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Version: 5.2.3

Version: 5.2.2

Version: 5.2.1

Version: 3.0.1

Man of Your House

Man of Your House is set in late 2030s/early 2040s and its protagonist is a fatherless guy who just turned 18. His mother is in a relationship with another man, and soon all three of them will be living in the same house. There can be only one man of the house though...

This game was supposed to be a slow involuntary feminization game with strong sissification themes... but it's not. At least not yet. Right now, it's only a slow story about a young guy trying to settle in his new home. He has to face a few problems and there are some dark clouds looming on the horizon he might not even notice, but that's about it. Until the last scene...

You can stop reading if you don't like:

  • Slooow paced, text heavy games with a small amount of pictures. 

  • Lots of slice of life stuff and not much action – the game has 160 347 words and only 1 (one) sex scene. Yes, just one.

  • Slow transformations – your character will remain male for most of the game. The transformation content in the game is also barely noticeable, your character won't even realize there is something happening to his body.

  • Annoying characters you can't punch.

  • ESL wording.

If you're fine with the above, here's some additional information.

The transformation of the main character is already ongoing in chapter 1, but the main character will remain unaware of it for a very long time. The hints I'm about to drop here and there should allow the player to figure out what's happening to their character, though I'm not going to make it obvious from the start.

The main theme of the game is going to be a slow, involuntary feminization, with a sissification branch opening up in the middle. Resisting or reverting the transformations will be possible. Your character will have a chance to avoid the full transformation entirely, he may also end up partially transformed at the end of the game.

Also, note that it's a slow feminization game that's intended to focus heavily on involuntary content, so expect most of the adult content in future versions of the game to be M/F or M/M with your character being usually on the receiving end.

There is no and there won't be any zoophilia or underage content in the game.


If you want to ask something, report a bug or just share your opinion about the game, please visit the the discussion thread!

The game now has 5 chapters, 160 347 words, and 757 passages.


Version number should be read like this:


X – number denoting the amount of chapters in the game

Y – number denoting the amount of content updates done within the already released chapters since the release of the most recent chapter

Z – number denoting the amount spelling and bug fixes since the release of the most recent chapter

a – letter denoting another attempt of fixing the same issue

The game is incomplete, so feel free to imagine a 0 at the start of the version number.


v. 5.2.3 Jan 02, 2020

- cleaned up some poorly implemented macros in chapter 4, this should hopefully eliminate a few dead ends and/or doubled links. 

- fixed a few typos

- added a few words to make it easier to understand who's saying what at the party at the end of chapter 5

v. 5.2.2 Dec 31, 2019

-added two @s to one passage

v. 5.2.1 Dec 31, 2019

- Chapters 4 and 5 added, 90 109 new words and 382 new passages. That's more than chapters 1-3 combined.

- Added an option to disable colored backgrounds

- Added an option to replace nsfw images with daisies

- Added a Quickstart option to start the game in chapter 4 as a preset character

- Images have a simple border now.

- Changed most of background and font colors.

- Rewrote the passages related to the weekly spending limit – maintaining the old system in the game would be too much to handle.

- Minor rewordings and other changes in chapters 1-3.


v.3.0.1 - Feb 09, 2019

- fixed 3 typos

v.3.0.0 - Feb 09, 2019

- Content warning passage added

- Chapter 3 added, 42 190 new words and 219 new passages

- Cleaned up chapter 1 and 2, few variables were added or renamed, please consider starting a new game to prevent any future issues. Some passages were reworded but the content is essentially the same.

- Added 1 image in chapter 2

- Main character's currently favorite video game was given a name “Overkill”

- Changed a few background/text colors



- added a few missing words and symbols to celebrate the 100th like


- fixed a bug occuring after telling Mom you're sorry about being a little bit too curious in chapter 1


- changed the game's title

- added chapter 2 (don't expect me to list everything added there)

- more color changes to make the game more readable



- Darkened the background

- Attempted to fix the right margin issue - I'm aware it didn't work. Added a v.1.0.2a version. Hopefully that will fix it.


- Fixed Chapter 1's title page

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by efindumb

Version reviewed: 5.2.3 on 01/15/2020

This is another of those cases where the game is slow yet isn't boring, where sublety works in its favor. Sadly, it isn't complete(yet) so the story ends abruptly.


It's worth keepying an eye on, especially as it's starting to get good

Review by deane21

Version reviewed: 5.2.3 on 01/15/2020

i really like this game, just hoping the update is frequently. 

Review by kazuma

Version reviewed: 5.2.3 on 01/14/2020

It's great, very slow-pacing, which is very rare on this site. Don't drop on it, please! Can't wait for next update!

Review by liamburns

Version reviewed: 5.2.3 on 01/05/2020

Great premise, great writing. It's only just getting started, but I'm absolutely loving the way the story is being handled, the options the player gets and the expectations that this game is building up. Can't wait for an update.

Update: This game keeps surprising me. It's got amazing pacing and the story keeps me enthralled! It's my absolute favourite game in this site.

Review by Vane

Version reviewed: 5.2.3 on 01/03/2020

Very nice and ambitous interactive story project. the slowest paced game around here, it also is not overladen with images, making it stand out in terms of realism since it leaves room to imagination. definitely keeping an eye on it, want to know how things will turn out for chris.

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