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Version: 3.0.1

Version: 3.0.0

Version: 2.0.02

Version: 2.0.01

Version: 2.0.0

Version: 1.0.2

Man of Your House

Man of Your House is set in late 2030s/early 2040s and its protagonist is a fatherless man who just turned 18. His mother is in a relationship with another man, and soon all three of them will be living in the same house. There can be only one man of the house though...

You can stop reading if you don't like:

  • games in early stages of development - there's no easily noticeable transformation content in the game yet
  • slow paced, text heavy games with a low amount of pictures
  • slow MtF transformation – your character will remain male for most of the game
  • not being in full control - the “Involuntary” tag is there for a reason and some potentially disturbing things will be unavoidable.

If you're fine with the above, here's some additional information.

The transformation of the main character begins in chapter 1, but he will remain unaware of it for a very long time. The hints I'm about to drop here and there (like the bathroom mirror scene in chapter 1) should allow the player to figure out what's happening to their character, though I'm not going to make it obvious from the start. The main theme of the game is going to be a slow, involuntary male to female transformation, with a sissification branch opening up in the middle. The transformation will be avoidable, your character will have a chance to avoid it entirely or end up partially transformed.

There are currently no explicit adult themes in the game. They're going to be introduced in the next chapter and things are going to get progressively kinkier later. It's a slow involuntary MtF game, so you can expect most of the adult content to be M/F or M/M with your character being usually on the receiving end.

There is no and there won't be any zoophilia or underage content in the game.

Content  warnings:

- The game will have a strong focus on involuntary content. That includes but is not limited to blackmail, psychological and physical violence, being unable to get out of sexual situations initiated by other characters (male and female). I'll try to make the heaviest content avoidable, but that will depend on how carefully you will lead your character. Fly too close to the sun and you'll get burned whether you like it or not.
- There will be sissification and chastity content in the game. Some of it will be unavoidable, but similarly to involuntary content, you will be able to avoid the heaviest instances.
- There will be homophobia and transphobia in the game. Your character will be at least passively tolerant of it at the start of the game.
- Your character will start the game as a heterosexual male. This may change later.
- The story and opinions presented within are entirely fictional.
- The game won't be focused on cuckoldry and NTR content, but it may appear in it at some point. Similarly to involuntary content, you won't be able to avoid it by making a simple choice.
- There will be NSFW pictures in the game.

If you have anything you'd like to tell me, like bug reports or general advice/opinion, please visit the game's discussion thread!

The game currently has 3 chapters, 70 007 words, and 374 passages.


Version number should be read like this:


X – number denoting the amount of chapters in the game

Y – number denoting the amount of content updates done within the already released chapters since the release of the most recent chapter

Z – number denoting the amount spelling and bug fixes since the release of the most recent chapter

a – letter denoting another attempt of fixing the same issue

The game is incomplete, so feel free to imagine a 0 at the start of the version number.


v.3.0.1 - Feb 09, 2019

- fixed 3 typos


v.3.0.0 - Feb 09, 2019

- Content warning passage added

- Chapter 3 added, 42 190 new words and 219 new passages

- Cleaned up chapter 1 and 2, few variables were added or renamed, please consider starting a new game to prevent any future issues. Some passages were reworded but the content is essentially the same.

- Added 1 image in chapter 2

- Main character's currently favorite video game was given a name “Overkill”

- Changed a few background/text colors



- added a few missing words and symbols to celebrate the 100th like


- fixed a bug occuring after telling Mom you're sorry about being a little bit too curious in chapter 1


- changed the game's title

- added chapter 2 (don't expect me to list everything added there)

- more color changes to make the game more readable


- Darkened the background

- Attempted to fix the right margin issue - I'm aware it didn't work. Added a v.1.0.2a version. Hopefully that will fix it.


- Fixed Chapter 1's title page

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by zxchara14

Version reviewed: 3.0.1 on 07/03/2019

I must say this is one of the greatest maybe the greatest on this site.  I hope the author reads this.  The story is exucuted so supurbly that I NEED tonow what happens next.  I never had this feeling for a game.  I hope that game does not drop dead I haven't heard anything from this game for a couple months.  I really wish for the game to make real progress.

Review by danni79

Version reviewed: 3.0.1 on 02/15/2019

This is a game where people NEED to read the "author notes" on site.


It is very much a slower game than 90% of those on TFGames but it is well worth it. The writing is fantastic and I love the potential of many of the current storyline paths,


If you want a quick fap than this is not the game for you, even if you are in it for the long haul it looks like it might be chapter 5 or 6 before you get into the juicy stuff.


But if you the person who can see potential and are willing to go with it until the point of completion then I'm sure you'll be rewarded.


this game may not be great right now but by the time it is finished it could well be one of the best games on this site.

Review by choppytehbear

Version reviewed: 3.0.1 on 02/11/2019

This game seemed like it would be my type. But the mother and Tony charaters made me really angry, to the point I just wanted the PC to stab them to death.

Review by Orphoenix

Version reviewed: 3.0.0 on 02/09/2019

Story is strong and well written. Not my cup of tea. I would prefer something a bit more explicit and hard. This is more along the rated R line not really an adult game. Still good but I'll have to pass. Keep it up though we do have an audience for this lighter story here.

Review by Centrophy

Version reviewed: 2.0.02 on 12/16/2018

This game is too early in the development process to really make a full review out of. There isn't really much to review except for stuff that isn't there. For example, multimedia isn't really there. The versioning makes no sense. The basic story ends almost immediately like a 0.0.1 version of a game which plays like a telltale game - There's a narrative and your choices aren't going to affect the ending. Still, I want to see where it goes (especially some more voyeur/ light NTR scenes). The writing mostly works though since the story is fairly relateable so far. Your mother moves in with her BF into his house and you (as the son) have to move in with them and deal with the changes that come from that. It's a fairly slice of life kind of deal with no twists so far.

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