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Rain and Shine

Rain and Shine is set on the sunny, idyllic island of Kajira where people go to laugh and play... at least until some sort of phenomenon turns everyone it caught into rubber creatures!  You start out as a survivor trying to find your way through the affected city in order to not only find a place of safety but also retain your humanity.  Of course sometimes that's harder than it looks, but if you happen to fail then the game is not over for you as you turn yourself over to the corruption!

The biggest theme in this game is not only transformation but also corruption, whether you're trying to avoid it or give it to others you want to avoid situations where you might succumb to the various fates that await you in the realm of Kajira.  The multiple branching pathways have hundreds of thousands of words worth of adventure and plenty of bad ends for you to stumble upon whether you're survivor or corrupter.  Right now the game is currently rolling through part 1, which for both sides is establishing a base of operations in order to survive and figure out what just happened on the island paradise.  Along the way you'll have companions, such as Mason who will help guide you to a place or safety as well as a number of rubber creatures that are (possibly) willing to help you out.  If you enjoy rubber tf this is definitely the game for you and the best part is this game is being constantly worked on to expand and improve.

This is an older build that I'm mostly using for test purposes; the game plays out more like a CYOA than anything but as I increased my skill in Ren'Py I began to add things like puzzles and cascading choice effects.  I know that it's missing something significant, which would be the V in Visual Novel, but that's what I'm working to change.  I am a writer by trade and though I know I could just jam in a bunch of free assets I really want to make Rain and Shine a unique experience and with the support of my community I'm working to make it happen.  With what I'm currently making on patreon I'm hoping to find the artists to make assets for the game (as well as free ones for places where they're not as important) and overhaul the whole experience into a true blue Visual Novel game!  :D

Also be mindful that this game is heavy on the M/M themes.  :P  I'll also be updating this as I update the patreon version but I hadn't intended to put something like this out there for general use so I apologize if it's a bit messy.

I hope you enjoy!

*UPDATE*  Since it looks like I actually did things correctly on this I'm posting up with an updated version of the game that has way more content, bugfixes, and things of that nature.  Also a friend of mine was quick to inform me the build that I had put on here was almost a year old which would explain... a lot.  Again I really don't have a changelog or something of that nature because I wasn't really expecting to post here, but there is about five months of updates and such so at least five more modules added to the build.  Plenty of rubber, transformation, and sexy times abound!  (also still no pictures yet, we're still arranging for it to happen on the patreon version.)

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