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Version: 1.1.0

Thin Walls
by tufty

An old friend's fiancé comes to visit with some questions about the past.

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Review by barbar

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 01/30/2020

Logic's a little weird but oh, this is an awesome story, I mean... not for Claire.. but.. wow!

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 04/20/2019

Another nicely written game from Tufty. I hope the author continues writing.

This is a compact, intelligent, well written story with mystery element. It is adult (mature) in its subject matter than rather just being porn.

Review by Lurk Morrison

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 11/18/2018

Wow. On my first playthrough, I was actually getting upset that my choices didn't seem to matter, but once it happened, man did things start to make sense.

Very good story, couple of twists thrown in there (I saw one coming from a mile away, another one caught me completely off-guard).

A few typos here and there. Had one instance of some buggy code, but it did not affect the game as far as I could tell.

Definitely recommended.

Also: who was phone???

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 10/20/2018

Ok, well done!  idk if it really counts as a transformation game per se, unless you count mental tf, but that is really nitpicking.  Definitely one of the better stories I've come across in a while on this site, and well worth playing!  SIDE NOTE: Every time I see Claire's name, I think of Eclair from Kiddy Grade... could mean too much anime saturation...  =^_^=

UPDATE: almost a month later...: forgot about this game, re-dl'ed, played again, liked it, went to like/subscribe, saw it was already both... shrugged, and went to leave a glowing review, already left one...   Well worth playing a second set of times!  Not very complex, but engrossing.  Not very many endings to juggle, and easy to go back to get maybe a better ending for your tastes.

Review by JenniferM

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 10/14/2018

I have to be honest, normally I come to TFGamesite for the lewd stuff, but this was such a lovely, heartwarming story I'm just so glad I played through it. Thank you so much for making and sharing it! :)

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