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Version: 0.02.2

Cat-ch Meow If You Can

A young thief decides to rob the sorcerers castle. What will they make out the way they were before?

A young thief tries their best at trying to burgle something from the Sorcerers castle. It doesn't quite go as expected.

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Review by raska42

Version reviewed: 0.02.2 on 11/25/2018

Has potential. The lack of images is somewhat unusual for RPG Maker games, but isn't too surprising given the game's PG rating. Still, standing character art that reflects transformations would be a nice addition.  That being said, it the game is just story and puzzles, it needs to be proofread well. Most of it isn't bad, but there are definitely spots with... odd choices of words. It's close enough to get the meaning across, but wrong enough that it will be noticible to native english speakers.

Bug(?): Hidden ascessory doesn't appear if you've tryed for it before the transformation

Exploit: Unequipping gear will allow you to keep it post transformation. May or may not effect things in the future (no idea if a shop is planned)

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 0.02.2 on 11/22/2018

OK!  Really cute for what's there!  Not much there atm, but a good start!  Very very linear, but every thing that is there seems well thought out.  Will be looking forward to more!  =^_^=

Review by HiddenFan

Version reviewed: 0.02.2 on 11/22/2018

Played on 1.0, Fun little 15 minute game so far, decent puzzles with the usual slightly cryptic hints... nothing groundbreaking, but it's solid all around, interested in seeing where it goes.


Review by hathios

Version reviewed: 0.02.2 on 11/22/2018

I have to report some bugs to that game.


1st: The crystal are increasing in number after you place them on the pillars.

2nd: You can talk to your buddy ndlessly to increase the number of amthyst crystal

3rd: The C at crystal by ice crystal is small at the others big.

4th: You don't lose the money after giving it to the angle you keep it.

5th: if there are grammar errors I don't care. 


But except those bugs the game is fun.

And yes you have to run around a little to find what to do next 



I have to add this.

little hint walkthrough: If you go to to the girl with the talking mirror after you are transformed and you go to her drawers you will get some nice panties.

thumbs up hope to see more of the game.



Now it works perfectly all bugs I found removed  :)

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