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Version: 1.0.0

The Hypnotist

You are Tiffy, a young girl who needs to stop smoking for her job and decides to see a hypnotist for help.

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Review by Haunt

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/14/2013

If you want to look at porn pictures, this 'game' is for you. If you have a fetish for hypnosis, and being a woman who is forced to have sex with others due to it, then this game 'might' be ok for you. If you're into sisterly incest after a hypnotic trigger again it 'might' be ok for you.

If you want an actual game and you want any kind of transformations then this is not for you.

The game creator designed one path from start to finish. Every time that you have multiple options it is a lie. Only one option continues the 'story', the others end abruptly every time.

Beyond that, the game is listed here as complete but it isn't. Storyline parts are left off without resolution. For example the flyer is a red herring, Eva is a red herring (except as a bad end in one fake option point).

Beyond that there are several bugs to the game. While at the Hypnotist's office you can use directional exits and return to home and vice versa without time passing. The option to 'Introduce Yourself' never goes away once it starts. And perhaps the worst bug of all is that once the Living Room unlocks in Tiffy's house you'll see an exit to the south but if you go out then explore around you will never be able to go back inside, the exit back north to that room vanishes and never returns so you are left constantly wanderring with nothing at all able to be interracted with.

In its current state this is neither a game nor a transformation media. This, combined with the quick option ends, and the bugs, makes me unwilling to give it a higher score, but a lot of work and content was put into it so it deserves a better score than 1. Hence the 2 star rating.

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