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Version: 0.8.81

Version: 0.8.74

Version: 0.8.55

Version: 0.8.54

Version: 0.8.421

Version: 0.8.39

Version: 0.8.356

Version: 0.8.353

Version: 0.8.35

Version: 0.6.10

Version: 0.5.0

Fake AI

A girl is blackmailed by three nerds to play a video game. 


A game made as my entry for the Virtual Worlds Contest.


There are new updates on my Patreon, but they are awful and the game will be released here for free as soon as it will be in a playable state




- Friday & Saturday

new dungeon



- Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

- updated version of DAD

- piercings reworked



Fake AI MCFake AI VR


Many bugs fixed

Game made easier (by tweaking some numbers, fixing some bugs which were making it harder than it was supposed to be, making some content skippable and better explaining some things)



some minor bugs and typos fixed



the first two weeks were completely reworked.



week of new content

previous content polished a bit 



day and half of the new content

less atrocious colours

hacking minigame very slightly easier

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Review by Kaizoku10

Version reviewed: 0.8.81 on 01/11/2021

There are other games on this site that I quite like, but this is far and away my favorite.  Female Protagonists are so hard to find; match that with good writing and an absolutely *delicious* slow-corruption plot and you have me eating out of your hand.  (And next update, a bowl on the floor, and we can see where it goes from there.)  The plot is highly linear because these games have to be, but this one has remarkable variations along the way that give it high replayability, and has more *reason* to be so linear than most.  The characters have surprising depth and, at least on certain paths, actually grow over the course of the game, including the MC.  And the scenes, if you're into this kind of thing (and if you're not, why are you here?) are hot.  And the low-key humor running through it offers some nice chuckles without distracting from the Mood.  There are even some very touching moments, if you look for them.

This game is the reason I made an account on the site.  As I said in the forum, my only "legitimate" complaint (there are no legitimate complaints about a product I've enjoyed so much for free) is that the titular AI isn't featured enough, because it really is a cool concept and fairly unique.  But even that is far less a complaint and far more a wish.  

Review by swiezak1988

Version reviewed: 0.8.81 on 01/03/2021

I love this game. It is unreal scenario, but games are made to involve people in something that is unlikely or impossible to happen IRL. I especially adore thing that is corruption through visual means i.e. clothes, accessories, tatoos, body modifications. I like such game design very much. PC avatar gives a lot from the visual perspective while text has all the flexibility to deliver all kinky scenarios.

Few things that deserve improvement in my opinion:

  • This game could be endless, but I stumbled upon end of content for this update. So... I think I have missed lots of scenes, because I didn't choose them. I suppose that this way I had quests synchronized together, so there was no issue where somebody approached PC with attitude to a virgin while PC was already a slut wearing no lingerie, fishnet top, microskirt, piercing and tramp stamp. But still, some things were lost.
  • I'd like to remove a tatoo design, so it would be easy to try tatoos out before making them permanent. Also, it would be great to be able to switch between mannequin and actual PC, so I would place tatoo in visible spot, not partially hidden by clothing.
  • I'd like to be able to pick one of saved wardrobe designs. I suppose it is in plan, because current shape looks like partial, unfinished feature.

Review by CoolCat

Version reviewed: 0.8.81 on 12/31/2020

This fucking rules *but it needs a save button (I wanted to also write that first sentence cause i'd forgotten id written this review already hah)

Review by netuttki

Version reviewed: 0.8.74 on 09/01/2020

Interesting game. Well written, minigames can be fun too.

Only gripe is that unless someone is really stupid and insecure, the scenario is absolutely inplausible - but then every NPC is sociopath (even her friends) and apparently everyone hates her with a passion, so maybe the MC has a reason to be absolutely terrified that they will kill her or something if she doesn't obey her classmates.

Review by RanmaS2040

Version reviewed: 0.8.55 on 07/19/2020

This is another solid game on this site. I really enjoy Dahakma's work! I like the RPG story elements and how the game evolves through each day. I enjoy the "grind" the first few times, but I can see how "veteran" players would get a little bogged down after the first few runs. I almost wish there was a way to seperate the game modes a little. Like have a story driven game with lite grind elements for those that want that. I also wish that some of the RPG challenges had a "easy, normal, hard" option too. Not saying that the challenges are bad, I'm just saying that I am dumb and can't bull through some of them. All in all, this is a really great game and I can't wait to see more! Keep up the great work!

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