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Version: 0.51.0

Version: 0.50.0

The Journey Home

The Journey Home is a linear choose your own adventure story.  The journey will always be A to B but things that happen between have some choice for players.  The story has some RPG elements to it such as buying gear and managing money but it’s fairly basic.  For those of you who like an estimate of content it should be about 80,000 words after subtracting the not yet implemented stuff.

The game is set in a medieval fantasy world with magic (think dnd).  You play as a female elf who was working as a travelling merchant with a number of other elves.  You awaken in a goblin nest, escape and decide to make the long journey home.  Gameplay consists of doing day jobs to earn money, having encounters at locations and travelling along the road.

The following themes are currently featured in the game. Content is obvious and avoidable. Gore is largely to do with combat and injuries anything else should it be added is optional and avoidable.  Body transformations are a minor theme and only temporary for the player.  There are no game overs or bad ends, you can never truly fail or die, so don't be afraid to pick bad options.

M/F, F/F, Bestiality, BDSM, Body Transformation, Bugs/Insect, Coarse Language, Dominaton/Submission, Feminization, Gore, Incest, Lesbian, Masturbation, Monsters, Orgasm Denial, Rape, Transgender, Voyeur

I'm taking great care to ensure old saves are compatible with new updates.  If you notice any issues please let me know so they can be fixed.

A walkthrough link is available in the forum thread.



If you have any bug reports, comments, suggestions or think anything needs some revising please post about it on the forum thread.  I’m interested in ideas for all areas of the game especially random events.  If you are a competent writer wanting to help out I could use someone to help write sex content.

The full game will have one more region, the city of Goldcrest which will have new stuff such as jobs, locations to relax, the option to join an adventurers guild and more road travelling.  I may continue to add to the game afterward but once the second region is done its officially finished.  My intentions have always been to create a short game that can be expanded upon in the future if I desire to continue working on it.

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Review by yearhyearh

Version reviewed: 0.51.0 on 04/08/2019

This is honestly just not a good concept. Even for a choose your own adventure, making every choice so obvious takes any fun out of it, it's like reading a book but before every page turn there's a short line making sure to remove any suspense or intrigue.

Review by MoonSquad.Inc

Version reviewed: 0.50.0 on 03/17/2019

Really really good, could do without the gore sex tho

8/10 don't like gore in sex (gore in combat is fine)

Review by Bodyhunter

Version reviewed: 0.50.0 on 03/06/2019

Hi there,


besides the fact that the content is limited so far it was quite nice to play through the game for the first time. Well written and quite sexy, i look forward to enjoy the elves journey in the future.


Keep up the nice work!





Review by asapien

Version reviewed: 0.50.0 on 03/05/2019

I enjoyed this project quite a bit, but tbh I was not going to write a review.  I felt I had to respond to @bearclaw01234...  The story, is exactly what was promised in the 1st sentence of the description.  I do encourage the author to try and add more arcs that re converge that are longer than a screen and have call back interactions (i.e the cave sequence had several screens, it even had a follow up which was nice).  Generally I thought it was well written and enjoyable, but early enough in its development that there wasn't overly much to say, beyond liking it.   I am frankly kind of glad there are not 15 diverging paths, as those games are rarely completed.

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.50.0 on 03/05/2019

So ye know-  It's a story, NOT A GAME if it is linear. A GAME may have a set storyline & plot, but it gives the player the choice of what to do..  linear DOES NOT.  It's acceptable to make the intro linear to tell the background and the start of the storyline, but then it should become non-linear as it becomes a true game after the intro.

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