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.0.4.3 Patreon | .0.4.2 Public
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Version: .0.4.3 Patreon | .0.4.2 Public

The Making of a Slut

This is a m2f slow transformation game. Sexual themes included are, sissification, femdom, bdsm, bimbofication, and many more.

You start as a young, effiminate, male just entering college. You encounter an older, more experienced upper-classmen who's taken an interest in you.

The game will progress as I go along including both content, and ui updates, as well as custom animations (rudimentary at the moment).

This game is free to play, but if you would like to take part in the polls, you'll need to head to patreon. Early releases will also be available to patreons, these are set to weekly at the moment, but as the project grows bigger and bigger, I'll likely move it to bi-weekly and then monthly.

 If you'd like to join my discord, here's the link. Discord


You are an of age freshman at an un-named college who is easily bored and moving forward with no real direction. You meet a few women in your life who promise to spice things up.

You- A  "normal" 19 year old college student

Riley- A fellow classmate and close friend/possible lover

Lexi- Riley's room-mate

Bailey- Your boss at your part time Job.

If you aren't sure what to do, Follow the Blue text, it won't steer you wrong. 


.0.4.3 New scenes with Lexi+Sasha+John, bugfix, ui tweaks
.0.4.2 New scenes with Bailey+Riley, Fetish content (optional), bugfixes.
.0.4.1 New scenes with everyone, ui tweaks, bugfixes, more fetish stuff.
.0.4.0 New scenes with everyone, 2 new animations, more fetish stuff.

.0.3.9 New tasks, Sasha+Bailey content, new masturbation option.

.0.3.8 Bugfix, Bailey+Riley+Lexi content, new clothing item, new animation (not implemented).

.0.3.7 Bugfix, Bailey+Sasha content, new animation

.0.3.6 Bugfix, content update *varied*, new clothes+animation

.0.3.5 New clothes, image map tweaks, bugfix, more scenes with Bailey

.0.3.4 Reworked images/video, image map, new clothes, new toy, alot of ui stuff, new scenes with Lexi (under model)

.0.3.3 Updated Bailey's content, 3 new animations, 2 new tf's.

.0.3.2 Overhauled Ui, Riley content update, new animations, optional scenes.

.0.3.1 Updated Bailey's content, new wardrobe items, background is grey again. Toggle switch for optional ntr.

.0.3.0 I've added more content for bailey as well as fixed a few bugs here and there.

.0.2.9 I've added some behind the scenes fixes, changed background to grey, minor bugfix, Bailey now has more content.

.0.2.8 Riley's questline has been expanded, roughly the same amount I added to Baileys in the .0.2.7 update. Minor bugfix, going to the gym has been made simpler.

.0.2.7 Bugfix, updated randoms, overhauled and re-implemented all randoms

.0.2.6 Bailey's questline has been expanded signicantly, bugfix, minor tweaks.

.0.2.5 Few new scenes with Riley, modified the lexi loop, placeholder for new action.

.0.2.4 Fixed Lexi bug, added new item, bugfix, testing stats.

.0.2.3 Minor content update, tweaked some behind the scenes stuff, added some buttons to the home menu.

.0.2.2 Minor content update, menu system updated, wardrobe options added, animations tweaked.

.0.2.1 Mainly a bugfix, though I did add some new menus and insert some animations where applicable

.0.2.0 Minor content update, bugfix, new animations, inserted animations into certain scenes (work in progress), set default end of content.

.0.1.9 Minor content update, bugfix, tweaked a scene or two, testing animated avatars.

.0.1.8 Minor content update, fixed some bugs, fixed some spelling errors, added home button to debug menu made a display bar for Lust.

.0.1.7 Minor content update, modified some behind the scenes stuff, technical and bugfixes.

.0.1.6 Minor content update, Tweaked avatar stuff, added notification on the right  hand side that displays whether or not you are wearing a plug, new masturbation scenes, new masturbation option, custom wardrobe button (1 at the moment, though I'll add more when it becomes useful) , and did a few bugfixes/spelling errors (though there's always new  ones cropping up).

.0.1.5 Minor content update, Tweaked some avatar stuff, breast size reduced, as well as outfits matching that, made applying makeup have an effect, modified avatar to indicate lust, fixed stockings, and added hairstyles (saves not compatible from previous version).

.0.1.4.Minor content update, Avatar system improved but not perfected, not sure how to get the stockings to layer under your other clothes, everything I've tried so far has failed. First physical, albeit temporary transformation.

.0.1.3 Testing a right-Ui-Bar, testing avatar system, showcasing poor photoshop skills.

.0.1.2 Content update, bugfix, spelling errors, minor stuff.

.0.1.1 Very small content update, improved ui stuff, fixed a bug where you could spam the wardrobe buttons and get infinite cash.

.0.1.0 Content update. Added new task to pass the time, walk around town. At the moment what you can do varies between three things randomly, and the text changes via what you're wearing. I plan on adding randoms based on specific things later on. Changed text from blue to white, and altered the opacity to make the text more legible. Plans to overhaul parts of the UI, but will have to do more research

.0.0.9 Minor content update, wardrobe items now have images that pop out so you can view them before wearing them(eventually plan adding that to the store)*note, a few items don't seem to do this for some reason, but I'll have to look into that at a later date as it isn't game-breaking or anything. Plan to do some more flashy/visual things later on, maybe adding sound to certain scenes.

.0.0.8 Minor content update, overhauled masturbation system (allowing you to choose what action once they are unlocked) added a new task, browse the web. I plan on adding more images and including some randomization to that, but for now it only has one scene. Though it is one of the better animated scenes. Oh, and you can do your makeup now too, once Bailey shows you how.

.0.0.7 Minor content update, added some new masturbation scenes, technically a m/shem scene (though the mc doesn't know it yet). New item, and I've tweaked the font to include a grey textbox so the words are a bit easier to read while maintaining the images in the background. Would  have liked something opaque, but it doesn't seem feasible with css.

.0.0.6a Bugfixes/tweaks, more images added as backgrounds for places/actions. Wardrobe updated to include work/top bottom in sidebar.

.0.0.6 Minor content update, rudementary rent system, more choices

.0.0.5 Minor content update, bugfix, modified passage where you choose your "girly name".

.0.0.4 Minor content update, modified avatar (less bulky, still not perfect) (fixed bug where you didn't have to have bra in one scene and fixed return from menus causing an infinite loop)

.0.0.3 Minor content update, modified avatar (very bulky, need to redo when I figure out how)

.0.0.2 Minor content update, added rudimentary avatar of sorts in sidebar (really just shows key clothing elements) (plan to tweak)

Changed all hotkeys that use "2" to 9, still investigating why it won't work sometimes under 2... (sleep hotkey still out of commission)

.0.0.1 Initial release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by sirwolffe

Version reviewed: .0.4.1 Patreon | .0.4.0 Public on 04/14/2019

Many like this game. 964 do right now. And perhaps he has permission for using the paper doll. And I feel the npcs do have some development. It's a fun time. And so what if the protagonist  is simple.

Review by partvoles

Version reviewed: .0.4.0 Patreon | .0.3.9 Public on 03/22/2019

I've tried to play this a couple of times, but I just can't get very far because I lose patience with the terrible UI.

This is a big shame, because it seems as though a very large amount of work has been put into making the UI look and function like it does.

To try and see if there is any good content, I downloaded it and imported it into Twine.  It seems that the writers have used <p> tags to surround all paragraphs, but still have Twine inserting <br> tags for every new line in the editor, meaning LOTS of random spacing.  I deleted the whole stylesheet, removed images, set Config.passages.nobr = true and that solved a lot of the terrible spacing issues, but not all of them because there are some <<endnobr>> tags scattered through the passages that override the global setting.

I would have to say that what code there is is very poorly organised, and that expanding on the game in its current state seems unsustainable.  It might be better to start again with a proper inventory system for items instead of using hundreds of passages to do the job of single lines of code, and to redesign the UI from scratch.

Review by tf1394

Version reviewed: .0.4.0 Patreon | .0.3.9 Public on 03/21/2019

good game, i like it, gray backround with white outline boxes i meh tho

Review by Lord_Sykos

Version reviewed: .0.3.3 on 12/27/2018

This is a decent alpha, with the caveat that the interface needs work (and likely will get it). The storylines seem to force you along at times (I do not expect greatly branching story trees at this point), and you do have to pay attention to the screen to catch hints about when to go to the gym, or how to trigger the various advancements of the storylines. I notice that space has been reserved for future features and some things are in the works, which is all good. I hope by .5 there is a better, less spaced-out UI design, some feedback such as "custom x saved" or even "You are wearing the proper clothes to meet (person) at (place)." 

I am enjoying what is there, but I can see where a few people would be frustrated. Regardless, it looks like a project that, once further along in development, will definitely become a classic if the UI and assorted syntax and prompting issues are resolved before "gold" or final release. I would recommend checking the code for now to weed out extra <p> and other tags (perhaps as you go along).

Looking forward to more and more refinement! I hope the feedback was helpful.

Review by Loken1103

Version reviewed: .0.3.1 on 11/29/2018

Not sure if the game ends there, but when you talk to Riley and select the NTR options you get blocked by a hair and clothing requirement that I don't seem to be able to pass even if I fill out the requirements. It's possible that they're requesting a very specific item list but if that's the case the descriptors cover too many things and it'd be nice to have a more specific equipment requirement. No matter what I dressed the character up in, I couldn't get past that wall. It's also rather unclear at times if you've just run out of content or if you should be grinding an event or hoping for a random event. Something like a diary or phone entries that would offer helpful hints that explain to the player what they're supposed to do in order to progress the plot would help. Something like "Riley wants me to war [x item(s) here] and then meet her at university" would suffice well enough.

(Also side note for accessibility reasons, if you're going to ask a player to do something and you name your items as various things. As them to equip exactly what you've named the item. Not a description of that item.)


Otherwise the game is very good and suits its genre quite well. One of the better HTML games this site has.

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