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Red Pill / Green Pill
by bsharp

You start out as a young playboy with a crush on an unattainable young woman.  Your friends are concerned about your obsession.  One has a possible solution, if you're willing to go that far. 

 This is a CYOA adult story with NSFW photos and gifs.  There’s a lot of content (250k words, 1,400 passages, 500 images & gifs).

 Although the game has a daily cycle at some points, that doesn’t mean it’s a sandbox ‘life sim’.   The focus is on story and sex, not shoes and makeup.  My goal is to have enough story that the sex has a purpose and enough sex that the story doesn’t get boring.

 Please give me your constructive comments, bug reports, and requests in the discussion thread.   As the game has grown larger more complex, it’s much harder for me to keep the different storylines from getting tangled.  Let me know what you want fixed, added, or changed. 

 The story isn’t complete, but it has endings.  Unlike previous versions, it won’t end until you take a path that ends it.  If you get stuck and can’t find an end, check the walkthrough or ask me on the discussion page. 

Version 0.4.0 (1/29/2021): This is a major update with significant new story content.  See the changelog for details and the walkthrough to make sure you didn’t miss anything. 

Jack:  You.  Rich young playboy with an epic crush on a beautiful young college track star…who won’t have anything to do with you.

Patti:  The above-mentioned object of your crush.

Wyatt:  A close friend of yours who can’t stand to see how your obsession is ruining your life.  He wants to help.

Maria:  A young Cajun woman.  She has something you need.

Gabbi:  Mysterious girl at the gym

Leia:  Maria’s BFF.

 Many more…

CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! (of course)

I suggest playing the game at least once without reading this. Beginning with Chapter 2, things get a little complicated though, so I’m providing this to help you explore all the adult content.

Chapter 1 is mostly linear and straightforward. Just enjoy yourself and don’t worry too much about stats.

Chapter 2 begins when Wyatt gets a phone call from the PI.

Chapter 3 starts after the confrontation with Marvanna.

You’re going to have to pick a plan on how to get more voodoo ingredients. There might be more content behind Patti’s plan than Wyatt’s plan. BUT, if Wyatt’s plan completely fails (success is not completely within your control), you’ll have the option to switch to Patti’s plan.

Currently, the outcome of Wyatt’s plan is hard-coded to ensure you get a chance at the Louisiana trip. If you don’t do Wyatt’s plan, you don’t get the trip to Louisiana and all that entails.


While you wait on various parts of your plan to unfold, you’ll have waiting time. While you wait, you can do a morning activity and an evening activity. Sometimes, your activity won’t be available (if you’re in school, or getting tutored, for example). Some activities are only available in the morning or the evening, but not both

- Work out: Increases your strength and may offer a chance for you to work out with Gabbi. There are 8 unique scenes with her. There are also a couple of places where your strength will affect the success or failure of an action in the game. If you don’t work out for a while, any strength you gained will start to dissipate.
-- When you’re assaulted by thugs there are two basic outcomes. If you ‘wait for the police’ or ask ‘Gabbi to cover’ for you, she will (later) demand an explanation and it won’t be good for your relationship. If you convince Gabbi to ‘let them go’, she will be happy with you.

- Talk to Wyatt: Various conversations with Wyatt. Most important is that this is how you’ll ask him for a bug to plant in the office of Enzo’s dad. All the others are informational and not required for story progress.

- Learn Voodoo: If you learn enough voodoo, you’ll be able to cast spells. Voodoo skill can also affect some of your options and some of the text you see. To progress in voodoo power, you’ll need to increase your voodoo skill and practice the spells you learn. The game text should give good guidance.

- Practice your voodoo spells: Includes pictures. Some amount of practice will be required before learning the next level of spells. When the game says you’ve “mastered” a spell, it doesn’t do any good to keep practicing. The game’s magic system isn’t finished yet.

- Use Qareen to cast a spell: Not fully implemented yet. This will be for major spells like PC transformation. Your requests are welcome.

- Tease Wyatt: You can seduce Wyatt, but it’s not easy. You have to go with the ‘tease’ and ‘show skin’ options over and over and over. If you stick with it long enough (9 times), you can break down Wyatt’s resistance. The direct approach will not work until after you’ve seduced him with ‘show skin’.

- Get some fresh air: This leads to several other options:
-- Walk in the neighborhood: Just a chance to see a few sexy pictures. Late in the game, if you’ve found out about ‘the relic’, you can get clues about the relic’s location while you’re walking around. No further game effect at this time.

-- Go to the beach: More sexy pictures. After 3 trips, you’ll get frustrated enough to open up an option to talk to Patti about how to seduce lesbians. There are other ways to open up that option. You can also get clues to the location of ‘the relic’ (if you know it exists) while going to the beach.

-- Go shopping: Just a couple pictures. You can also get clues to the location of ‘the relic’ (if you know it exists) while shopping.
No further game effect at this time.

- Call Maria: This will lead to scenes with Maria (described in more detail below). This option only shows up after you’ve met Maria and she’s decided she wants to hang out with you.

- Tease someone: This gives you the option to explore your exhibitionism. If you want to increase your exhibitionism, select the most risqué option you’re offered (for example, select ‘flash boobs’ instead of ‘show cleavage’) and then click the link for ‘yes’ when asked if you think you could do more next time. Max level is currently ‘masturbate in public’. At that point, you will get the option to have sex with a random male. If you turn it down, you gain willpower (up to a point).

- Ask Patti about girls: This action is only available after you’ve become frustrated with meeting girls. Frustration happens after 3 trips to the beach OR flashing your pussy at a woman (from the ‘tease someone’ action) OR 3 strolls through the neighborhood OR meeting all the sexy Glee Club girls. Once it’s available, this leads to a sex scene with Patti.

- Patti wants to talk about her problem (or Help Patti with her problem): In her male form, Patti has a problem with premature ejaculation. She wants you to help. Besides leading to a lot of sexy scenes (more on those below) Patti’s training will affect how she interacts with Maria.

- Try to relieve some tension: Masturbate. You can use your hand or (if you bought one) a vibrator.

- I just want to relax: End the evening with no activity. If you’ve already seen all the one-time events, this is the quickest way to end the day.

- There are a few other options (buy a vibrator or bondage equipment, for example) that will show up when needed, but they’re pretty straightforward.

- Do homework: Doing homework will keep you from getting a failing grade in health class. It’s almost certainly more fun to skip the homework and get in trouble. But, you do have the option to be a good girl if that’s your thing.


A few of the scenes in Red Pill / Green Pill are a little bit complicated. You can just click your way through and everything should work fine. BUT, you probably won’t see everything. And, in some of them, it’s a little more complicated that just picking a different action next time. So, here’s some guidance.

- Talk about her problem: For maximum sex, select these options: Tease, Talk about feelings, give Patti a hug, just wait, Patti kisses you, you’re gonna love this, need your dick, cuddle.

- Help Patti with her problem
-- First time: Just pick the different options. Some of these will lead to stat changes.
-- Second time: You can pick the options in any order. BUT, if you repeat ‘touch pussy’, ‘handjob’, or ‘take off clothes’ a second time, it’ll lead to Patti’s premature ejaculation. She can touch herself 3 times, but will cum on number 4. So, a ‘perfect score’ here is something like 10 or 11 minutes.
-- Third time (bondage): You’ve got 4 options. 3 are sexy options and 1 is to whack Patti with the riding crop. You can do any sexy option you want, BUT if you do 3 sexy actions in a row, Patti will cum. Each sexy action has 3 different descriptions (after that, they repeat). Whenever you whack her with the riding crop, it resets her arousal. But, eventually, she’ll cum anyway.
At the same time, your own arousal is increasing. If you’re an exhibitionist, you may start out with some arousal (from doing the striptease). Rubbing your pussy on that dick will increase your arousal a lot. Attempting deepthroat won’t increase it at all. Dick licking increases it a little bit. Whacking Patti with the riding crop will increase your arousal by an amount depending on your dominance trait. The more dominant you are, the more arousing you’ll find it. Your max arousal depends on your willpower. Once your max is exceeded, you’ll lose control and fuck Patti.
If you’re a dominant exhibitionist with no willpower, you may have a hard time succeeding in this scene.
-- Fourth time: There are a few paths through this one, but it’s fairly straightforward. My personal favorite is: ‘try to resist’, then two passages later select ‘This might be interesting’.
-- Fifth time: You have an electronic butt plug and cock ring to use on Patti. You might get a personality stat change, depending on which option you pick and what your current stats are.
-- After the confrontation with Marvanna, Patti and Maria get together. The next couple of events are about you trying to seduce Patti and break up the couple. But, you will fail. Patti is under compulsion from Marvanna not to hurt Maria, and that includes emotional harm.

- Ask her about girls: Straightforward options.

Wyatt: Once you’ve seduced him, it’s a linear path.

- Call Maria (first time…shoe shopping): Straightforward. Just flirting.

- Call Maria (second time…practicing): Agree to travel with the Glee Girls. Otherwise straightforward. Only goes as far as touching.

- Call Maria (third time…sleepover): Only available on Friday or Saturday. This is a big sequence with 50 passages. Typically, you’ll only see about half of those on a single playthrough. You can get into Maria’s basement if you can find it and find the key. You’ll need strength of 5 to get in and voodoo skill of 6 to find any ingredients. There’s TF and a lot of sex in this scene, but that part is pretty straightforward.

- Call Maria (fourth time…needs help): Available 5 days after the sleepover. So far, there’s nothing game-altering in this scene. It’s about 50 passages with many different paths, but it’s all about sex and bonding with Maria. You are required to complete this scene before the party scene will trigger.

- Call Maria (fifth time…purse shopping): Available after the party and confrontation with Marvanna. One real decision here. Will you tell Maria to fix Patti’s problem, not fix the problem, or will you just stay out of it? This affects how the Comedy Attic date plays out.

- Call Maria (6th time…double date): This is the event that ends the current version (0.4.0). Includes 50 passages.
-- Conditions: Available 5 days after purse shopping if/when 2nd date with Enzo is done. Also need to complete Andrew date 2, but only if you’ve agreed to date Andrew.
-- Early choices are flavor/role playing. This all leads to some sex. Then, you get interrupted by a couple of men in sunglasses.
-- If you have the Slow Time spell, there’s a whole separate path for using that.
-- The key decision here is when Patti approaches the kidnappers from behind. If you ‘watch Patti for a signal’, they’ll read your eyes, things will go bad, and Maria will be kidnapped.
-- If you ‘drop your cellphone’, you can distract them and you get a fighting chance. If you ‘look for Man #1’s gun’ and then ‘tell him to drop it’, there’s a 50/50 chance (random) that you will die. Otherwise, Maria will be saved.

- As the game progresses, you’ll have dreams. At first, it’s a smoky male image with vague warnings. Later, you’ll start to see a feminine shadow figure (Qareen…more on her later). WARNING: Qareen can kill you! You’ll need a willpower of +1 or better to resist her. If you’re too low, you can use the ‘tease someone’ option and then ‘take a cold shower’ to increase your willpower up to +1.
- These dreams occur after you’re in physical contact with someone when they orgasm. If that happens twice in the same day, you only get one dream so pace yourself!
- If you start with Chapter 3, you may run out of sex scenes before you get all the dream scenes.
-- If that happens, you can use the ‘tease someone’ option, build up your exhibitionism until you can ‘masturbate in public’ and then have sex with a random guy. That will trigger the next dream scene.
-- Another option is to seduce Wyatt. Once he’s been seduced, you can have sex with him anytime you want.

Louisiana Trip
- Too much to describe. Besides the possibility of some stat changes, here are the main outcomes:
-- Did you get raped?
-- Did you find out about the relic?
-- Ingredient gathering
--- got nothing
--- some minor ingredients, but not to change back or spell of hiding
--- enough ingredients to change back or cast spell of hiding
--- all that plus a baby white alligator
-- Did you go on a date with Andrew?
- If you have questions, ask me on the discussion thread.

Glee Club Trip, Day 1
- First choice is whether to ‘console Ruby’, or not. If you don’t care about Ruby, you can go meet Maria in a restaurant, but not a lot happens. Most of the action is with helping Ruby.
- The scene with George (while Ruby gets ice and snacks) has 3 very different possible outcomes.
-- 1) George is psycho, tries to force you, you fight back. This happens if you ‘tease’ him and then ‘defy’ him when he wants you to lick his dick. It can also happen if you initially ‘comply’ but then ‘tease George more’ and then ‘Ridicule him’.
-- 2) You get George worked up and Ruby gets to fuck him while you watch. This happens if you ‘comply’ when he wants you to lick his dick, don’t say ‘taking orders makes me hot’ and don’t ‘ridicule him’.
-- 3) You fuck George, Ruby walks in on you. This happens if you select the ‘fuck George’ option or if you select ‘taking orders makes me hot’.

Glee Club Trip, Day 2
- Didn’t make it into version 0.4.0. For now, you’ll be sent back home to continue your story.

Party at Maria’s house (ending in showdown with Marvanna):
- After Patti has had a couple of dates with Maria and you’ve completed enough of the ‘call Maria’ scenes, you’ll get invited to a party at Maria’s house. Rather than try to describe the whole thing (about 100 passages), I’ll describe some outcomes you can try for.
- You will ONLY get the option to invite Enzo to the basement IF you go to the party with the intent to steal. Otherwise, there’s a multi-path makeout session.
- Facing Marvanna. If you stole something, or if you tried Wyatt’s plan (and you don’t have the spell of hiding) you will have to face Marvanna. Also, if you ask for her help, you will face Marvanna. Other options result in you leaving without a showdown.
- Showdown. You should have several options here, depending on your strength, voodoo knowledge, and whether or not you stole anything. The only one that has the possibility for you to escape is to cast your ‘slow time’ spell (even that can fail, depending on what you do next). But, the longer path and the one I’m still expanding is the one that results from you losing the showdown. So, lose already!
- Losing the showdown. You go to sleep and wake up the next day. You have three options with Maria. If you have developed your empathy enough, you can tell her that you love her. If you came to the party intending to ask for Maria’s help or just have a good time, tell her so. Maria will forgive you if your empathy is high enough or if you didn’t steal anything. If you came to the party with some intention other than stealing, you can ‘take responsibility’ for your other actions and you might get forgiven…if you’ve developed some empathy.
- Aftermath. If Maria forgives you, you’ll go into a series of passages where Marvanna explains some things and lays the groundwork for Chapter 3.

Second date with Andrew
- Conditions: Complete Louisiana trip agreeing to date Andrew (or start with Chapter 3). Plus, events with Qareen must progress at least up to the point where she tries to seduce you.
- Hospital: If your reason for the date is ‘horny’ and you ‘insist’ on not seeing the hospital, then you won’t go inside.
- Beach: At one time, I had other ideas, but currently swimming, drinking, and the massage are just for atmosphere. Nothing important happens until you ‘talk’.
- First time you talk, Andrew will discover that his compulsions don’t work on you. Your initial reaction and options are controlled by your reason for the date that you picked at the beginning.
-- If your reason was ‘horny’, you’re going to have sex.
-- If your reason was to ‘hear his side’, he’ll do some explaining and then you have an option to ‘believe’ or ‘don’t believe’. If you don’t believe, you’re headed for a hostile reaction. If you believe, he’s going to want to read your palm (see next paragraph).
-- If your reason was to stop his ‘evil plot’, he gets suspicious and wants to read your palm. If you ‘let him read your palm’ and then ‘distract him’, you get a sex scene. If you let him read your palm as much as he wants, he discovers Qareen and then turns hostile. If you try to stop him from reading your palm, he stops trusting you and things go hostile.
- Hostile reaction. Stasis. Qareen saves you.
- Second time you talk. The only way to get here is if the first conversation led to sex. Now, you get to hear Andrew’s backstory. Then, there’s more sex. Finally, with Andrew getting weak, you have an option to either ‘let him recover’ or ‘drain’ him. If you let him recover, you go home and he lives. If you drain him, he dies.

- Only available after the party at Maria & Marvanna’s house.
- Meet him at school: Happens automatically the next time you go to school after the party.
- First date (search office): Happens automatically when you go to school after the ‘meet’ event. He texts you and you ‘invite yourself to his house’ (only option). You can give him a handjob and search the office for info. If you know the spell Slow Time, you can use that instead of the handjob.
- Second date (plant bug): Before you can do this, you have to ‘call Marvanna’ and tell her what you found in the office. Then, you have to ‘talk to Wyatt’ and ask him for a bug. After that, you should have an option to ‘call Enzo’ in the evening. This is when you meet Enzo’s mom. If you know the spell Slow Time, you can use that. Otherwise, you will give Enzo another handjob. Later, be sure to talk to Marvanna and tell her you planted the bug.
- Third date (retrieve bug): Before you can do this, you need to talk to Marvanna. She warns you that they’re on to you and tells you to retrieve the bug. Most paths lead to some sort of sex and then you retrieve the bug. However, there’s one path that’s dangerous:
-- If you ‘let him lick you’ and ‘show Enzo how to eat your pussy’ and go for ‘more sex’ (or if you don’t have enough willpower) you’ll get into a dangerous situation. If you have Qareen up to event #8, she will save you. Otherwise, Enzo will drain your transformation spell and turn you back into a man. Currently, that path is short.

Visit from Mr. Jones
- After your second date with Enzo (when you meet his Mom), Wyatt will talk to you about a problem with the rental agreement.
- Mr. Jones will visit on the first Saturday after your conversation with Wyatt (above).
- If you ‘keep begging’, he’s going to ask for your help in taking down Marvanna. The effects of this won’t be seen until a later update to the game.
- If you decide to ‘be seductive’, it’ll lead to a sex scene and a very different outcome.


There are several ‘endings’ to the story which should all be clearly marked. Some are actually bad (death, end of friendship, etc.). In other ‘endings’, you might be somewhat successful, but I’m just not likely to develop those for a while.

If you can make it to the ‘main’ ending (Chapter 3, Ending #4. It’s marked) then you can say you’ve won the game…so far. Even though it’s not a happy ending, Chapter 3, Ending #3 is also a good candidate for further development.

Version 0.4.0 (1/29/2021): Major Update

- Several new scenes with Patti, Maria, Enzo, Gabbi, and Andrew
- Added player selectable color scheme (no more pink after-images)
- Dream events can now progress much farther
- Day 1 of the Glee trip; meet Ruby and George
- Meet Mr. Jones
- Expanded a couple of the school events (Mr. Prescott & girls’ shower)
- Added to the ‘info’ screens for significant characters
- Streamlined some of the interactions with Wyatt


Version 0.3.1 (4/4/2020) is a 'bug fix' version.  There is no new content.  Here is a list of bugs from 0.3.0 that should now be fixed:

  • Willpower didn’t increase if you refused sexy scenes with Andrew
  • There was a dead end in the school event with Felicity
  • A gif wasn’t loading when you ‘give in to lust’ with Ms. Andersen
  • You can now go to the gym on day 1 or 2 if you haven’t been there yet
  • PC complained about Titus even if he never met him
  • One of the school events briefly showed incorrect text
  • Going to the gym didn’t consume the evening time slot
  • Strength could decrease below the minimum (3)

Version 0.3.0 (3/26/2020): Major Update

  • New stats
  • Trip to Louisiana
  • School Events
  • New spells
  • New ‘help Patti’ event
  • New ‘Maria’ events
  • New ‘Gabbi’ events
  • Save game function now shows date/time stamp for your saves
  • Fixed bugs with executing Wyatt’s plan
  •    -- It was calculating success/failure before a team was selected
  •    -- Success/failure chances were the same for either team
  • Countless minor tweaks and fixes

Version 0.2.0 (3/28/2019): Major Update
- More than doubled the existing content of the game
- Added 200+ pictures & gifs
- New content is less linear
- Added save game ability
- Introduced new characters
- Several new sex scenes
- Added a sidebar for functions like ‘view character’

Version 0.1.1 (2/12/2019): Very minor fixes. I think I fixed the problem with the file name. I also addressed a few logic/flow errors pointed out by vortex456. I'm going to use a versioning system where 0.1.0 is chapter 1, initial effort. Since this is a fix to chapter 1, I've given it the version 0.1.1.

Version 0.0.1 (2/10/2019): Initial release (15k words, 150 passages)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by J4YD03

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 02/26/2021

"*=;_,~' FANTASTIC '~,_;=*"

No worries about eating or what you're wearing or money, just intriguing choices which make the story your own.
This has fast become my favourite game after just one playthrough. Can't wait to give another path a try!

I do wish that we could save files externally to come back to at a later date, there are just 5 save slots and it's difficult to remember what save leads to which fork in the road.

Review by Brad_AZ

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 02/23/2021

This is incredible - compelling story, great choices. It's not often I have to play a game through to the end in one sitting (and there's hours of playing to get there - but no grinding). 

Really looking forward to further updates on this one - excellent :)

Review by Lamantin

Version reviewed: 0.4.0 on 01/31/2021

It's a really cool game, long, and almost no bug or inconsistencies. Really looking forward to see how it will be going, especially between the MC and Patti

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 04/06/2020

This is an amazing story so far. I was disappointed when i hit the end, but not nearly as much as i usally am due to just how much is there. It's practically a novel and i've only done one play through so far. The teal background at first bothered me, but i quickly got used to it... however afterwards white backgrounds looked Pink to me for a good 10 minutes.

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 04/04/2020

Amazing game. I love the concept as well as the execution. The characters are just interesting enough for a porn game and the sex scenes are well written. There'sjust enough graphics, not too many , which can often distract from the text.  I recommend giving this game a try.
But a note to the author - please please please change the background colour. After just one playthrough I was seeing the whole world in shades of teal for the rest of the day.

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