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Zenofae Gene

Join the adventures of our hero transformed as she attempts to stop a zeno invasion on a remote planet colony!

If you are a returning player, please start a new game. 


Art by Balthamel: https://www.deviantart.com/balthamel19

Welcome to the universe of Commander Hooker, Space Force's most elite (and sometimes ruthless) inter-galactic commando!

Join Commander Hooker's adventures fighting the threat of an unknown alien life-form discovered on a distant colony, his subsequent "upgrades" to better deal with the unstoppable monsters and his never ending need for sexual gratification....


Added 6 new full color images, plus several rendered images for dialog.

-finished the Zeno Passageway level (really it's 90%)

-added pregnancy and cum inflation framework, art will be added later

-added the Mysterious Caves

-added the Berlin Station research facility

-added Lushess, a new character

-added robot sex at the Berlin Station (zombie sex to follow)

-added a loop back to the main menu once the end of content is reached

-added credits for art, programming, plugins and most importantly a thanks to everyone who has supported this project. If you have any concerns regarding a public release of your name let me know and I will change your information to "anonymous".

-fixed various bugs



v.0.02 Changelog (available to the public March 15th):

-Worked out many bugs and developed dialog and characters throughout the game setting.

-Added the Flophouse and STAR Struck strip club training sessions to New Gynaecopia for Commander Hooker.

-Added the bed training session for Major Cherri in New Gynaecopia living quarters.

-Added the beginning of the next chapter for Major Cherri including the zeno passagway maze.

-New Classes added: Lumenetic, Pistolear

-New skills added for Proto Fae, Zenofae, Lumenetic and Pistolear

-2 new images added

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Review by PensRule

Version reviewed: 0.12ADigital on 01/18/2021

This game has good aspects but has far too many bugs in its current format. Aside from assored issues, like being able to fight Gibson's CI multiple times, or being able to grab the pheremones before fighting the harvester, there are some bugs that wreck the game.


Starting from scratch you can break the game in the prologue, just agree to both plans at the item shop and the strip club.


You can find another game-breaker when you attack with Luchess (Hit1.png is missing from the animations folder).


At this point I stopped playing so I'm not sure what other bugs exist but I'm sure someone can make a list.



Review by AoS

Version reviewed: 0.10Digital on 05/20/2020

This is a good game with some pretty erotic content if you're into MTF, Slutification sort of stuff.

The main thing that really hurts Zenofae Gene is a lack of polish in some areas. I realise this is in developement, but some of the updates seem to have changed the beginning from what I remember and left some unexplained holes in the story and one early path with the gangs not working at all. Besides this, there is a lack of clear direction at times of what to do exactly. As an example, early on you are told to go to a mine, except you actually can't until you've had a few events happen first, leaving the player wandering a bit aimlessly.

As I said at the start, there is a good game here and I'm looking forward to any continuation, but at the moment it requires a bit of perserverance to get through some areas.

(Spoilers) A few things I'm really looking forward to is future fusions with a couple other characters on the Xeno Slut Breeder path as well as exactly what happens with the eggs and creatures we've given birth to by the end of the current path.

------Previous Review ------

Awesome start. I really enjoyed this.

At first Hooker's mental transformation seemed too fast but now I think that may be because I activated one of the things that clearly had mental effects multiple times, so I may have missed some.

The scenes and art are great. I really like the setup and how the character changes and attitude. 

The ending with Vixen is an awesome touch and I really want to see the outcome of that and hopefully similar things to that as the game progresses. Having something transformative happen in similar intervals throughout a game really keeps things hot.

Thanks for all the effort and sharing! I look forward to any additions!

(This is based on the version from mid March without the latest bug fixes)

Review by Mile

Version reviewed: on 03/13/2019

Fun and humourful game, would like to see this being continued.

Review by Amazeroth

Version reviewed: on 01/29/2019

A nice little Alpha demo. There are still some bugs and the Game needs many work. But there is alot of potential.

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