

Who are Kitty and The Lord?

Thus was born the head of the project: Kitty, a young writer as sensitive as she is perverted, eager to capture the contradictions of her soul through immortal writings. The Lord, her faithful companion with a background in game design, lends his shoulder to program and help guide Kitty's ambitious goals.

What can you expect from KaTL?
Our specialty is interactive or "choose your own adventure" novels. All our Interactive Erotica are made by and intended for adults of legal age, as they may contain explicit scenes of sex, violence and/or substance usage.


Our games will always be 100% free, but patrons will receive preview versions, polls on future content, and more.

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Current Fetishes:

Nuns (obviously), M/F, F/F, Dom/Sub, Corruption, BDSM, F-Self, M-Self, Feet, Shemale on male, Cum eating, Noncon, Penis shrinking, Facefucking, Thighfucking, Creampies, Mind control, Forced masturbation, Anal, Domination, Religion, Sex Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism... and much more!


This interactive novel offers an intriguing and kinky path down the rabbit hole involving the book of Revelation and a naïve, young nun who’s desperate choice between trying to remain pure or giving herself into corruption is in your hands. The Whore of Babylon is a dark, sexy open world adventure where you can lean towards the path of purity and submission or domination and vengeance. A carefully spun story reflecting two possible worlds in parallel realities along with its elegant media accessories will pique your interest since Day 1.


Available for our lovely Youngster patreons and up.

Changelog v10-22-23 [Artwork update: Dungeon Rework + In The Court of the Demon Queen Expansion]


- 6 new original artworks for the Dungeon's Dom routes with two variations (nun habit & normal)


  • Restraints
  • Cage
  • F*** Machine
  • Spreader bar
  • Chair
  • Stocks


- 2 Ending posters for the Apprentice's path & Demon Queen Path



Changelog v08-24-23 [Dungeon Rework + In The Court of the Demon Queen Expansion]

  • New scene with Helen in the Laundry + original illustrations
  • New slave option for Helen with 3 variations (strapon, futa, Demon)
  • Dominant Dungeon rework: Reformed wings
    - Event variations
    - Different outcomes for training options
  • New List in the drawers. Optional events w/ different outcomes after completing your Revenge list" In The Court of the Demon Queen"

-Grace & Aitana
-Papa Slick


Changelog Apprentice's Path Rework 01-23-23


  • Reviewed/extended:


- Apprentice's path now focuses on an Alliance with Father Martín instead of submitting to him

- Extended Mother Superior's Revenge event

- Mother's Revenge event will give you 300 coins

- Review and extended Apprentice's Ending after Mother Superior's funeral

- Dungeon now can be used in Apprentice's path after the funeral

- You now must have corrupted Grace and Aitana before completing your revenge against Papa Slick

- Reviewed and extended Papa Slick all 3 Revenge events

- You can now perform the Ritual Aspect of Lilith (futa) in the Confessional

- You can now take revenge against Papa Slick

- Papa Slick's Revenge event will give you 3000 coins

- You can now complete your revenge against Silvia

- You can trigger an optional epilogue after you complete your "Black List"

- Added clearer instructions on how to seduce Ben

- You can do Ben and Alice's extra futa events after the Ritual


  • Fixes and others:


- Fixed Silvia's images that didn't show when you take her for a walk

- Fixed a bug where the Machine changed price at the store

- Fixed formatting error in special services in the brothel



Changelog 11-25-22:

  • New content:

- Added new Event on Day 2: The Christmas Eve Mass (6 passages/10 images)

  • Events reviewed and/or extended:

- Naomi Intro + Event 1 + Breakfast interludes + Corruption event

- Grace & Aitana Intro + Event 1 + Event 2 + Corruption Event

- Helen Massage Oil Event

- Sonia Intro + Event 1

- David Intro + Blunt events

- Papa Slick Intro

  • Fixes and others:

- Updated Sidebar

- Fixed a minor bug where you couldn't get the massage oil at Helen's room without sleeping first

- Fixed a bug of Silvia's Pet Play not showing text

- Added more instructions and explaining requirements for events in all locations

- Added specific instructions for the Dungeon building

- Changed Power Requirement to 10 for being able to send Helen to the Laundry

- Helen now counts as one of your corrupted girls

- Added Grace and Aitana to the black list

- Added Naomi to the black list

- Edited Power requirements and Power rewards in general.

- Fixed style issues in the "Basic", "Complete" and "Multipack" service in the brothel



Changelog for TWOB Interlude


- Fixed David's final event looping

- Fixed Silvia's bug where you'd get stuck in her training

- Random events give you +5 or -5 Power (instead of +1 or -1)

- Formatting review for Random and Chore events

- Formatting review for Sonia event 1 and 2

- Formatting review for Naomi event 1 and 2

- Formatting review for Grace and Aitana event 1 and 2

- 13+ new ambience and nun Images



Changelog for TWOB Helen & Silvia Expansion

- Review of Helen's content: Slave Training

  • 4 Re-written random events for the Laundry room
  • 4 New Random events for the Chastity device
  • Revenge event has been re-written and expanded
  • 11 new images

- Review of Silvia's content: Pet Training

  • All 13 events have been re-written and expanded (3 variations each)
  • 40 new events in total that progress with your Power
  • 48 new images
  • Re-written Futa intercourse event (After doing the Ritual Aspect of Lilith)

- Other minor bugs fixed



Changelog for TWOB Mother of David Pt.2


-Added bringing David into your Convent after rescuing him

-Added David Room Event 0

-Added David Room Event 1

-Added David Room Event 2

-Added David Room Event 3

-Added David Epilogue

-Added variations to each event depending on path (sissy/stud)

-Modified incarnation spell when on Stud path

-Added 100+ new images


-Fixed a couple of minor bugs



Changelog for TWOB Mother of David Pt.1

- Added a large expansion to David content in the Dominant route (Apprentice's and Demon Queen paths), accessible once you have performed the Mother Superior's funeral and have seen all previous David events: over 14000 words and dozens of new images.

- Spruced up Sidebar, made it have less space between elements, should be easier to navigate

- Changed Location Buttons to be more visually appealing

- Changed a lot of event descriptions to make it clearer what you should do next

-HOTFIX: Fixed some location links not working, just replace old HTML file with the one in this download



EDITED 1.9.5: Fatal errors

- Fixed Naomi's Final in the Dark Flock Ending (The event was infinitely repeated)

- Fixed Grace and Aitana's Final in the Dark Flock Ending (The event didn't show up)

- Fixed the Dungeon's items not showing correctly



Changelog 1.9: THE END

New content


- Unlocked Spell against Wrath

- Battle against Father Martín

- Unlocked Spell for Absolution

- Help Dalia choose her body

- Unlocked Secret Spell of Salvation

- Purification Dungeon added for both submissive routes

- New mini scene when visiting Helen in her room after making peace with her

- New mini scene when taking breakfast to Dalia after purifying her

- New mini scene when taking breakfast to Dalia after corrupting her (Dark Flock Ending)

- Purifying Angel Ending and Epilogue





- Base energy is now 6 instead of 4

- 1 new image for the Salvation Spell

- Salvation spell will only appear once you've completed all the other Spells

- You can  now see your attempted purifications in your stats

- New shop list for the General Store regarding the dungeon's toys and furniture

- You can now get Mother Superior's cane after you visit her for the last time before her funeral

- Spells now cost Energy

- Hotfix: Fixes important bug when reading the Book of Spells in the submissive route





- Fixed ritual materials not being used correctly

- Fixed some broken images

- Fixed Grace and Aitana not showing in the purification list

- Fixed María, Naomi and Dalia's names not crossing after purifying them

- Fixed no colors and bugged text in the Wrath Spell

- Fixed bugged text in the Salvation Spell

- Fixed bugged names during Father's combat/Lust Spell



Changelog 1.8.5: The beginning of The End (Pt. II)

- Fixed typos in 30+ passages

- Fixed minor bugs in 5+ passages

- Fixed formatting errors in 50+ passages

- Fixed Medals and Titles not displaying correctly


Changelog 1.8: The beginning of The End (Pt. II)


New content

- Visit Helen in her room for the first time after her purification

- Unlocked Spell against Gluttony

- Unlocked Spell against Sloth

- Unlocked Spell against Pride


- Remodeling available

- Fixed the link for the Dungeon Pack download

- Aesthetic bug fixes in the Confessionary


1.8 Hotfix:

-Fixed a gamebreaking bug regarding the Rosary in the dominant route

-Made getting the book from Helen in the dominant route much more straightforward


Changelog 1.7: The beginning of The End


New content:


- Finding and purifying the Ancient Book of Spells

- Protagonist's family story

- Silvia's final scene

- Purification of the Rosary

- Papa Slick's purification

- Helen's purification






- Beads implemented in the active route

- Papa Slick punishes you if he sees you offering services on your own

- New shopping list unlocked in the store

- Additions to the inventory: Ancient Book and Ingredients for the Spells

- 10 new Spells for the Ancient Book (3/10 implemented)




Version 1.6


- Seducing Ben event (The Apprentice's route)

- New epilogue with original image (The Apprentice's route)

- 1 relocated event for Mother Superior's desk before her funeral (The Follower's route)

- 1 new original image for the Demon Queen epilogue

- 1 new spell unlocked for the Ancient Book for the Demon Queen route [Incarnation]


Bug fixes and others:

- Fixed the descriptions in the mirror in both routes that didn't match the pictures

- Fixed the bug where your couldn't proceed after picking the pure option during Mother Superior's funeral

- Fixed the bug where your medals and titles for bearing and giving punishments where mixed

- Fixed other small bugs with the titles and medals

- Fixed a bug where you would get punished even if you did all your chores

- Fixed a bug where Ben's wife had a different name in the dominant and submissive paths

- Fixed the bug where some service's wouldn't give you money or cost energy

- Titles implemented in the Dominant routes

- When you get your revenge against Papa Slick and Father Martín you earn more money at the Brothel

- You can now preview the costs and rewards of the special services at the Brothel in the dominant routes

- Touching  yourself in your room doesn't require energy anymore and you can use a new toy


Version 1.5 Follower's Path DARK FLOCK ENDING (Submissive Route)

- Silvia's final scene
- Naomi's final scene
- Grace and Aitana's final scene
- Dalia's final scene
- Dark Flock Epilogue

- Purification list updates when you meet Sisters from the convent and when you define your path
- 2 more services to offer in the brothel (BDSM slave for men or women
-Made all content accessible through events
-Fixed going back in time to change path in the submissive route
-Bugfixes and typos


Version 1.4 Follower's Path Ending Part 1 (Submissive Route)


New Content:


- Dalia event 3 (Habit event)

- Buying the Habit at the General store with 4 possible variations depending on your choices

- Mother Superior's funeral event (+3 mini scenes with Maria, Sonia and Dalia)

 - Follower's Path Ending 

- New service to offer at the Brothel (Rimjob)


Fixes, changes and others:


- Start collecting awards and achievements! You can now start earning Medals and Titles through your stats

- Storyline from days 1 to 5 has been edited. You can now choose to visit Helen and study the bible with her during the introduction (or not)

- Maria event 2 gives you a new friend now

- The time between Dalia's events in her room has been reduced

- The outcomes for Silvia's activities and random events during chores now depend on the hidden stats "Corruption" and "Purity" which you can check by talking to the Rosary. Silvia will also tell you when you call her over to purify yourself

- Typos, small bugs and other stuff as usual


Version 1.3 Submissive Rework (Submissive Route)


New content:


-Build Dalia's Room in the Basement


-Dalia's welcome


-Dalia Event A


- Dalia Event B


-Mother's Demise Event


-Helen Announcement Event


-Alice Task 3 (buying the Hammer)


-Alice Task 4 (buying the Cement)


-Papa Slick Introduction


-Can now perform both normal and "special" tasks in the Brothel (6 different mini-scenes)


-Added conversation with the Rosary on Purity vs. Corruption




Changes and fixes:


-Generally reduced Sin requirements and increased Sin reduction across the board


- Random negative events will give you +5 Sin instead of +10


-Results on confessing the villagers will depend on your Sin level


-Made it so Brothel actions scale with Purity or Corruption


-Innumerable bug fixes


-Innumerable typos corrected


-Fixed the inventory in the Sub route


-Aesthetic overhaul for the convent


Version 1.2 Hotfix (Dominant Route)


- Fixed the bug were you couldn't remodel the office, garden, laundry room and kitchen.

- Fixed the bug were you'd get stuck after MS funeral scene


- Fixed the bug where you would get punished by MS even though Helen did the Laundry for you


- Added download link to Dungeon pack in the Dungeon and the Rituals


- Added the wine to the inventory list


- Fixed stats not appearing after Demonic transformations


- Added actions undertaken in the dungeon to the "stats page"



Version 1.2 Demon Queen Ending (Dominant Route)

New content:

- Rebel's path ending: defeat your nemesis, uncover the true identity of Father Martín!
- Added final battle
- Added epilogue for Demon Queen ending
- Added a whole shitton of new images and gifs for the dungeon
- Finally get your hands on Ben's juicy body (and his wife too, if you want to!)
- You can remodel the convent, Dungeon and the Brothel to make them fancier and unlock a new wing in the Dungeon
- Discover the Ancient book of Spells and partake in more fun demonic rituals! (9 rituals to discover as well as an Easter Egg relating to the "Ascension" ritual)
- Spy on Helen in her room to steal the book of spells
- Recover energy by partying with your nuns after remodelling the dungeon
- New things to buy in Ben's shop
- Added a new avatar from Incase's "The Invitation"

Fixes and changes
- Base energy increased to 6
- Energy from drinking coffee increased to 2
- Father Martín now comes every week and tithes you a small amount of money
- Added treasure hoard rewards for defeating Papa Slick and Father Martín
- Stamina now correctly regenerates every week for your girls in the brothel
- Changed picture for the town
- Fixed Dungeon interaction with Mother Superior
- Fixed initiating revenge against Papa Slick
- Typos and small bug fixes
- Fixed descriptions for final battle against Father
- Fixed inventory not working with the new avatar system
- Fixed revenge against Papa Slick not triggering under certain conditions

Version 1.1 Transformation Update (Dominant Route)


a) Content:


- Papa Slick Revenge 1

- Papa Slick Revenge 2

- Papa Slick Revenge 3 (hyperdominant)

- Aspect of Lilith Ritual in Confessional, become a Succubus! 

- Added succubus Avatar and Full-body pictures 

- Party Scene in Chapel (4 mini scenes and two new girls ) 

- Brothel Minigame with 20+ events






- When Papa Slick captures you when performing services on your own he now takes some money

- Fixed issue where dungeon would appear even without being built

- Fixed bug where game would stop at the apprentice path ending

- Minor spelling errors and assorted bugfixes



Version 1.0 Bugfix




- New "stats" page, where you can review all the naughty sex acts you've engaged in

- Backend changes which should make future versions compatible with this one




- Fixed coding error on "titjob"

- Fixed coding error on "Hands-free orgasm"

- Fixed coding errors on the second list when buying things in the town store

- Fixed a logic error on Naomi Event 3

- Typo on "Go looking for Sister Silvia" fixed

- Typo on "Suck" and "Torture her nipples" fixed

- Typo on "look through the keyhole" fixed

- Typo on "touch yourself" fixed

- Several typos on "Sonia Event 1" fixed

- Typo upon first meeting Papa Slick fixed

- Typo on "Punish them" fixed

- Typo on "Some hours later" fixed

- Replaced all instances of "inmobilized" for the correct "immobilized"

- Replaced all instances of "paid for something, don't you?" with "paid for something, aren't you?"

- Typos on "Give Mother a paddle/whip" fixed


Version 1.0 (Submissive Route)


-Alice Event 0 (general store in Town after Dalia's storyline)

-Alice Event 1

-Alice Event 2

-Alice Event 3

-Chapel Event 3 (features Helen and Father Martín)

-Naomi Event 2 (Femdom/pegging)

-Fixed bug where instead of finding the dildo you'd find the buttplug

-Fixed various typos

-Fixed some images still being hosted on imgur

-Fixed a bug where certain images wouldn't show up during Helen's domination minigame

-Fixed a missing image in Helen's domination minigame


Version 0.9 Hotfix (Dominant Route)


- Fixed issue with Sylvia's diary where it would jump to a mirror passage

- Fixed issue where after the ending Mother Superior's quest would still trigger

- Fixed a picture not showing in the showers

- Fixed an issue where looking in the showers would transport you to a weird alternate reality where nothing would work

- Clarified that, while you enslave both Grace and Aitana, only one of them will be available to help you with your chores and such


Version 0.9 (Dominant Route)


- Avatar system for both dominant and submissive routes 

- New full body pics when looking at the mirror 

- 3 new "mini-scenes" with David in the Garden

- Naomi's training, ending of story with Naomi for Apprentice route 

- Mother's vengeance, ending of Apprentice route story

- Remodeled inventory system, should be easier to navigate now

- Changed "cock reveal" pic on day 3 to one of Jesss

- You can now smoke a blunt with David once you've done his initial event

- You can take a shower in the dom and sub routes, including a gif of Jesss

- Day 2 Helen and Layla submissive scene has new gifs!

- 4 new Jesss gifs spread over the game 

- Over 30 new gifs and images

- Too many bugfixes to count, including a back-end overhaul of some events to make them less likely to bug out



Version 0.8 Hotfix (Submissive Route)


-Bugfix for some Helen choices that did not give sin during the enslavement sequence

-Bugfix when exploring confessional

-Bugfix when talking to Helen about Dalia and then receiving food in the Kitchen

-Bugfix when working at the confessional



Version 0.8 (Submissive Route)


-New photo in Room (dominant route)

-2 new images of Jesss for "masturbate with dildo" and "masturbate with vibrator" (dominant route)

-New image for "talk to the rosary" (both routes)

-2 new Jesss images for Day 2's submissive sex with Helen scene

-1 new Jesss image when you take a shower on Day 1

 -A total of 107 new images and gifs  

 - New Avatar for the main character for Dominant and Submissive routes [Featuring Jesss the Girl] 

- Aesthetic overhaul for passive route

 -Minor bugfixes

-Minor typos fixed

- David scene 2 

- Naomi scene 1 

 - Grace and Aitana scene 1 

- Work at the Confessional 

- New dialogue with Helen in her room 

- You can now go to the kitchen and ask for your special breakfast (+1 Energy/day) 

- Helen mini game

- You can now shower to reduce your sin (-2 Sin/day) 

- Work at the Chapel: public disgrace and confessing, which has different randomized results depending on your Sin level

- Random event with Sonia when going to work at the Chapel (Original amateur gif from one of our lovely patrons, Sonia!)

- You can now spy on Sonia in Mother Superior's office after meeting her in Grace and Aitana scene 1  (Original amateur gif from one of our lovely patrons, Sonia!) 

- New option for the dominant route (Try on your strapon) [Featuring Jesss The Girl]

- Futa content warning (Day 3)

-Dreams added for submissive route

-Warning added to Ben's scene in the dominant route clarifying that he's not corruptible

-Fixed some dreams not working




Version 0.7 (Dominant Route)


- Sonia event 2

- Naomi event 2

- You can now prostitute Helen

- You can now prostitute Silvia

- You can now offer special services in the brothel with 6 different interactions (18 different gifs and 3 if you get caught + 1 if trying to rebel)

- 6 new images for ordinary services

- New image for feeding Silvia

- Dreams fade in 15s before (aka dreaming doesn't take too long)

- Grace and Aitana events recoded

- New planned revenge (Papa Slick)

- Build the basic Dungeon in the basement

- Store for buying items for the Dungeon (New male character: Ben)

-Attempt to seduce Ben

- Torturing Helen (3 levels)

- The options now have a symbol to indicate the type of interaction

- Cheats for submissive route


Version 0.6 (Dominant Route)

- Introduction scene for David (Garden)

- Scene 2 Grace and Aitana (Chapel)

- Scene 1 Sonia (Mother Superior's desk)

- 30 different themed dreams depending on your Power score

- +4 descriptions to read when you look in the Mirror depending on your Power score.

- You can now go to the Town!

- 9 possible interactions with the Town

- Monetary system

- You may now go to the kitchen to drink some coffee (+1 Energy)

- New Punishment gif for when you don't do your tasks

- Reconfiguration of Naomi's scene (you need a certain amount of Power to access scene 1, not just feed her)

- New objects for the inventory! (Whip and Chastity belt)

- You can now masturbate in your room (9 gifs depending on your inventory status)

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't see Naomi anymore after doing the first scene

- Fixed some language issues with some scenes and the Story Menu


Version 0.5 Hotfix

-Fixed several spanish hold-overs

-Fixed a bug where you could not obtain the schoolgirl outfit

-Fixed a couple of rare bugs with the inventory


Version 0.5 (Submissive Route)

-Updated submissive route (open world!)

- Scene 0 Grace and Aitana

- Scene 0 Naomi

- Scene 0 María

- Scene 1 María

- Scene 2 María

- Scene 0 David

- Scene 1 David

- Implemented Sin system

- Descriptions in the mirror according to your Sin level

- 24 New purification events with Silvia

- 10 New random chore events

- Punishment concept implemented (what happens when you don't do your chores)

- Updated behind the scenes code to streamline

- Updated/Beautified inventory system

- Added possibility of finding various sex toys throughout the Convent

- You can now spy on Helen and Silvia and search their rooms if they are absent (be careful, you could increase your Sin!)


Version 0.4 Hotfix

-Added "end of current content" messages to ends of event chains so that players know when they can't advance any further with a character

-Fixed spelling mistakes

-Fixed several minor glitches


Version 0.4

-Naomi's events fixed

-You can now preview enslaving Naomi (you get a boost to chores)

-Colors added to names

-New structure map, should be more intuitive now

-Several bug fixes -Innumerable format changes

-Images added to new locations

-You can now skip directly  to Day 5 of the dominant route (the passive route is yet to be implemented)   

And here is the changelog for the changes from 0.3 to 0.4 (Preview)

-New feature: Become the overseer of the convent and corrupt the nuns to your will.  

- Too many minor changes to count.

- Images rehosted

- End of Introduction (Day 5)

- Continuation of the Dominant route

- New Power mechanic (represents your influence/dominance over other people) - You can now explore the convent freely after Day 5.

- Images for every place

- New inventory system

- New energy system

- Tasks system: "To do list"

- Start plotting your revenge: "The black list"

- New characters to interact with:  Naomi 2 scenes Sonia: 1 scene Grace and Aitana: 1 scene

- 12 possible interactions with Silvia (Pet play)

- You can now start the path to get revenge on Helen.

- Random events added to tasks

- Character description will change in regards to your power.

- Day and week system

- New fetishes: Pet play, voyeurism 


Version 0.3:

-Dominant and Active routes implemented.

-Continuation of the Passive and Submissive Route for Day 4

-Choose your name!

-Different colors for the characters

-Other minor changes (Cosmetic, small bugs, typos...)


Version 0.2.5:

-First split in the story! First part of submissive route implemented

-New scenes+photos/videos

-Story up to Day 4


Version 0.2:

-Several cosmetic changes and new dialog

Review by renenarciso

Version reviewed: Silvia & Helen Expansion on 05/07/2022

I rather enjoy this game, I've always been a sucker for corruption stories where you're a female from beginning to end, and I do like the religious imagery. It's nice that this had both dominant and submissive paths. And while I'm usually not crazy about lesbian-heavy games and stories, this one is pretty well done.

Small nitpick: I'm not crazy about first-person narration in games. But at least in this one you can choose the protagonist's name, so there is at least this much immersion.


Review by TisforPterodactyl

Version reviewed: 1.5 on 09/14/2020

I passed on this game for quite awhile because nuns aren’t really my thing. Once I gave it a shot that wasn’t an issue. Content is huge and seams to have a little something for everyone. The dom path and the dungeon pack are a treat. Cant wait for more to be added.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 09/05/2019

A fap cyoa with big chunk of gifs (1.1GB) throwing your way with a nun background setting. There is little story except for the fap material and there is little gaming elements.

Review by Ali-Jo

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 10/09/2018

Really great game but I don't know how to get onto the sub path it always just ends up turning me dom, how do you give the townies the bread for free? Thank you to kitty for responding I will definitely be sure to keep an eye on this game!

Review by KatyCristy

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 10/04/2018

Just on Day 4 and already loving it sooooo much (Dominat route btw), the scenaries are very well described in English, and so far so good with the variety of scenes, really good, really happy testing this 

update: all dom endings done, love the not so dom one, its reaaaally good, and the mistress one too, BUT I need my revenge so badly

with love 

Grace  ✾(〜 ☌ω☌)〜✾


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