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That Seems Familiar

(This is intended to be an entry for the Escape the Mystery contest).

You've woken up in a strange room, with a few gaps in your memory. It looks like you're a princess who has been kidnapped by a wicked witch - for what nefarious purposes you don't quite know. One thing's for sure, though - you need to find a way to escape!

This is a typical point and click adventure game, made in Adventure Game Studio. There are two main controls you need to use - a Right mouse click will Examine whatever you are hovering over, whilst a Left mouse click will attempt to Interact with whatever it is. In general, it's best to examine things before you start trying to interact with them. Moving your cursor up to the top of the screen will reveal the inventory. As before, a Right mouse click can Examine an inventory item, but here a Left mouse click will often replace your cursor with the item, allowing you to try and Use the item on things - whether yourself, other inventory items or objects in the room. Pressing F5 will bring up the menu for saving, quitting, etc. Pressing either Space or P will pause the game. F8 will prompt to restart the game from the beginning, and Ctrl-C (or the power button in the inventory) will prompt if you want to quit the game.

It seems that you are a princess who has been kidnapped by a wicked witch for some nefarious purpose.

Princess: Our heroine, a beautiful young princess.

Witch: A cackling wicked witch. Any resemblance to copyrighted witches from films or TV is purely incidental. (Well, maybe not...)

If you get stuck, try reading the TV Tropes page on adventure game logic. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MoonLogicPuzzle It won't help, but it's a good way to waste some time.

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Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 05/03/2019

This is a short point-and-click adventure game. It's a demo or proof of concept at the moment. Play this for the puzzles rather than porn.

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