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Version: 0.17.1

Version: 0.16.3

Version: 0.15.3

Version: 0.14.0

Version: 0.13.0

Version: 0.12.2

Version: 0.11.1

Version: 0.10.0

Version: 0.9.0

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Version: 0.7.0

Better Earth

You're one of the beta testers for the new alternate reality game Better Earth by Titan Games (BE-TG).  You're one of the lucky few who get to play around with the virtual world Titan Games has programmed to overlay reality, switching back and forth at will. 

And of course there's absolutely no chance of that virtual world almost immediately beginning to bleed over into reality.  None at all.

I plan to keep the atmosphere of the game light and fun, without anything very dark.  At most people might be mildly grumpy at their changes.  As you may have guessed from the name, this is also going to be focusing mostly on BE and TG, with a healthy dose of monstergirls. 

Unlike a lot of games on this site, this game is focused on the transformation of the main character's entire town, not just the main character.  As of version 0.11.0, there are over 30 NPCs that can be transformed. I have plans to add more, as well as adding more options for many of the NPCs.  And a large part of the game is going to the seeing how peoples' lives and the town itself change as a result of their transformations.

This game is heavily inspired by games like Monline and Magical Camp.  It's also partially a vehicle to throw a lot of sexy pictures in.  Enjoy!

(Entry for the Virtual Worlds contest, as well.)

Eons ago, the Great Goddesses who held the world in balance drifted off to sleep.  Now the world has enough problems that they must be reawakened to save it, before everything ends.

Or at least that's the description you got when you signed up for the beta of Better Earth by Titan Games (BE-TG for short).  You just know that it's going to be cool to play.  It's a million steps beyond early attempts at alternate reality like Pokemon Go.  You've just received your special glasses in the mail which will let you see and interact with a picture-perfect overlay on reality, like you're seeing a complete other world merged with ours.  And with the flick of a switch you can jump from that merged world to ordinary reality.  You're so lucky to have made it into the beta.

See the first post in the discussion thread (https://www.tfgames.site/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=11633) for the endings list and how to get them, as well as the current end-of-content for each area.

Current maximum thaum level possible: 280. (If you gave the plant seller a milkshake in earlier builds, you can get up to 290.)

Puzzle solutions:

Animal spirit locations:
  • Horse: Upper left corner of the hedge maze. Requires you to use a potion on the dead vines at the base of the tree.
  • Sheep: Upper part of the maze. You will need to absorb the work gloves and use clean up to get past the thorns.
  • Cat: Top left part of the orchard, after defeating the fairies.
  • Cow: Top left part of the first map you entered in the park, in the trees. Can only be accessed after the rest of the park has been cleared. You will need to use Clean Up on the vines.

Department store riddle solution:

  • Red switch ON
  • Green switch OFF
  • Red button ON
  • Green button ON
  • Red lever OFF
  • Green lever ON

Thaum Guide:
Here are all the ways to increase your thaum level. The current maximum is 280, 290 if you chose to give a milkshake to the flower seller in an older version.
People, worth 10 each:

  • Park - Picnicking couple (counts as 2 TFs)
  • Park - Ant picnicker
  • Downtown - Guy with broken down car
  • Terra Games – Shirt Guy
  • Farm – Cow meditation guy
  • Department store level 2 – Pet buyer
  • Coffee shop - customer considering going back to the store. Only the first time counts, but can be repeated for more images.
  • Church level 1 - sleeping person
  • Rec center - the tennis team. Only the first TF gives points, though the change propagates over multiple days.
  • Park – give the plant seller a milkshake. Only increases the score in older versions of the game.

Areas, worth 20 each:

  • Farm level 1 (return all the spirits)
  • Farm level 2 (deliver milkshakes)
  • Garden level 1 (pull weeds)
  • Garden level 2 (defeat the big weed)
  • Garden level 3 (Lead the alraunes to their sleeping spots)
  • Department store level 1 (help clean up)
  • Department store level 2 (wake up the sleeping clerk)
  • Bank (Witness the upgrade)
  • Church level 1 (pick a side)


Full walkthrough (very incomplete):

Welcome to Better Earth! We here at Terra Games have prepared this walkthrough to make sure you can make the best of your exclusive beta experience. Unfortunately the walkthrough is only complete through most of day 2.  The relevant intern has been punished.

Terra Games office:
-Go north and register for the game. Once you've registered you will be able to go past the receptionist
-Enter the door directly to the north and watch our excellently scripted cutscene. Remember to equip the Potion Belt Earth gives you, or the next fight will be near-impossible.
-Leave the room. Follow the slime into the bathroom and fight it, healing as necessary with the potion skill. Check out yourself in the mirror if you want.
-Go back to Earth. Watch the cutscene. You're done here and nothing unfortunate has happened!

Optional TF:
-Talk to the shirt guy in the cafe area.
-Go to the mens' bathroom after you've acquired the potion skill. Press 's' on the guy and use 'potion'.
-Go back to the cafe and talk to the shirt guy again.

Garden Park:
-Talk to the priestess by the fountain. If you're looking for a mirror, the outhouses have one.
-Go north one screen. Talk to the man on the left. Equip the work gloves.
-Go into the maze, to the west. There are pieces of trash scattered on the ground which you can pick up. Walk around until you collect all of them.
Optional TF: You can climb the vines to enter treehouses. Go in the one in the southwest and talk to the people there.
-The last piece of trash is a boss fight in the center. The elf there can teleport you out once you win
-Talk to man and elf at the entrance to the park to turn in the quest and get rewards.
-Go back and talk to the head priestess to break the first seal
-Talk to the other people on the same screen as the seal to see a few more TFs
-If you've seen the TF in the forest maze, check out the trees in the northwest corner of the map for a short scene.
-Go two screens north to the farm. Talk to the woman by the entrance.
-Now you have the key to the gates. There's a minotaur to the north, with the cows, if you have the ARG turned on. Go fight him. Win.
-Talk to the priestess by the gate to the cows to start the side quest to restore the farm. Both spirits you can reach at this point are in the maze: one is in the northwest(use Potion on the dead vines on the tree) and the other is to the north (use Clean Up on the thorns, useable if you've absorbed the work gloves.) Return to the farm to see the effects. One animal triggers per time you enter the farm, and will change one of the NPCs on the farm.
-Return to the head priestess and unlock the second seal. Talk to the other NPCs on that screen to see more TFs.
-The scene in the trees is still going on. Someone's having a good time.
-Talk to the orchard guard to see another TF and open the way.
-Enter the orchard. Get trapped on the south side of the map.
-You can use the trees to trigger fights that will give you fruit. Turning it in to the guy guarding the exit will do nothing, because he's a jerk.
-He does seem to be scared of bugs. Go all the way to the west and talk to the beeologist.
-Agree to their absurd plan. Run up to the beehive, then choose to charge.
-Go back and give the guy at the entrance a handful of bees (not a euphemism).
-Talk to the people in the south side of the map again for some foreshadowing and the fate of the jerk who was guarding the entrance.
-Optional: Go west and shake the tree near the pond to get some goggles.
-Optional: The cat spirit from the farm is hiding at the end of the vineyard to the west of the melon patch. You'll have to fight some minibosses to get to him. You're not able to return him yet, that will have to wait for another update.
-Go north to the melon patch. The fairy at the end will trigger the Worst Apple fight. Win.
-Optional:Go back to the orchard area to the south. Talk to everyone again to trigger one instant TF and one longer TF sequence.
-The scene in the trees is still going on. Elves have a surprising amount of stamina.

-Go back to the head priestess. Make sure you're prepared to fight the Goddess's guardian, then continue


For anyone having issues with the sound or controls - hitting F1 will open a menu that lets you turn off the music and customize the controls.  This applies to all RPGmaker games.

0.17.1: Bugfixes! You should no longer be able to trigger the garden level three cutscene a second time by interacting with the gate the next day. If you did this and broke your ability to turn on and off your glasses, going into the garden and back out should now fix this.

0.17.0: Happy New Year! This update finishes up the rec center storyline and adds some area upgrades.

  • I've revised the garden storyline and revamped the map. The first level is still pretty similar, so you're not missing much if you've already done it. It's now possible to upgrade the area three times.
  • There is finally a way to reduce a TF! Goddess Fittina will now help you work off some of that flab, after you've freed her.  You'll need some raw mana; gotta have those suppliments!
  • New TF type: Muscles! Items from the rec center event give it, as well as a daily coffeeshop special that should be unlocked after you free Fittina.
  • Some areas of the rec center are now open as well. Only one TF so far, but it's a big one. And there are a few other NPCs that will show up if other areas are upgraded enough, reflecting the influence you're starting to have on the city.  If you've already finished the rec center quest it should open after you go to sleep again. Otherwise, it should open five days after you finish the quest.
  • I've finished writing all the stages of the cow and nature TFs, though there aren't enough items to get you to the max level yet. But now I can start trying to work them in.  They both also now grant a skill at level 3.  If you're already at that level you'll need to switch to another TF and back to unlock it.
  • The rec center is hiding a few upgraded weapons for your party members, after it unlocks again.  Still working on putting more upgrades in.
  • Story mode now also makes you immune to most status effects. No more sleeping on the job!
  • Giving the plant seller a milkshake now no longer counts as a TF for the score Florauna gives you. This is currently the only missable TF, so this makes bookkeeping much easier. If you already did this then you will have a score 10 thaums higher than otherwise possible.
  • Made the Cow Mother's location a little more visible.

0.16.3: More bugfixes!

  • Kaede's picture should now vanish appropriately after talking to her after finishing the endurance trial.
  • The scene in the goddess hallway after completing the gym should no longer cause a softlock if you enter the area with your glasses off.
  • Fixed a minor bug in Earth's text at that point.
  • The department store sale customer in the coffee shop should no longer be stuck partway to completing her event.
  • Fixed an experience bug

0.16.1: Should hopefully no longer walk through walls after going to bed and getting the goddess quest intro.

0.16.0: Not dead, just sleeping! This is a big update, which is part of why it took a while.

  • New goddess! Can you release her to join her sisters in opposing Arcadia's evil/sexy plans? Her quest should appear when you reach 150 thaums of power drained.
  • Two new endings, findable in the goddess quest.
  • The church downtown now can be upgraded once, in two possible ways. It unlocks at the same time as the new goddess quest.
  • I've implemented a new system for making sure you can only see one morning event per day. It make take resting twice to see any of the new events, due to some fiddly bits. Please let me know if you see two events play in one day or if the new quests don't unlock.
  • The priestess in Garden Park should now give you reminders of what you need to do next to free Florauna.
  • I've switched the game from alpha to beta, given that it has a lot of endings now.

For the next update, I hope to focus more on adding more levels to side areas, so hopefully it'll take less than six months. Enjoy! And as always, I enjoy feedback and bug reports.

0.15.3: A few more bugfixes. ARG will now turn off, the department store should now be accesible at the right time, and the flattest white should now work on the dragon TF.

0.15.2: Mostly bugfixes, as well as one additional scene.

  • Arcadia now shows up to you after you talk with the goddesses on day 5, to let you know why she isn't trying to stop you. If you're already past that point you should see this scene the next time you enter the hallway outside the goddesses' rooms.
  • Her image should now vanish once that scene is done, instead of sticking around.
  • The last scene in the bank should now play when you walk into the vault.
  • There is now a save point directly before the most recent ending, to minimize backtracking.

0.15.1: The bug where you can't use your glasses after picking up the tennis racket should actually be fixed now.

0.15.0: Built a complete plotline and special TF for a new area, the bank. This also includes one new ending, when you level the TF up for the last time. Also a bunch of miscellaneous bug fixes.

0.14.0: Another content update.

  • The next department store quest is now available, as is the rest of the department store.  There's not too much to do on the other floors right now, but I have plans for them in the future.
  • Hadea now provides a counter for the total amount of power you've drained from the computer.  This is also the number that I'm basing the unlocks of new events off of.  As of this update, the maximum level is 170 thaums, 180 if you gave the plant seller a milkshake.
  • The computer now has a name and a few plot events.
  • The manager on the first floor of the department store will now sell you equipment, once the Swell Times sale has started.  This is the same equipment you were able to buy previously.  Thanks to the people who reminded me this should go back in the game :)
  • Honey and Carol (the butterfly girl and the beegirl) have met and started going on dates.  The first few are in the park, and the last one currently in the game is somewhere a bit more remote.

0.13.0: Content update! I've got most of the framework of the game constructed now, so I'm hoping to be able to add content without having to also build the systems to support it.  This seems to be holding up so far, given how this update took one month instead of six.

  • The department store is now open for business! Well, kind of.  Mostly, they're open for "can someone, anyone, help us with the problems we're having?!".
  • This will unlock after you've transformed enough people and areas.
  • After you solve all their problems, then the department store will be open for business.  At least the first few floors. I've been looking forward to adding this section to the game for a while, so I hope you enjoy.

0.12.2: More bugfixes, and a few other minor things.

  • Fixed a compatability issue with older saves, where using an item that gave levels of a special TF would freeze the game.
  • Weeds now have a very small chance to drop raw mana
  • Some levels of special TFs now give stats.

0.12.1: Bugfixes! Thanks to everyone who reported these.

  • Upgrading most of Elina's classes should no longer freeze the game
  • Random encounters in the gardens should now hopefully trigger correctly
  • Refusing the CEO's job offer will no longer make him cast Trigger Infinite Loop
  • Pink panties should now be equippable, and advance the relevant TF correctly.

0.12.0: Finally an update!  This one took a while, since I've been doing a lot of setup work for the next stage of the game.  For the next chapter, the game is going to be a little more open, with one global track for progress that will unlock more story as you go.  This may have more bugs to watch out for, since it includes several new systems.  But these should hopefully be the last systems added for a while, letting me release more frequent smaller upgrades with little story bits and sidequests.


  • The new content includes the ability to freely advance days.  Many things change overnight; if you've done something to an area or a person, try checking back the next day. 
  • The next section of the game involves doing various actions to advance a global progress counter, which will unlock new areas, story, and quests.  At the moment there is not much to unlock yet, but it should be apparent what the counter is and how you increase it in general.
  • If I haven't lost count, there's about eight new NPC TFs, most of them involving new NPCs that show up after the previous content.  One set of NPCs has multiple options, and there is a way to revert their changes and choose a different one.
  • The mechanics for special TFs (cowgirl, dryad) have been somewhat reworked.  You have a limit on how far you can advance the TF that starts at zero, and is increased by quest rewards and other rare items.  (Though there will eventually be a non-limited way to advance it.)  There are also common items that will switch your special TF to the related type and increase it to the maximum possible level.  There is also an item that will reduce the TF by one level at a time, in case you prefer an earlier version.
  • All the goddesses now have something you can spend raw mana on. Earth lets you absorb items, Hadea will buy mana for money, and Florauna can upgrade your companions in return for money.  These upgrades are class-specific and require a certain level in the class; Florauna will tell you if you qualify. Right now each class has one upgrade (for your first two companions) and none for Pride, but more are planned.
  • To facilitate this, I've added a few ways to level up your party members without fighting, and plan to add more.  There's also a new area that unlocks in the new content with stronger enemies to fight.
  • The goddesses also track various stats for you.  Ask them for details.

Smaller changes:

  • There are some new buildings in downtown that have always been there.
  • The crotch TF has now been completely written. I believe this is the last standard TF that I needed to complete, though I still need to write most of the special TFs.
  • Asorbing the potion belt at the beginning of the game should now give you the appropriate stats.
  • NPCs should no longer get confused and think they're working for Titan Games.
  • The farm should no longer automatically upgrade without returning the spirits.


0.11.1: Now with added ability to actually play to the end of the update! (Should no longer freeze after fighting the programmers.)

0.11.0: This is a massive update, containing all of day 3. This update adds 17 endings, as well as over 100 new pictures, as well as some scenes I've had in mind since I started working on this game.  I'm glad to finally get to some of them. Enjoy!

       Content updates:

  • As mentioned, the game now has endings! 17 of them. See the first post in the discussion thread (https://www.tfgames.site/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=11633) for a list and details on how to get them.
  • To give a quick summary, the endings depend on how you've been reacting to your changes so far.  All endings are accessed through dialogue choices, not bad ends, so show no mercy to your enemies.  Each dialogue choice has four possible endings, depending on whether your reaction has been very positive / somewhat positive / somewhat negative / very negative. One possibility also has two varients depending on which of your first two party members likes you better.
  • Talking to Gregory in the Terra Games hallway will give you an idea of which set of endings you're heading for.
  • This is not the end of the game. Things continue if you don't choose an ending.
  • Endings can have additional adult topics, as a treat.
  • Let me know in the discussion thread if you had a favorite ending :)

       Other changes

  • If you lose the first battle against the slime it should now remind you to equip the potion belt and give you a chance to try again, instead of giving a game over.
  • A new item, green smoothie, has been added to most of the item vendors. This cures confusion, which should make doll fights less luck based. The doll's confusion skill has also been changed to be single target.
  • To make the plot run smoother, the main character is now a little more attached to their dick. Whether or not it's attached to them.


0.10.1: A few minor improvements:

  • You can now continue to travel around the world after you finish the park, because people pointed out that there's no reason not to be able to.  If you want to still be able to explore the department store, make sure to not tell the manager outside that everything's fixed.
  • The assault batteries now have an associated TF, increasing your hair one step. Don't worry if you missed out, this is one of the common TFs that you can get from purchasable equipment.
  • Clipped an infinite loop that could pop up at the start of the park.


0.10.0: Big update this time! The rest of day 2 is now playable, including two more floors of the department store.  I'm still working on game balance, so let me know if the new battles are too difficult or two easy.

  • This update also includes a new field skill.  You will not miss anything significant if you wait until day 3 to absorb the relevant item, as there isn't much to use it on yet. 

0.9.1: Bugfixes and a few quality of life improvements.

  • The puzzle on floor 3 of the department store should now be significantly more colorblindness friendly.
  • Added a control reminder message that should play whenever you load a save. Hopefully this should help keep people from forgetting between updates.
  • Fixed a bug making it so the fourth solution to the guard spirits' puzzle would only trigger during the initial cutscene instead of whenever you fulfilled the requirements.
  • Fixed a few bugs with things not working quite right with ARG.
  • The junior priestess in the park will now heal you after the head priestess leaves.

0.9.0: The next floor of the department store is ready. Thrill to the spine-tingling excitement of the Exotic Pets and Pet Supplies floor*!

  • New floor, new puzzle! This one does have some dependence on being able to see the difference between red and green text, so I'll see if I can figure out a colorblindness-friendly way to change it if anyone has problems.
  • The new puzzle has four ways to beat it.  Two depend on your proportions and one happens if you fail it enough.
  • Added in a few more mirror descriptions. This should finish up all the traits you can get from (currently) purchasable items, with some work remaining on some of the rare traits.
  • Updated the synopsis to include some of the unique things I'm trying for with this game.
  • Absorbing the hair ribbon should now do something.
  • You should now be able to change Elina's name without it reverting immediately.
  • There is now an additional reminder to equip the potion belt if you fail the first fight.

*Spine tingling not guarenteed.

0.8.1: Bugfixes!

  • Florauna's room should finally work right.  You should no longer be able to get in early or get caught in an infinite loop.
  • Restoring the frozen people in the department store should no longer lock out your ability to use your skills.
  • Bubbles the cat can no longer be consumed. You monster.

0.8.0: The second floor of the department store is now available for exploration.  Also a whole bunch of TFs for non-player characters. Other minor changes:

  • Added a vendor for some equipment to the first floor of the department store.
  • Florauna now can tell you the max level you can acheive in the special TFs.

0.7.1: Bugfixes. Everything involving the dryad TF should work now.  If you've already done the event that gives the relevant item, talk to the compatability fairy in the TG lobby to receive the item.

0.7.0: No story updates this time. Instead I've been tinkering with the balance in this release, attempting to reduce somewhat the runaway stats for the main character while giving me a little more design space to play with.

  • Equipment purchaseable from stores now gives minimal stats.  To compensate for this, more events and quests give equipment as a reward.
    • As part of this, a few events have been revised to give new equipment.  If you've already done any of these events, the compatabilty fairy should have the items for you.
    • Curing the shirt guy is an exception, but that item doesn't do anything special.
    • This does mean both of the other new items do something special
  • Several new places where you can use your field skills have been added to Garden Park. Going forward, this is probably what I'm going to mostly add instead of treasure chests.
  • The start of two new types of TF have been added: tattoos and a dryad/flower/nature TF.
    • The dryad and cowgirl TFs are mutually exclusive, which means getting one while you have the other will just appear to decrease the latter.  It's still unlocking access.  And I plan to put in items which will let you switch between them.
  • Also bugfixes.  I think I've fixed everything reported in the thread, but let me know if I missed anything.

0.6.0: Big new area this update, with a bunch of locations.  I've got plans for all of them, similar to what you're starting to see with the farm.

Other changes:

  • Reduced fairy battle difficulty slightly
  • Added an item to enable story mode, a big boost in stats that should make challenging combats much more doable.  It should be given to you at the end of the tutorial automatically.  If you've already completed the tutorial, go talk to the compatability fairy in the Terra Games lobby (ARG on) to get the item.  (Eventually you'll be able to advance days freely, so you won't need to worry about missing out on stuff, but this should help for now.)
  • Added in hips descriptions.  I think the last one remaining is legs.  Though I might go back and add some descriptions that vary depending on your opinion of your changes to the attributes that don't have them yet.
  • For once I didn't add any major new systems, so hopefully this update will be less buggy than some of the previous ones.

As always I'd love to hear what you think about the story so far.  And I'd also like to know if there were any times you tried to use a power on something and were disappointed it didn't work.


0.5.3: I think I've finally fixed the bug keeping people from going to sleep and starting day two. I initialized something wrong, which meant it was only hitting people who started a new game this patch (I think). Which made it really hard for me to replicate. But I did in the end and it seems to work now.

0.5.2: More bugfixes:

  • Brad should no longer be a woman at the start of the game
  • Fruit trees should be shakeable before and after clearing the orchard
  • The player should no longer be so desperate to comfort Elina after she gets hurt that they turn into her partway through the cutscene
  • Elina should no longer get so scared upon being hurt that she freezes the game if there's no space on the left of the player.
  • Hopefully the loss of collision after freeing Florauna or going to sleep are fixed, but I wasn't able to replicate them with my savefiles.  I've added some code to force collision to turn back on afterwards which will hopefully work. Let me know if it doesn't.

0.5.1: Bugfix, so you can actually start a new game. Removed the 0.5.0 download link to prevent problems.

0.5.0: I'm still actively working on this game, though life has been trying to get in the way. Mostly plot and sidequests this update, as well as some new systems that will let me do more in the future. Another "dungeon" should come in the next update or two.

  • You can now play through the end of day 1 and the beginning of day 2. Days are also a thing now. I know! The linear progression of time keeps surprising me too!
  • The next stage of the farm has been added. You need to return all the animals to the farm on day 1 and the new content will show up on day 2. Though it’s mostly a very easy sidequest. You’d have to go out of your way to fail it.
  • Your attitude to your changes, which I’ve been tracking, has started to have some effect on descriptions and event choices. More to come.
  • I've added a framework for additional themed TFs as well as the first few steps of a cowgirl TF. A few more are planned.
  • The other members of your party now have art when you talk to them, which changes based on their class.
  • I’ve added some other little scenes and bits of environmental storytelling. One should show up the first time you get Elina (or whatever you called her) injured in the maze.
  • I’ve added in a second sprite once you get enough changes, triggered by looking in the mirror. If I can find more that fit I might add more.
  • There’s now a way to trigger fruit attacks on command in the orchard. Talk to the orchard fairies on day 2.
  • There is now a mirror in Earth’s room, so you don’t have to walk to the bathroom after each change.

I'm currently looking for two things for future versions:

  1. More sprites. I don't have that much experience at spriting, so I'm using what I can find for free online. If anyone knows of places to find more sprites for monstergirls or possible transformed versions of the main character, please let me know in the forum thread. (The "discussion/help" link to the left).
  2. Are there any places where you've tried to use a field skill (clean up, potion) and been disappointed that it didn't do anything? I want to put in more little easter egg interactions where the game at least acknowledges that you tried.  Again, examples can be left in the forum thread.  Please note I'm not talking about full transformations to other characters or anything like that, but little interactions like being able to use clean up to actually clean bits of scenery.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by SwordBlaster

Version reviewed: 0.15.3 on 10/17/2021

This is absolutely one of the best TF/TG games availible on the site that I know of. Good quality writing that both works and is genuinely funny, functional gameplay that manages to have some difficulty without being terribly unbalanced, and overall just a lot of heart and soul. You can tell the dev really cares about what they're putting out and it shows.

The setting and plot, while maybe it doesn't sound super exciting to begin with, actually turns out to be really fun and interesting! There's an actual, honest to god story being told alongside all the TF/TG/BE/Etc stuff going on. It's kinda impressive that the game isn't a huge mess even at these earlier stages of development.

Oh yeah, and it's been under active development for years now - 3 to be more accurate - with no major problems. This is a must play if you're interested in the concept and/or the tf themes.

Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: 0.14.0 on 05/05/2021

If you like the writeing, humor and gameplay of magical camp, then you'll likely like this game too. A solid 7-8 hours of fun, well writen content, with lots of sexy pictures, and a interesting TG mecanic. All in all, a good game. (Especialy if you like breasts the size of/ larger then beachballs.)

Review by jjars898

Version reviewed: 0.12.2 on 12/15/2020

I love it! The main gimmick of a pair of AR glasses to add or remove fantasy elements works just as well as I'd hoped, including having good reasons to take them off. The story is engaging even though it doesn't take itself seriously.

One of the stated purposes of the game was to show off a lot of art, and it certainly does, especially after the second day. I'm quite impressed by the collection!

The cast is just stereotypical enough to be colorful. The edges of the tropes that make up their personalities were blurred as much as the rest of reality by the time I was done.

The jokes were great. I'm still laughing at the "Fist Wizard" class. Just...everything about it, including the fact that it's one of the most effective strategies in the game.

One thing that bugs me is that Raw Mana doesn't drop very often, and I ran out of the ones given to me over the course of the story before I saw all the TF's, so I have to grind a whole lot in the hedge maze hoping a rat drops one. Also, there are at least two "special" TF's in the game with multiple stages, but it doesn't look like they can be completed at this point in development.

I eagerly look forward to further updates!

Review by soprano54321

Version reviewed: 0.11.1 on 07/13/2020

A breath of fresh air. It doesn't take itself too seriously, it doesn't overreach in what it's trying to do, it knows just how to pitch dialogue and visual / timing gags to keep things rolling along. There's a whole lot of content to find and play through but at the same time you're not really bogged down in dungeons or having to hunt every distant corner to find it all. It's chill and relaxed and a good time.

Bonus points for being an RPGMaker game that clocks under 100Mb.

Review by greenson

Version reviewed: 0.9.1 on 03/22/2020

After played this game, I have to write some comments for this.

This is a fascinating game with a lots of gosh darn funny puns and memes.

I try to share it to some guys but they don't really know English.

This game is real awesome with good structure about the game settings and background transition.

I highly recommend this if you want some good plot with interesting gameplay.

Of course if you feel it hard to push forward, don't forget your 'Story mode' Badge!

(Actually if you don't even want to use the story mode badge a single time, you must try to dig all the elements in the game. Trust me, there's a lot of potentialities there you might not get it.)

I think I might say too much praise with emotion, haha.

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