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Version: Final Update (March 2021)

Version: August 2020

Orchard University Remastered


 Orchard University closed its doors eight years ago, though no one knows quite why. Now it has reopened out of the blue, embracing a bold new motto:

"Orchard University: The School of Second Chances."

With your troubled history, the possibility of a fresh start on life and peers who don't know you sounds too good to be true...

Sure, the school's got an odd reputation, but what's the worst that could happen?


Orchard University: Remastered is a complete reimagining of our earlier game, Orchard U, improving on the storyline and introducing an innovative deck building combat system. During your time at Orchard U, you'll make friends and join clubs by day, and break into a digital otherworld and solve mysteries by night, all the while avoiding (or diving right into) traps and challenges that TF you, body and mind.

Inspired by such games as Slay the Spire, Mega Man Battle Network, and the Persona series, OU:R is a game under development. We intend to release episodic new content arcs every few months, and release polls allowing our patrons to help shape the content we work on.

Thank you for downloading, and we hope you enjoy the game.

(~ ̄³ ̄)~



Finally a new release for Orchard University Remastered is upon us… and it will be the last. But first the good news: the release!

-Added a new dungeon with a new scene and two bosses!!

-Added a new outfit.

-Added some new cards with very different mechanics to everything you have seen so far! There are powerful cards that will require you to discard part of your hand to be used. The new outfit centers around it.

WARNING: A new save file might be needed (might not… but I forgot why I put that warning...hehehe.)

Now onto the “bad” news. My RPG Maker MV has crashed, like a lot and often, and it killed any patience left I had with OU-R. The system was really too convoluted to keep evolving as it had been, or even to maintain it.

But more good news, the story is not dead! I will continue to work in OU (in this continuity) in its sequel! Expect the same stuff as OU-R but different combat and dungeons. We will keep MC being customizable, transforming bosses and the mini stories in the dungeon. We will add more character to the bosses and make dungeons more of an adventure than in OU-R. Hope to see you in the new game, which has already started production (and being tested by the Patreons). 

PS: The sequel will be based on this game, so you do need to finish OU-R to understand the new OU.


Head Developer: Icarue
Co-Writer: P.Bird
Walking Sprites: rockhub
Side Quest Design: rockhub

Art Assets: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1af9oh9dEUBqDK68AhNhIptnMvp7jBpxcvJ02WN7pdTg/edit?usp=sharing


Join Discord for more frequent news and some sneak peaks:


Orchard University close it’s doors 8 years ago after untold circumstances happened in it. It now has reopened out of the blue.

You are drawn to the school due to it’s slogan:

“The school of second chances.”

You have experienced a past you are not keen on sharing … but so does everyone else in OU.

Could't find a place to put credits...


All art in the cards, mirror, and basically everything involved in battle, is not mine. 

Plugins from:


Yan Fly


Simple Stupid Gaming

Catball games (the save file for MAC, if you don't have it, search for it!)


 Now that I forced you here, I took out all the images or modify/erase the images I don't own (and some might have slept by). Now, why did I do it, everyone is doing it. I talked to a friend that knows "Lawberish" (That's a weird tem we invented on the fly to mean he understands law) and he has some experiece with something I want to do. That thing is delicate and may be put in danger if I do things that are unlawful (yes, posting images is unlawful. It's not bad unless the owner of said images is involved, generally.). But if I get investaigated to do the thing I want to do, having images that are not mine is not the best of looks, and may even outright make it impossible for me to do the thing. 

I'm sorry for any disapointments this might occur, but I hope this won't affect any future projects I do. 

PS: The short future of this project will be decided in the forum. 

PSS: I left it as a concept (it's closer to that w/o images), but since I might continue this on the short term (finish the current arc max). 



August 2020 Update:

Change Log
* Final story polish
* Added more boss images


V.16= More dungeons and a date

Added a dungeon (or two) to the main quest

Added a date with Adam (also part of the main quest)

Deck must be min 10! 

 v.15: black out (of images)

v.14= drama club path b: 

Added 3 acting scenes

V.13 = Main story - Drama club -path a

"Added" 3 new dungeons. Each with a tf and a boss (if you have complete them previously, talk to the soldier in the gym mon-fri to reset them). 

 Added some story related to the arc. There will be two paths, I'll tell you more next version. 

Note: You might want to check the library out. 

 Some bugs fixed. 

V.12 = Paperdoll!

V.11 = Too many side quests...


Defiance mechanic: Hypno cards remove tokens when used, but cause damage. (EDIT: nvm, but it's planned)



Added Avarice's board (Quests board). Infront of the CW entrance


TFs, Compulsions, Clothes

Added 7 tfs (6 physiscal 1 compulsion). 

Added 1 cloth, related to a tf. 



Addded 6 sidequests, and 6 dungeons + 15-16 cards

NOTE: hair won't appear past 2 (EDIT: nvm, dungeon is there, but not accessible in this release). 

Update (v.10) = Begining of arc 3 (library). 

Update (v.05): Refine arc 1

Update (v.04):


-Added a bunch of blue and white cards. Added the final dungeon of the arc.

> IRL/Story

- Conlcluded the homework arc. 

> Virtual world

- Added 1 dungeons (Mansion); with 2 bosses and a checkpoint

>Core, Compulsions and Tranformations

- Added 2 cores, 1 compulsion, 1 tranformations

- Added 1 new (part of an) outfit 

u2: Side path from pirate dungeon should have an item in the fountain.

Armor inventory now auto arrenges itself by parts. 

Hotfix .42= Failsafe when enemy doesnt appear (will send a bug message, feel free to send it to me). 

                 Changed some hide options to disable, so the unsync should work as well as the SUB club. 

 Hotfix .41= There should be no bug when fighting in the mansion. Second event when you shrink implemented. Mirror implemented. 

Update (v.03):


- Added damage numbers

- Added a ? button (top right in battles) should explain controls and objective. 

- Might have fixed the hold card duplication glitch

> IRL/Story

- Continued the "Homework/Shrimp ark" . And added a dungeon. 

- Added a job, available once a representative talk to you at school. (It's in the lobby of the SUB).

- Added maps to your room and clubroom so you can teleport to different areas. 

> Virtual world

- Added 2 dungeons (The jungle (story) and a beach (pirate))

- Added 8 ish cards (+2 boss cards you don't really want to use), 8 enemies (including bosses)

- Nerfed the ninja dungeon a bit... (tell me if it's still too hard)

>Core, Compulsions and Tranformations

- Added 3 cores, 1 compulsion, 3 tranformations

- Added 2 new outfits

Update (v.02):

- Finalize Robin's Dungeon

-  Added 5 charisma base cards (focus on heart production), 1 dungeon, 3 crystals (same thing as cores)

- Make it so you can hold cards (simply don't use them). You can discard cards by pressing down when they are highlighted. Remember to use E to pass. (it's not perfect... don't be too surpise to find duplicates of the card you are holding). 

- Added a compulsion and 2 physical tfs. 

- Added a daily cycle and the school (although it's moslty lifeless at the moment.

- Added a map to traverse the school, there's one in the clubroom and one in your room (and theorically bind to M, but couldn't make it work in my computer).

- Made the combat faster, taken away most of the textboxes from your cards, and substitute them with sounds



-  Added a rest room(s) and a button to dress, but it uses your turn

- Added 8 charisma (hearts) cards. 

Update concept 2: Updated the UI, regarding most of the things posted in the comments. Hopefully now is less cluttered and more readable. (The squares on the enemy clothing indicate if they can be clothed or not;for the purposes of dress up, it will only be effective if the square is RED). 

Update 3: added 27 or so cards, a dungeon, a shop, 4 enemies 

Update 4: total 40 cards, rest room, clothe button, story, 2 dungeons, sprites (and many others , i think). 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Danyl

Version reviewed: August 2020 on 01/20/2021

Very nice game, well done. I am looking forward for next part :-) and I hope its not dead.

Review by EarthGodzilla355

Version reviewed: June 2020 on 08/17/2020

I really like the game so far and hope you continue to do a good job on it.

Review by ShadyLoony

Version reviewed: May 2020 on 06/21/2020

Really liked what there is so far, and I am excited too see where this goes. Combat for the most part is really good, I love how there are different styles of decks you can make. Story is pretty well done as well, with each change your character goes through getting it's own little scene

That being said, there are some things that I think should be changed. First off, as far as I can tell there isn't much difference between Mind damage and Body Damage for your character. The only real thing that seems too matter is if your TF meter is full or not.

Second, I think you should be able too take the basic cards out of your deck once you start finding replacements for them, Being forced too use cards I don't want is really annoying. I also think you should be able too take cards out of your deck whenever, without having too go to your storage, if I see a vault that has a card I want too buy, but does not support my current build I either have too buy the card and have a bad card in my deck for the rest of the dungeon, or skip it and miss out on a card I wanted.

Third. More art. I love what there is so far but I would definitely like too see some illustrations of your character after they sync with a crystal, or lose too a boss. I'm not faulting the game for this, I know artists can be expensive just more of something I would like too see added too the game than anything.

That's about all I got for suggestions, after all that I still really enjoyed this game and hope it continues too be updated in the future.

Review by Axr

Version reviewed: May 2020 on 05/17/2020

Like a lot of this author's games, there's a lot of really good moments and ideas here. The game is well worth playing. I made it to the end of current content and I'll be coming back to check out future updates. The May update finally sold me on this game having the legs to eventually surpass the original Orchard. Bravo!

 - The card combat is actually coming together really well. It's interesting and unique, and works well. The different card sets and builds are also really starting to add unique flavor to different decks.

 - But if you don't like it, you can skip most of it, and you can review the "defeat" scenes without actually having to lose.

 - The characters are cute and sexy. The new art looks straight up excellent and the writing is fun. Yeah there are some grammar and spelling issues, but those can be overlooked.

 - The paper doll portrait -  although I think it's still using old art - has always been a strong point for this author and the same is true here. It does a good job at showing ALL your changes. 

 - The compulsions system is fun and exciting, and mixes up the usual progression of this kind of game. Wish more titles had something like it! There's this, and Afterlife.


However, it is being held back by a lot of UI missteps and balancing problems right now which are frustrating to deal with.

 - The UI for managing your "deck" is much more difficult than it needs to be. You have to dial in the quantities manually from memory - you can't see the inventory amount, and if you choose more than you have, it silently fails.

 - The UI for changing equipment is also error prone and unintuitive. You pick a slot first, then a piece of equipment... from the list of ALL equipment, and if you pic something that isn't in that slot, it silently fails.

 - Hard to tell where to go next for the first part of the main story quest. It ended up being a particular random NPC in the park that I was missing talking to for a long time.

 - The in-game text for card effects is different from the visual text, and both are often unclear or actually wrong.

 - It's hard to tell which cards are temporary (for the dungeon) vs permanent.

 - The meaning of the different icons, shapes, and colors in combat is not very clear. The main thing you need to know is on "clothe" attacks LOWER numbers are better (the number is the amount of damage you have to deal before the attack CAN work, and at 2x that it is guaranteed). You may also need to achieve at least the given color before a slot can be locked in (blue > yellow > orange> red). But for the most part, you can ignore the colors (or use them as shorthand) and completely ignore the slot icons. The specific slot clothe attacks are never worth it.

 - The game is much more difficult than it needs to be at the start. ALL the early-game available cards are WORSE than the ones you start with, until the mid game. Especially the ones that do self-damage, which can't be healed until you get to either the healing cards in the 2nd set or the "rest compulsion." Don't even try using them until later.

 - DO get ONE copy of [sic]"Does this looks sexy" and use it to one-shot the bosses usually on turn 2. The self-damage won't matter since it's the last fight. This works pretty much all throughout the game. You only need to do 10 mental+physical damage for it to be guaranteed. Try to also get 1 "Ready for Adventure" to use as a finisher for regular enemies.


So, while it's true that it's a mixed bag, I'm writing this because I care enough about this game that I really want it to succeed! I think if you have the right expectations, there's already a lot of great content here. I'd put it at 7/10 right now but it's going in the right direction! The only thing putting it a step behind the likes of Afterlife, Magical Camp, and Timeless Pantheon is UI/UX technical issues.

edit: score bump, I think I was a bit too harsh.

Review by NyaChan365

Version reviewed: 0.15 on 08/03/2019

its a really good game. waiting for the new artist :)

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