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Version: 0.4.2

Version: 0.4.1

Timeless Pantheon
by David

A slow transformation of the main character game inspired by Magical Girl Camp, Little Bitch Academia, and most notably, Afterlife.

Note: There are a number of missible secrets in this game. The spoiler minimal walkthrough on the walkthrough tab is recommended if you're the type that hates missing out on secrets and doesn't want to do a second playthrough.

Despite the newly bumped X rating, the game focuses more on story and gameplay than sexy times. Explicit scenes do exist, but almost all near the end of what it likely a 20+ hour game. Those scenes are explicit writing only and do not have images. There is an option that PG-13ify all those scenes that can be turned off/on at any time in the configs, but given the mature nature of the game, I'd still call it R rated even with that setting on.

There are about 280k words of content. Much less will be seen in any given playthrough due to dialogue choices and other branching options.

The transformation tags are only the main transformations the story focus on. Many others exist in some form or another.

Jake, a college student, is pulled to another world. I don't like giving spoilers much more than getting them, so play the game if you want to find out more.



  • More than 100k new words added to complete the story. Biggest update yet and it's not even close.
  • A new Easy Mode option in the menu (off by default)  that makes fights and some challenges quicker/easier. This can be swapped back and forth in the game and there's never any penalty for having it on.
  • Many new fights with more interesting mechanics. I felt more free to design them a bit more challenging thanks to the new easy mode for those who don't want that.
  • A new PG-13 option in the menu (off by default) that will strip down explicit scenes to be PG-13 equivalent (but the overall game is likely still R even with that option on.)
  • New transformations for the MC.
  • Commissioned facesets for the MC and Gedmern (Grosh was technically added in a late patch of 0.3, so it may be new to early players.) All can be individually reverted to the old version from the menu. You can switch back and forth at will.
  • Commissione mirror art.
  • Exactly two scenes, one in old content and one in new have commissioned art, but don't expect a lot on that front.
  • There is now an option in the menu that lets you equip players not currently in your party (it's not the standard equip option for technical reasons.)
  • Many new skills and items to learn/collect.
  • Skill descriptions have been redone from flavor text to useful details on what the skills do.
  • Some rebalancing of skills/characters more details may be posted later.
  • Some skills have been made more visually appealing in combat. (Not comprehensive and nothing too crazy.)
  • For those starting new games, the main story now has quests to guide you right from the start, instead of only beginning with 0.3's content.
  • Many bug fixes/typos/minor improvements made to existing content. Examples: The slow default movement pace used in early content events has mostly been sped up to match the standard of newer content. Also, for those speeding through content with page down, you're much less likely to hit soft locks.
  • Fixed last animation issue with a couple of AOE attacks where it would show the animation for every single enemy being hit. (0.4.1)
  • It should no longer be possible on the final boss to get into a state where there are no enemies on screen and you just have nothing to do until you give up and reset. (0.4.1)
  • Fixed issue that would lock you out of learning one of the new spells from the trainer if you did Adinia's new social event. (0.4.1)
  • Fixed issue that would prevent Gedmern's final social event from updating the quest log. Any saves in a bad state should be automatically fixed when loaded in the new version. (0.4.1)
  • Fixed spot in Gedmern's new social event where text from a different variation of the event would be displayed. (0.4.1)
  • It is now possible to get Grosh's strongest weapon when using standard Grosh instead of being given another copy of the MC's weapon. (0.4.2)
  • Removed ability to change formation in battle, which could badly break things in places. (0.4.2)
  • Gedmern's final social event should no longer have the end section be repeatable. (0.4.2)
  • Adinia's Quest log/character summary should no longer get ahead of itself and should self-correct if it is upon loading save in this version. (0.4.2)
  • Fixed some fight specific special abilities that would go away if the character was knocked ou and then revived. (0.4.2)
  • Fixed the bonus epilogue using the wrong sprite and faceset for the MC. (0.4.2)
  • Several other typos/small bug fixes. (0.4.x)


  • More than 60k new words of content.
  • Significant additions to main story.
  • New social events for all main characters.
  • New library and gym training session.
  • A number of other optional events added.
  • Update to how party status is displayed.
  • Can now view status of pantheon members not in party.
  • Status for pantheon members now includes a summary of events that occurred with them.
  • Quest system added that will guide players/provide some hints as to what to do next. (Note that other than for social events, currently only new content has quests enabled, although I'm hoping to change that eventually)
  • Screen will now display how many free time slots are left whenever free time is active (There is a config to disable this if you don't like it.)
  • Many bug and grammar fixes to old content.
  • Stopped extra payment that was being charged to players when it shouldn't be back in old content (0.3.1)
  • Stopped a couple of free time events that could be activated after free time was over as long as you were in the same area when free time was over (0.3.1)
  • Lowered difficulty of mini game that was proving harder than intended (0.3.2)
  • Added option to skip new minigames on failure (0.3.3)
  • Fixed broken alternate Grosh Social Event 3 (0.3.3)
  • Fixed issue that was preventing the starter for Niarae's second social event from being visible. (0.3.4)
  • Talking to the nurse should quietly fix a bad state some players might have got into on her quest line via an old bug that was fixed a while back. (0.3.4)
  • Should no longer auto-lose if you try to fight a second arena match at C rank. (0.3.5)
  • Fixed issue that could lock you out of upgrading the room if you waited too late in the game to check out the shop(0.3.5)
  • Fixed issue that for some players (depending on your web browser) your party would be messed up when visiting stores. (0.3.5)
  • No longer possible to get locked out of nurse event by visiting library too often (maybe I'll stop rebreaking that event eventually) (0.3.6)
  • Should once again be able to progress Karl's conversations in the bar (0.3.6)
  • Steel Dagger should now be sold even if you've upgraded the blacksmith's wares. (0.3.7)
  • Fixed issue with Angie's event causing her to loose 20 magic instead of gaining it. Stats will self correct at end of the day/start of endless free time or when selecting Angie from Pantheon Status in the menu. (0.3.7)
  • No longer possible to buy the girly room more than once.(0.3.7)
  • Another library fix that should help anyone who is still stuck on progressing the nurse/library chain.(0.3.7)
  • Fixes to Gedmern/Adinia quest logs. They should self-correct at the end of the day or at the start of endless free time. (No way to force them to fix early.)(0.3.7)
  • During endless free time, the bar will now be stocked with people who would normally only be there during the evening. (0.3.7)
  • Grosh's new face art is included and on by default. If you prefer the old version, there is a config that will switch it back. (0.3.7)
  • Numerous small bug fixes and typos (0.3.1-0.3.7)


  • Added cheat method to make it easier to see a certain event. Check the first post of the discussion thread for details.
  • Added options to skip puzzles some people struggled with.
  • Players will no longer lose progress with the nurse event chain when they visit the library.
  • Players actually lose currency when paying their debt.
  • Various other minor bug fixes.


  • Ambitious players that manage to get to Rank D by the final arena fight will no find themselves being declared a loser without a fight.
  • Fixed issue that could lead to javascript error/game freeze during second payment.


  • Should no longer be possible to get stuck in the girl's bathroom.
  • The new barkeeper should no longer be invisible after being hired.
  • If ditching Angie during her second event after having bought the new room, she will no longer punish you by sending you back to the old room for the night. (I was tempted to leave that in as a new feature.)
  • No more placeholder text if you do Angie's second social event in the right conditions.
  • Should no longer be able to talk to an invisible Angie to start her social events outside of free time.
  • Should no longer be able to get stuck doing nurse events by talking to her when you have companions.


  • Fix to bug in escape room with getting extra candles/potentially getting stuck.
  • Fix to bug with fire elemental push puzzle that would fail to reset properly.
  • Fix to bug that would lead to all other stores selling what the south town weapon shop sold.


  • Nearly 60k new words of content, nearly doubling the size of the game in that regard.
  • Significant additions to main story.
  • New social events for all main characters.
  • New library and gym training session.
  • Room shop is now available to let you upgrade your room.
  • A number of minor optional events with secondary characters.
  • Many bug and grammar fixes to old content.
  • A number of minor UI enhancements. Of note: You can now see both currencies from the main menu.


  • Latest fix for issues caused from missing actor_sv files in version 0.1.0. This should work even with saves from the original 0.1.0.
  • Fixed one more potential game freeze in first dungeon. I think I have them all this time.


  • Added three more days of main story about doubled the amount of dialogue in the game from the first release.
  • Added a new social event for all main characters.
  • Finished Magic Store and Added three more stores.
  • Library is functional with two events.
  • Added a second training session.
  • Redid the optional boss and the escape event from the initial release.
  • Updated many maps to be less dull.
  • Added music. My taste may be terrible but you now have a second option beyond silence.
  • Added more people to the town, some with their own mini events.


Fixed bug that was preventing end of content event from firing and looping back to an old event instead.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 07/20/2021

I wish it was still in development, as it still has some rough edges (spelling and other text errors through-out the game, and a NPC (Karl) saying l know a healing spell when l don't, and taught me revive without me knowing heal first.

But other then those things (And the minor personal anoyances of not getting to choose your name/s (Though l think l understand why), and the feeling that lt could use more savepoints, which is kinda off-set by the ability to skip text with the PgDn button on my keyboard) l think the game is great. The characters are fun, and the story structure and gameplay loop are solid. I'm a few hours in, and the plot and characters have kept me ingaged with the story. The more l play, the more l want to play, to see what happens next. That said, lf you prefer full TG/ TF customization, you're out of luck, as for the most part, the changes are unavoidable. Though there are a few that are missable depending on your choices, a majority of them happen as a part of the main story. (well, from what I've played so far.)

Edit: Be warned, there are a few really tough boss' in the late (end?) game, and at some point, there's a unavoidable minigame involving a flashing light that might put some people at risk. Also, l hope it won't happen to you, but l got a game breaking error during one of those tough boss fights (the one listed as "final boss" on the walkthrough) (l was half way through beating it too :(  )

(Now that it's complete, maybe a actual wiki can be made, for those who want more detail then the vague doc gives.)

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 07/12/2021


Okay, played through, and gotta say it feels good to play a full game.  It could use some work, and the guide could be more detailed.  For example, last boss fight. The Big Dragon Thing got to about half health, and a giant error message popped, freezing the whole game.  Or Germern not appearing where he was supposed to for his last meeting event( at the training groundTF'ed Gedmern).  IDK if that was a bug or just not stated clearly enough in the guide.  

SAVE EVERYWHERE, bc like this one fight, I hadn't gotten anything to beat her with, assuming she was a normal fight.  Freaking wind fairy tore me up, until I reloaded a save from the prev day and trained with swords a bit.  Stuff like that.

MOST PUZZLES HAVE SKIPS! This is crucial, bc some "puzzles" are "Huh? Was that... how... *RELOAD*".

All that being said, it is fully playable and finishable.  Some parts of the ending left me unsatisfied, but it was a far better ending than Mass Effect 3... 

Characters were surprisingly deep for a Indie RPGMaker game, always nice.

Plot holes unaddressed (or I missed them) Why did this null time appear, and why only this planet?  Why would Earth be okay but Timeless' planet not be? Couple other things, too, but won't go into them here.

All this being said, grab yourself a fizzy drink of your choice, and play this game after dinner... only to find the sun came up and you're still playing!

Great game, more enjoyable than many big-name franchise games.



You can definitely see it's in the same catrgory as Magical Camp and Afterlife, but it has a good story all its own, and the characters are pretty well fleshed out!  My fave part tho... "Hey, the slimes are weak to daggers!"  choked on my Dr Pepper at that!  The timeless thing tho... so many many ways to abuse that if you can figure out how to make pockets of timelessness and pockets of "more time", or time sped up!  Oh, such a very unique and good concept!  Wish there was more to the Twins trial, and wish there were ways to get aroubnd the puzzles, escape room and ore-flame rooms... *headdesk*  Still, it is kinda satisfying when you DO figure out a rlly difficult puzzle!


If you've liked Afterlife or Magical Camp, play this!  It definitely DEFINITELY feels like them, but it still has its' own flavor... like the different flavors of Fanta!  Magical Camp could be strawberry, Afterlife could be grape, and this could be pineapple flavor!  Bd analogy?  Maybe... fits tho!  Hoping these three games make it to complete status tho... they deserve to be completed!  Seriously tho, Niarae is HILARIOUS!



Review by Alekeg

Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 05/29/2021

It has been a while since i first looked at the game.

I followed it since the beginning and honestly it kept on giving!

The story and characters are great the plot twists are numerous and sometimes you can't help but be amazed at things you didn't even consider.

Honestly  i want to thank the author and i encourage him to continue making games like this.

It is a work of passion and you should try it if you haven't already!

The only thing i personnaly regret is the art for the MC which seems strange considering the good work done on Gerdmen aans Grosh. But it's my tastes.

i hope you continue to make excellent games in the future and i'll be sure to tune in!


Review by EmbersPoe28

Version reviewed: 0.4.2 on 05/27/2021

Whil i have not finished the game yet all i can say is.....wow

This is an amazingly well written and designed game and I EMPHATICALLY wait to see what else this creator comes out with...



Review by 6six6

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 05/23/2021

Well, now that this is complete, I suppose it's time to give a proper opinion. This is one of the games here that helped inspire some of my own work, so to suffice it to say it is definitely good. But can it go beyond good with it's completed version? I'll keep this as spoiler free as I can.

Overview -

Timeless Pantheon is an RPG/Social Simulation game in the vein of Afterlife (on this site), the Persona franchise, and others. It lands neatly in that niche of TF RPG Maker games that wisk away a male protagonist into a unfamiliar situation where they're forced to both socially and physically acclimate to a more feminine life. It has a heavy emphasis on story, and definitely uses it as a selling point.


Gameplay -

The gameplay is an interesting, though occassionally mixed bag, experience. There are some technically impressive puzzles, and RPG combat itself is often treated as something closer to a puzzle than common "beat up the enemy battles". A lot of thought went into them and there's some decent challenges to undertake between both the standard puzzles and the battles. Puzzles tend not to be for everyone, though, and the game has options to simplify or skip them. 

Past that, that is very much the gameplay. At least, it is in the traditional sense. If anything, battles and puzzles are not the typical thing you'll find yourself doing. What you'll spend most of your time doing is experiencing a variety of stories. Remember that social simulation aspect? Well, you get to manage your time day to day hanging out with other members of your entourage and training skills to take into battle. This is done well enough, without anything too intricate to make you double take on execution of it.

Gameplay essentially boils down to a combination of a foundation to support the story and partially optional puzzle or puzzle like challenges. The focus is clearly the story, and while the puzzle aspects of the game can tend to feel like an independent thing to the story, the game does a good job at letting it get out of the way for those that it would be roadblocks for otherwise.


Presentation -

I value presentation quite a bit, though it's not the biggest strength here. Graphically, the game is servicable. Environmental mapping ranges from good to simplistic, and much of the graphics are from the Base package provided with the RPG Maker engine. Character art, at least for important characters, does go beyond that and grab some portraits of characters that are in a quality, pleasing art style that is at least not used here enough to feel fresh. More recently, the graphics for the main character and a few others were updated to custom graphics. Which starts to lean into a problem with this approach. There are too many art styles, and it can get to the point of being distrating at times. Little of it is bad on it's own, but I feel like I can say they add up to the sum of their parts, rather than going beyond, in the best of cases here.

Audio wise, the game has some basic use of music to set moods for scenes. There are a few cases where it may not read it's own scene well enough to transition to a new track, but generally it does a good job at keeping it relevant and not letting the world feel lifeless from lack of music. Beyond this, there isn't too much attempted in terms of elaborate use of audio to tell the story or give weight to gameplay. 

Building on that last point of the audio, the presentation tends to feel like it aims for the minimum it needs to in order to be viable. Unlike Story or the Puzzle elements of gameplay, presentation elements do not feel like they're put together with a similar sense of passion. There's nothing to turn you away, but little to rise it... or even the elements it can improve like gameplay or story... to something more through it.


Story -

Now, this is the real selling point. Timeless Pantheon is a game with a very interesting setting, charming characters + character dymanics, and a well thought out plot with interesting twists and turns. Timeless Pantheon is also a game that can struggle with exposition dumps, can have inconsistent pacing, and has an unfortunatey rushed ending.

I'll start with the negatives first, since the positives are good enough to have the last hurrah afterwards.

It can be rambly. It really can. There were more than a few times I pressed the 'fast forward' button on dialogue to skip a dozen text boxes and felt like I didn't miss anything important. And this really tends to show it's face with exposition dumps (especially so as the story progresses and more reveals are needed). There are just a few too many times where a revelation happens and a character will explain everything. There's foreshadowing and build up, but those moments of revelation tend to feel like they go on and on at times.

On the topic of pacing, the nature of this being a Social simulation game means there will often end up being long bouts of nothing happening besides side story content. I cannot say I know how to handle them better, but some of these segments (not all) definitely made me feel like just progressing the damn thing (while also still not wanting to miss out on content).

The ending is a bit of a different beast when it comes to pacing. It feels rushed. It feels, and which I believe is accurate, like the author decided they wanted to move on and decided to try to wrap up all the important plot threads they'd developed in half the game time they really needed. Quite a few of them are presented as "well this is a thing now, here's some plot exposition to explain it" with no room to breath. They don't get the impact they really needed in order to meet their potential. Not everything in the ending falls under this, but enough so that it feels the part of "rushed".

But those problems are more a matter of execution failing on occasion. The basis for the story is the highlight of the game.

The setting is very clever and interesting. There's room for it to be explored in more detail in follow ups, but the baseline premise and how it's developed how society functions creates a greater sense of wonder than you'd almost ever find on a game here. The plot itself ties well into this, and is very far from being a vehicle for smut or anything of the like. It's a well established foundation that you can feel the passion of the author coming through for it. Between some good twists and persistent development of plot threads, the story itself keeps you guessing and curious enough to not stop being interesting.

That foundation provides a good base to create a varied, fun cast of characters that play well off each other. They serve to really establish the tone and have plenty of depth to make the turns in tone to more serious as properly impactful. This is especially true for the main cast (though the side characters do definitely have some underdeveloped ones for their place in the story). No one in the main cast feels out of place, and, while not all standouts of their own, their rapport elevates the group's members to be more interesting people in their own right.

For the story, the faults I see tend to be in moments of the execution just not working for various reasons. While that shouldn't be ignored, the story elements of the game are still one of the best examples you'll see on the site of what it sets out to do. Tell a good story.


TF/TG/Erotic Content -

I've never been a good source for analyzing this. Opinions just vary so widely. Generally, I'd say it does a good job at providing interesting TG content and is well paced at providing it. Erotic content is saved almost exclusively for the endgame (and is apparently optional with a setting?), and was pretty well written as climaxes to character relationship arcs (at least for the one I got).

If there's something I can comment more objectively on, it's how the various TF content is doled out. There seems to a feeling like there is a need to hide content behind choices you make. And, sort of like the puzzles, the way these are hidden can be a little overzealous in the requirements to find them. Of course, this will vary from TF to TF (and there is a lot of the baseline TF content that is available via not hidden events), but this is definitely the sort of game that you'll want to use the Walkthrough on your first time through should you want to experience that TF content.


Overall -

Timeless Pantheon is one of the better examples of what I feel is my favorite thing to find on this site. A game that wants to tell a good, interesting, and imaginative story with TG themes as a core pillar of said story. It is not without it's hiccups, but generally it does a good job and knows how it get out of it's own way when things don't mesh as well with that core goal. 

If I had to give it a score... 7/10... It's a very good story, but has enough stumbles to deal with and doesn't go above and beyond enough to really make it more than the quality of it's story.

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