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Version: 5.6

by vinfamy

A 3d animated game on Unreal Engine, LifePlay allows you to play as a (customizable) man who just moves to a new city (choose from 180 real world maps) looking to escape his previous boring life. Having always been secretly curious about what life would have been as a woman, one morning, he wakes up only to find that he has been magically transformed into a (customizable) woman (choose whether to keep a penis). He also finds that any traces of his male self have been deleted from the world ... 

After the initial scripted transformation, you're then free to live your life in the new female body in whatever way you want: the game is a life simulator with 619 scenes covering a wide range of life situations where your choice matters. Will you attend university and be a good teacher's pet? Or will you get a office job and start an affair with your boss? Will you settle down and be a faithful wife? Or will you live the polyamorous lifestyle and have lovers of all sexes? 

Inspired by GirlLife and NewLife, but with added animated 3d graphics and a lot of character customization options. Also, like GirlLIfe and NewLife, the game has both TF and non-TF starts as options, so remember to select "New TF Game" from the main menu.

The game has been under development since the end of 2017, you can easily get hours of gameplay, especially if you try out different character builds in different maps. A new update is released every 2-3 weeks directly to the public with its full sources. It's also very moddable, just check the Docs folder for information.

The game has a lot of different fetishes that your post-tf female character can engage in: incest, rape, bestiality, ntr, pregnancy, ... Don't worry though, you will never be forced into seeing any content you're not interested in. In fact, the very first thing you're prompted after starting a new game is to tick/untick which content you want to see.

Version 5.6:

- This update is the third Kink of the Month update for July (i.e. unlucky loser given some love), focusing on Polyamorous. Like most kinks, this is an optional module disabled by default. Enable it first in Esc > Mod Manager.
- 'Free Use' scene where a polyamorous partner walks around the house naked and you can just bang them. Another poly partner then may join you.
- If one of your poly partner is also dating someone else, that person can try to seduce another poly partner of yours which you can put an end to or encourage
- Your poly partner may want to marry their other partner if you're not married to them. You can discourage this or be supportive by attending their wedding along the rest of your poly partners, which will then lead to a very fun wedding night.
- Expand the scene where poly partner asks for your permission to start dating someone else at the same time: 1. allow for multiple partners this way, 2. option to meet and 'interview' this third party before deciding, 3. option to decline but suggest someone else from your contacts instead, 4. the scene now is affected by your poly partner's old-young and interracial preferences if those modules are enabled
- A sibling of one of your poly partners found out and disapproved of your arrangement. You can try to convince them that your poly relationship is indeed a healthy one, and the relative may end up wanting to join too.
- An ex suddenly invites you over and reveals they're now in a poly relationship and want you to be part of it.
- Your poly partner reveals they're trying for a baby with their other partner. You can encourage them, or put an end to it and suggest that they or their partner (depending on who can actually get pregnant) gets impregnated by you or another poly partner of yours instead.


Version 5.5:

- This update is the second Kink of the Month update for July, focusing on Netori (where you're the bull). Like most kinks, this is an optional module disabled by default. Enable it first in Esc > Mod Manager.
- If you impregnate another guy's SO, the guy may find out (100% if you're different race from him) which could then lead to scenes of him confronting you demanding child support (you can offer your own SO instead to make it even) or admitting he likes it and asks you to impregnate her again.
- If you're quite senior in your office job, you may get seduced by the spouse of a subordinate (their jobexperience is at least 30 lower than yours) to help get them promoted. When you finally give them their promotion, they may then come home to celebrate only to find you there.
- Every NPCs that have already got the 'Cuck' tag (which could happen in almost all Netori scenes) will now occasionally invite you over to bang their SO when they watch. Their SO will gradually gain attraction to you and lose attraction to them. Eventually you can ask the SO to simply dump the cuck. Even after the cuck has been dumped, they will eventually start dating someone new and will again ask you to come over again to 'sample the new goods' and repeat the cycle.
- The Cuck-tagged NPC above asks you to come over but their SO isn't there this time. Instead, they have there another couple who is looking for a bull and you've been highly recommended.
- When hanging out with someone you've slept with behind their SO's back, they mention they told another married friend about the affair and the friend wants a piece as well.
- When hanging out with a friend at a nightclub or bar, your companion starts eyeing up someone who's already there with their SO. You can simply dissuade your friend or offer to be the wing(wo)man to distract the target's SO while your friend has a go. Your friend may suceed depending on their attractiveness and the target's perversion. If they fail on their own, there's the chance depending on the SO's submissiveness that the SO admits they have some cuckold fantasy and is looking for a bull. You can stick to the original wingman arrangement and offer your friend ... or offer yourself as the bull to essentially cuck both.
- If you have the 'paul Ince..." module enabled, your two 'lifegivers' have been having problems as one with the same gender as you is no longer as vigorous in 'battle' as they used to. You can ignore it or offer yourself to fulfill this duty on their behalf from now on.

Version 5.4:
- This update is the first Kink of the Month update for July, focusing on Pregnancy. There's starting to be a few ideas about lactation or breastfeeding in the Discord brainstorm but since these require their own system, animations and effects to be implemented first - I avoid them for v5.4 for now but whenever Pregnancy wins next, I will specifically state that the update then will focus purely on lactation and breastfeeding which means there will be enough development hours to do the system, animations and effects.
- When hanging out with a male friend, they may tell you that he and his SO has been trying in vain for a child, so he asks for your SO as a surrogate mother. You can demand a wife swap to be 'fair', and it may turn out that it's the male friend who's infertile not his SO.
- When hanging out with a female friend, she may ask you to be the surrogate mother and get impregnated by her SO instead. Your own SO can demand a wife swap to be 'fair', and it may turn out that it's your friend's SO who's infertile, not herself.
- At a random time during her pregnancy, your pregnant SO can't handle the guilt and confess that the baby isn't yours. You can simply forgive, dump her, pressure her into an abortion or demand that she helps you make it even by helping you impregnate her baby daddy's current SO instead.
- At a random time during a neutral NPC's pregnancy, your SO admits that the baby is his. You can simply forgive, dump him or demand tha he helps you make it even by helping you get impregnated by the baby mama's current SO instead.
- If you're a por nstar, you may sometimes get a niche shoot where your screen partner is pregnant.
- If you made some victim pregnant in a 'rap... music' scene. Later on, she desperately want to see you again, and instead of accusing you, she actually comes back for more and begs you to be in a relationship with her for the child's sake. If this victim happens to be South Asian or Middle Eastern, they will mention parental pressure.
- If you suggest to your SO to start trying for a child and fail, a few days later, you may get approached by your SO's brother or sister who has found out about your desire for a child and offers an alternative.
- If a female player is hanging out with a female friend or relative, this companion admits to you they just found out they got impregnated by a guy who's now refusing to take reponsibility. You can convince her to get an abortion or offer to go talk to the guy yourself. You may then either succeed in pressuring the guy into dating your friend/ relative ... or end up seduced by his charm and get impregnated yourself ...
- Increase the frequency of NPCs just naturally getting pregnant during your gameplay with their SO or random hookup (i.e. no player involvement)
- If your SO gives birth to a child clearly of a different race than you, this makes it obvious that she cheated.
- When donating sperm having successfully impregnated a 'strange woman' who preferred the traditional method in the past, she may approach you again and tell you about a secret group of baby-crazy women just like her having a party tonight. They all heard about how 'effective' you were and invite you to the party where you can impregnate them all.
- Most of Patrons' commissions for June commissions. I've done all the scenes, only a few animations and one special (traditional attire) request are left and will be done next update. I really wanted to finish 100% the June commissions this update but at the same time, I didn't want to delay v5.4 any further (already 3 days late).


Version 5.3:

- This update is the third Kink of the Month update (i.e. unlucky loser given some love) for June, focusing on Transformation. This refers to the "New TF Game" option accessible from the start menu.

- When transforming, you keep the skin color and some of the facial and body features from your male form by default (obviously still editable in the character creation menu that pops up), not just go back into a default female model.

- During the initial transforming scene, you now get asked whether you look fully feminine or androgynous. If the latter, you start off with a flat chest and higher body muscle definition, your boobs grow and your body becomes more feminine periodically as you become more perverted or submissive in your new form instead.

- When hanging out with a female friend or relative, your character may be prompted to learn from this person something you missed not growing up as a woman like make-up, walking in heels, how to send "signals", how to coordinate outfits, how to survive without pockets, etc, which increases attractiveness or interpersonal stats.

- When hanging out with a high perversion woman, you may notice how effortlessly she gets men into her bed and ask for her help, which results into either a double date or a threesome.

- While hanging out / on a date with someone, you may make a mistake in acting feminine or saying something that just doesn't make sense for someone born female. This raises a new hidden stat each NPC now has called "Suspicion", the speed it's raised depends on their intelligence.

- Once suspicion reaches 100, they will be convinced you were a transwoman (obviously they didn't know about the magical transformation, they just assumed hormonal treatment and reassignment surgery), and depending on their perversion, dominance and orientation, they either lose all attraction, or actually get more turned on. If they've already slept with you but is actually transphobic, things could get really messy.

- After losing your virginity as a woman, you can decide how you feel about it, which can provide a big boost to perversion (i.e. opening the floodgate)

- You find out how much attention you now get on dating apps as a woman compared to when you're a man and that boosts your confidence (i.e. interpersonal & mood) and also perversion if you decide to flirt back and maybe hook up. Too many casual hook-ups though and you start getting addicted, which makes you lose mood whenever you decide to resist the temptation.

- Sorry, I still haven't got around to patrons' June commissions yet. Next update (18 July) I'll do all of them.

Version 5.2:

- This update is the second Kink of the Month update for June, focusing on University. Note that the map you're playing on by default may not have a university building where you can enroll as a student or apply to be a lecturer, in which case you need to select any building > Edit Building > choose the university symbol to add one first.

- You can now take the final exams and graduate from university which, depending on your average score of all subjects, provides a large boost to your jobexperience (which directly affects your salary and seniority). Obviously not everyone wants to play a LifePlay save for 4 in-game years, so the minimum amount of time you have to wait between enrolling and taking the final exam is set at 4 months instead, failing it makes you wait at least 1 month before retaking it. Success depends on your intelligence (which is increased by attending lectures and studying alone or in group etc) and a bit of luck too. After completing each subject's final exam, you can gauge how well you did and so you may choose to bribe the marking lecturer of that subject to boost your score with your or your SO's body, which depends on their perversion and sexual orientation. Therefore, not all lecturers will be corrupt so might be wise to bribe the ones you know are open to it anyway to keep the score averge high just in case you screw up on a later subject with an incorruptible lecturer.

- When attending a fraternity / sorority party, you may witness someone getting s piked and perhaps save the victim from harm.

- A perverted classmate has a crush on a lecturer and is willing to bet with you who can seduce them first.

- A relative of your frat bro / sorority sis is visiting them, you may choose to simply exchange numbers or seduce them right there and then. The type of relative is random normally but is influenced by your age gap preference instead if you have the Old-Young module enabled.

- Similarly, one of your relatives is visiting you and gets some interest from a frat bro / sorority sis you're living with.

- When group studying, some classmates will actually study with you, their own intelligence provides further boost to your intelligence increases. And of course, some group se x potential.

- New action to "Mentor a foreign exchange student" (you can pick where they come from, but whether they have the stereotypes i.e. BBC, big Latina ass, etc depends on what you set if you have the Interracial module enabled). This person will stay in your city for one in-game month. If you don't participate in Greek life and live at home, the university may ask you to provide 'homestay' accommodation for this student as well (where they'll meet your relatives). Aside from the usual random / companion events, there are some specific events that can trigger featuring this exchange student when you take the mentor action, where you can simply gain some karma and interpersonal or end up hooking up with them but can also end up asking them to transfer permanently to your university (depends on their rapport with you, always succeeds if you've managed to turn them into your BF / GF already).

- If you've slept with a lecturer, you may keep the affair going. A classmate may find out and threaten to expose both of you. If you're in a relationship, the lecturer's spouse may take revenge by telling your SO.

- Sorry, I haven't got around to patrons' commissions for June yet. I will get to them in the next update (8 July) instead.

Version 5.1:

- This update is the first Kink of the Month update for June, focusing on Interracial. Note that this module and all scenes and stats associated with it is disabled by default, you need to enable the module first in Esc > Mod Manager.
- 6 new stats for both the player character and NPCs: Black Fetish, South Asian Fetish, Arab Fetish, Latin Fetish, East Asian Fetish & White Fetish. For NPCs, these stats are randomized when new NPCs are first generated and will then affect the attraction to player (of course, you can edit them afterwards by going into Contacts > Edit Stats).
- The 6 new stats will affect the orgas m rate during adult scenes with people of particular races (alongside the stats for favorite positions and proneness to orgas m). They are also not static and increase a bit each time you or an NPC triggers an adult scene with a particular race (and a bit more each time you or the NPC reaches orgas m with that particular race).
- Make some adjustments to the current IR scenes so that the new fetish stats for NPCs stay consistent to what it says in the scenes themselves (racist person won't have high fetish for your race, the crazy fan won't have low fetish for you, the friend who asks you to be a bull only does so if their SO is actually into your race, etc).
- The makeInterested() function (which is used a lot for generating NPC couples and potential interested lovers for the player) now also makes the subject at least moderately interested in the target's race, not just gender.
- If you're dating someone of Arab or South Asian descent (possible also if Latin or East Asian, but much lower chance) and have slept with them (chances double if you were their first), there's a chance their parents will eventually give them an ultimatum to either get you to marry them now, or break up with you and marry a 'nice traditional' boy/ girl from a family they know all the way back in their home country. You can give in and get married, or convince your bf/ gf to become estranged from their parents (success depends on their attraction to you) or just let them leave you to please their parents.
- (This works as a follow-up for the 'bad ending' in the scene above, but also any other situations too) Any exes who are dating or married to a person whose race they're not all that interested in compared to their own attraction to you, may eventually miss you and intially ask to 'stay friends' and hang out, then depending on their perversion, fail miserably during the date itself and end up sleeping with you again.
- Once the above happened, they will occasionally call you over to satisfy their needs when their SO is away. If the Netori module is enabled, the SO will eventually catch you in the act, only to confess their own fetish for watching their partner get smashed by someone of your race.
- When you're hanging out with a single friend of a different race at home, they may catch a glimpse of a relative living with you and ask you to hook them up. You can either simply say the relative isn't available, or explain that the relative has said some pretty racist stuffs about your friend's race in the past so it wouldn't work. If the latter, the friend will suggest a blind date and promise to change your relative's racist attitude for good after one night of passion. If you say yes, the blind date's success depends on how racist your relative is and your friend's attractiveness and interpersonal stats.
- If the Netorare module is enabled and you're dating or married to someone of the same race, you may eventually discover their por n collection full of interracial stuff with a particular race. If you ask your SO about this, they will confess their long-held racial fetish but insist they've never cheated on you. You can then offer to pick someone of this race from your contacts or pay a big sum to hire your SO's favorite pornsta r earlier to fulfill this huge fantasy of theirs. If your SO is female and happens to be trying for a child, they may also make the ultimate request to not use any protection and try to get impregnated with a mixed child.
- If you're dating or married to someone of a different race (a race you have a fetish for) who has high perversion and at least a bit masochist (or you've already agreed to a open relationship), while messing around one night, they have a pleasant surprise for you as they invite some friends they grew up with to all share you.
- While at any stores that sell alcohol, you come across someone (whose race you have a fetish for) being a victim of a racist tirade from someone your own race. If you decide to stand up for them, they praise you as an 'ally' to their community and invite you to the neighbourhood party they're shopping for, obviously full of people their own race. Of course, you'll be a kid in a candy shop there and may end up with quite a few number exchanges or even some group fun.
- When hanging out with a friend of a different race and at least decent rapport, they invite you to their home where either their single sibling or widowed parent is proud to show off their country's traditional cuisine. If you praise their cooking and manage to engage in a passionate conversation about food with this relative (which requires either high interpersonal or high cooking yourself), your friend will eventually notice the chemistry, explain their relative's recent loneliness and offer to leave you two alone ...
- Some bug fixes and minor improvements

Version 5.0 Stable:

- This update concludes the v5.0 Exteriors and Dynamic Animations Overhaul by fixing many bugs, covering both those related to the overhaul itself and those already existing before the overhaul. Thank you for all your bug reports via Discord. I've put the green tick reaction next to the reports I've worked on.

- As promised, this is the last update this year to not include the lighter 'Update Only' downloads, these will be back for the next v5.1 update (Interracial) on 18 June.

Version 5.0 Beta 6:

- Add navigation data for the new exterior locations added in the last update, so that characters know where to walk and stand and avoid clipping with each other / with environment objects. This also allows adult scenes to start on the ground, not floating mid-air.

- Add some new poses and animations of characters interacting with the environment and objects for the new exterior locations so that they don't just stand around.

- Add customizable outfit lists for beach and pool locations for NPCs so that those spawn there wear swimsuits and bikinis, not just their normal clothes.

- Bug fixes. For this update, I've fixed the most major ones, especially the ones directly related to the newly-added exteriors so this update should be very much playable, despite being called Beta 6.

- However, there are some non-game-breaking bugs left so I didn't want to rush it and call it v5.0 Stable just yet. Instead, v5.0 Stable will be the next (8 June) update (note that this doesn't affect Kinks of the Month at all, they will be the 18 June and 28 June updates), where I'll fix the rest of the bugs and also add some new scenes for the exterior locations as well. Therefore, please report any bugs you still encounter in this Beta 6 update on Discord's bugs channel - don't worry about double-posting, just post whatever you come across.

Version 5.0 Beta 4 & 5:

- This double update focuses on the Exteriors aspect of the v5.0 overhaul. It adds the environment, lighting, actions, interactions and scenes for the following new exterior locations: pool, river, beach, park, forest, mountain & street.

- Please note that this is still a beta update, so it inevitably WILL CONTAIN BUGS after adding so many new things in the last 20 days. I also haven't got around to making animations for some of the new actions yet (Swimming etc) nor have I done the navmesh for them yey so a lot of standing around awkwardly or even on top of each other still in the new locations. The next update v5.0 Stable (28 May) will focus on these animations & navmesh + bug fixes.

- Except for street which is shown whenever you're in transit, the rest of the exteriors can be accessed by selecting "Head to an outdoor location" available from all locations

(Below I only listed the new ones specific to these new exteriors, there are also plenty of existing generic actions, interactions and scenes that have been applied to them as well)

- New actions: swim, sunbathe (pool, beach), fish (river), have_a_bbq_party (beach, river, park), have_a_picnic (river, park), hike, camp, have_a_bonfire_party (forest, mountain), climb (mountain)

- New interactions: splash_water, race_swim, apply_sunscreen (pool, beach), hike_together (forest, mountain), climb_together (mountain)

- New scenes (a lot of them so I kept the bullet points short, but most of the scenes do have a chance to lead to an adult scene or at least some flirting or a contact exchange. 'Target' means the NPC you click on before selecting an interaction.):

-- When swimming:

--- A stranger 'accidentally' touches you under the water

--- You 'accidentally' touch a stranger under the water. Alternative outcome if Netori is enabled.

--- You save a stranger from drowning (if high fitness)

--- A stranger saves you from drowning (if low fitness)

--- You check out a stranger's bulge or camel toe from the water

--- A stranger 'accidentally' touches your companion under the water and you protect them. Alternative outcome if Netorare is enabled.

--- If much higher fitness, you may offer to help your companion improve

-- When splashing water at a target:

--- If decent rapport, it increases further. If decent attraction or high perversion, the target may get turned on. Otherwise, you just annoy them.

--- A stranger is caught in the crossfire and either scold you both or join in.

-- When racing a target at a pool or beach:

--- The target may dare you to a bet, with possible alternative payment

--- Your victory may impress a stranger.

--- If Netorare is enabled, the target's victory may impress your companion.

-- When sunbathing:

--- A stranger or your companion offers to help you apply sunscreen

--- You decide to sunbathe nude. A stranger or your companion either compliments or disapproves.

--- A stranger has a perfect view of your bulge or camel toe from the water

--- If Netorare is enabled, your companion may accept a stranger's offer to apply sunscreen

-- When applying sunscreen on a target:

--- You may caress a bit and get told off or flirted with

--- If your companion is a past lover with high perversion, you may work together in turning target on, leading to a threesome.

--- If Netori is enabled, the target's signicant other may cause a scene and gets asked to leave, leaving the target alone and embarrassed.

-- When fishing:

--- Your companion gets bored and suggests having fun. If Netorare is enabled, a rejected companion may find someone else.

--- If Netori is enabled, a stranger hates fishing but is dragged along by their SO.

--- You share your catch with an inexperienced stranger.

--- You engage in a long conversation with a stranger.

-- When having a BBQ / bonfire party:

--- Some similarities to the house party scenes. You invite contacts, who may also bring along their friends. You can score using your cooking or music skill and higher chance to get caught when getting intimate

-- When having a picnic:

--- Invite up to 3 more people. Usually just improves rapport, but gender combinations and perversion stats work out, potential group adult scene.

--- If you and the first invitee are both in relationships, they suggest making it a double date, which may turn into swinging.

--- If only one invitee and interested genders work out, turns into a date. If your date doesn't have much attraction for you, they may bring along a friend, who you may have better luck with.

-- When hiking (together):

--- You (and your target) may get lost and come across a wooden shack. The owner may be helpful or try to seduce either or both of you.

--- You injure your leg and the target / companion / a stranger has to carry you and maybe deserve a reward.

--- The target injures their leg and you have to carry them.

--- If Netorare is enabled and lower fitness, your companion and a stranger may leave you far behind ...

--- If Netori is enabled and higher fitness, the target brings their SO along on the hike, only to be left behind with you and their SO far ahead ...

-- When climbing (together):

--- You almost fall off a cliff and the target / companion / a stranger saves your life.

--- The target almost fall off a cliff and you save their life.

--- If Netorare is enabled, your target may get tired and can't climb higher. If you insist on continuing yourself, they'll stay behind and may meet a stranger.

--- If Netori is enabled, the target has a SO too cowardly to climb, leaving you and the target alone higher up ...

-- When camping:

--- This will prompt you to camp there overnight either alone or with your companion.

--- So much time for bonding ... or seduction

--- There may be rap music during the night if a certain module is enabled. Alternative outcome if Netorare is enabled.

-- Random:

--- In all exteriors, you may catch an exhibitionist couple doing it publicly. You can join, so can your companion.

Version 5.0 Beta 3:

- This is the third out of 6 updates as part of the v5.0 Overhaul. Note that just like last year's overhaul, this overhaul involves modifying and moving around a lot of old game files, which makes it impossible to make the lighter 'Update Only' downloads available. Therefore, only the full downloads are available for these 6 updates in April and May. The Update Only downloads will be back to usual for v5.1 (8 June).

- Using the new system to minimize dicks clipping and poking through that was added in v5.0 Beta 1, all the rest of the adult animations (i.e. all futa and 'non-human' animations, including their various group variants) have been adjusted. There should be now very few noticeable incidents of dick poking through that's noticeable for any kind of animations you may come across during gameplay.

- As mentioned in the last two updates as well, the difference compared to the clipping in the previous versions should be quite noticeable just from triggering any adult scene involving at least one man from normal gameplay. However, if you want to test this directly, you can name your character "Vinfamy" and whenever you press P during an adult scene, the dicks of all male characters and futa charatacters involved will shuffle to a different size allowing you to see clearly how the system adapts and tries to miminize poking through at different sizes.

Version 5.0 Beta 2:

- This is the second out of 6 updates as part of the v5.0 Overhaul. Note that just like last year's overhaul, this overhaul involves modifying and moving around a lot of old game files, which makes it impossible to make the lighter 'Update Only' downloads available. Therefore, only the full downloads are available for these 6 updates in April and May. The Update Only downloads will be back to usual for v5.1 (8 June).
- Using the new system to minimize dicks clipping and poking through that was added in the last update v5.0 Beta 1 (when the MF animations were done first), the rest of the adult animations (i.e. all the different gender combinations of group animations + gay animations) involving at least one male character penetrating / receiving oral have been adjusted.
- The only animations left untouched so far are the futa and 'non-human' ones, which will be worked on in Beta 3 (28 April).
- As mentioned in the last update as well, the difference compared to the clipping in the previous versions should be quite noticeable just from triggering any adult scene involving at least one man from normal gameplay. However, if you want to test this directly, you can name your character "Vinfamy" and whenever you press P during an adult scene, the dicks of all male characters involved will shuffle to a different size allowing you to see clearly how the system adapts and tries to miminize poking through at different sizes.

Version 5.0 Beta 1:

- This is the first out of 6 updates as part of the v5.0 Overhaul. Note that just like last year's overhaul, this overhaul involves modifying and moving around a lot of old game files, which makes it impossible to make the lighter 'Update Only' downloads available. Therefore, only the full downloads are available for these 6 updates in April and May. The Update Only downloads will be back to usual for v5.1 (8 June).
- New system to minimize dicks clipping and poking through partner's belly / butt / back / neck for penetrative and oral animations, by dynamically adjusting the meshes and the animations taking into account both how deep the dick is inside the 'hole' during each frame of the animation and how long the dick itself is (since dick size is customizable).
- In this Beta 1 update, this new system has been applied only to Male on Female adult animations. The next update Beta 2 (18 April) will focus on fine-tuning the system and applying it to gay, trans, group and 'non-human' animations as well.
- The difference compared to the clipping in the previous versions should be quite noticeable just from triggering any Male on Female adult scene from normal gameplay. However, if you want to test this new system directly, you can name your character "Vinfamy" and whenever you press P during an MF adult scene, the male character's dick will shuffle to a different size allowing you to see clearly how the system adapts and tries to miminize poking through at different sizes.


Version 4.30:

- This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on At Work. This is also the final v4.x update, as we move on into the 6-update v5.0 overhaul in April and May.
- A colleague calls in pretending to be sick. You are asked to go retrieve some important documents from their home. You find them too busy having sex at home instead you can either snitch or stay quiet and have some fun yourself.
- If you're banging your secretary and your boss is interested as well, they might ask to have a go themselves. You can refuse for a jobperformance hit or accept for a bonus. Be careful if you accept too many times though as your secretary may end up getting promoted to be an even higher position than you and you'll need to find another secretary to play with.
- If your jobexperience is at least 50, your boss might occasionally ask you to interview potential new junior hires, who might try to bribe you with money, their number, their body or their SO's body to get hired
- If the Netori module is enabled and you're banging one of your subordinates, you may find out they're having a date with a new bf/ gf after work. If you let them be, their new relationship is unharmed. You can assert your dominance instead by convincing them to bang you before the date and either cuck the unknowing new bf / gf or actually send the video to this new bf / gf, which may result in either a breakup or a new willing cuck depending on the bf/ gf's masochist.
- When you bully a subordinate (by clicking on them and selecting that option), there's a chance that their significant other sees you outside of the office one day and decides to confront you. You can then seduce this SO of theirs instead.
- If the Netorare module is enabled, you get a pleasant surprise of a big promotion one day, only to come home and see your boss banging your SO, who has taken upon themselves to help out your career. If you put a stop to it, your boss may fire you in the next performance review. If you let the arrangement continue, you'll find your boss coming over your place periodically to bang your SO but your job performance will always be seen as perfect and you may get another promotion before long. Be careful and make sure you keep your SO's attraction to you high though, as your SO may skip the middle man one day and leave you for your boss otherwise.
- After you've done it with the boss's spouse or adult child once via the office errand scene, they may want more and call you to come over when your boss is out periodically. Threesome is possible for you've banged both. Eventually, they can become enamoured and want to be your bf / gf. With dating your boss's child, depending on the boss's existing rapport with you, they may threaten to fire you unless you leave their child alone, or actually be cool and give you a promotion for being their future son/daughter-in-law. With stealing your boss's spouse, you can either take the high road and accept getting sacked for it or plot with the spouse to get your boss fired due to false allegation of domestic violence and get a nice promotion to boot. You can also ask for a share of the divorce money.

Version 4.29:

- This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Group Sex
- If you have a neighbour with high perversion, you may overhear them having an org y next door and be convinced to join
- A friend or relative of yours who's the same gender as you and currently in a relationship with someone else is about to get married and entrusts you with planning their bachelor(ette) party. You get to invite the guests (all needs to be same gender as you of course) and decide whether to get strippers or past lovers (and how many) for 'entertainment'. Depending how 'entertained' the future bride/ groom end up being that night, the marriage may or may not go ahead of course.
- At home or travel agencies, you can now "Organize a group holiday abroad" to a party destination. You choose which country and choose three more friends with the same gender as you to bring along. Once there, your group ends up inviting a group of four locals back to your AirBnb to hang out and you get to pick your main target to flirt with. Depending on your and the others's willingness and skill in seduction (for example, if you invite along three guys with low interpersonal and attractiveness, or with low perversion and already in a relationship, you may end up with all the girls for yourself), the night may end up with all sorts of matchups. A lot of group fun may be involved, but if you instead remain committed to only one local girl/ guy for the night, you can ask them to become your gf/ bf and move back to your country with you. Your mates might also do the same if they have low perversion.
- While on a date with someone whose interest in you is mutual, they may bring you back to their place to hook up, only for you to discover they live in an apartment with multiple roommates. If you go ahead and get laid anyway, depending on your date's perversion, they may then invite their roommates in to share you, or you catch their roommates peeping and take the initiative yourself.
- For the house party scene (whether you're the host or a guest), if you end up in bed with someone, other guests may catch you in the act and ask to join.
- Alternatively, you hook up with someone at the house party and while taking a break before round 2, you overhear another pair also from the party hooking up in the next room, you could then convince your lover and the other couple to just have some fun all together.
- If you're banging your landlord for rent, you may show up to do your part one day only for them to be with some of their buddies as well, or be shocked to find another of your neighbours already there as part of the same arrangement.

Version 4.28:

- This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Tentacles. This is a brand new kink introduced to the game as an optional module, disabled by default, so Esc > Mod Manager to enable it first.
- First set of Tentacles on Female animations.
- New "Watch Tentacles por n" action you can take at home, which will then allow you to fantasize about you or a girl you know being in the por nstar's place as well. Basically this provides a guaranteed way to check out Tentacles content without waiting for random triggers.
- Getting suprised while on the toilet or in the shower by tentacles coming from the drain
- Being outside at night and you may encounter a tentacle monster. If with a female companion, you could either be hero or a coward
- An alien with tentacles offers you a deal: he's on a mission to populate the Earth with their race's genes and offers to give you extra attractiveness or fitness for every woman you bring him to
- At a nightclub or bar, an attractive guy or girl seduces you and takes you back to their place (if you're with your SO, they invite you back for a threesome), only to turn out to be a tentacle monster in disguise
- You get approached by a cult who offers to pay you (or your girl but you decide to come along) to take part in a ritual sacrifice to summon the demon they worship. You thought it would be easy money just standing naked while a bunch of lunatics shout gibberish around you / your girl, but a tentacle monster is actually summoned.
- All patrons' commissioned scenes and maps for February. I'll do the commissioned animations in the 18 March update.

Version 4.27:

- This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Old-Young. This module is disabled by default, so Esc > Mod Manager to enable it first, then take the "Use Old-Young dating app" action at home at least once to set your specific age gap preference (which ranges from 50 years younger to 50 years older) so that the appropriate scenes can trigger.
- Your younger / older relative living with you is away and makes a friend of theirs wait for their return at your place so you end up hanging out with someone younger / older
- Your single (grand)child / (grand)parent introduces you to their new boyfriend / girlfriend who is similar age to them but just happens to be the age you're interested in yourself. You can then trick your relative to leave you alone with their bf/gf and try to seduce them
- When your boss sends you on an errand to their home to grab documents, you may meet their parent instead of their child if you prefer older
- If you're a por nstar, you may get approached to shoot a well-paid scene for the Old-Young fetish
- If you're already in an age-gap relationship, your SO may introduce you to a sibling / cousin / one of their close friends who's similar age as your SO and you may find hot as well. You can either ask for your SO's permission to bang their friend / relative (may lead to threesome) or trick them to leave you alone with this person and cheat
- If you're already in an age-gap relationship, your SO may tell you that they went to an all-(fe)male high school and are having a class reunion soon and want you to come with them. Once there, you'll be like a kid in a candy shop with so many candidates at the age you like. You can either cheat and take one of your SO's former classmates to the bathroom discreetly, or ask for your SO's permission and invite the whole group back to your place for a 'after-party', i.e. (reverse) gangban g.
- If the Netorare module is enabled and you're already in an age-gap relationship, you may find yourself feeling insecure that you don't quite have the vigor (if you're older) or the experience (if you're younger) to fully satisfy your SO. You can then offer to let them have some fun with someone their age while you watch (and maybe join for a threesome). You can pick from your contacts or let them call an ex.
- I haven't got around to the February patrons' commissions yet. I'll do them in the 8 March update (which is only a week away anyway since Feb only has 28 days).

Version 4.26:

- This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Missionary (paul Ince...). For full change log, check out the F95 forum thread OP or Docs/Change_Logs.txt inside your game folder.
- The rest of patrons' commissions for January (i.e. all the animations)

Version 4.25:

- This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Lesbian. I tried to make sure that this update can be enjoyed by both female and male protagonist players, for the latter, it's your companion or SO that's the lesbian.
- A scene at a nightclub or bar where a lesbian approaches your female companion, and you can intervene or encourage her
- 'Someone' perverted convincing you that there's no such thing as lesbian inbr eeding
- Your straight SO confesses she's always been curious what it'd be like to be with a woman. If followed through, there's a chance she becomes bi from then on.
- You let your girlfriend hang out with your mom or sister because you want them to get along since this may be her future in-law. If they both have a lesbian side, they end up getting along too well.
- To help ease money troubles, your female SO asks for your blessing to have a sugarmama. She insists it's only 'gay for pay' and there's no need for you to be jealous of a lesbian.
- As a sex worker, you're asked to attend a bachelorette party where you're paid to please all the bridemaids and finally the bride.
- As a woman while hanging out with another woman who have good rapport with you, she may admit that she's had bad luck with guys recently and just don't want to bother with them anymore.
- For the consequences scene where your male SO finds out that you cheated on him, there's now a high likelihood that he won't be too angry if it was a lesbian affair and may even find it hot and insist on watching next time
- For the consequences scene where as a girl, you've slept with a guy already in a relationship and his SO finds out, if she's bi, she won't be too angry and insist on having a go at you herself instead
- The rest of patrons' commissioned scenes for January (quite a few of them, again you can just let them trigger naturally or search for _cms in LifePlay/Content/Modules and sort by date modified if you're a completionist). I'll do the commissioned animations for the 18 Feb update.

Version 4.24:

- This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Doggy (Best ...). For the full change log, check the F95 OP for LifePlay or Docs/Change_Logs.txt inside your game folder

- Also, about half of patrons' commissions for January (all maps + half of the scenes), I'll do the rest (animations + remaining scenes) for the 8 February update

Version 4.23:

- This is a Kink of the Month update focusing on Sex Worker. It's one of the most popular kinks, and there is always an overabundance of ideas from the brainstorm whenever it wins. For this update, I prioritized those that are most different from what already in the game
- If you're a por nstar, depending on your fame, you may get recognized in public. The fan will either simply ask for a selfie, or try to proposition you. You can then demand money straight up or demand to film the whole thing and share online as a 'Fuc k a Fan' video, which increases your fame instead.
- While looking for Johns, you may receive a high-paying offer to be the gift in a secretive birthday party, either alone or with other workers as well. It turns out the birthday boy/girl is an A-list celebrity (using one of the real face imports I did last year). There's a chance that the celeb is so satisfied with this 'gift' that they become one of your regular Johns from then on, which in time could end up as a sugar arrangement or an actual relationship.
- If the Netorare module is enabled and you have a significant other with perversion > 70, you may end up finding out that your SO is hustling as a sex worker behind your back. Not only that, but they're using your apartment for in-calls whenever you're not at home. You can decide to confront them and either put an end to this and demand a cut, and / or set up a hidden camera to watch your SO with their Johns, who could turn out to be a group, a colleague or even a relative.
- If you're a unversity student who's also a por nstan, you go to a lecturer's office for help with an assignment. You notice this lecturer seems strangely nervous around you. It all makes sense when they bring up their web browser to show you something related to the assignment, only for you to notice your Por nhub profile as one of their bookmarks. You can either pretend not to see it, or seduce your secret fan. Once you've slept with them once, they will find regular excuses to be alone with you in their office.
- If you're a unversity student who's also a por nstar, you're working on an assignment in a pair with another coursemate, who admits they've watched your videos. Depending on their interpersonal and perversion, they may be direct about having some fun as a break or be shy about it and wait for you to offer. When done once, they'll try to work in pairs with you again in the future.
- On the other hand, if they're the same gender as you, this coursemate working in pairs with you may express their admiration for the skill you've shown in your por n performances instead. They ask you to teach them to improve their ability to satisfy a partner. This lesson could be done with their current partner, or you could suggest another practice target (who could become their partner afterwards unless already yours). After this first lesson, from time to time, they may continue to ask you to have fun with them and their partner, up to you whether you want to demand money for such service.
- While hanging out with a friend or relative (if the Netorare module is enabled, it can even be your SO), they admit they're having money troubles and need some quick cash to pay off a debt. You remember that one of your regular Johns have a thing for fresh meat and is willing to pay top money for someone not normally available for sex work. You can then join them for a threesome or just watch and take your 'commission'.
- One of your regular Johns brings a friend and you serve them, although your John's friend was initially reluctant having just started a committed relationship with someone (who your John hasn't even met), but they gave in to peer pressure in the end. A few days later, you get confronted by a relative you thought were single, who told you that the reluctant guy/girl you served earlier was their brand new boyfriend/girlfriend! They demand that you bring them along the next time your regular John calls you, for the perfect revenge.
- If you're getting married, one of your regular Johns offers you a small fortune to be a wedding guest and then be the one to actually bang you on your wedding night instead of your newly-wed spouse. If the John is also interested in your spouse's gender, the offer involves them banging your spouse as well. You could reject the offer or try to convince your spouse that wedding night sex is only sentimental anyway and the money could go a long way to financial security for your life together.

Version 4.22:

- Patrons' commissions for December. This update has the most number of new commissioned scenes and animations so far. You will encounter them naturally through normal gameplay, but if you're a completionist, you can have the full list by simply searching for "cms" in the LifePlay/Content folder, then sorted by date modified (the lpscene files are scenes, the uasset files are animations)

- Some bug fixes and minor improvements

- New button during scenes "Timeout for x hours" where you can change a scene's timeout once and for all. This is especially useful if there are particular scenes that trigger far too often for your liking.

- Some background work and feasibility testing in preparation of the big announcement I'll make tomorrow about the Broad Plans for 2022, including what this year's v5.0 overhaul will be focusing on.


Version 4.21:

- This update is a Kink of the Month update for 'Reverse Cowgirl (Rap... music)', so check Docs/Change_Logs.txt inside your game folder or the f95 forum thread OP for the full change log

- Note that I had to delay the patrons' commissions for December for 10 days, they will be added in the next update instead, i.e. v4.22 (8 January). The v4.21 update lost a few days of development (which would normally have been dedicated to working on commissions) because I stayed with my parents for Christmas. My apologies to those who commissioned stuffs for December but hopefully the extra 10-day wait for your commissions won't be too much of an issue.

Version 4.20:

- This update focuses on Pregnancy content. I know some people are still annoyed that Pregnancy is so popular that it always wins KotM whenever it's available as a poll option. However, when you put it into context: there's now a 3-month exclusion for any winning kink so Pregnancy can only get max 3 updates a year, out of 36 annual updates in total, or about 8% of total content, I'd say it's fair enough for such a popular kink.
- When donating sperm, there's a chance that a woman who got pregnant from yours managed to convince a sperm bank employee to let her try to meet you out of curiousity initially. She could be single (potentially hookup or even relationship) or be with an infertile husband (potential Netori content).
- When donating sperm, there's a chance that someone at least 18 years younger than you approaches you afterwards and claims that the sperm bank database shows that you're their biological father, when donated sperm years ago. You can insist that it must be a mistake, or decide to be in their life in some way, and become friends (or more if certain module is enabled). You can also ask your biological child to introduce you to their parents, which could turn out to be a single mom who wants to thank you or a still married couple (potential Netori content).
- When hanging out with a male / futa friend, they tell you they've been trying for a baby with their baby-crazy girlfriend / wife but just found out from the doctor that they're infertile. They're afraid they would be dumped if telling their SO the truth, so try to convince you to impregnate their SO on their behalf by tricking their SO with a blindfold. You can follow through with the plan or take off the blindfold half way through and expose the truth, in which case the baby-crazy girlfriend will promptly leave your friend for you.
- You meet a hot girl who sleeps with you easily and seems super interested in a relationship with you right away, which seems very suspicious to you. She eventually become overwhelmed with guilt and confessed she just found out she was pregnant by a long-gone ex and didn't want to be a single mom and was trying to 'trap' you. You could decide to run for the hills or decide to be with her anyway, having the option to choose whether to take this baby as yours or not.
- When pregnant, sometimes people at random come up to you and ask to feel your belly and ask a lot of detailed questions about the pregnancy. This person could turn out to just be curious or a baby-crazy woman who asks to be impregnated by your husband / boyfriend, or someone whose gender you're interested in who has a fetis h for pregnant women and you can can hook up with.
- When pregnant, you're contacted by a wealthy man saying he has fetis h for pregnant women and that he will pay a small fortune to sleep with you once in a while for the duration of your pregnany. Once you've given birth, this rich guy either has fallen in love with you and asks for a relationship, or he suggests he impregnates you himself this time and repeats the arrangement from the start.
- If the Netorare module is enabled, your pregnant SO may get contacted by a wealthy man saying he has fetis h for pregnant women and that he will pay a small fortune to sleep with her once in a while for the duration of her pregnany. The money could relieve a lot of financial stress for raising your child in the future. If you agree to it though, there's a chance by the end of the arrangement your SO ends up leaving you for this rich husband instead.
- If you're a por nstar and got pregnant, you can get offered pregnancy niche por n shoots that pay a lot more.
- If you have at least one young child, you will eventually be prompted to hire a babysitter, who shows up occasionally and triggers random events:
-- Babysitter is watching por n and masturbating while the kid is asleep. Can ignore it or threaten to fire them.
-- Babysitter has partner over and bang them while the kid sleeps. Can ignore it or threaten to fire them, with potential threesome / netori.
-- Your SO has come home early and is banging the babysitter, which you can fire the babysitter or join them

Version 4.19:

- This update focuses on BDSM content. BDSM as a kink covers a lot of potential content so the brainstorm ideas, while all very good, ended up going in a lot of different directions that are impossible to do all in one update. So for the v4.19 update, I will focus on what content and mechanics can be added right away using the current assets (i.e. the female BDSM clothes) and save the rest of the ideas from the brainstorm for the future. Whenever BDSM gets an update next, it will be about adding male gears and expanding the scenes and interactionns added in v4.19 to work for bondaged men too. Then whenever BDSM gets a third update, it will be about adding new animations (spanking etc) and bondage furniture. I reckon both of these updates should happen in 2022.
- New "Official BDSM Module", disabled by default. The bondage gears can still be equipped during adult scenes while this module is disabled. However, if the module is enabled, there will be specific BDSM scenes and interactions as well.
- The "likes_bondage" stat will now actually affect arousa l during adult scenes while wearing BDSM clothing.
- Each time a BDSM piece is put on someone, that person becomes a tiny bit more submissive
- Can now buy BDSM clothes in clothing stores and department stores and wear them outside of adult scenes. They carry big temporary buffs to perversion or submissiveness.
- Get kidna pped while sleeping and wake up in bondage gear
- Your companion takes you to a BDSM shop and convince you to try some on
- You can click on and convince your SO / someone else you've hooked up with in the past to put on a blindfold, only to invite someone else to have fun with them instead
- Your significant other convinces you to put on a blindfold and some other BDSM clothes, only to invite someone else to have fun with you instead
- A relative living with you put their SO in a blindfold and some other BDSM clothes. You can peek and get invited in if your relative has high perversion and rapport with you or trick them out of the room and lock them out.
- If your SO or a past lover has very high submissiveness (which of course can be built up gradually by putting BDSM pieces on them during adult scenes) or attraction to you, you can click on them and become their master, which makes them wear a collar permanently and gives you the right to bang them or make them bang anyone anytime with no timeout. You can also tie them up and leave them in a dodgy part of town and let strangers have their ways with them.
- You can click on your SO or a past lover and "submit to my master", which gives you a collar to wear and gives them the right to bang you or make you bang anyone anytime with no timeout. Your master can also tie you up and leave you in a dodgy part of town and let strangers have their ways with you.
- If the BDSM module is enabled, the office plaything scene chain will now have your boss put you in BDSM gear first
- Better paid por n shoots where you're asked to put on BDSM clothes first
- Better paid model shoots where you're asked to model BDSM clothing
- Some bug fixes and minor improvements, special thanks to Rizean for their help on Github

Version 4.18:

- This update focuses on Elves, Orcs & Vampires content, which is disabled by default, but can be enabled by Esc > Npc Distribution > Orcs, Elves and/or Vampires to more than zero. You can also make your own player character an fantasy race by Load Preset (top left of the character creation menu) > orc/elf/vampire.lpcharacter
- There were quite a few ideas in the Discord brainstorm about going on an adventure in the woods etc and encoutering fantasy things from there, or just ideas for scenes taking place in fully fantasy environments. They are very good ideas, but I save them for future fantasy updates because 3d exterior locations aren't a thing in the game yet. Exteriors will be one of the most important additions to game in 2022 though, so these ideas could be added then.
- For some reason you noticed you are being watched, but you ignore it but after a while you feel it again and yell it out. An elf emerges and they say you have higher perception than normal humans and ask for your help increasing the dwindling elven population.
- Orc invade your home, you can either pay them with money or you or your SO will have to 'pay'. Or if you have high martial arts, you will be able to defend yourself.
- While at a place of worship, you may encounter a suspicious coffin. Either you will find money or a vampire sleeping. You can get your blood sucked, sneak away safely (sneak) or seduce them.
- One of your relatives has fallen sick and doctors are unable to provide a cure. So you set out and contact elven tribe begging them to provide you with magical potion. They will offer it in exchange for either a lot of money or your help increasing the dwindling elven population.
- If you're dating a vampire, a vampire hunter shows up at your door. You need to delay them either by using interpersonal to convice them you're alone or you can bang them so good they forget what they came for. If you fail, your vampire SO could still use the opportunity to use hypnosis on the vampire hunter.
- An Elf-Orc couple shows up at your door one night, being chased by their angry families after eloping, looking for a place to hide. If you let them hide, you can peek on them going at it later and join in.
- If you're a vampire, a vampire-obsessed fan approaches you and desperately wants to be turned into one themselves, which is free blood for you and even some fun.
- Patrons' commissions for November

Version 4.17:

- This update focuses on Interracial content, which is of course an optional module, disabled by default. Furtheremore, you can choose to enable or disable specific racial stereotypes with the new "Set racial stereotypes' action you can take at home. In fact, most new scenes in this update have variants for all the different races, with different scene texts, dialogues and NPC generation logic changing depending on which race and whether that race's stereotype is enabled. Those toggleable stereotypes are:
+ Black Men: More likely to have big dicks
+ Black Women: More likely to have big asses
+ South Asian Men: More likely to have thick body hair
+ South Asian Women: More likely to have low perversion. More likely to have a full bush down there.
+ Arab Men: More likely to have beards and thick body hair. More likely to have high dominance.
+ Arab Women: More likely to have low perversion and high submissiveness. Some texts about the forbidden nature of homosexuality.
+ Latino Men: Some scene texts and dialogues will describe them as more 'passionate' - but the game doesn't really have any gameplay element to reflect passion, so I just give them higher fitness and lower proneness to orgas m, which makes adult scenes with them longer than average.
+ Latina Women: More likely to have big asses. Some scene texts and dialogues will describe them as more 'passionate' - but the game doesn't really have any gameplay element to reflect passion, so I just give them higher fitness and higher proneness to orgas m, which makes adult scenes with them longer with multiple orgas ms.
+ East Asian Men: Less likely to have beards or thick body hair. More likely to have high intelligence, but lower interpersonal.
+ East Asian Women: More likely to have low perversion and high submissiveness. More likely to have smaller boobs. More likely to have a full bush down there. More likely to have high intelligence, but lower interpersonal.
+ White Men: Some scene texts and dialogues will mention other races sometimes seeking them for perceived higher social status.
+ White Women: More likely to shave pubic region. Some scene texts and dialogues will mention other races sometimes seeking them for a 'trophy wife'.
(There are other traits that they get described in the texts depending on the context of the specific scene and the scenes involving racist NPCs have them saying some prety outrageous stuffs, which also get hidden away if you disable the stereotype for a race. For more advanced users, you can even go in LifePlay\Content\Modules\vin_Interracial\stereotypes and edit the lpcharacter files to remove or add stuffs to each specific stereotype)
- New 'Ethnicity' field in Character Editor > Finish so that you can tell the game exactly which race your character should be considered as. Don't worry, the game will automatically assign race for new NPCs generated. For each existing NPC from old saves, just go to Contacts menu and add one of the following tags: white, asian, latin, arab, indian, black
- Interracial por n shoots for por nstar career
- If Netorare module is also enabled, you can confess to your significant other that you want to watch them experience a lover of a specific race.
- If the Netori module is also enabled, you may be asked by a couple to be their interracial bull.
- New 'Use interracial dating app' action you can take at home that allows you to meet new NPCs of a specific ra

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 5.0 Beta 2 on 04/18/2022

Character creation, questing, or, really, what to do in the game is rather obscure, wish it were more streamlined. I'd arue the biggest problem is probably the UI, I frankly have too many issues with its navigation, and its not intuitive at all.

As for the maps, it's pretty much just you looking over a streetview of the city you select. Pretty straightforward. Each "general" location is populated with a preset of an NPC to match that location type, so regardless of the city map, you'll generally have the same experience. In short, even though the game is as sandbox as it gets with minimal hand-holding, once you figure out what to do and know the general interactions in every location, you can just play it like sims.

Visually, well, it's alright. Reminds me a little of Skyrim mods, so while you can probably create a masterfully-sculpted god(dess), my characters all come out looking sussy amogus headass. Seriously, I wish there were some decent presets or some sort of community workshop, I'm sure that would really make this game glow.

So, overall, not a bad sims clone, the sex scenes are a lot more customizable than in most 3d games, though the animations don't always work with the character morphs, so you'll ocasionally get some janky behavior. It is what it is. For freeware, this is miles ahead of its competition, at least in the 3d visual genre. I still hate the UI and game controls, but other than that, it's a decent sim game.

Review by Tilla

Version reviewed: 4.10 on 09/09/2021

Really interesting premise but about as jankily implemented at the moment as one could imagine. Needs a lot of work to be a true gem but it is worth keeping an eye on

Review by bamspeedy

Version reviewed: 3.12 on 10/20/2020

This game is X-Rated Sims.  If you only played the Sims to 'Woohoo' everyone in the neighborhood, this is your game.  Better than any woohoo mods I saw for Sims 3 (never played 4), even if a bit clippy at times (people going through solid objects, skin poking through clothes, etc.).  That said, 'Woohoo' (not a term actually used in this game), is obviously the main action or part of this game, so while there are a TON of other stuff you can do, they all are aimed at helping you Woohoo people.

It takes some time to figure out how to access many of the features, but there are lots to find when you do (right click, 'contacts' to find all the information about people you know (if not currently on a date with them), change their appearance and stats if you like, invite them out, find where they work, live, etc.), 'Escape key' for settings and to adjust your stats and appearance if you want to make changes to yourself that you didn't make when creating your character.  You can start with poor stats and 'earn'/grind your way to a better person, or just change (cheat) stats the easy way.  Doing certain actions earn 'perks' (found in journal) which you can select to improve stats or make things easier.  Grinding stats can be tiresome, but if you adjust the difficulty slider down it's better.

Not being familiar with London or Bath (or any major city), I'd start with Bath even if you got a high end computer, as it's a smaller map it's easier to find things (like your house when you've ended up on the other side of town). 80 different types of locations to visit is a bit much and can seem overwhelming, but you don't HAVE to visit them all, and the more common use buildings have multiple locations, to make it easier finding a grocery store or restaurant for example...  I'd suggest the game come with an even smaller map than Bath, just to get more people to try the game.  Thankfully the map comes with a search feature (click 'all' to get all the map icons up to reduce what type of location you are looking for). 

Each character has different stats, dominant or submissive to various degrees, preferred or disliked sexual positions, attractiveness to certain genders (or even rarely, none-Asexual).  Different stats allow different actions or scenes, Pervertedness and Karma seem to be the two biggest factors.

Review by Nopreconceptions

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 09/11/2020

I really want to iike this, it has huge potential but the lag and lack of intuitive gameplay makes it hard to get into, I'll definitely keep trying it for now and will see if the updates help.....


UPDATE 11th September 2020

I have found a new respect for this game after moving the character from Bath to London, my home City.

The city is so accurate that everything is where it should be and every listed building is correct. Knowing how to get around is paramount to the game and raises it to a new level.

Combined with the downloadbale MOD packages, its an amazing game with massive potential for the future

That said, if you are unfamiliar then it is definitely hard to get your bearings and I can understand how you can get frustrated really quickly.

I hope that more cities are uploaded so thatt others can truly appreciate the depth of this game play.


Review by Morion

Version reviewed: 2.14 on 12/15/2019

This is the first time I have regretted the time and bandwidth I wasted on a game here.

The game's scope is far too large.  The map is enormously over-sized to the detriment of the game.  There are too many options, and all of them are far too under-developed, to the detriment of the game.  Everything is painfully slow, even when you accelerate time to the maximum.  You pick an activity, then sit there for several minutes waiting to find out if your character achieves it or is interrupted by an event.  In my experience, the events are both too common and too under-developed, making them tedious.

The sex is basically the same thing you will find in any poser-type application.  You are better-off just getting a poser, as you get a better version of the same thing.

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