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The Dungeon of Lewdity

Build 8 of The Dungeon of Lewdity is now available to the public! It adds the first True Path Endings to the game! (see release notes)

Build 9 is currently available for $3+ patrons.  It will open up to All Patrons on the 30th and go public roughly the 15th of next month. Build 9 adds another True Ending, 4 additional rooms, and 5 safeword endings. See the release notes for details!

The Public Version is Here

The Current Patron Version is Here

Brief Game Description:
In days long forgotten to the modern kingdoms, a dungeon was built, one that adventurers quickly learned to avoid. Not on account of danger...but because whoever built it was a total pervert. Instead of monsters and deathtraps, the entire dungeon was filled with lewd challenges and puzzles. Bondage predicaments, body transformation, mental effects, the dungeon had it all! 
In this age, the dungeon still remains. Adventurers avoid it...but for everyone else, it provides a single chance to change everything. For anyone who makes it through will earn themselves riches unimaginable...not that many make it through. Fabulous wealth, unique skills, a new identity for those in need. All is on offer from The Dungeon of Lewdity...but no one returns from the dungeon unchanged.

Build 1 Release Notes
This build built on the demo, but in this one instance, I'll list the total content counts since that WAS a demo. The Build 2 notes and farther notes beyond that will have only what is new.
9 Rooms:
       - 1 Starter Room - The choices made in this room splits the game into three Main Paths. Those paths are the Bondage Path, Mental Path, and Physical Transformation Path. Each of those paths sub-divides into two branches. The Bondage Path splits into Public Use and Pet Play. The Mental Path splits into Dom and Sub paths. The Physical Transformation Path splits into Gender Transformation and Racial Transformations(Note: Fantasy races - the first one is into Minotaur).
       - 3 Rooms in the Bondage Path
       - 3 Rooms in the Mental Path
- 2 Rooms in the Physical Path (Note: One of them is much larger than other rooms, hence there only being 2 in this path).
3 Safeword Endings
Safeword Endings happen when the MC chooses to exit the dungeon before finishing. Each contains a short epilogue describing what changes the dungeon sends them home with...and how that affects the rest of their life.
        - 1 Safeword Endings are for the Bondage Path. 
        - 1 Safeword Ending is for the Mental Transformation Path
- 1 Safeword Ending is for the Physical Transformation Path


Build 2 Release Notes

What's new for Build 2?
5 New Rooms:
       - 3 New Rooms located in this month's focus path, the Bondage Path. Two of these rooms are in the 'Public Use' sub-path, with the third being the first room of the 'Pet-Play' sub-path. I'm particularly proud of the current final room in the Public Use path...mostly because it's leading somewhere in an upcoming room ;-). 
       - 1 New Room is located in the Submissive Sub-Path of the Mental Path (Triggered if you resist and get the Lara Croft tentacle parody). This one transforms you into a fairy, it was one of the more fun ones to write :-). 
       - 1 New Room is located in the Physical Transformation path, past the Minotaur Maze room. This room is LARGE and part of the reason I only managed 5 rooms, not 6. You'll see why when you go explore it! It's showing off one of the features of the game which I doubt anyone expected! Happy Endings aren't only if you make it out of the dungeon...

3 New Safeword Endings
        - 2 Safeword Endings are for the Bondage Path. 
        - 1 Safeword Ending is for the Mental Transformation Path

1 Happy Ending!
Happy Endings are just for those that complete the dungeon! Sometimes...you can find other forms of happiness. This is a feature I hinted at but haven't fully explained until now. These endings are considerably larger than Safeword Endings, though not as detailed as full Path Endings will be when we eventually get there!

Character Menu Updates
I've made some updates to the character menu in order to actually show something for the mental path transformations, as well as added relevant images for the new rooms. I'm not currently 100% happy with the character menu as-is. It needs YET ANOTHER code overhaul, which I'll hopefully do in the next build. It's proving the be the problem-child of this particular game. 

Other Notes:
No. I didn't forget about the chastity belt the MC had on when the pet play sub path started. What's going on with it will be revealed in the next room in that path. I had to get a little creative if I wanted to find images. 
     Yes, the succubus transformation is relevant to the Public Use path. At least, I think it is. Again, you'll see in upcoming rooms. 


Build 3 Release Notes

This release contains 5 new rooms (including what I'm pretty sure  is now the largest room in the game, even including the Minotaur village!) and 5 new Safeword Endings. As you should all know, the Physical Transformation path was the focus this month, so I'll start with those rooms. But first, a hint if you want to see all content! Some of the options in the new room don't always result in the same content! For example, in the Drow room (Mental Path) some of the content changes radically depending on how submissive Teva is or how many times you've chosen that option! Make sure to explore thoroughly :-). I may have to consider making a walkthrough at some point... Now, onto an overview of the new stuff.

New Rooms

      Physical Transformation Path

               - 1 new room if you choose not to stay in the Minotaur village. This room transforms you into the next race in the sub-path!

               - 2 new rooms if you exit the Maze as a Futa. One room is train you on the use of your new appendage...the second doubles the fun ;-).

      Mental Transformation Path

               - With nearly 5,000 words of text, the new Drow Room (accessed after the Lara-at-the-beach room on the Dom sub-path) is now the largest single room (content wise) in the game. I think. I need to check the Minotaur village's word count to  confirm that :-). Have fun finding all the content in it! I'm rather proud of this room and think I could almost have made a whole other game out of it if I'd just kept on going...

      Bondage Path

                - Find out what happened with the disappearing chastity belt! The new room after the puppy-girl show explains that...and introduces pony play! 

New Safeword Endings

                - The Chaste Maid: What happens to our lovely elf if she leaves right after getting her chastity belt...

                - Town Happiness Giver! Ruff!: What happens if she leaves with some...puppyish tenancies?  

                - Sappy Lustmance: Even fleeing from a broken heart can have a happy ending (Lave after 'losing' Lily on the Mental Path)

                - Gardener for the Futanari Princess: Waaiiiittt! What if she doesn't WANT a cock, darn it!

                - Interdimensional Merchant Cowgirl: One Maze is a Maze too Many, leave right after the Maze room and see what happens...

Other Stuff

                 - Art Credits. I'm totally going to beat the shit out of my past self if I ever meet him. Claiming I was going to add all the art credits I could find in this build (rather than spreading it out over a couple) was stupid and the primary reason it's a few hours late. I estimate I spent something like 12-15 hours on that alone. However, the good news is that there should now be credits for every image I could figure out who the artist was, the credit is under the relevant images and includes a clickable link to their profiles. Also, if anyone ever tells me again that adding those credits is 'simply' I'm going to figure out how to strangle them through the internet. Somehow. It was not. At all. 

                 - Patron Credits: I should have done this last time (sorry!) but there's now a Credits page with a list of $10+ patrons! As well as a special mention. And a link back here, of course.

                - I fixed a few major bugs from Build 2 (which no one reported -_-. The most important was a screw up in the Maid Party Room (Bondage Path) which might have prevented you from getting at the Succubus Game Room after it. 


Build 4 Release Notes:

Build 4 contains: 5 new rooms, 3 new Safeword Endings, 1 new Village Ending. The Bondage Path won this month's Focus Path poll, so it has 3 of the five new rooms.

New Rooms(Bondage Path):

- The Succubus Village (Bondage Path - Public Use Sub Path). This room is the second Village available to visit in the game (the first having been the Minotaur Village in the Physical Transformation Path), and it likely the largest new room of the build. Visit the Succubus Casino, the Brothel & Bar, the Pleasure Palace, the Dungeons, and Public Square. Important Note - The Casino has both a Win and Lose results! There's only one of each, but I didn't want anyone to assume it was an auto-win or auto-lose :-p. It's a straight 50/50 chance, so playing a few times should be enough to see both.

- Exotic Cum Room. If you choose not to stay in the Succubus Village for it's ending, you move onto another new room. This one gets us back to the bondage predicaments that are core to this path. Saying much more would spoil it, though :-). Go check it out! 

- Catgirl Room! Finally, the game has a catgirl transformation. This room is the third Bondage Path room, but it's on the Pet Play sub-path, right after the Ponygirl room. See what the life of a catgirl companion working at a magical University is like... Important Note: Each activity in the Catgirl room can be CHOSEN MORE THAN ONCE TO GET DIFFERENT RESULTS. Once you've seen all possible results for each option, that option will vanish. 

 New Rooms(Other Paths):

- Prisoner of the Endless Empire: This is the new room in the Mental Path, found on the Submissive Sub-Path, right after the Fairy/Pixie room. I'm not going to spoil this one, but I'm a totally geek/nerd, so it was the most fun to write...since it's a parody of a major sci-fi series ;-). Important Note: Escape IS possible but requires an exact series of choices. See Spoiler section below the release notes if you want the exact pattern of choices needed. 

- Orc Combat Training: Found in the Physical Transformation Path (sub-path Racial Transformations) this is the second Orc Room, where you're taught the other important tradition of Orcs, combat! With, of course, interesting penalties for failure to learn swiftly... 

New Village Ending:

- The new Village Ending (renamed from previous 'Happy Ending' which was confusing), is for the Succubus Village in the Public Use Sub-Path of the Bondage Path. Choosing to stay in the village will trigger it, just as doing so in the Minotaur Village triggered it's ending. For the newbies: These endings are a considerably more involved than the Safeword Endings.

New Safeword Endings:

- Lover of a Slut: This ending is after the Cock Training Room in the Gender Sub-Path of the Physical Transformation Path

- Elven Escort Service: This ending is after the Fairy/Pixie room in the Submissive Sub-Path of the Mental Transformation Path

- Eliza's Supporter!: This ending is after the Ponygirl Room in the Pet Play Sub Path of the Bondage Path. 


Build 5 Release Notes: 

Build 5 contains: 5 new rooms and 5 new Safeword Endings! There's also a smallish addition that's been added at the end of the Dual Cock/Researcher Room. The Mental Path won this month's Focus Path poll, so it has 3 of the five new rooms. 

 New Rooms(Mental  Path): 

 - Pokemon Parody: Found on the Submissive sub-path, just after the Star Wars Parody room. I'm particularly proud of this one!  Much like the Drow room on the dominant path, it could probably be turned into it's own game (and I might just do that at some point). Become Skylia (Parody of Skyla from Black & White/Black & White 2), as she attempts to become a Gym Leader!  It's not as easy as it seems!

- My Hero Academia Parody: Found on the Dominant sub-path, just after the Drow Room. Heroes are such a wreck all the time...it's up to you to help provide for their needs and keep them sane...really, this is a public service! Or so your taxes may or may not claim...

- Naruto Parody: Found just after the My Hero Academia Parody room. So, your the Fifth Village Leader now...well, might as well build the gaki that talked you into it a harem. It seems like the least you can do for the little genuis...plus it will be fun.

 New Rooms(Other Paths): 

- Bunny Girl Room!: This one is pretty self-explanatory! Found after the Catgirl room in the Pet Play sub-path of the Bondage Path, this completes the 'transformation' set of rooms there with a Bunny Girl Transformation. The next room will move away from transformation into various races and back to a bondage-gear-pet type room. 

- Malleable Body Room: Found after the Double-Cocks room in the Gender/Other sub-path of the Physical Transformation Path, this room is an interesting one, I hope...though to be honest it's mostly a transition room between the futa rooms and something a little different! Just what that is will be revealed in next month's DoL poll (or in the Poll Results post for those who aren't $5+ patrons). 

New Safeword Endings: 

- The Trap Specialist: No, not that kind of trap. This ending can be found as an option in the Catgirl room of the Bondage Path (Pet Play sub-path, obviously). 

- Auction House Girl: Found after the Star Wars Parody room in the Mental Path (Submissive sub-path).

-Ownership is Friendship?: Found after the Drow Room in the Mental Path (Dominant sub-path)

- Submissive Trainer: Found after the new My Hero Academia Parody Room in the Mental Path  (Dominant sub-path) 

- The Privateer's Life: Found after the first Orc Room (the Elemental Taming room), in the Physical Transformation Path (Racial/Species sub-path).  

Other Stuff

- Added a new scene at the end of the Dual Cock/Double Cock Room, where you can stick around for the Researcher's Punishment. 

- Updates and some major bug fixes to the Character Menu. It's still slapdash, but it should be accurate a greater amount of the time. I REALLY want to overhaul the thing, but time constraints haven't allowed for it...

- Some additional bugs squashed. A few images not calling correctly, mostly. 


Release Notes for Build 6

Build 6 contains 5 new rooms and 4 new safeword exits! The focus of this build, per patreon polling, was the Bondage Path. As such, 3 rooms are in the Bondage Path and 1 each are in the Mental and Physical Transformation Paths.

 New Rooms(Bondage Path): 

- Straitjacket Room: Continuing on after the  Exotic Cum Room in the Free Use sub-path will bring you to one of the major puzzle rooms of this build! Two different escape challenges...and one more puzzle just for grins!

- Latex Room: Right after the Straitjacket room is one of the non-puzzle rooms for the build. A bit more on-point of the Free Use theme of the sub-path, though! So I hope everyone enjoys!

- Petplay Bondage: Located after the Bunnygirl room for from previous build, this room moves away from physical/racial transforms and into more bondage-and-mindset based pet experiences. This is the other non-puzzle room of the build, as a puzzle would have bee a bit out-of-place in the sub-path after several 'experience' type rooms.

 New Rooms(Other Paths):

- X-men Parody Room: Located in the dominant branch of the Mental Path, right after the Naruto parody room. Play as the White Queen, turning all the other X-girls into your playthings...and making them like it! This is also the other MAJOR puzzle room of the build. I think it's actually the single most complex room (possibly not the largest, I think that's still the drow room) to date.

- Slime/Goo Girl Room: I'll be honest, I never could figure out the difference between slime and goo girls. But, whichever way you see it, this new room of the Physical Transformation path (Located, logically, after the Malleable Body Room) is the final puzzle room for this build! It's a bit more simplistic than the others...but lets you work through a good variety of the typical goo/slime girl type experiences! 

New Safeword Endings:

-The Father of Amazons: Just what is a girl to do if she's found herself with a pair of giant, insatiable cocks...Find you by leaving the dungeon with that particular set of equipment!

-Bunny Scout: Who needs coffee? Leave the dungeon as a Bunny Girl and find out what our protagonist will do with all that extra energy...

-The Cum Powered Paladin: Yes, you read that right. Leave the dungeon just after the Succubus Village to find out about this odd possible destiny...

-Exotic Brothel Mistress: What's a dominant to do in a world just waiting to submit? Well, not take over the world, probably. But building a brothel and staffing it with exotic girls on the other hand... Exit the Dungeon after our protagonist goes fully over to the lesbian orientation in the dominant branch of the mental path to see this ending!

Known Issues

- I didn't modify the character appearance in the character menu to reflex the new bondage rooms. Doing so was going to be a bit more complex then usual for various reasons and I simply ran out of time. I'll try to remember to make the alterations in Build 7. 


Release Notes for Build 7

There are 5 new rooms, 1 new Village Ending, and 3 new Safeword Endings in this build! As the Focus Path for this build was the Bondage Path, 3 of the room are in said path. Also of note! This brings both Bondage Sub-Paths to the end of their room count (10 rooms each), meaning the next time they are voted for by the $5+ patron poll, we'll be seeing the first True Ending Set. And Set is correct here, as each Sub-Path is intended to have at least 3 possible endings, each at least as involved as a Village Ending. That is to say, that each Path will have at least 6 possible endings, times 3 paths, for a total True Ending count of roughly 18 endings!

New Rooms:

In Bondage Path:

-The Dragon Princess - This may have been one of the most fun rooms for me to write, to date. It's also one of the more complex, in that is very nearly two completely separate rooms, depending on whether you win your first fight or not. Credit to Dark Jade for giving me the idea to use a Dragon transformation as one of the remaining rooms in the Pet Play Path. This room can be found directly after the Petplay Bondage room from Build 6. 

-The Pet Shop - Found directly after the Dragon Princess room, this is another whose idea can be partially credited to Dark Jade for giving me a loose idea that I mutated into what this room became. Now that the delver has experienced so many types of pet play...can she help others to choose the right pet type for their new submissives?  

-The Village Bicycle - Found in the other sub-path of the bondage path, this room wasn't actually my original plan for the build. My original plan I ended up liking a bit too much and decided it would actually be better used as one of the Endings for this sub-path. As such, I created a new room from whole-cloth, focusing more on the Public/Free Use aspect of the path, rather than the bondage content. As a final test of her new outlook, the delver must visit each of the villages in turn and be put to use by the residents...

Other Paths

- Fairy Tail Parody Room: Found in the submissive sub-path of the Mental Path, see what happens to Erza when she needs to be punished for breaking the Guild Rules...and how much she enjoys it! She really should stop 'accidentally' destroying towns...

- The Orc Village: Finally! It's been needing to be done for a couple of builds! The Orc Village is here! In the Racial Transformation sub-path of the Physical Path, visit the Orc Tribe of The Dungeon of Lewdity. Experience the Tavern, Jail, Lake, Forge, and Sparring Yard! 

Village/Safeword Endings

- The Orc Village Ending: Of course, a new Village for the Dungeon means that there's also the chance for the Delver to join the village instead of continuing on! See what her future will be like if she decides to stay!

- Paired Pets - A Master's Best Friends!(Safeword Ending): If the Delver decided to leave after the  Petplay Bondage room from Build 6, they fall into the loving hands of their best friend...but that friend loves her too much to make her miserable by keeping her when she's still straight! Whatever will they do...

- The Dragon's Pet(Safeword Ending): This is the first Safeword Ending to vary a bit from the formula I've used before. As for why...in this case, I'd ruin both The Dragon Princess Room and this ending if I told you. So just go check it out for yourself! It's found if you choose to leave the dungeon after The Dragon Princess Room from this build.

- The Tentacle Mage's Slave(Safeword Ending): The Delver finds herself in the possession of a rather unique Mistress if you choose to leave just after the Pokemon Parody room in the Submissive branch of the Mental Path...

Other Stuff:

- Updates to Character Screen

- Updated game to inform you when you gain Lewdity/Intelligence. Removed Dexterity and Strength as they just weren't being used enough.


Release Notes for Build 8:

Okay! This is the first build with a full True Ending Set. It contains 3 True Endings for the Pet Play Path, plus 3 Rooms and 3 Safeword Endings. Lots of threes, in other words. 

Pet Play Endings Set:

-There are now three True Endings to the Pet Play path. One is the default, with each of the others being accessible only if you hit the minimum required Intelligence or Lewdity Score. There are 4 possible Int Points and 5 possible Lewdity Points in the path. Some are mutually exclusive...but it's technically possible to get all three endings opened at once if you do it just right. I'm not going to spoil them by saying anything more :-).  

New Rooms:

One Piece Parody Room:  Found in the Dominant sub-path of the Mental Transformation Path, just after the X-Men Parody Room. This is a puzzle room where you can guide Robin into making 'Nammi' her plaything during a certain time skip...

Star Trek Parody Room: This is a non-puzzle room found in the Submissive sub-path of the Mental Transformation Path, just after the Fairy Tail Parody Room from Build 7. I wanted to make it a puzzle room, since the Star Wars room had puzzle elements...but I was shocked just how little hentai/porn imagery is out there for Star Trek. I did my best with what I could find...but you may find the images less consistent than is usual.

Tentacle Girl Room: This is a new variation of a puzzle room! It can be found in the 'Gender/Other' sub-path of the Physical Transformation Path, right after the Slime/Goo girl room. I'm rather happy with this one! Play as a tentacle girl out to capture a few girls to go up for auction. As with all rooms, it's a tad simplistic, but I think it works well! 

Safeword Endings:

*A quick extra note here: I decided to go ahead and focus on finishing up the Safeword Rooms for the Bondage paths. All three of these rooms are in the Free/Public use sub-path.

Champion of Fertility - Leave after the Exotic Cum Room and have to deal with an enchantment that makes it uncomfortable to cover up...

Cum Mage - Leave after the Straightjacket Room and see what happens if our delver becomes a mage...

Free Use Quartermaster - Today Only! - Leave right before the last room! The dungeon itself thinks you're crazy...but you might just build a mercantile empire out of what you already have...

Other Notes:

- There is a NEW addition to the Pony Play room...

- There are currently no appearance changes to reflect the True Endings. 

- Time was short, so appearance changes for new rooms are largely untested

- Old saves are kinda unlikely to work for getting you through to the True Endings, as I overhauled the Lewd/Int gains in the path big time.


Release Notes for Build 9

Build 9 adds 4 new rooms,  5 Safeword Endings, and the Default Ending for the Free/Public Use Sub-Path, over in the Bondage Path. The focus for the month, per patron voting last month, was the Mental Transformation Path. As such, 3 of the rooms are there...which just so happens to have brought the Dominant sub-path up to its 10 room limit! No ending for it yet, obviously, but those will soon join the focus path polls...

New Rooms:

-The Android Room: Located in the dominant sub-path of the Mental Transformation Path, this room, this room has you playing as Meria, an Android faced with a difficult task...I personally love this room, though it may have some balance issues still. It's got some actual feels in it, I think, plus the usual smut. It is the largest puzzle type room of the build. 

- The Vampire Room: Located just after the new Andriod Room, this room puts you in place of The Dark Lady, owners of the Interdimensional Vampire Bar. She's known for helping vampires with their troubles...for a price...

- The Rubber Room: Located in the submissive sub-path of the Mental Transformation Path, this room puts you in place of a captured woman whose been in the hands of rubber-mad sex fiends for some time. Will she escape? Has a minor puzzle...but this is honestly one of the smaller rooms I've done in a while.

- The Ghost Girl Room: Located In the sub-path of the Physical Transformation Path that I'm kinda now calling 'other' at this point... This is the other real puzzle room of the build. You've been transformed into a Ghost Girl and need to solve several different puzzles to get the keys you need to move forward...

New True Ending!

- The Bondage Roulette: This is the Default - True Ending for the Free/Public Use sub-path of the Bondage route. Containing over 70 new images! See the final fate of the delver if she takes this path to her future...

Safeword Endings:

- The Brother and Bar: (Mental - Dominant Path)Found if the delver leaves after the X-men parody room. See what happens if the delver decides to take over her old workplace and turn it into something more her current taste...

- The Drow Ranger:  (Mental - Dominant Path) Found if the delver leaves after the One Piece parody room. See what happens if the delver takes off at her absolute most dominant. There are prices to be paid in all things...

- All the World's a Stage:  (Mental - Dominant Path) Found if the delver leaves after the Android Room. If a dominant delver leaves after learning some responsibility....how will it change her fate?

- I'll Take the Red Toy:  (Mental - Submissive Path) Found if the delver leaves after the Fairy Tail parody room. If the delver decides it's time to take off and find their one true master before the end of the path...what will become of her? She's quite vulnerable at this level of submission, after all...

- Idol Songstress:  (Mental - Submissive Path)  Found if the delver leaves after the Star Trek parody room. Interdimensional travelers can really mess up a culture. See what happens if a submissive delver stumbled her way into a new thing in the big city...

In days long forgotten to the modern kingdoms, a dungeon was built, one that adventurers quickly learned to avoid. Which...isn't to say that it was dangerous. Far from it. The Dungeon caused no lasting physical harm to any who obeyed its rules. It even provided fabulous wealth to all who conquered it...

But whoever built it was a total pervert.

Instead of monsters and deathtraps, the entire dungeon was filled with completely solvable puzzles...every one of which was of a lewd nature. Bondage predicaments, body transformation, mental effects, the dungeon had it all...so long as whatever it was wouldn't cause any lasting physical harm. And better yet, anyone who made it through was guaranteed fabulous riches! 

But, wealth that would normally have attracted adventurers in the dozens didn't in this case, for the safety of those inside was only guaranteed if they who entered did so with no violence in mind. Even the strongest of adventurers who entered within, intent of looting The Dungeon by force of arms, fell to the power of the dungeon's protections. And so as the ages passed the world by, The Dungeon gained a new name and a new purpose. It became The Dungeon of Lewdity...a final resort for anyone, no matter who you were. Be you criminal or king, rich or poor, The Dungeon of Lewdity offered one thing for all. 

The chance to change.

The chance to change fate.

Fabulous wealth, unique skills, a new identity for those in need. All is on offer from The Dungeon...if you can make it through....

The Dungeon of Lewdity is, primarily, an extra monthly reward for my Patrons. While I do release public versions, the primary goal is to give my patrons something more frequently updated than my other currently updating game The Sexy Cosplay Cafe. In light of this, it is both a simple game (being essentially a choose your own adventure made with Twine-Sugarcube) and one with no original art. All art for the game is taken from various hentai/adult art repositories and reused for the (not-for-profit!) game, rather than generated from scratch as is the case for my other works.

This game features 3 primary types of content, separated into 3 paths that diverge in The Dungeon's first room.

1) Bondage: Both bondage clothing (Arm Binders, Cuffs, Chastity Belt, etc.) and bondage situations. There are Public Use and Pet Play subpaths. Pet Play Includes: PuppyGirl, Pony, Catgirl, and Bunny Girl. 
2) Physical Transformation: Currently includes Breast Expansion and Lactation, Futafication, Transformation into a Minotaur Girl, Transformation into an Orc.
3) Mental Transformation: Mental effects on the character. In example, the first room on this path alters the character into believing they are a maidservant. One of the Build 2 rooms contains being shrunk into fairy sized. Build 3 contains a Drow transformation in the dom sub-path of the Mental Transformation path. Build 4 includes transformation into an alien. Build 5 adds additional parody rooms (see release notes). 

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Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: Build 5 on 07/17/2019

Its a solid 'game' more like a collection of small erotic stories transformations.

Its up to standard expectations for this kind of game/story.

Review by Ayami

Version reviewed: Build 2 on 04/17/2019

Solid game.  Can't wait for next update

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