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Version: 0.93

Version: 0.92

Grand Tour

'The term "Grand Tour" refers to the 17th- and 18th-century custom of a traditional trip of Europe undertaken by upper-class young European men of sufficient means and rank (typically accompanied by a chaperon, such as a family member) when they had come of age (about 21 years old). ...The New York Times in 2008 described the Grand Tour in this way: Three hundred years ago, wealthy young Englishmen began taking a post-Oxbridge trek through France and Italy in search of art, culture and the roots of Western civilization. With nearly unlimited funds, aristocratic connections and months (or years) to roam, they commissioned paintings, perfected their language skills and mingled with the upper crust of the Continent.' (Wikipedia)

Take the roll of a young gentleman who embarks on his Grand Tour in the world of the Dying Sun as described by Jack Vance. The historical custom is a British one first and foremost. 
Please be advised that a Grand Tour is a coming-of-age rite of the upper classes, and that this is reflected in the views of the player character. 

The game contains: a slow M2F transformation, both voluntary and involuntary MF, hints at MM, pregnancy, breast enlargement and somewhat anthromorphic creatures without the option to become one ingame. 
There is magic, some violence and some quests. 

This is a hobby game: you are invited to play it as long as you are having fun. I will try to correct any error that I know of: please inform my of any error that you find. 
I would like to thank greyelf and crazedpsychopath for their technical help, Gatekeeper, the writers of Gatekeeper's games and all testplayers for their support: as always, their advise was helpful and all remaining errors are mine. 
I will add a list of thanks to the next version. The game is complete as of now, but will see some proofreading and corrections. 

Please find the updated (17.3.) game in the IDGB and here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z1ze1ml5hu47pg3/Grand+Tour+v0.93.html. 

Many thanks to greyelf and crazedpsychopath for their technical help; as many thanks to Gatekeeper and the writing team as well as all testplayers: I will publish a thank you in the game with the next version. 

Embark on your Grand Tour and learn all about good food, great magics and high culture.  

Baronet Alphonse Mortimer: the player character

Sir Jerome: the boyhood friend and fellow Grand Tourist

Captain Guido Mortimer: the uncle and chaperone. 

Mdme. Jenkins: the greatest opera singer ever. 

Mylady l'Autumn: a mysterious beauty. 

lot of other persons... 

There are hints in the game that I will complete as requested. 

Warning: if you do nothing in the face of clear and present danger you will suffer HORRIBLE consequences!

Added a couple of sex scenes and a some still very hidden hints about the mastermind. 

And an alternative scene in the painting storyline.

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