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Version: Version 1.0 (censored)


My third game. I decided to make it very branched.
Here you need to make decisions very carefully.  The wrong decision at the beginning of the game will make your life more difficult. Some wrong decisions - and you're in troube.

I understand the anger the game caused and apologize for the complex minigames. I deleted them. Now there is a simplified, censored version. Almost version 1.01 But I won't change anything else. Otherwise, it will turn out quite a primitive game.

There are no sex scenes. There is only transformations.

      breakfastNot the worst end


Bad end is near



You came to the hotel far from the city to rest. But, of course, you can not relax. A demon lives nearby. And even worse... very unusual neighbors.

ver. 0.92 - first version

ver. 0.93 - improved save system. Minor bugs fixed.

ver. 0.93 (fixed-fixed-fixed) Fixed problems with sounds on linux-version

ver 1.0 

ver 1.0 censored

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Review by Ogurets

Version reviewed: Version 1.0 (censored) on 01/23/2019

very good storyline. But I could not complete the quests. I can not beat the robot. I can not clean the kitchen -)
solid jerk

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: Version 1.0 (final) on 01/22/2019

The game conditions you to constantly click your mouse to get to a choice and then if you're not careful, you've made a choice that you didn't even intend to make.


There's not much of anything fun to do once you get transformed, either.


Move along, there's nothing worthwhile here.

Review by Feylamia

Version reviewed: 0.93 (fixed) on 12/11/2018

Hello, I am a patron of this title, so no idea how that influences the meaning of my review. However the author put much effort into his game as in the previous 2 titles. I also like that there is fast some tf, as many people offering games, even for money, which do not contain a single tf. I just do not get yet which meaning mechanic skill has for the outcome of the game, as there only seems 2 ways at the moment. Maybe I also only found 2 different storylines.

Review by Althalus

Version reviewed: 0.92 on 12/08/2018

CGI is good, and the plot premise seems good.

Transformation is fast, not my favorite thing but still a good scene.

Author def needs help with the English translation. It's understandable, but only barely.

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