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Version: .0.6.7

The Making of a Slut

This is a m2f slow transformation game. Sexual themes included are, sissification, femdom, bdsm, bimbofication, and many more.

You start as a young, effiminate, male just entering college. You encounter an older, more experienced upper-classmen who's taken an interest in you.

The game will progress as I go along including both content, and ui updates, as well as custom animations (rudimentary at the moment).

This game is free to play, but if you would like to take part in the polls, you'll need to head to patreon. Early releases will also be available to patreons, these are set to weekly at the moment, but as the project grows bigger and bigger, I'll likely move it to bi-weekly and then monthly.

 If you'd like to join my discord, here's the link. Discord

And if you want to try the latest Patron version, go here. PATREON


You are an of age freshman at an un-named college who is easily bored and moving forward with no real direction. You meet a few women in your life who promise to spice things up.

You- A  "normal" 19 year old college student

Riley- A fellow classmate and close friend/possible lover

Lexi- Riley's room-mate

Bailey- Your boss at your part time Job.

Sasha- A local sorority sister

John- A friend of a friend.

There isn't much of a walkthrough, but I and others are here to help via discord if you encounter any issues.

Common problems: Make sure you run the game from the bugfix if there is one, extract the folder before playing, you have to click a separate button to lock the cage.

0.6.7 Room-mate scenes added, dom diner scenes added.

0.6.6 Modified the slider system somewhat, more avatar tweaks, introduced some dom scenes with Bailey, more classroom tweaks.

0.6.5 New slider system, cleaned up avatar, modifed gameplay variables, general update

.0.6.4 Bugfixes, Chastity Overhaul, Racial system tweaks, various tweaks and whatnot

.0.6.3 Some new psychology stuff, minor graphical changes, bugfixes, riley tweaks

.0.6.2 Some new Bailey stuff, minor graphical changes, fixed a few bugs (gym related mostly), new outfit system.

.0.6.1 Minor tweaks and whatnot, cleaned some stuff up here and there, added some new scenes with Physical education and Ms. Presley

.0.6.0 Massive overhaul, full revamp of the game, delinearizing things, expect bugs.

.0.5.9 Some new scenes for Riley, Sasha, Psychology and Mathematics. Minor U.I changes.

.0.5.8 Additional updates, tweaks, modifications, full changelog on the forums or patreon.

.0.5.7 Extended avatar release, ui overhaul, hotkeys, full changelog on forums

.0.5.6 Full changelog on forums.

.0.5.5 Lots of stuff, full changelog on forums.

.0.5.4 Ui stuff upgraded in left sidebar, more scenes with John, Bailey, and Lexi, overhaul stuff slowly getting implemented, lots of behind the scenes stuff.

.0.5.3 More scenes with Riley and Sasha, New outfit, css and bugfixes, and of course, happy holidays.

.0.5.2 More scenes, piercings added, code tweaks/bugfixes/wardrobe overhaul

.0.5.1 Graphical overhaul, css tweaks, Sasha+Riley content, new outfit.

.0.5.0 Graphical update, new scenes with Lexi and Bailey, various tweaks, lactation, larger breasts.

.0.4.9 More M2F/M2Futa stuff, bugfixes, tweaks, etc.

.0.4.8 M2f/M2Futa update, various tweaks.

.0.4.7 Sasha+Lexi+John scenes, more background stuff, minor tweaks to system, Anal Minigame beta.

.0.4.6 Riley+Bailey scenes, background stuff, bugfix.

.0.4.5 Lexi+Sasha+John scenes, more ui tweaks, bugfix, minor overhaul.
.0.4.4 Riley+Bailey new scenes, lots of ui stuff, redone gym content, new work content, general overhaul/bugfix.
.0.4.3 New scenes with Lexi+Sasha+John, bugfix, ui tweaks

.0.4.2 New scenes with Bailey+Riley, Fetish content (optional), bugfixes.
.0.4.1 New scenes with everyone, ui tweaks, bugfixes, more fetish stuff.
.0.4.0 New scenes with everyone, 2 new animations, more fetish stuff.

.0.3.9 New tasks, Sasha+Bailey content, new masturbation option.

.0.3.8 Bugfix, Bailey+Riley+Lexi content, new clothing item, new animation (not implemented).

.0.3.7 Bugfix, Bailey+Sasha content, new animation

.0.3.6 Bugfix, content update *varied*, new clothes+animation

.0.3.5 New clothes, image map tweaks, bugfix, more scenes with Bailey

.0.3.4 Reworked images/video, image map, new clothes, new toy, alot of ui stuff, new scenes with Lexi (under model)

.0.3.3 Updated Bailey's content, 3 new animations, 2 new tf's.

.0.3.2 Overhauled Ui, Riley content update, new animations, optional scenes.

.0.3.1 Updated Bailey's content, new wardrobe items, background is grey again. Toggle switch for optional ntr.

.0.3.0 I've added more content for bailey as well as fixed a few bugs here and there.

.0.2.9 I've added some behind the scenes fixes, changed background to grey, minor bugfix, Bailey now has more content.

.0.2.8 Riley's questline has been expanded, roughly the same amount I added to Baileys in the .0.2.7 update. Minor bugfix, going to the gym has been made simpler.

.0.2.7 Bugfix, updated randoms, overhauled and re-implemented all randoms

.0.2.6 Bailey's questline has been expanded signicantly, bugfix, minor tweaks.

.0.2.5 Few new scenes with Riley, modified the lexi loop, placeholder for new action.

.0.2.4 Fixed Lexi bug, added new item, bugfix, testing stats.

.0.2.3 Minor content update, tweaked some behind the scenes stuff, added some buttons to the home menu.

.0.2.2 Minor content update, menu system updated, wardrobe options added, animations tweaked.

.0.2.1 Mainly a bugfix, though I did add some new menus and insert some animations where applicable

.0.2.0 Minor content update, bugfix, new animations, inserted animations into certain scenes (work in progress), set default end of content.

.0.1.9 Minor content update, bugfix, tweaked a scene or two, testing animated avatars.

.0.1.8 Minor content update, fixed some bugs, fixed some spelling errors, added home button to debug menu made a display bar for Lust.

.0.1.7 Minor content update, modified some behind the scenes stuff, technical and bugfixes.

.0.1.6 Minor content update, Tweaked avatar stuff, added notification on the right  hand side that displays whether or not you are wearing a plug, new masturbation scenes, new masturbation option, custom wardrobe button (1 at the moment, though I'll add more when it becomes useful) , and did a few bugfixes/spelling errors (though there's always new  ones cropping up).

.0.1.5 Minor content update, Tweaked some avatar stuff, breast size reduced, as well as outfits matching that, made applying makeup have an effect, modified avatar to indicate lust, fixed stockings, and added hairstyles (saves not compatible from previous version).

.0.1.4.Minor content update, Avatar system improved but not perfected, not sure how to get the stockings to layer under your other clothes, everything I've tried so far has failed. First physical, albeit temporary transformation.

.0.1.3 Testing a right-Ui-Bar, testing avatar system, showcasing poor photoshop skills.

.0.1.2 Content update, bugfix, spelling errors, minor stuff.

.0.1.1 Very small content update, improved ui stuff, fixed a bug where you could spam the wardrobe buttons and get infinite cash.

.0.1.0 Content update. Added new task to pass the time, walk around town. At the moment what you can do varies between three things randomly, and the text changes via what you're wearing. I plan on adding randoms based on specific things later on. Changed text from blue to white, and altered the opacity to make the text more legible. Plans to overhaul parts of the UI, but will have to do more research

.0.0.9 Minor content update, wardrobe items now have images that pop out so you can view them before wearing them(eventually plan adding that to the store)*note, a few items don't seem to do this for some reason, but I'll have to look into that at a later date as it isn't game-breaking or anything. Plan to do some more flashy/visual things later on, maybe adding sound to certain scenes.

.0.0.8 Minor content update, overhauled masturbation system (allowing you to choose what action once they are unlocked) added a new task, browse the web. I plan on adding more images and including some randomization to that, but for now it only has one scene. Though it is one of the better animated scenes. Oh, and you can do your makeup now too, once Bailey shows you how.

.0.0.7 Minor content update, added some new masturbation scenes, technically a m/shem scene (though the mc doesn't know it yet). New item, and I've tweaked the font to include a grey textbox so the words are a bit easier to read while maintaining the images in the background. Would  have liked something opaque, but it doesn't seem feasible with css.

.0.0.6a Bugfixes/tweaks, more images added as backgrounds for places/actions. Wardrobe updated to include work/top bottom in sidebar.

.0.0.6 Minor content update, rudementary rent system, more choices

.0.0.5 Minor content update, bugfix, modified passage where you choose your "girly name".

.0.0.4 Minor content update, modified avatar (less bulky, still not perfect) (fixed bug where you didn't have to have bra in one scene and fixed return from menus causing an infinite loop)

.0.0.3 Minor content update, modified avatar (very bulky, need to redo when I figure out how)

.0.0.2 Minor content update, added rudimentary avatar of sorts in sidebar (really just shows key clothing elements) (plan to tweak)

Changed all hotkeys that use "2" to 9, still investigating why it won't work sometimes under 2... (sleep hotkey still out of commission)

.0.0.1 Initial release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Seelenleere

Version reviewed: .0.6.5 on 01/28/2021

Not sure if I like the current state:

  • The progression is all weird. For example the game wants me to choose a feminine name even before I really started crossdressing in public. Or I can get hormones from Bailey without telling her that I am transitioning
  • The stamina system is kinda bothersome
  • The sliders colide with the avatar system which is really annoying because the monotone red on the cloths are not looking nice
  • I don't really like how the wardrobe looks, I have to look at the avatar to see if certain cloths are worn

I really, really like the game but it looks like the previous mostly linear game was thrown into a sandbox. And this feels wrong to me. I am sitting there and have no idea what to do anymore.

Review by aloopy

Version reviewed: .0.6.1 Public on 10/04/2020


  • Massive amount of story and lovely graphics.
  • A good game for those who like "sissy" content.
  • Character avatar art is one of the best, if not the best in this genre. It shows all transformations, clothing items, and to some extent, arousal. It's also animated. It really looks great and adds a lot to the game.
  • There's a huge amount of content, covering a wide range of kinks, but in a way that feels coherent and consistent story-wise. The main character's personality stays consistent throughout and each NPC has a personality that is well-defined and believable.
  • NPCs aren't all fetish cartoon dominants or bullies.
  • Scenes have a conversational style, mostly conveyed through dialog, avoiding excessive narration.
  • The overall quality of writing is good. The author shows you what's happening instead of describing it. There are also very few typos.
  • It's a daily-grind styled game, but the grind isn't too tedious.
  • Allows full M2F transformation (in late game) for the enjoyment of those who like humiliation/bimbo content, or playing a dominant.
  • Includes photo and video content that is well chosen and appropriate. It mostly avoids the problem where photos have different people in, that are supposed to be the same person. Videos are usually appropriate to the scene. It's one of the best games around in how it uses this technique.


  • Current version (at time of review) removes interlocks between the different character stories, but also spoils every scene that mentions access to the chastity cage keys. This doesn't break the game but it does make the scenes into nonsense.
  • Options that many other games let you take during your regular schedule are only available as special events (such as clubbing). Other events are oddly restricted (like using the gym). There's a diner and a bar, but you can only work there, not relax there, except during special events.
  • The mechanical side of the game is underdeveloped. Some events take zero time (a bug) while others take too much. Stat gains are too easy to get. The economy is a mess once you get past the early stages. The numbers side of the game is so sketchy that it might be better to remove it altogether.
  • Initially, the economy is quite well set up, but soon collapses and becomes meaningless as you easily accumulate lots of money. Awkward, because certain plot lines imply that you are short of cash; at other times you just hand over $10,000 dollars like it's no big deal.
  • A bug in the current version caused the entire sorority sequence (which is a major part of the game) to vanish almost completely for me. This is a problem with character content in general with this version, where a wrong step causes a character to suddenly shut down without warning and offer no more content. There seem to be many problems related to the removal of character plotline synchronization.
  • The main character's dialog doesn't evolve with respect to your transformation stats and is instead fixed for a scene. This means that you could be fully transformed, but still expressing doubts in a scene that didn't account for it. This is partly because stats advance without being reflected in the plot or game evenst. The new "unlocking" of the interactions between characters has only made this worse, and it will probably be some time before this is cleaned up, if ever. There isn't a system that modifies dialog dynamically for conversations, beyond occasionally giving one scene or another based on penis size, or subsituting your boob-size into a generic sentence. Content that could work at any point in the game thus only makes sense under certain conditions, which you probably don't meet. This undermines the immersion and spoils the story arc substantially.
  • Maybe too many blackmail plots overall. It starts to become a bit of a joke how many people are trying to blackmail you, and who is being blackmailed. Game should be called "Blackmail" not "The Making of a Slut"?
  • Like all the good games in this genre, it's not finished, and that means some things just don't work or are constantly in flux. The recent changes to try and make it less linear are an extreme case of this.

General feel:

This is quite similar to popular high-quality M2F games with a lot of "sissy" content, such as Secretary, Perverted Education, or The Company. The feel is a bit less fantastical than any of those. Yes, there is the usual magical nanotech transformation plot-device, but the character interactions are less like genre tropes and more seem more in keeping with something people who aren't completely insane might possibly do. (Exceptions exist though. Some characters are kind of insane). Everyone you meet isn't some kind of narcissistic megalomaniac, or extreme submissive. I don't mean to say that the game is actually realistic, but there is a definite difference in tone between this and the popular alternatives. People don't flip their personalities upside down overnight, and they don't trivially normalize extreme fetishes. Even when contemplating transforming somebody to have a dick without their consent, it's at least acknowledged that it's unethical. There's mind control, but it's not overly powerful. Also, if you avoid the supplements, you can play through the majority of the game without any substantial physical transformation at all.

The semi-realistic style can feel a little tame compared to the more extreme and fantastical games. This could be a good thing if the character arc synched up better with the transformation process, but there's simply no meaningful connection between the stats and the events as described. Also, it feels like a lot of kink plots get started but are left hanging. Whether it's the BDSM, mind-control, or the bimbofication, it starts, then just as it seems to be heading somewhere, it stops abruptly with no explanation and doesn't resume.

The overall slow progress of mental transformation sometimes goes out of synch with other aspects that transform very quickly, so the PC can be dressing full time as a female, yet questioning this at every turn in a way that undercuts the character arc and story telling. Or an NPC can insist on training you on something that you statistically skilled up to max a long time ago. Or an NPC may insist on touching up your makeup despite your months of experience in doing it yourself.

Some reviewers complained that this game is too linear. It is linear, but so are most of the alternatives. It's an obvious tradeoff that creating genuine alternate branches is time consuming. A game that has a design based on doing that will be shorter overall, and with more replay than one that has a single straight line plot. TMoaS does have some genuine branching, but it doesn't show up until the late game, when a full gender swap puts you on a significantly different path to a character who stays male. TMoaS now has a bunch of concurrent plots (due to the unlinking of the plotlines) but each one is still highly linear within itself, so there isn't really any branching, just choice about what order to progress the plotlines in.

I think this game was better when the character stories were deliberately interlocked and synchronized to be more linear. The attempt to make them separate has broken not just the specifics of scenes (like who has your keys) but also the main character's transformation arc. Your feelings are written into the scenes, and those can now occur out of order. My personal feel is that this problem is basically unfixable without rewriting just about every scene in the game. Whether that will ever happen, I don't know. Updates come quite often, but there's just so much that needs fixing now.

Overall, still one of the best games in this genre, and certainly one of the longest. Tons of content and lovely graphics.

Review by newsbox

Version reviewed: .0.6.1 Public on 09/29/2020

Fun game, I personally am not interested in the sissy parts (other than they lead to a m-to-f transformation). So I just power through those.

It is somewhat a rail game, but with a solid story showing how the person is broken down to be built up in the future. I really like how they have changed the gameplay and mechanis over time.

I am really interested in more the the female story. I can see through the debug menu there is pregnancy and the like planned. I am hoping they expand on this, maybe another male partner.

Only real issue is I remember getting other partners, and you can still access them through debug, but I am not sure if I missed something or it wasn't clear. But I wasn't able to get them to show up in my contacts.

Review by Nemo

Version reviewed: .0.6.1 Public on 09/29/2020

Love what I've seen of the paper doll.  

I want to like this game.  It looks like someone put a lot of thought into the aesthetics and slow corruption is one of my things.  That was my initial thought.  Then I saw the UI- a mass of buttons with cryptic labels, text only and uniformly black and white.  Looking further I did not find any rhyme or reason to the button display.  It's just a blob at the top of the screen.  Not even anything to suggest which button I might want to push next.  Out of curiosity I pushed the button labelled 'go out' just to see what would happen (I'd already made my decision to bail at that point).  Even though the display indicated I was fully dressed, I could not make the 'go out' button do anything.

I quit at that point and don't plan to go back until/unless I see reviews or comments indicating the game is actually playable for someone who wasn't in on the beginning.

Seriously, author, 'form follows function' is always a good thing to internalize.  I can't be bothered poking random things until soemthing happens.

Review by maelporn

Version reviewed: .0.6.1 Public on 09/29/2020

Loved this game in it's early phases of development. Decided to come back to it now that it's gotten a significant amount of updates but had to give up due to the pure tediousness of navigating the ui. The main "hub" is cluttered with every single option available in a table of buttons and practically every single image takes up an entire screens worth of space making you have to scroll to read any text, and god forbid there's more than one image on a page or your going to be continously scrolling all the time.

A real shame that a game that I used to love is being ruined by horrible UI that shows that the creator doesn't actually test the game in any meaningful fashion.

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