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Version: 0.14.0

Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens

Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens is a point and click transformation game about a young man's post high school life.

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v14 update

Primarily the Cult scene, you can now escape: http://fapforce5.com/v/14

Walkthrough for just the cult: http://fapforce5.com/ubel

Please see http://fapforce5.com/characters





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Review by Robot123456

Version reviewed: 0.12.0 on 08/01/2021

Great potential, but still a bit too buggy.


While there aren't a lot of bugs, there are still some that bothered me during the playthrough.

Without going into spoilers, after one of the Truth Or Dare game with co-tenants, different things could happen, but consequences were clearly written for only one of those paths. I have never initiated anything sexual with co-tenants and yet I was accused of it and main character even admitted this even though it never happened :/ Also, there are a lot of bugs related to Tiffany and her house not being accessible. Or maybe It's just not yet implemented?


Another thing I don't like is the text. Author is definitely a developer and not a writer. Text and interactions are rather simplistic and, frankly, quite boring. It would still be ok even, but, combined with immersion-breaking bugs, it becomes too much.


Also, some fetishes are added in game and I have an impression that the author is not into them, but just wants to cater to the audience. It is understandable, but I find the overaccentuated focus on fetishes a bit over the board. Reading some good erotic shorts stories will help get into those fetishes or, at least, help the author understand why some people are into those fetishes.


Conclusion : 7/10 : good game and much better than most of the games on this site, but it hasn't reached its potential yet.


Recommendations to the author :

- if you have gathered a loyal group of followers, try asking them if they would like you to focus some releases purely on bug fixing without any new content. I believe that inconsistencies is one of the main problems in this game.

- try reading some erotic literature to learn how to write more interesting descriptions. There is an Hentai Foundry website that offers stories of varying quality. Some of them are very well written.

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.12.0 on 07/21/2021

This game has its own unique style and I think it comes together to make something good now. It's colorful and lively rather than realistic. The main character either makes choices that lead to sissy content or essentially nothing happens, so it's half forced sissification. There's a fair amount of content.

Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: 0.12.0 on 07/17/2021

I like the game. The characters are fun, the graphics and character design are nice (though the MC's mouth looks weird when wearing lipstick IMO) and the setting and plot are interesting.

The game has a "go at your own pace" kind of story, mostly. You can spend your day however you want, be that gambling, excersizing, working, or just mindlessly walking around. You don't even have to follow the main plot (though you should, because otherwise you won't get any of the fetish content, you'll just be gaining money you won't be able to use)

The "Skill tree" (which is unlocked by doing the main story) is the main thing you'll likely be doing in your day. (I say "skill tree" but in game, its called something else. However, for the sake of avoiding spoilers, l wont be saying it. I feel that this game should be experanced for yourself.) The skill tree is what progress' your transformation. In this version, the tree is split into two paths, that l call the "feminzation" path, and "slut" path. As the name subjests, The "FP" will make you more feminine, leading you to look and act like a woman, while the "SP" leads to more "erotic" content (if you're into that kind of thing). Though, for some reason, the ability to shrink your "member" is on the SP, rather then the FP, which l hope is changed in a future version. The SP also contains some hypo to, for lack of a better term, "loosen your morals", but l think a single level should be put at the start of the tree, to help explain the MC's willingness to do the things that they do.

All in all, if you have a few hours to kill, and want to turn a guy into a girl with a dick (among other things) then you should give the game a try.

Review by BobbyH

Version reviewed: 0.11.2 on 06/09/2021

This game is *okay*, but considering the many likes and glowing reviews I have to say I was expecting better. 

Not to be /that/ guy, but I found the grammar a little lacking too. I'll admit I didn't get too far into the game because I lost interest pretty quickly, especially because I spent most of my time trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do next because there is no indication. 

Give it a try though, I think it has potential. 

Review by freya102

Version reviewed: 0.10.3 on 04/05/2021

Updated for new content:

This update was great. The new progression system works really well but its got a few bugs, the crossdressing mechanic didn't work properly for me. I loved the drawing of showing Lola and her sister your girl clothes for the first time. The art is really funny though the artstyles a little inconsistent here but otherwise looks really funny. Its really refreshing to see a developer on this site actually take feedback on board and act on it in a way that really benefits the game. To make matters even better the game isn't paywalled. This is slowly becoming my fave game of the site even more so than Secretary.

I think the characters are fantastic and the fleshing out of the initial introduction to the story really helped. The game also now has a few branches in how your character behaves you can be a total scumbag compared to before which ties into the new relationship system. That's definately a big improvement.

I think the missy file minigame is a bit eh so I'm glad the progression moves to the basement where its more objective orientated. It would be good however if the game gave you a note of what your current assignment is so that you don't forget. You do need to read!


Probably one of the most exciting games on the site right now. The artwork is really amazing.

Gameplay could use a bit of work I found myself getting stuck in infinite loops not knowing what to do next.

This game feels very premium compared to what we see on here. Looking forward to seeing more.

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