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.0.5.1 Patreon | .0.5.0 Public
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Version: .0.5.1 Patreon | .0.5.0 Public

The Making of a Slut

This is a m2f slow transformation game. Sexual themes included are, sissification, femdom, bdsm, bimbofication, and many more.

You start as a young, effiminate, male just entering college. You encounter an older, more experienced upper-classmen who's taken an interest in you.

The game will progress as I go along including both content, and ui updates, as well as custom animations (rudimentary at the moment).

This game is free to play, but if you would like to take part in the polls, you'll need to head to patreon. Early releases will also be available to patreons, these are set to weekly at the moment, but as the project grows bigger and bigger, I'll likely move it to bi-weekly and then monthly.

 If you'd like to join my discord, here's the link. Discord


You are an of age freshman at an un-named college who is easily bored and moving forward with no real direction. You meet a few women in your life who promise to spice things up.

You- A  "normal" 19 year old college student

Riley- A fellow classmate and close friend/possible lover

Lexi- Riley's room-mate

Bailey- Your boss at your part time Job.

Sasha- A local sorority sister

John- A friend of a friend.

If you aren't sure what to do, Follow the Blue text, it won't steer you wrong. 


.0.5.1 Graphical overhaul, css tweaks, Sasha+Riley content, new outfit.

.0.5.0 Graphical update, new scenes with Lexi and Bailey, various tweaks, lactation, larger breasts.

.0.4.9 More M2F/M2Futa stuff, bugfixes, tweaks, etc.

.0.4.8 M2f/M2Futa update, various tweaks.

.0.4.7 Sasha+Lexi+John scenes, more background stuff, minor tweaks to system, Anal Minigame beta.

.0.4.6 Riley+Bailey scenes, background stuff, bugfix.

.0.4.5 Lexi+Sasha+John scenes, more ui tweaks, bugfix, minor overhaul.
.0.4.4 Riley+Bailey new scenes, lots of ui stuff, redone gym content, new work content, general overhaul/bugfix.
.0.4.3 New scenes with Lexi+Sasha+John, bugfix, ui tweaks

.0.4.2 New scenes with Bailey+Riley, Fetish content (optional), bugfixes.
.0.4.1 New scenes with everyone, ui tweaks, bugfixes, more fetish stuff.
.0.4.0 New scenes with everyone, 2 new animations, more fetish stuff.

.0.3.9 New tasks, Sasha+Bailey content, new masturbation option.

.0.3.8 Bugfix, Bailey+Riley+Lexi content, new clothing item, new animation (not implemented).

.0.3.7 Bugfix, Bailey+Sasha content, new animation

.0.3.6 Bugfix, content update *varied*, new clothes+animation

.0.3.5 New clothes, image map tweaks, bugfix, more scenes with Bailey

.0.3.4 Reworked images/video, image map, new clothes, new toy, alot of ui stuff, new scenes with Lexi (under model)

.0.3.3 Updated Bailey's content, 3 new animations, 2 new tf's.

.0.3.2 Overhauled Ui, Riley content update, new animations, optional scenes.

.0.3.1 Updated Bailey's content, new wardrobe items, background is grey again. Toggle switch for optional ntr.

.0.3.0 I've added more content for bailey as well as fixed a few bugs here and there.

.0.2.9 I've added some behind the scenes fixes, changed background to grey, minor bugfix, Bailey now has more content.

.0.2.8 Riley's questline has been expanded, roughly the same amount I added to Baileys in the .0.2.7 update. Minor bugfix, going to the gym has been made simpler.

.0.2.7 Bugfix, updated randoms, overhauled and re-implemented all randoms

.0.2.6 Bailey's questline has been expanded signicantly, bugfix, minor tweaks.

.0.2.5 Few new scenes with Riley, modified the lexi loop, placeholder for new action.

.0.2.4 Fixed Lexi bug, added new item, bugfix, testing stats.

.0.2.3 Minor content update, tweaked some behind the scenes stuff, added some buttons to the home menu.

.0.2.2 Minor content update, menu system updated, wardrobe options added, animations tweaked.

.0.2.1 Mainly a bugfix, though I did add some new menus and insert some animations where applicable

.0.2.0 Minor content update, bugfix, new animations, inserted animations into certain scenes (work in progress), set default end of content.

.0.1.9 Minor content update, bugfix, tweaked a scene or two, testing animated avatars.

.0.1.8 Minor content update, fixed some bugs, fixed some spelling errors, added home button to debug menu made a display bar for Lust.

.0.1.7 Minor content update, modified some behind the scenes stuff, technical and bugfixes.

.0.1.6 Minor content update, Tweaked avatar stuff, added notification on the right  hand side that displays whether or not you are wearing a plug, new masturbation scenes, new masturbation option, custom wardrobe button (1 at the moment, though I'll add more when it becomes useful) , and did a few bugfixes/spelling errors (though there's always new  ones cropping up).

.0.1.5 Minor content update, Tweaked some avatar stuff, breast size reduced, as well as outfits matching that, made applying makeup have an effect, modified avatar to indicate lust, fixed stockings, and added hairstyles (saves not compatible from previous version).

.0.1.4.Minor content update, Avatar system improved but not perfected, not sure how to get the stockings to layer under your other clothes, everything I've tried so far has failed. First physical, albeit temporary transformation.

.0.1.3 Testing a right-Ui-Bar, testing avatar system, showcasing poor photoshop skills.

.0.1.2 Content update, bugfix, spelling errors, minor stuff.

.0.1.1 Very small content update, improved ui stuff, fixed a bug where you could spam the wardrobe buttons and get infinite cash.

.0.1.0 Content update. Added new task to pass the time, walk around town. At the moment what you can do varies between three things randomly, and the text changes via what you're wearing. I plan on adding randoms based on specific things later on. Changed text from blue to white, and altered the opacity to make the text more legible. Plans to overhaul parts of the UI, but will have to do more research

.0.0.9 Minor content update, wardrobe items now have images that pop out so you can view them before wearing them(eventually plan adding that to the store)*note, a few items don't seem to do this for some reason, but I'll have to look into that at a later date as it isn't game-breaking or anything. Plan to do some more flashy/visual things later on, maybe adding sound to certain scenes.

.0.0.8 Minor content update, overhauled masturbation system (allowing you to choose what action once they are unlocked) added a new task, browse the web. I plan on adding more images and including some randomization to that, but for now it only has one scene. Though it is one of the better animated scenes. Oh, and you can do your makeup now too, once Bailey shows you how.

.0.0.7 Minor content update, added some new masturbation scenes, technically a m/shem scene (though the mc doesn't know it yet). New item, and I've tweaked the font to include a grey textbox so the words are a bit easier to read while maintaining the images in the background. Would  have liked something opaque, but it doesn't seem feasible with css.

.0.0.6a Bugfixes/tweaks, more images added as backgrounds for places/actions. Wardrobe updated to include work/top bottom in sidebar.

.0.0.6 Minor content update, rudementary rent system, more choices

.0.0.5 Minor content update, bugfix, modified passage where you choose your "girly name".

.0.0.4 Minor content update, modified avatar (less bulky, still not perfect) (fixed bug where you didn't have to have bra in one scene and fixed return from menus causing an infinite loop)

.0.0.3 Minor content update, modified avatar (very bulky, need to redo when I figure out how)

.0.0.2 Minor content update, added rudimentary avatar of sorts in sidebar (really just shows key clothing elements) (plan to tweak)

Changed all hotkeys that use "2" to 9, still investigating why it won't work sometimes under 2... (sleep hotkey still out of commission)

.0.0.1 Initial release

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: .0.5.1 Patreon | .0.5.0 Public on 10/28/2019


  • I like the paper doll.
  • The story is sissifcation oriented, which is a hot topic lately.


  • The creator of the game has absolutely no idea about page design.
  • The story is a big rail.

Review by CrystalGeyser

Version reviewed: .0.5.0 Patreon | .0.4.9 Public on 10/01/2019

It's definitely one of my guilty pleasures, but not guilty because of its subject matter, but because of the god awful UI.

I've been playing this game since its first iteration, and the UI being a trainwreck back then was understandable and a bit expected. Now though it's pretty much inexcusable. Each version has a drastic UI change to fix problems that the dev has made for themselves by having a terrible menu, the entire game is STILL layed out in HTML tables or something. Stretching the window skews every image in the game, so you're pretty much forced to find the perfect window size so your avatar doesn't look like a twig or a fucking lardass. Colors for the menu are all fucking over the place we're talking neon green text on bright red background levels of bad design (there's no actual instances of that, but it's pretty equivalent). Almost all the text is in bold which is almost as bad as using comic sans. The "conversation" system is still plagued by horribly stretched profile images that look like a geocities website from 1997. And the menu as a whole keeps getting more and more feature creep adding tedious clicks to do simple ass things. It's mostly like the dev finds something he thinks is "cool" while looking at online guides and decides to implement it without any real thought as to why and if it would actually add or take anything way from the game. It's clear the dev is not a graphic designer, and that's fine. But anyone who's even spent a few minutes on the internet should have an idea of what looks acceptable and what doesn't. This is not acceptable. And anyone who says anything the contrary is deluded and blinded by their dick and bad standards. It's not hard to not offend the senses, but it's damn easy to offend them when you start designing like a 1997 trainwreck of a website.

I'll be honest, the game isn't really all that good. It's alright, I like it well enough, and I don't know why I really torture myself each version playing through it, but it's starting to get somewhere at least in terms of content. Mainly I just use it as a drip feed of Lexi Belle, and Bailey Jay. It's nice to have it all at once online, but it's also nice to just take it slow. The story and stuff is starting to shape up though and starting to get more and more degenerate, which is always a good thing when playing a game like this and keeping the fap going the whole time. Still though, the UI is the worst thing imaginable and really detracts from the overall experience.

Anyway, now that I'm done complaining, here's how to fix EVERYTHING.

First off, the navigation menu.

Consolidate all major actions to the top bar.

1. Go Out, 2. Work, 3. Wardrobe, 4. Nap, 5. Sleep

In addition, have each of these activated by pressing 1-5 on the keyboard for quick access. Go out, would have a similar treatment, with each of the destinations being listed in order from 1-n, and pressing the number activates that action.Wardrobe would work the same way, press 3 to get into it, 1-n to pick a preset outfit (with the numbers taking you back to the home menu upon pressing them). Theoretically, it should be possible to handle the whole "press a number" thing in Twine. This will enable playing 1 handed (for obvious reasons), and free up people from developing carpal tunnel just for a fap.

There should only be ONE side bar. Move the avatar to the left. Place the key info underneath (money, time and that shit), options under that, save/load under that, and patreon/debug/credits and etc. at the bottom.

Speaking of save/load position, revert the original Twine save/load. It's tedious as all hell to go into a separate menu just to save the game. Especially when by DEFAULT it's already a quick affair. Somehow it's been made worse.

Inventory in the options menu is completely redundant. Actually, 3 times redundant. You've already got a visual representation in the side bar, as well as a text representation in the same menu when you click the pouch. All of these are completely useless and add nothing. Pick one. Keep it, and tuck it away. In fact, the whole 3 icons that you click there is a mess. Arguably the phone needs to be there, but it could just as well be somewhere else out of the way. Especially considering it's only used for 1 section late in the game.

Color scheme

Here's your colors. Use them, or use something similar. In any case, keep it simple, keep it legible, and keep it easy on the eyes. No neon, no high contrast colors that vibrate. Keep text as legible as possible. You shouldn't need to use bold for everything. Don't ever use light grey for text, EVER. If you want to color code the text boxes for the different characters, do that, but keep it mild. Also, give the PC some of the text box treatment as well. It's fucking weird to have one character talking in a text box, and the player talking in free floating text. Do it for all, or do it for none. Actions, narrations, and other stuff can be free floating, but anything a character says or thinks should be contained if you're going to have them in containers.

Text Background: #2B2E3E


Accents: #EA8A9D

Buttons: #EA8A9D

Hover: #8A9DEA




Go on W3schools or something, learn how to properly place images, go look at twine tutorials or something. Just fucking fix it. It's god awful and makes the game look like hammered shit. The user shouldn't have to find the perfect window size to not make the game look like shit, and images shouldn't be distorted at all in the first place. And don't use tables to organize your content in a webpage. That's stupid as all hell and messy design. It'll only create problems in the long run.

Not to mention. Pick a standard size and place for your images. I'm tired of clicking Uni or some shit and being bombarded by massive photos of Riley Reid, don't get me wrong, she's hot and all, but it's 90% of the screen for no purpose.

I enjoy the game and all, but I'm tired of looking at it, and it's barely functioning. It all looks like a heap of code thrown on top of each other that'll topple at any time, both the UI and the game itself.

Best of luck Austin.


Review by aviary

Version reviewed: .0.4.7 Patreon | .0.4.6 Public on 07/18/2019

I like this game and the gifs would rather them use the art style shown for the portrait though because its hotter than the real porn imo other than that has a lot of content 8/10

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: .0.4.7 Patreon | .0.4.6 Public on 07/15/2019


PPl love slut training games so do i

There is only tiny bit of problem with the paper doll of this game.

It is unmissable female from the start.

Review by MagPie

Version reviewed: .0.4.6 Patreon | .0.4.5 Public on 06/28/2019

This is a game I really enjoyed.  Though mostly linear, you do feel a little like your choices you do make are meaningful. It has a very good flow for the game content. There are a few minor errors, but the game is well done with the story line. 


The intensity of the fuchsia colored text boxes burn my eyes. I love pink, but those are intense. The text in those fuchsia boxes should not be on the left edge inside the box. Indent like a space or possibly 2. It would make reading so much more enjoyable. I would turn down the contrast majorly on those boxes. It takes so much away from what I read, I tended to just look at the images and not read much at all. I don't recall the previous version I had being so intensely colored. The text seems like it should be a larger text too. some of the pictures are not so clear but are playable without too much distraction.


Don't get this wrong. It is a very good game. IMO it just needs a few tweeks to make a wonderful game into a great game.



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