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Version: 1.23

TF Card Battle

TF Card Battle is a deck-building game with a male to female transformation theme. Your goal is to transform your opponent before they can do the same to you. As you transform, your mind will be affected, changing the cards you have access to. Will you stay true to your old self, or embrace your new instincts to gain an upper hand?

The current release is 1.23, adding more TF specific theme packs

If you want to report bugs or discuss balance, please post it in the discussion thread for this game. I do read the reviews, but it is not a good place to hold a discussion. Or you could visit my discord channel.  

Also check out the sequal to this game, The Monster Within, on Steam!


Added new Bimbo specific card pack
Added new Maid specific card pack

Fixed What Are You Doing Stepson costing 6H instead of the 4 listed on the card
Fixed Walk the Streets costing 1 instead of the 2 listed on the card
Fixed Tip Goal costing 2 instead of the 3 listed on the card
Fixed Join My Onlyfans costing 3 instead of the 4 listed on the card
Fixed the play field top gif location not showing up in boss battles
Fixed Breeding Season not working properly in boss battles
Fixed the Join My Only Fans potion not working against bosses



Fixed animal girl throwing an error when ending the turn
Fixed picking the Pregnancy upgrade in the point store giving you the Clubgirl upgrade instead
Fixed the meditate pre-battle option causing an error



New Content:
Added TF specific body modifier to Pregnancy: Orgasmic Births: Whenever you give birth draw a card
Added theme upgrade for Pregnancy to point store. Gives 2 children at the start of them game
Added sidebar gifs for Camgirl and Cosplay (thanks to Jonas132)
Added player thoughts for Pregnancy cards (thanks to Jonas132)
Integrated the Spnati Mod into the base game. This adds alternate enemy images as well as a new gif location
Added the VW round for Pregnancy

Balance Changes:
A Womans' Duty actually does what's written on the card now and is now called Perpetually Pregnant
Mother's Love now heals equal to half your children
What Are You Doing Stepson? reworked to: 4H: Impregnate or Gain Sub = to children*2
Twins cost raise to 5H from 4H
Adoption cost raised to 5H from 5H

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bosses having a broken image when playing as a pregnancy class
Giving birth to a child no longer draws you a bonus card
Fixed Breed Me Daddy not being added to your deck and instead adding a shield potion (I know, I know, it's a long story)
Fixed Shopping Spree still adding cards during boss battles
Fixed the Seedbed cards being able to reduce corruption below 0
Fixed the typo in the name of accelerated pregnancy
Fixed Breeding cow saying one stage twice. Fixed Breeding cow saying one stage twice.
Deleted the Pregnancy gifs that played at 10x speed or didn't play at all because of encoding errors. They will be replaced in the future.
Fixed your round number from story mode carrying over to endless if you go straight there from the main menu.



New content:
Added new TF, Pregnancy
Added new theme pack Pregnancy EX
Added new dual TF, Milkmaid (pregnancy+hucow)
Added new dual TF, Seedbed (pregnancy + magical girl)
27 total new cards

Other changes:
Changed Implants to Blossoming Bosom
Fixed a bug where the randomizer could select Clubgirl even if she wasn't unlocked
Fixed the TFx2 potion not working in boss battles


Cosplay Changes:
You now start with 1 fan
Convention Visit now costs brain instead of heart
Fan base now costs 5 instead of 7 and gives shield/TF equal to half fans instead of a third

Fixed Hucow not having Cattle-pens in the card list causing it to never show up.
Fixed the first epilogue screen showing a bunch of error messages.
Fixed the FutaEX cards not showing up when playing as Bully
Fixed the Acolyte symbol being broken on the deck building screen



Gameplay changes:
Added new unlockable heart theme, Cosplay!
Added new unlockable sub theme, Camgirl!

UI changes:
Deck building screen now shows what modifiers you currently have
Visit my only fans name changed to Blacked

Bug fixes:
Changed Magical Boi card to both increase/decrease corruption and toggle chastity
Fixed Bathroom Fling not working
Fixed the succubus basic cards showing up in the buy piles
Fixed manually shuffling the buy piles in an animal girl dual TF throwing an error
Fixed some broken character avatar images in the online version
Lots of typos fixed (thanks to Olivebirdy)
Fixed Get Fucked Up not using up your potions
Fixed Cow not looping through the animals properly



Changed the order of Maid and Hucow cards to give a better mix of clean and payoff cards at lower TF levels
Reworked Workout Session (was 3H: 2B, draw) is now 4H: draw 4 cards, trash this card after use.
Reworked Cock Bulge (was 3H: 2S, draw) is now 3B: 10TF, trash this card after use.
Reworked Bathroom Fling (was 5H: gain shield and TF = to H) is now 4H: Whenever you use a consumable this turn gain 1 TF and 1 shield)

Fixed a bug that caused an error when generating animal buy pile cards as Cow

Fixed Infiltrate the Enemy giving 10 evil points instead of 15
Fixed the Witch and Magical girl set bonus unlocks being switched in the point store
Fixed a bug with the Rave dual TF that caused building the deck order to have an error
Fixed Hypnotic Email missing it's upgraded version
Fixed a bug with Visit From the Vet calculating breast size gain incorrectly
Fixed Ward of Shielding having the wrong cost
Fixed Lustful Offering having the wrong cost


Fixed Doggy Style being unaffected by set trait
Slave Auction now properly evaluates dual suit cards' cost
Fixed Shopping Spree not working when the first slot was empty
Various pack previews have been corrected
Suggestible no longer makes you take double damage from bosses
Enemies no longer deal damage to you after being defeated with the Latex set
Fixed the Magical Girl theme bonuses acting wonky in the shop
Drone now increases theme count based on the number of drone cards bought
Fixed playing cards causing the game to try and load a non-existent gif
Fixed some bugs with cards that drew the highest of X
Fixed Chastity card thoughts being based on the state after playing the card
Increased spawn rate of Inner Beast to be more in line with the odds of being dealt a normal card
Fixed Public Demonstration's image also being shown for Gangbang
And a lot of other minor errors
(Thanks to timeracers)



Chastity now gives 1 heart and 1 sub in addition to toggling chastity states
Maid dirty counter capped at 10
Just the Tip now costs 1S, down from 3
Borrowed Ideas costs 6B (up from 5B)
Added ability to have up to 10 gifs per card (thanks to ralphmayo)
150 new gifs added, picked by the community
The last card in brain theme packs now show up earlier in the buy order
The exact deal deck order is now shown on the theme select screen (thanks to timeracers)
Fixed breast gain cards not working in boss battles
Camera Upgrade and Artificial Intelligence have their costs upgraded for realsies this time
Fixed the hucow version of Training Session causing an error
Fixed being unable to buy the 5th buypile card during Animal Girl VW fight


Balance Changes:
Ditzes now delete themselves on use
All cards that count "ditzes in deck" now count "ditzes added to deck"
Fucked stupid changed to: 4S: draw a card for each ditz in deck.
Camera Upgrade and Artificial Intelligence cost increased by 1
Science advisor now costs 3B create 2 1B potions
Quick Thinking now gives 1B 1TF 1S
Hypnotic email now costs 5B and gives 4TF
"Draw up to" removed as a mechanic. All cards with that mechanic are now normal draw cards
Transformation and card pack unlock costs now grow linearly instead of exponentially.
Increased base Ascension point gain from victories by 1

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Professional Help interacting poorly with TF specific permanent buy pile cards (thanks to timeracers for the code)
Fixed Online Interview having the wrong cost
Playing multiple Double the Dosage's in a single turn now stacks
Changed the autoplay card list to remove some cards that shouldn't be on there
Fixed some theme pack previews showing the wrong card order



Fixed decks not resetting between rounds
Fixed Hourglass Waist not upgrading pills
Fixed some broken images when unlocking the Magicalgirl bonus set
Fixed a few errors where Acolyte was treated as a Magical Girl class
Fixed latex cards throwing an error on purchase



Fixed some typos
Purity theme bonus now makes you start with brainstorms regardless of TF level
Winning with the Latex theme now properly resets the turn before the boss
Fixed Live to Serve not decrementing the dirty counter
Fixed the Transformation additional corruption reduction not applying to some cards
Fixed some cards having the wrong cost
Fixed Study giving 3 brain instead of 2
Fixed Warrior by Day not giving TF
Fixed Sacrifice not working with bran cards
Fixed some improper formatting and missing images in the deck builder TF card display



Fixed Anal Training not drawing cards
Fixed Take it Deep not becoming cheaper with the theme bonus
The cheat code to lock all Ascension levels should work properly now
Fixed Wardrobe Malfunction throwing an error
Fixed the Breast cards being able to be redrawn multiple times
Corrected the display that shows how many brainstorms/flirts/submits are in the deck
Fixed Warrior By Night not working


Changed shuffle algorithm to make the resource transitions happen ~5 TF later as well as increase the TF range of cards
Corrective surgery healed TF raised to 5
The theme select screen now shows you what your TF specific cards are
In the point store, instead of the cost increasing the less a theme was played, the highest played themes are discounted instead. Base prices have been adjusted accordingly
Beating Ascencion level 10 now gives you a bonus of 100 ascencion points.
Removed the button to unlock everything for free and replaced it with a cheat code. The cheat code is "Unveil"

Theme Packs:
Breasts: Theme reworked.
The theme Unthemed 2 is now called Purity
The theme Unthemed 1 is now called Ambition
Ass: Twerking cost reduced to 2
Prostitution: Walk the streets TF increased to 3, Premium Services heart gain increased to 3, Turning Tricks sub on buy increased to 3
Engineer: Injector upgrade cost increased to 3, interception protocols cost increased to 3
Cock Lust: Just the tip costs 3 sub, threesome cost changed to 5 sub and gives sub instead of heart, gangbang cost changes to 5S
Tease: Suggestive Move cost increased to 2
Ambition: Rethink it cost reduced to 4
Slave: Bow Down changed to 2 sub, 1 TF, nipples clamps changed to 3sub, 2 heart
Feet: Footsies heart gain increased to 5, Toe licking shield increased to 8, Foot Massage TF increased to 8, Footjob heart and sub gain increased to 5
Hypno: Motivational Poster cost reduced to 3

Second Base theme changed to whore and Free Entry theme changed to flirt
Double Down and Rethink moved changed to no Ambition. Paranoia and phone a friend moved to Mind theme
Suggestive Move theme changed to whore and Camgirl theme changed to flirt
So Big! now has Take it Deep's cost and effect, Take it Deep now has Gang Protection's cost and effect, Gang Protection now has So Big!'s cost and effect
Gang Protection rethemed to Visit My Onlyfans

Transformation specific:
Hucow: Removed the no brain condition from Moo!
Futa: Piledriver cost reduced to 1, Dick Flash cost raised to 2, Chokehold cost reduced to 5, Cock Slap cost reduced to 2, Cum! TF damage increased to 1000
Animal: Rewrote animal card deal algorithm to be less punishing towards missing a point card buy
Sissy: Anal Training changed to an if unlocked card
Magical Girl: Permanent buy pile card replaced with new card Icon of Purity/Icon of Corruption, Warrior by night cost reduced to 2 and now deals TF instead of gaining brain, Modesty cost reduced to 3, Tentacle attack cost reduced to 5
Witch: Lowered succubus mode difficulty, Demonic Boon TF gain reduced to 8

Body Modifiers:
Sacrifice card buy cost reduced to 1 TF per missing resource
Three Boobs TF cost reduced to +5
Suggestible changed to +40 TF, all your TF damage is doubled
Hourglass waste now upgrades your mysterious pills
Fun Sized TF Cost reduced to -15
Plump Limps TF Cost reduced to +5
Permanent Makeup TF Cost reduced to +5
Permanent Collar TF Cost reduced to +5



Fixed some dual/VW classes that gain Magical Girl not changing over to the proper image pack
Fixed winning on ascension 9 not giving you ascension 10
Changed the transformation select UI to make it harder to miss the "dual transformation" option
Fixed choosing a random character sometimes failing to select one
Fixed Center of Attention throwing an error
Fixed the playfield gif location not working during boss battles
Added more clarification for how the point store works
Fixed some body modifiers replacing other descriptions of modifies with themselves
Fixed Thrill of the Hunt not working properly in boss battles
Fixed Extra Credit throwing an error if you play it with no cards in the inplay pile
Fixed Assert Dominance and Brain Drain adding a ditz card to your discard pile
Fixed Barn Burner costing heart, rather than the sub it shows on the card
Fixed the Veiled Woman permanent buy pile card costing all of your resources, instead of four rainbow
Fixed some Housewife cards not cleaning correctly.
Fixed the Long Legs body modifier not working



Gameplay Changes:
Added the fifth story round with ten variants of the new Veiled Woman TF
Added 10 new cards, one for each VW transformation
Removed the double TF enemy trait from the game

UI Changes:
Added new gif location in middle of play field. Is enabled by default
Changed how Tf is selected in classic/sandbox/endless mode
Removed the rules from the mode select screens and rewrote parts of them to be more accurate
Added new gifs for cards that were missing them

Bug Fixes:
Fixed cock tease throwing an error
Fixed Get Fucked Up not activating the right effects
Fixed some Rave Slut cards having the wrong TF symbol
Fixed the corrupt side of Taste of Darkness throwing an error
Fixed Flex not actually blocking damage
Fixed motivational poster using Hypnotic email's effect instead

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Trueblades

Version reviewed: 1.23 on 06/23/2022

This is one of my favorite games on this site. 
Its a fairly straight forward deck building game, but with a high level of customability. 

Its one of the few games that i'll start the download for before I look at the update notes. 

Review by DogIdleDays

Version reviewed: 1.21 on 03/22/2022

Previous reviews describe this as an excellent deck-building game, and they're absolutely right. While the images used for the transformation sequences are solid, the real meat of this download is the gameplay. I'd recommend it to people I knew in real life were it not for the subject matter. Playing this might not be the most titillating experience, but it's definitely one of the few titles on here that hammer home the "game" aspect. Any critiques I have are more technical and not really appropriate for a review.

(Side-note: Prior to playing this, I was not a fan of deck-building games, and scorned things like Magic and Yugioh. I've since tried and enjoyed more mainstream titles like Slay the Spire and Monster Train, so a gratitude to the dev for opening my eyes.)

Review by Flekdogls

Version reviewed: 1.16 on 06/06/2021

This may be one of the most fun games on this website. It took a while to get a hang of it but once you do it becomes a fantastic deckbuilding game. Loads of variety so every round feels unique. Also a surprisingly well balanced game


Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 1.13 on 01/20/2021

Not really a game to fap to (despite the titillating content) because the game itself is too engaging. It's a really fun deckbuilding game which happens to be full of porn!

I found the first playthrough really confusing even though I really had tried to read the rules, but I got the hang of it pretty quick after that.

(Some of the other reviews mentioned a lot of bugs - I guess these might have been fixed because I didn't come across any at all)

Review by blehtastic

Version reviewed: .99c on 08/12/2020

A very good but poorly balanced and buggy game. There's a few missing endings, some broken cards (in both senses), but you'll quickly forget this because of how fun clicking on things is. Games can be pretty quick, too. 

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