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Version: 0.0.2 Concept

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DonGown & DragOn

DonGown & DragOn aims to be a dungeon crawler with a sexual fetish theme. Potential traps at every junction, denizens crawling through the dungeon and random events will all conspire to turn you into a submissive and bound bimbo.

All of your usual themes of bondage, fetishism, gang-bangs, bukkake and light sado-masochism. With a dose of both consensual and non-consensual pairings such as Male/Male, Male/Female, Female/Female, Male/Trans, Trans/Trans, Trans/Female.

None of the stats are currently tweaked or impacting the game mechanics at this time. Still in concept stage of development but as can be gleened by the rules, the overall game design, mechanics and gameplay are well advanced, just need to code it into the game.

Heavily inspired by the great TrapQuest game by Aika.


Seems like this game has gotten sufficient feedback for me to continue working on it while I'm gathering images and ideas for my other game. Some amount of work will continue on this game


You stumble upon a magical game that brings role playing games to the next level, straight from your favorite playing genre. On the lowest "Realism Setting" for the game, you experience the most realistic dungeon and dragon style game you have ever played, playing as a fantasy class character in a fully immersive and lifelike virtual dungeon and dragon world. But to some extent, the outcomes of your completion of the game "Dungeon & Dragon: The Goblin Ambush" have affected real life.

Fresh after having masturbated to some of your favorite porn, you decide to play the game again at the highest "Realism Setting". The game has adapted to your most recent preferences though, and instead of your expected fantasy setting, you find yourself stuck in "DonGown & DragOn: The Slave Trap", a whole different fantasy setting.

You, as the main character
A bunch of denizens that have yet to appear in the dungeon

Check Out the rules mostly. Look at the images that were intended to be in the game by taking a look at the images folder. ALL images are present. Barebone game so far.
Create your character
- Choose your name, gender and gender preference
- Roll your stats
- Choose your class
- Pick your skills
- Get your initial gear
- Move around on the map
- Notice how deserted the dungeon is right now, with nothing to do other than pulling the 3 levers
- Head to the top right corner of the map and exit the dungeon once all 3 levers are switched

- Fixed Rogue Thievery
- Added room and corridor images
- Added adjoining room visibility in corridors and travelling
- Added blocking corridors
- Added final gate levers and opening functionality
- Added stat description page using sugarcube replace

- First Version Concept
- Contains:
    - Rules Section
    - Character creation
    - Barebone travel and random room generator

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Review by raska42

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 Concept on 11/25/2018

Could turn out good, could turn out lousy. Honestly, it's too early to really speculate (kinda expected from a concept build though). I tried playing twice, couple things worth mentioning.

Description: Might help if you explicitly mention that this is currently only a map to navigate through, based on my quick read through before trying it, I expected npc's/items with minimal interactions

Corridors: My first game, the second corridor I arrived at (up from the bottom left corner) was a 'solid wall'. This prevented all progression and I needed to restart. While the random corridor concept isn't bad, you're probably going to want to ensure that every build can actually get through every corridor (penalties are welcome) to prevent being locked out of the critical rooms, or in the case of my character, locked out of the game.

Character creation: for skills and stats, having mouse-over tooltips explaining the stats/skills would definitely be helpful (or descriptions next to them if you dislike tooltips). Making it so the user needs to navigate to the skills page multiple times to check what the skills cover isn't player friendly.

Character stats: Character 2 was female. after playing around with the random stats, the shortest I was able to get her was 5'6", with the higher end being 6'2 or 3. Might want to scale those down or at least expand the lower end. Alternativly, give the player X points to play around with to have thier victim... err... character start closer to the way they want it to. As a previous poster suggested, a few options for premades is probably a good idea (some will want to tweak thier character more than you currently allow, others won't care in the slightest and just want to get in and start transforming/traumatizing the character)

Character clothes: gauze should probably be banned as an option from things like shoes and purses (unless the character -really- doesn't like carrying much gold)

Theoretical sexual interactions: May want to have the option to remove certain types of content. Substancially more work adding in options, but will increse the draw for those who are attracted to a specific gender, the herm only brigade, and those who feel like disabling certain genders/pairings for other reasons (scenarios that amuse them, RP purposes, simply being bored of certain things, etc). Isn't nessassary, and if you're trying to do a reenvisioned trap quest it might might not be the game you want to make (which is the most important part), but it would likely increase the appeal.

Controls: previously mentioned, but agreeing that hotkeys and/or standardized placement are a must for navigation

Load times/Saves: previously mentioned, but something definitely isn't right with your transitions. Based on the fact that reloading seems to regenerate the map and the transition slowness increases as you explore more, I'm guessing that as you approach an area, it's checking if the area is defined, and if it isn't you're looping through options to find one that hasn't been placed yet. Assuming that's accurate, it will run -much- smoother if you generate the entire map when the game starts and only need to wory about calling the matrix after that. If thats wrong, you may want to ask around on the forums to see if an experienced dev can glance at your code and see whats slowing it down.

Review by mieze

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 Concept on 11/21/2018

The images look promising, and I look forward to the next update. Having a fantasy like character creation and being dropped in a seemingly modern world was weird though.

Here are a few points you might want to consider when you touch it again.

Transitions between rooms take really long and the link to proceed is always somewhere else. I don't think, I would have much joy in the constant search for the link when nothing happened at all or I just want to go to a specific place. Maybe it's just my browser but the loading while travelling is just too long. Having fixed buttons or using keyboard input should be easy. I hope you can figure out how to reduce the load times.

Add a random character button or have a few ready made to choose from. I'm sure there are more people like me who don't want to drag through that kind of character creation and would be just as happy with a random bag from the rng.

I am watching this.

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 Concept on 11/21/2018

At this point it's hard to call this game even an early alpha. There's basically no content at all. Apart from a rather plain character customization there's just a map with the names of the locations.
The idea of a fantasy dugeon full of sex could be entertaining but there has to be ANY content.

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 Concept on 11/20/2018

why even post it if it's discontinued at the concept phase?

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 Concept on 11/20/2018

v0.01 concepts which were discontinued, is bounded to have no love. What is in the 20MB html is 1) character creation, which isn't fancy, 2) clothing system, which isn't completed and 3) a map layout, which is so far the only thing I find worth to take a look. It isn't fancy, but it is neat and clean. That said, it is probably at stage v0.0.1 atm...

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