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RPG Maker VX Ace
sorta English
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05.09 Bugfix/Patch
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Version: 05.09 Bugfix/Patch

Version: 01.09

Latex Dungeon Advance

This is my overwhaul from ZXC's Latex Dungeon. I m not the original creator of this game and all the drawings are his.

At first I only wanted to make a bugfix but after I killed a whole army of them I thought I could balance it and at some stuff and now it s nearly a new game. It still has a lot of edges and corners but you can have fun with it or at least take a look at the whole bunch of pictures where Raven getting in some obscure situations.


I added the old maps, created some new enemies and items. Balanced some of the areas and run over some of the skills. I can t really say what I have changed all along but you will find out.


Download and install the core file. This core file. Not the original game. It s a standalone version with a lot of extras and has nothing to do with the original file anymore. Into a new folder and overwrite it with the latest bugfix/patch. Start the exe with the cute dragon icon and go into your adventure


The save files aren t compactible between the mod and the original game so you must start a new one.

Have fun


Two other transformations added


Another companion available

Another dungeon level

ended the temple
new items and stuff
did I mention there is a way to buy outfits
a cheater trap

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Review by RM750

Version reviewed: 12.06 on 06/13/2019

This game is incredibly hot. If you like corruption at all, you will love this game. It can be a bit rough around the edges, so make sure you have multiple save files, but it is really fucking hot.

Review by Butt-Man 3000

Version reviewed: 28.04 on 05/03/2019

This game is great, a bit buggy still and maybe not perfectly translated, but it's fun, content rich, free, and hot as hell, I don't know what else you could want!

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