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Version: 1.072

Playing Both Sides
by Ailius1

People have long forgotten the proper name of the

Lawless Sea. There are no honest men here. There is

only might, and with might alone are fortunes made.


The only authority within this locus of chaos is the

brutal Patriarchy, a group of men who before all else

hunt down witches, letting virtually all other crimes

go unpunished.


Aboard the privateer ship Antelope, the adventure of

a young crewman named Eric begins. A target ripe for

the plunder has been spotted, and the Antelope is

poised to attack, but the series of events

that has been set in motion is beyond imagination.


The setting is an ongoing cold war between a order of paladin-types called the Patriarchy and a coven of witches called the Resistance. The protagonist will end offending one of these witches and get 'recruited' into the coven. From there, the game will be linear until (s)he finds means to cure him/herself (or not) and after that, it will be a more open-world experience as the protagonist chooses a faction and helps their cause.

Eric - A young man who joined a crew of privateers in order to get the money to make a better life for himself and Morgan.

Morgan - The love of Eric's life. You'll find out more about her as the story progresses.

Aracha - A witch who serves as the head of security for the Resistance. She is always seen dressed in black and wearing a mask. She's, standoffish, a lesbian, and casually refers to men as "Dicks".

Cid - When he was 11, he was the chosen one prophecied to save the land from an apocalypse. He succeeded. However, his fame eventually waned. Now an adult, he is an alchoholic and works as a mercenary.

Anne - A priestess in the Convent of Tires (pro-Patriarchy), she is kindhearted, but takes her duties extremely seriously.

Final: Released on Steam. Minimal changes since the last Beta. Specifically, I fixed a typo and one bug no one ran into.

Hashtag shill alert, but I've been unemployed for a while and need to pay rent. I'm only asking for $2.

If you're on this site, have helped test with one of the Betas, ask and I'll give you a free copy.

Otherwise, if you played V 1.071, there really isn't anything new.


1.071: Patched an ending check


1.07: Added a quest journal, and moved the map to its own menu.

Fixed issues with pirates attacking the player on land.

Gave pirates alternate spawn points to prevent the player getting stuck.

Changed around the Svartland Mountains map...fewer enemies but narrower passages.

Switched to a proper CTB battle system rather than rapid ATB

Added new music

Added another Channeling Stone and another dungeon in Draken.



1.06: Moved High King of the Epic Trolls to a special encounter right after the player is leaving the ruins where they get the transformation spells.

That battle will explicitly guide the player in the use of transformation magic.

Added another sprite and a couple more faces to the Dirkas to give atleast some variety.

Added more facial expressions for Anne, so she's not smiling like a dummy when sad things are happening.

Fixed an issue in the tutorial where your map gets taken from you.


1.05: Added a custom title screen

Implimented the Janissary Protection Initiative: Mobs who have barrier can now detect disturbances in the flow of time and will raise their defenses sooner.

And squashed some bugs.


1.04: Made it so Anne's room remains clearly marked if you leave the area and come back or load a save.

Made the first cutscene with Ruth warp you to the start point if you're not in it.

Made it so you can't enter the Muriktropolis sewers until you have the quest. (Alas, I could not make an open world game without it breaking.)

Made it so you can't enter the Lover's Cave without being pointed to it first.

Added dialog explaining the commodity system.

Added more space in the Tyres Mountains to make navigating around mobs easier.

Added some invisible fences in Anderstead to keep the npcs out of the 1 tile wide alleyways.

Updated the script collecting all of your Channeling Stones at the end.

Changed the map in Kangsguard to make the coven easier to spot.

Updated the Kangsguard coven leader's dialog...she won't speak to you until you have the quest now.


1.03: Fixed a bug with the Date with Morgan quest.

Added two more scenes to the endings, bringing the total up to 4 x 2.


1.02: Added two quest markers for the "Find the Remaining Stones" quest.

1.01: Reuploaded without removing unused assets because MV decided to remove files that were used. Thus, file size is bloated. This should fix the ATBBar.png bug


1.0: Generally this is a large update. Updated status from "Demo" to "Beta" accordingly.

The story now progresses to the endings, of which there are four. Some more "polish" to the endings are planned for in the future.

The world size is greatly expanded. The game is roughly 4-5 times bigger than previous version.

Reloading an old save will cause a game-crashing bug. Those who tested the demo will have to start a new game.

The first dungeon has gone through a complete remaster.

Combat has switched to a semi ATB system such that you know the order of actions.

Added a map in the inventory for quality of life.



Removed random encounters except on the field map.

Added sprites which seek you out to trigger encounters. Not all of them are practically avoidable.

Added trainers which give exp in exchange for coppers. Sandra will offer that service after her quest. The second trainer is in the Frostvale Coven.



Fixed a trap in the first dungeon.

Fixed a bug in the book in the library.

Fixed the faces of the sailors on the first boat.

Adjusted the terrain to make it impossible to strand yourself off your boat.

Added a quest with dungeon to recover another spell in the mountains north of Murik.

Added a few transformation offensive spells.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Voldo

Version reviewed: 1.071 on 09/03/2019

Don't worry about the "feminist overtones", it is actually satire and it is attacking more the leftist ideology than the right (see the town where citizen must give everything they have to strangers). As RPG it is not that bad, you will eventually find the way to win all battles but is not overly obvious. The story is nice and it really does let you pick your enemy, you have a certain say on the story, and if you want to look for other endings it is not too hard when you know how to get money and levels. Not a masterwork but worth a weekend.


Review by anthonydafox

Version reviewed: 1.071 on 08/10/2019

The game Is Fine. the Feminist Overtones are Irritating, Idk don't know if if Part of the comedy or What else. but Its Very annoying and Ruins the Fun for me.

Review by Pakhawaj

Version reviewed: 1.071 on 08/09/2019

The reviewer below quit the game before the tutorial period ended! I'm a little bit further though not much. The battle system is surprisingly good and gets more complicated once you get past the first bit.

I feel a bit sorry for the protagonist, but I always do in these sorts of games. His romance is so wholesome! I want them to last forever!

Review by Jellotath

Version reviewed: 1.07 on 08/08/2019

Combat is a bit janky.  It's using rock/paper/scissors style mechanics that are common in one on one duelling systems, but it plays kind of awkward, with multiple opponents and actions proceeding in a sequence instead of having one "throw."  I only found myself parrying because enemies seem to have a heavy bias toward using either parry or attack.  I checked out of the narrative as soon as the fake-rape-accusation came up.  It's just handled really awkwardly and the entire situation makes the revolutionaries seem completely insane, or rather more specifically, like caricatures designed to look just as bad as their oppressive government.  I'd already been feeling a bit meh about it when the main character's witch girlfriend Jane-Jetson'd his wallet to go shopping, so at that point I'd had enough and just called it quits.  Maybe there's some fun TF content, but I'm not picking the game up again to find out. 

Review by Goldendawn

Version reviewed: 1.06 on 07/04/2019

Well I don't see what you have done as anything to do with politics - and in fact I have enjoyed the game a lot. I am happy to see you doing posts, and keeping it going - what you have done already is a lot, and it is fun and interesting to play with. I do agree I would have loved to see slower physical transformation, but if you keep the mental changes slow, things you can try to compete against, and really a part of the story - I think this is going to be a cracker of a game! Great work - please keep up with it :)

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