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Version: 0.2.0

Version: 0.1.1

Red Pill / Green Pill
by bsharp

You are a young playboy with a crush on an unattainable young woman. Your friends are concerned about your obsession. One has a possible solution, if you're willing to go that far.

This is my first 'game' and the first thing I've written with Twine. Here's what to expect from the game as it exists today (version 0.2.0):
- CYOA adult story with NSFW photos/gifs
- 70k words & 450 passages
- 200 pictures & gifs
- 9 clearly marked endings to the current content
   -- 2 of these are ‘bad’ ends in that they have no future in the story
   -- 7 of these are likely to be continued in future development

Although the game has a daily cycle at some points, that doesn’t mean it’s a sandbox ‘life sim’. Narrative events will drive you to an end at some point. Therefore, you won’t have enough time to explore all the possibilities on a single playthrough. If you think you’ve seen everything, check the ‘walkthrough’, just to be sure.

MAJOR UPDATE! Version 0.2.0 (3/28/2019):
- 55k new words (more than double the previous content of the game)
- Added 200+ pictures & gifs
- New content is much less linear
- New characters; new sex scenes
- Added save game option
- Added a sidebar for functions like ‘view character’

Chapter 2 has two main paths: Patti’s plan and Wyatt’s plan. Patti’s plan has more content. On the other hand, if Wyatt’s plan is a failure, you may get a chance to switch to Patti’s plan.

Don’t miss… If you haven’t had sex with Maria and Wyatt, you definitely haven’t seen everything. If you can’t figure it out, check the ‘walkthrough’.

Some scenes will display different pictures depending on your character’s physical attributes.

Please give me your constructive comments in the discussion thread. I look forward to your questions, recommendations and bug reports.

Jack: You. Rich young playboy with an epic crush on a beautiful young college track star…who won’t have anything to do with you.

Patti: The above-mentioned object of your crush.

Wyatt: A close friend of yours who can’t stand to see how your obsession is ruining your life. He wants to help.

Maria: A young Cajun woman. She has something you need.

Leia: Maria’s BFF.

CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! (of course)

I suggest playing the game at least once without reading this. Chapter 2 is kind of complicated though, so I’m providing this to help you explore all the adult content. The three “do not miss” scenes are Patti in bondage, sex with Wyatt, and sex with Maria.

Chapter 1 is mostly linear and straightforward. Just enjoy yourself and don’t worry too much about stats.

Chapter 2 begins when Wyatt gets a phone call from the PI.

You’re going to have to pick a plan on how to get more voodoo ingredients. There is far more content behind Patti’s plan than there is Wyatt’s plan. But, if Wyatt’s plan completely fails (success is not completely within your control), you’ll have the option to switch to Patti’s plan.

While you wait on various parts of your plan to unfold, you’ll have waiting time. While you wait, you can do a morning activity and an evening activity. Sometimes, your morning activity won’t be available (if you’re in school, for example).

Morning activities:

- Work out: This is the least interesting activity. All it does (so far) is increase your strength and maybe let you work out with Gabbi. Strength can affect the outcome of (so far only 1) action in the game.

- Talk to Wyatt: This leads to two main options:
-- Learn Voodoo: If you learn enough voodoo, you’ll be able to cast spells. In chapter 2, these are very minor. Voodoo skill can also affect some of your options and some of the text you see.

-- Seduce Wyatt: You can seduce Wyatt, but it’s not easy. You have to go with the ‘tease’ and ‘show skin’ options over and over and over. If you stick with it long enough (9 times), you can break down Wyatt’s resistance. The direct approach will not work until after you’ve seduced him with ‘show skin’.

- Get some fresh air: This leads to several other options:
-- Walk in the neighborhood: Just a chance to see a few sexy pictures. No further game effect at this time.

-- Go to the beach: More sexy pictures. After 3 trips, you’ll get frustrated enough to open up an option to talk to Patti about how to seduce lesbians. There are other ways to open up that option.

-- Go shopping: Just a couple pictures. No further game effect at this time.

- Practice your voodoo spells: Includes pictures. Some amount of practice will be required before learning the next level of spells (not yet implemented).

- Buy a vibrator: A trip to the store.

- Call Maria: This will lead to scenes with Maria (described in more detail below). This option only shows up after you’ve met Maria and she’s decided she wants to hang out with you.

Evening Activities:

- Tease someone: This gives you the option to explore your exhibitionism. If you want to increase your exhibitionism, select the most risqué option you’re offered (for example, select ‘flash boobs’ instead of ‘show cleavage’) and then click the link for ‘yes’ when asked if you think you could do more next time. Max level is currently ‘masturbate in public’.

- Call Maria: Same effect as ‘call Maria’ in the morning activities. More detail below.

- Ask Patti about girls: This action is only available after you’ve become frustrated with meeting girls. Frustration happens after 3 trips to the beach OR flashing your pussy at a woman (from the ‘tease someone’ action) OR 3 strolls through the neighborhood OR meeting all the sexy Glee Club girls. Once it’s available, this leads to a sex scene with Patti.

- Patti wants to talk about her problem (or Help Patti with her problem): In her male form, Patti has a problem with premature ejaculation. She wants you to help. Besides leading to a lot of sexy scenes (more on those below) Patti’s training will affect how she interacts with Maria.

- Try to relieve some tension: Masturbate. You can use your hand or (if you bought one) a vibrator.

- I just want to relax: End the evening with no activity. I don’t know why you’d want to do that, but it’s an option.

- There are a few other options (buy bondage equipment, for example) that will show up when needed, but they’re pretty straightforward.


A couple of the sex scenes in Red Pill / Green Pill are kind of complicated. You can just click your way through and everything should work fine. BUT, you probably won’t see everything. And, in some of them, it’s a little more complicated that just picking a different action next time. So, here’s some guidance.

- Talk about her problem: For maximum sex, select these options: Tease, Talk about feelings, give Patti a hug, just wait, Patti kisses you, you’re gonna love this, need your dick, cuddle.

- Help Patti with her problem
-- First time: Just pick the different options. Some of these will lead to stat changes.
-- Second time: You can pick the options in any order. BUT, if you repeat ‘touch pussy’, ‘handjob’, or ‘take off clothes’ a second time, it’ll lead to Patti’s premature ejaculation. She can touch herself 3 times, but will cum on number 4. So, a ‘perfect score’ here is something like 10 or 11 minutes.
-- Third time (bondage): You’ve got 4 options. 3 are sexy options and 1 is to whack Patti with the riding crop. You can do any sexy option you want, BUT if you do 3 sexy actions in a row, Patti will cum. Each sexy action has 3 different descriptions (after that, they repeat). Whenever you whack her with the riding crop, it resets her arousal. But, eventually, she’ll cum anyway.
At the same time, your own arousal is increasing. If you’re an exhibitionist, you may start out with some arousal (from doing the striptease). Rubbing your pussy on that dick will increase your arousal a lot. Attempting deepthroat won’t increase it at all. Dick licking increases it a little bit. Whacking Patti with the riding crop will increase your arousal by an amount depending on your dominance trait. The more dominant you are, the more arousing you’ll find it. Your max arousal depends on your willpower. Once your max is exceeded, you’ll lose control and fuck Patti.
If you’re a dominant exhibitionist with no willpower, you may have a hard time succeeding in this scene.

- Ask her about girls: Straightforward options.

- Call Maria (first time…shoe shopping): Straightforward. Just flirting.

- Call Maria (second time…practicing): Agree to travel with the Glee Girls. Otherwise straightforward. Only goes as far as touching.

- Call Maria (third time…sleepover): Only available on Friday or Saturday. This is a big sequence with 50 passages! Typically, you’ll only see about half of those. You can get into Maria’s basement if you can find it and find the key. You’ll need strength of 5 to get in and voodoo skill of 6 to find any ingredients. There’s TF and a lot of sex in this scene, but that part is pretty straightforward.

Wyatt: Once you’ve seduced him, it’s a linear path.


There are 9 endings to the current content. 5 of these can only be reached through following Wyatt’s plan. Some of his plan’s success is probabilistic which means only some endings will be possible on any given playthrough. So, if you’re trying for a particular ending, you should save before selecting a team of professionals.

Bad Ends… There are 2. Do you really want to know? Maybe I’ll put those in here next time.

Version 0.2.0 (3/28/2019): Major Update
- More than doubled the existing content of the game
- Added 200+ pictures & gifs
- New content is less linear
- Added save game ability
- Introduced new characters
- Several new sex scenes
- Added a sidebar for functions like ‘view character’

Version 0.1.1 (2/12/2019): Very minor fixes. I think I fixed the problem with the file name. I also addressed a few logic/flow errors pointed out by vortex456. I'm going to use a versioning system where 0.1.0 is chapter 1, initial effort. Since this is a fix to chapter 1, I've given it the version 0.1.1.

Version 0.0.1 (2/10/2019): Initial release (15k words, 150 passages)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Nerina

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/11/2019

Well written, and a good amount of sontent for a first release. Looking forward to seeing more!

Review by Althalus

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/11/2019

Good bit of content, needs a save feature in the future.

Review by SUPERtwinky

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/10/2019

There's actually quite a lot of content here.
It's more of an 0.1.0 than an 0.0.1.

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