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Version: 0.4.0

Version: 0.3.0

Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.3

Version: 0.1.2


Transformicon is a deck-building game where the goal is to transform your opponent before they can transform you.

Please note:
This is an alpha release and as such it is unpolished in some areas. The card costs and opponent AI are always being tweaked for better balance.

What's New
Opponent Gender Selection: You can now chose the gender of your opponents.
Sudden Death: A few rounds after the supply is filled with Endgame cards "Sudden Death" will begin, increasing TF Points gained. It will keep increasing every 5 rounds until the game is over.
Opponent info page: Click on the opponents image to view the opponents play style.

What's Changed
More Characters:
8 new characters added.
Game Over before discard: The game will now end before you need to discard, instead of after.
Aftershock bug fixed: Aftershock card displaying lower than other cards while in your hand has been fixed.

What's Being Worked On For The Next Release
Survival mode: You will compete against 6 opponents. Unfortunately for you, your TF score won't reset to 0 after each match, it will only go down by 15 points. To help you survive at the end of each match you will have the option to select one card from the previous match to add to your starting deck.

Future Work
1) Achievement system
2) Full Tournament-12 matches starting with a local game store tournament.
3) Optional expansion decks
4) Ability to cycle thru images at the end of a match
5) Back story for the game and how it came to be
6) Game over stories for the opponent
Always In Progress
1) Card Balance
2) Opponent Difficulty
3) Improved design for some of the secondary pages
4) More Storage Orb options
5) New characters
6) Different transformations for existing characters
7) New Cards


-Reworked difficulty

-Fixed discard pile not completly clearing between games

-Fixed End Game Bug
-Image Sets Added
-Next Turn Cards Added
-Start Hand Limit Added
-Cards Balanced
-Opponent Difficulty Adjusted

-10 Card Supply Deck
-Basic Cards
-Second Transformation Sequences
-Character Poses
-Storage Orb adjustments
-Cards Balanced
-Opponent Difficulty Adjusted
-Last Attack In Stat Bar

-Opponent Play Styles
-New Upgrade Icon

-Opponent Gender Selection
-Sudden Death
-Opponent info page
-Game Over before discard
-Aftershock bug fixed


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Airanuva

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 02/16/2019

Simple in concept, but very nice execution of that simple concept.

The changes made in 0.2 really help with makign the game more accessible, and even more strategic. Instead of cluttering up the supply with the basic energy/TF cards, placing them on the bottom with permanent access is brilliant. Now the game has a very nice balancing act with the energy pool, and the discard cards are significantly more appealing and useful for upgradin and thinning your deck. They, I would go so far as to say, can actually be more useful than straight up draw, so well done there!

The only thing I wish was more clear would be the difference between an upgradible card, and a recyclible card. Though I face palmed when I figured out clicking the recycle icon below the cards didn't play them, and in fact had a different effect... but it doesn't help that same icon is shared with the card removal mechanic, so there's teh soruce of confusion. You have different icons for when a card has a delayed action, and when it takes away energy, so could you replace the "recycle" icon with an upgrade one? it would add visual clarity, and make it clear the method of upgrading the cards does not involve discarding them.


I look forward to further updates and other new mechanics, though hope you keep to the simpler core!

Review by Purzelkraut

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 02/02/2019

Since I love card games I am happy to see another one on here! :) I understand that the theme of the pictures are definitely not for everyone but I like them a lot! Can't wait to see more.

Review by aegis7

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 01/29/2019

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to be comparing this game quite heavily to TF Card Battle (abreviated TFCB for brevity), because they are very similar games. 

Right now, it's very barebones. In terms of content it's probably a little lighter than TFCB was back when it was a mini-game in Calibration Error. The game consists of a single match between two picked characters, with 2-D renderings of a preset transformation. 

In terms of gameplay, it's almost identical. Play mana generating cards, draft new cards from a selection of 5 each turn, build up TF power to transform your opponent and sheilds to block their attempts. First character to 100 loses. 

However, there are some differences. Most notably, this game is far more fetish heavy than TFCB was. Unlike TFCB, you effectively gain access to the entire pool of cards from turn one, meaning there's no natural escalation of fetish material. What's more, while TFCB does go rather heavily into BDSM style content, this game goes much harder into a variety of different fetishes, including extreme proportions, futa/hermaphrodite content, mild furry content and more. 

These cards don't signify anything to the player as far as I can tell, they seem to just be pictures of fetish porn, with no connection to the game being played. While this may be intriguing to some people, I always rather enjoyed the logical escalation of the content in TFCB. It managed to feel like less of a card game, and almost like a RPG. 

Another key difference is the card drafting system. As I said previously, you have access to the entire pool of cards right from the get go. However, every turn you are forced to discard one undrafted card from your selection, which over time can deplete your pool. Apparently, you then get access to end game cards which are more powerful, however I never got to that stage so I cannot confirm. This game overall has a much heavier focus on discarding cards, which theorectically would prevent some of the RNG reliance found in TFCB once you have a huge deck. 

Finally, there is only one type of mana in this game, and no other in game systems. Again, this is early in development, and TFCB also lacked these systems when it was first launched. However, this means tha game lacks a lot of depth at the current state of development. 

Ultimately, with some additional polish and content, this game may be a viable alternative to TFCB for players who want a more arcady experience with a heavier focus on fetish material. However, I'd have to say that it's just not for me. 

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