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Version: 1.2

Version: 1.1

Version: 1.0

Version: 0.9

Version: 0.8

Version: 0.7.5

Version: 0.7

Version: 0.6.5

Version: 0.6

Version: 0.5.5

Version: 0.5

Version: 0.4.5

Human Alteration App

The Human Alteration App is a work inspired by The Company and Perverted Education. Find links to all of my works in my Master Index at https://noodlejacuzzi.github.io/index.html
Here you can find play a demo of HAA's two routes, find links to my other work, see the latest news, and find a number of other helpful download links.
You can also find a number of helpful links, including all-in-one downloads for the game, in the discussion thread.

There are two routes, a Dom and a Sub route.
The dom route focuses on incest and using the app to essentially brainwash the women of your life in varying (but mostly degrading) ways. This route uses real models like Lisa Ann and Elsa Jean. It focuses on the fetishes of mind control and moral degredation, with some optional watersports.

The sub route focuses on sissification and female-to-dickgirl transformation, with a healthy supply of shemale-on-male content. This route focuses on drawn material, primarily by the artist Aya. It focuses on the fetishes of sissification, female-to-shemale transformation, cum eating, and more.

With the release of version 1.2 I've re-enabled and added in the sub route's content.

Check out some screenshots here: https://mega.nz/#F!zwsBnSoT!7wiL0wOWcml2wtX7M0fXiA

From the game's introduction:

"Good morning / evening, and congratulations! Your internet usage over the course of the last three weeks have resulted in a change of designation, from 'Degenerate' to 'Porn Connoisseur'. In accordance with this designation change, you were entered into a raffle system, and have now won the right to beta test the Human Alteration App.

This ingenious invention will allow you to exaggerate and realize the desires of fellow humans, modifying their bodies and minds to your will. This is a one-time offer, and while you can't physically refuse, it should be noted that misuse of the app can potentially lead to an XK-class end of the world scenario. See the terms of service for more details.

While most of the app's features are unusable, some features have been enabled as per user review to encourage you to complete our terms of service. This includes a character creation mode, allowing you to change yourself to match one of our pre-designated bodytypes, and allowing you to rename non-administrator class individuals."

Complete the TOS (the prologue) to obtain the app and master it, and take control of the lives around you. Or, allow the app to slip out of your fingers and into the control of someone else.

Every night you'll have the opportunity to corrupt one of the game's characters, then you can trigger scenes with them during the day. Some of these scenes require you to collect items from the shops in town, so check your logbook for what to do next if you're stuck.

In the dom route, you'll need to improve your skill to progress with each character's corruption. Purchase the Candy Ticket and the Clothing Ticket to unlock Adrianna's "special service". This will increase your skill with the app. After that, purchase the onahole and go to town to increase your skill further.

V0.4: Posted

Currently finished scenes:
Dom route: 13/32
Sub route: 1/30
Rainy DayZ (zombie game): 4/14
Princess Quest: 2/10 (levels and scenes combined)

V0.4.1: Bugfixes

- Closing buttons to menus - You can now click the top of the window to close it.
- Add a response after purchasing items - Your money now flashes green after buying something, a fading popup would be too much work without jQuery.
- Better foreshadowing for the dom/sub route choices - It's now more clear that your sister has the opportunity and ability to use your phone should you take a break.
- More descriptive corruption naming - Each corruption entry in the dom route has a unique descriptor. I'll do this for the sub route too later.
- Making the process for getting images to work simpler and easier & Rename the image archive and index file name - Renamed the index file "Human Alteration App.html", renamed the image archive to "HAA Images - extract directly into Human Alteration App folder.rar", If you downloaded the old image pack, you can follow newport_georgeg's instructions in the discussion thread. Please let me know if there are any other problems.
- I'll check for any images I've misnamed - All of them seem to follow camelCase naming conventions. Please let me know if any images in particular are wonky, in particular you can right click on a broken image and select "view image", which should tell you what the image is named. If camelCase is causing a problem, I'll need to hunt through the entire game's script and rename all the images.
- As an aside, I found that autosaving wasn't working on my end. I've turned back on the autosave feature, which should hopefully allow you to refresh the page without losing any content. This autosave function should actually persist between versions too. If you're worried about save storage, you can export your save files directly by clicking "Save to text string" at the bottom of the save menu.

V0.4.5 Bugfixes & VR Additions

- Three new scenes have been added; two in Rainy DayZ and level 2 of Princess Quest
- You can now disable images properly
- Fixed an issue where the Rainy DayZ's inventory wasn't emptying between playthroughs.
- Fixed an issue preventing you from purchasing certain clothes from the clothing shop. Also reworked the purchasing of items from the shop, thanks to aevojoey for the help!
- Renamed some of the underwear folder files that were causing some naming issues. Thanks to newport_georgeg for finding them.
For a more complete list of changes, see the discussion thread

V0.5 Sub Route Content

- Ten new scenes in the sub route: Two each for Lisa, Riley, Kendra, Ava, and Alexis.
- New images for these scenes are in the image pack. If you downloaded an image pack in the past, see the discussion post about a much smaller upgrade pack with just the new images.

V0.5.5 VR & Framework

- 3 New VR scenes
- Fixed the logbook
- No new images required

V 0.6 Misc Scenes

- Adriana's second scene in the exotic shop
- Gina's first and second scene in the clothing store
- All 3 of the doll's scenes in the sub route
- Jean's 1st and 2nd scene in the sub route
- Fixed some bugs regarding the doll
- Fixed a bug preventing new games in Rainy DayZ

- Removed broken bodytype buttons
- Removed erroneous end of content message from the start of the sub route
- Added a mobile version
- Added an online play option
- Added various QoL text

- Added 7 new scenes for the dom route (2 for lisa/jean, 1 for everyone else)
- Money is visible in inventory for mobile players

- Added 11 new scenes for the sub route
- Removed some unused scene slots / items
- Changed the way porn works

- Added 9 new dom route scenes
- Removed some unused scene slots
- Re-enabled maximum image height

- Added 2 new sub route scenes
- All 3 of the sub route's endings are finished
- The sub route is completed

- Added 15 new dom route endings
- Both the sub & dom route are finished

- Rebuilt the entire engine
- Changed up the game's visual style
- Added an alternate route for Alexis
- Added scenes continuing Ava and the cafe
- Added content and a new character to the candy shop

- Added in the sub route and new sub route scenes:
- New scenes for Lisa, Riley, and Alexis
- Dream scenes after Jean's first pop-rocks scene
- Candy shop with free trial scenes for each candy
- Virtual reality machine with scenes in a fantasy setting

See the discussion post for a full in depth changelog and other resources

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Somedude02

Version reviewed: 1.2 on 05/22/2021

This game is depraved, twisted. I like it, even if doesn't encompass my kinks so well

Review by specfurry

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 03/31/2021

Its decent, but new update seems to have broken/disabled sub path so less content than before

Review by Let

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 05/23/2020

I like a lot of the ideas and the dom route is well executed, but the images in the sub route are a Major turn off and I would greatly appreciate an alternative.

Review by unit5421

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 05/06/2019

This is a game among the lines of the company and labrats.
It is not simple a copy of these games but an inovation upon them.

You the player get hold of an app that allows you to alter the characters once every night and see the results in the next day. The changes you get to make are variant and interesting and avoids giving the feeling of repitition.
The gameplay is fast without any grinding (no need to gather supplies)

The developer communicates well with the players through the discussion page and we have seen a few developments in a single month which is always nice to see.

All in all I certainly would advice giving this game a try, it is certainly worth it.

Review by Goronthil

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 04/29/2019

What an awesome game dude :)

I don't know where to begin to say I love it !!!

The mini-games are excellent and they extend the life of your game (the survival horror with futa/bestiality is incredible and I hope there will be more options for these two contents, and the dungeon crawler is awesome it reminds me some old hentai games).

I love the concept to create two different game design depending on the path (with real porn for dominant path and hentai for the submissive one), speaking of these paths please I want to see more of the both (the sister in the submissive path has some awesome ideas for every characters and it's fun and for the dominant path all the characters are perfect and enjoyable).

I hope the next update will be soon because it's an awesome game great job (I want to see more incest, more futa/dickgirl, more bestiallity, more mini-games, more GIF... well in reality I really want to see more content in this excellent game ^^).

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