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Version: 0.7.1

Version: 0.7.0

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Version: 0.2.0

Better Earth

You're one of the beta testers for the new alternate reality game Better Earth by Titan Games (BE-TG).  You're one of the lucky few who get to play around with the virtual world Titan Games has programmed to overlay reality, switching back and forth at will. 

And of course there's absolutely no chance of that virtual world almost immediately being to bleed over into reality.  None at all.

I plan to keep the atmosphere of the game light and fun, without anything very dark.  At most people might be mildly grumpy at their changes.  As you may have guessed from the name, this is also going to be focusing mostly on BE and TG, with a healthy dose of monstergirls. 

This game is heavily inspired by games like Monline and Magical Camp.  It's also partially a vehicle to throw a lot of sexy pictures in.  Enjoy!

(Entry for the Virtual Worlds contest, as well.)

Eons ago, the Great Goddesses who held the world in balance drifted off to sleep.  Now the world has enough problems that they must be reawakened to save it, before everything ends.

Or at least that's the description you got when you signed up for the beta of Better Earth by Titan Games (BE-TG for short).  You just know that it's going to be cool to play.  It's a million steps beyond early attempts at alternate reality like Pokemon Go.  You've just received your special glasses in the mail which will let you see and interact with a picture-perfect overlay on reality, like you're seeing a complete other world merged with ours.  And with the flick of a switch you can jump from that merged world to ordinary reality.  You're so lucky to have made it into the beta.

Welcome to Better Earth! We here at Terra Games have prepared this walkthrough to make sure you can make the best of your exclusive beta experience.

Terra Games office:
-Go north and register for the game. Once you've registered you will be able to go past the receptionist
-Enter the door directly to the north and watch our excellently scripted cutscene. Remember to equip the Potion Belt Earth gives you, or the next fight will be near-impossible.
-Leave the room. Follow the slime into the bathroom and fight it, healing as necessary with the potion skill. Check out yourself in the mirror if you want.
-Go back to Earth. Watch the cutscene. You're done here and nothing unfortunate has happened!

Optional TF:
-Talk to the shirt guy in the cafe area.
-Go to the mens' bathroom after you've acquired the potion skill. Press 's' on the guy and use 'potion'.
-Go back to the cafe and talk to the shirt guy again.

Garden Park:
-Talk to the priestess by the fountain. If you're looking for a mirror, the outhouses have one.
-Go north one screen. Talk to the man on the left. Equip the work gloves.
-Go into the maze, to the west. There are pieces of trash scattered on the ground which you can pick up. Walk around until you collect all of them.
Optional TF: You can climb the vines to enter treehouses. Go in the one in the southwest and talk to the people there.
-The last piece of trash is a boss fight in the center. The elf there can teleport you out once you win
-Talk to man and elf at the entrance to the park to turn in the quest and get rewards.
-Go back and talk to the head priestess to break the first seal
-Talk to the other people on the same screen as the seal to see a few more TFs
-If you've seen the TF in the forest maze, check out the trees in the northwest corner of the map for a short scene.
-Go two screens north to the farm. Talk to the woman by the entrance.
-Now you have the key to the gates. There's a minotaur to the north, with the cows, if you have the ARG turned on. Go fight him. Win.
-Talk to the priestess by the gate to the cows to start the side quest to restore the farm. Both spirits you can reach at this point are in the maze: one is in the northwest(use Potion on the dead vines on the tree) and the other is to the north (use Clean Up on the thorns, useable if you've absorbed the work gloves.) Return to the farm to see the effects. One animal triggers per time you enter the farm, and will change one of the NPCs on the farm.
-Return to the head priestess and unlock the second seal. Talk to the other NPCs on that screen to see more TFs.
-The scene in the trees is still going on. Someone's having a good time.
-Talk to the orchard guard to see another TF and open the way.
-Enter the orchard. Get trapped on the south side of the map.
-You can use the trees to trigger fights that will give you fruit. Turning it in to the guy guarding the exit will do nothing, because he's a jerk.
-He does seem to be scared of bugs. Go all the way to the west and talk to the beeologist.
-Agree to their absurd plan. Run up to the beehive, then choose to charge.
-Go back and give the guy at the entrance a handful of bees (not a euphemism).
-Talk to the people in the south side of the map again for some foreshadowing and the fate of the jerk who was guarding the entrance.
-Optional: Go west and shake the tree near the pond to get some goggles.
-Optional: The cat spirit from the farm is hiding at the end of the vineyard to the west of the melon patch. You'll have to fight some minibosses to get to him. You're not able to return him yet, that will have to wait for another update.
-Go north to the melon patch. The fairy at the end will trigger the Worst Apple fight. Win.
-Optional:Go back to the orchard area to the south. Talk to everyone again to trigger one instant TF and one longer TF sequence.
-Go back to the head priestess. Realize this is the current end of content. Be sad.
-The scene in the trees is still going on. Elves have a surprising amount of stamina.

For anyone having issues with the sound or controls - hitting F1 will open a menu that lets you turn off the music and customize the controls.  This applies to all RPGmaker games.

0.8.1: Bugfixes!

  • Florauna's room should finally work right.  You should no longer be able to get in early or get caught in an infinite loop.
  • Restoring the frozen people in the department store should no longer lock out your ability to use your skills.
  • Bubbles the cat can no longer be consumed. You monster.

0.8.0: The second floor of the department store is now available for exploration.  Also a whole bunch of TFs for non-player characters. Other minor changes:

  • Added a vendor for some equipment to the first floor of the department store.
  • Florauna now can tell you the max level you can acheive in the special TFs.

0.7.1: Bugfixes. Everything involving the dryad TF should work now.  If you've already done the event that gives the relevant item, talk to the compatability fairy in the TG lobby to receive the item.

0.7.0: No story updates this time. Instead I've been tinkering with the balance in this release, attempting to reduce somewhat the runaway stats for the main character while giving me a little more design space to play with.

  • Equipment purchaseable from stores now gives minimal stats.  To compensate for this, more events and quests give equipment as a reward.
    • As part of this, a few events have been revised to give new equipment.  If you've already done any of these events, the compatabilty fairy should have the items for you.
    • Curing the shirt guy is an exception, but that item doesn't do anything special.
    • This does mean both of the other new items do something special
  • Several new places where you can use your field skills have been added to Garden Park. Going forward, this is probably what I'm going to mostly add instead of treasure chests.
  • The start of two new types of TF have been added: tattoos and a dryad/flower/nature TF.
    • The dryad and cowgirl TFs are mutually exclusive, which means getting one while you have the other will just appear to decrease the latter.  It's still unlocking access.  And I plan to put in items which will let you switch between them.
  • Also bugfixes.  I think I've fixed everything reported in the thread, but let me know if I missed anything.

0.6.0: Big new area this update, with a bunch of locations.  I've got plans for all of them, similar to what you're starting to see with the farm.

Other changes:

  • Reduced fairy battle difficulty slightly
  • Added an item to enable story mode, a big boost in stats that should make challenging combats much more doable.  It should be given to you at the end of the tutorial automatically.  If you've already completed the tutorial, go talk to the compatability fairy in the Terra Games lobby (ARG on) to get the item.  (Eventually you'll be able to advance days freely, so you won't need to worry about missing out on stuff, but this should help for now.)
  • Added in hips descriptions.  I think the last one remaining is legs.  Though I might go back and add some descriptions that vary depending on your opinion of your changes to the attributes that don't have them yet.
  • For once I didn't add any major new systems, so hopefully this update will be less buggy than some of the previous ones.

As always I'd love to hear what you think about the story so far.  And I'd also like to know if there were any times you tried to use a power on something and were disappointed it didn't work.


0.5.3: I think I've finally fixed the bug keeping people from going to sleep and starting day two. I initialized something wrong, which meant it was only hitting people who started a new game this patch (I think). Which made it really hard for me to replicate. But I did in the end and it seems to work now.

0.5.2: More bugfixes:

  • Brad should no longer be a woman at the start of the game
  • Fruit trees should be shakeable before and after clearing the orchard
  • The player should no longer be so desperate to comfort Elina after she gets hurt that they turn into her partway through the cutscene
  • Elina should no longer get so scared upon being hurt that she freezes the game if there's no space on the left of the player.
  • Hopefully the loss of collision after freeing Florauna or going to sleep are fixed, but I wasn't able to replicate them with my savefiles.  I've added some code to force collision to turn back on afterwards which will hopefully work. Let me know if it doesn't.

0.5.1: Bugfix, so you can actually start a new game. Removed the 0.5.0 download link to prevent problems.

0.5.0: I'm still actively working on this game, though life has been trying to get in the way. Mostly plot and sidequests this update, as well as some new systems that will let me do more in the future. Another "dungeon" should come in the next update or two.

  • You can now play through the end of day 1 and the beginning of day 2. Days are also a thing now. I know! The linear progression of time keeps surprising me too!
  • The next stage of the farm has been added. You need to return all the animals to the farm on day 1 and the new content will show up on day 2. Though it’s mostly a very easy sidequest. You’d have to go out of your way to fail it.
  • Your attitude to your changes, which I’ve been tracking, has started to have some effect on descriptions and event choices. More to come.
  • I've added a framework for additional themed TFs as well as the first few steps of a cowgirl TF. A few more are planned.
  • The other members of your party now have art when you talk to them, which changes based on their class.
  • I’ve added some other little scenes and bits of environmental storytelling. One should show up the first time you get Elina (or whatever you called her) injured in the maze.
  • I’ve added in a second sprite once you get enough changes, triggered by looking in the mirror. If I can find more that fit I might add more.
  • There’s now a way to trigger fruit attacks on command in the orchard. Talk to the orchard fairies on day 2.
  • There is now a mirror in Earth’s room, so you don’t have to walk to the bathroom after each change.

I'm currently looking for two things for future versions:

  1. More sprites. I don't have that much experience at spriting, so I'm using what I can find for free online. If anyone knows of places to find more sprites for monstergirls or possible transformed versions of the main character, please let me know in the forum thread. (The "discussion/help" link to the left).
  2. Are there any places where you've tried to use a field skill (clean up, potion) and been disappointed that it didn't do anything? I want to put in more little easter egg interactions where the game at least acknowledges that you tried.  Again, examples can be left in the forum thread.  Please note I'm not talking about full transformations to other characters or anything like that, but little interactions like being able to use clean up to actually clean bits of scenery.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by w21dbb

Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 12/10/2019

Fun game, story is funny at times a little short atm but good.

Some fights are a little lopsided but other then that they are good.

Review by PViewer

Version reviewed: 0.7.1 on 12/09/2019

I've played this from back in the day when It was like 2 areas, the park was partially completed and I have been enjoying it. Keep up the good work.

Review by animenotreal

Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 11/23/2019

Great game so far. The only thing that I find lacking is the main character's personality. I feel like he doesn't say much in the game, which make all that hapens to him have less meaning. If this gets fixed, then this game may become 9/10 game.

Review by ZevJimmu

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 03/28/2019

So far the game seems interesting. I will say though that there needs to be some kind of balancing to be done. The final boss of the third task seems a tad overpowered, since he has high attack power, can confuse your team, and summons two of each enemy you've fought over this task to aid him, I wound up dying about 5 or 6 times before I managed to beat him by spamming watermelons. As to the three fairies guarding the guardian cat (I'm guessing this was for the side quest about the animals" The fact that all three go before the main character and one of them has a spell that can one-shot him at full health that she uses exclusively, it's jarring, especially since the main character is the only healer. I think that the cost of healing items needs to be lowered (who charges $100 for a cup of coffee?).

Review by Gweddry

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 03/22/2019

It's very short, yet what little there is is absolutely great. Custom art everywhere, transformations everywhere, and it's monstergirls so you get to see something new every time. Finally a game where one can see others transformed rather than it being restricted to the MC alone.


The content itself is tightly packed and very rich and the art is all being done in the same style (maybe the author draws it himself?), so it fits together very well. Only things I'd criticise would be the fact that the MC transformations seem to lack any real impact – they are EXTREMELY easy to get, have no custom art, and barely get acknowledged unless you go stand in front of a mirror where they are specifically pointed out to you. Into it ties the item merging mechanic which adds the item's stats to yours AND gives you another transformation AND can be used repeatedly with the same items. It is somewhat balanced by needing to get a semi-rare resource that limits you from spamming it, as well as needing money to buy the items, but I've found both to be readily available in abundance without even needing to try (besides, it's not like you really need the stat boost either. The game's pretty easy). I would recommend a reworking of these mechanics, so that the transformations get rarer (it's alright in the hedge maze, but the moment you step into the orchard, you're likely to accumulate them at a rapid pace unless you specifically choose to avoid them) and more impactful while limiting the item merging in some way (perhaps only special items can be absorbed? I ate like 10 hats and headbands to get a larga statboost, it's pretty ridiculous).


Looking forward to future updates.

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