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Version: 0.2.1

Version: 0.2

A Guy Reprogrammed

You are Jesse Dimmins...
You're just a guy, really. Nothing too remarkable about you (just yet).
As you go through the day to day of your life, though, you find yourself slowly changing in small ways.
Your experiences collectively reprogram you from an entirely unremarkable, straight male into someone new.
A Guy Reprogrammed features adult situations including:
  • pornographic content
  • feminization/sissification
  • homosexuality
  • homosexuality again
  • masturbation
  • prostate milking
  • long-term chastity
  • gas station glory holes
  • breast expansion
  • penis shrinking
  • clothed females, naked males
  • humiliating situations
  • forced maid servitude
  • graphic portrayal of soul-crushing corporate employment
  • ...and murder! (but that's really only if you refuse to feed your pet goldfish)


Go ahead, try out the game described by players as:

"very hollow"
"kind of annoying rather than fun"
"too grindy"
"too much unoptional gayness"
"relative lack of content"
"will just make people ... lose interest completely"
"the plots are pretty empty"
"not an original concept"
"latest update went a bit wrong"
'is "not" good work or a good game'




Jesse Dimmins (or whatever you choose to name him)
The protagonist. He's... just a guy, really. Nothing too remarkable about him (just yet).
Your beloved fish Gilbert.
Rodney D. Spencer
Your boss.
Brodi Tanaka
The owner of the salon at the mall. Brodi is a stylish person whose mission is to make other people look better.
Duke Ellory
Your landlord. Duke also runs a housekeeping business on the side called HomeMade Housekeeping.
Master Ethan
A dominant whose passion is molding slaves to his will. He keeps a watchful eye on the chatroom, looking for slaves.
Mistress Danielle
A cheap re-skin of Master Ethan, but as a woman. Really just a pathetic attempt to pander to the rigidly hetero crowd.
Holly Hawkley
Works at the Doctor's Office.
Doctor Wendy Bendall
A local doctor who doesn't happily suffer fools.
Janice Mallent
Works at your office in the accounting department. She considers herself your office nemesis. She goes out of her way to make you suffer.
Shelly Jones
A sweet young woman who loves ice cream and sometimes hangs around the mall.
Sandra Elayne
Runs 7th Avenue Boutique, an adult book store.
Sonya Mills
Works at the gym. She's pretty strict about following gym policy...
Unlocking Story Events
1) Be sure to spend some time in the chat room (while horny) and submit to Master Ethan/Mistress Danielle when you get the chance (the earlier, the better)
2) Approach your landlord about being short on rent before you get your paycheck
3) Make sure that you go to work while feeling horny sometimes and use the restroom if you have the chance
4) Fresh air is a good thing! Be sure to take lots of walks outside.
5) Spend some time exploring the mall and make sure you have money to spend!

Other hints
• The Help menu features a list of Hints that can give you some direction
• Exercising while wearing a jockstrap or sports bra can improve your results
• Viewing porn can have an effect on certain aspects about yourself (e.g. sexual attraction, gender identity, etc)
• Always follow tasks you receive promptly
• It's helpful to get a good night's sleep (but being too horny can make for more enjoyable dreams)
• Get a sneak-peek at the local glory hole by first discovering the gas station on a walk, then visiting the last stall in the bathroom (you'll have to have lost enough dignity to actually go through with it, though)
• You'll likely have experienced most of the available content by Day 37 (at which time you'll get a chance to unlock Debug Mode AND the all-powerful Debug Settings menu!)
• If you're struggling during the Giving Head minigame, don't bother waiting for the sequence to finish. Click each tile immediately after it flashes. Easy mode!
• Generally, the hornier Jesse is, the more experiences he is open to and the more fun he can have. Would you be playing this game right now if you weren't horny? :)

*** Save files between versions are NOT compatible ***
Version 0.2.1
• Fixed: Wash Face passage time progression bug
• Fixed: bug that displayed the doctor's office in nav after midnight
• Fixed: "she considers herself you nemesis" *facepalm*
• Fixed: "You wonder how many men have ever snuck a peak at you" *double facepalm*
• Fixed: the odd situation where residents weren't taking place because GE.residents was null (hopefully fixed?)
• Fixed: Holly Hawkley counts as having been met after the physical
• Fixed: Giving Head minigame bug that caused earned experience to be lower than it was supposed to be

• Updated: made chores go just a little faster
• Updated: made the upgraded apartment rent a bit more affordable
• Updated: made chore/temp passage last a max of 3.5 seconds with navigation that will appear more quickly as the game progresses
• Updated: added a progress bar to the Practice Blowjob on Dildo passage
• Updated: reworked the Giving Head Minigame to never have more than 4x4 options and added more feedback to communicate correct/incorrect choices
• Updated: replaced Head minigame sound effects with generic beeps until I find an alternative that I'm happier with
• Updated: player must decrease dignity sufficiently to work up the courage to visit the sex shop (if they've discovered it)
• Updated: finished writing the higher level fitness descriptions
• Updated: horny bar continues to cycle through colors indefinitely after it has passes 100% horniness (previously it just stayed red when >= 100%)
• Updated: upgraded to Twine 2.29.0
• Updated: sex shop has an image
• Updated: adjusted the formula for calculating maid special event tip amounts to be directly related to your maid level
• Updated: retooled maid events a bit
• Updated: played around with the sex minigame (which is currently only accessible via the debug Teleport menu)
• Updated: reworked the Teleportation menu (accessible after 35 days of gameplay in debug mode) so it's more consistent and easier to navigate
• Updated: peeping in the locker room now uses actual locker room images, rather than just the gym showers
Ugh. These images aren't showing up properly due to a silly bug. It'll be fixed in the next release...

• Added: Sandra Elayne (owner of the sex shop) is now an official member of the cast... she likes to go by the title Goddess (femdom fans rejoice!) 
I'm getting reports that some folks are experiencing glitches during the Goddess Elayne intro scene. I'm currently looking into it...
• Added: latex panties are now sold at the sex shop
• Added: Submission Meter to Status screen and Debug Settings menu, Submission will also play a greater factor in influencing and gate-keeping game events
• Added: officially added Sonya Mills (gym employee) to the cast
• Added: new horny leaking gifs (potentially updating to a new one overnight)
• Added: introduction to giving head screen that walks a player through the minigame
• Added: new stat - Max Days without Having an Orgasm

Version 0.2
• Fixed: various and sundry typos (I'm looking at you, coke head)
• Fixed: Mistress Danielle now has a female symbol in the chat
• Fixed: replaced reference to dream_chastity.jpg with the correct dream_chastity.gif
• Fixed: you should no longer get assigned to purchase razor/makeup if you already own them
• Fixed: fixed a few rare circumstances where Master/Mistress initial tasks never appeared
• Fixed: a couple issues with walk flags
• Fixed: bedroom nav issue where it claimed that Jesse couldn't go outside and still had to go to work, even if the office was closed

• Updated: maid cleaning overuse penalty to be *slightly* less... clicky
• Updated: more nudges to spend time in the chat room
• Updated: increased probability of chatting with Master Ethan/Mistress Danielle
• Updated: practice blowjob images
• Updated: if you complete a task without reading the corresponding message, the message will automatically be marked as read
• Updated: raised the probability of being assigned new tasks during the week
• Updated: added a minimum fitness requirement to buying a gym membership along with an advertising email when Jesse meets it
• Updated: Jesse's employer's name to Bohreng Enterprises
• Updated: differentiated various hypno emails
• Updated: transition images for the first day the apartment or bathroom gets dirty (they only look 60% dirty)
• Updated: the horniness meter no longer tops out at 100% when you hover over it to see the percentage
• Updated: viewing assigned hypnoses affects how game events play out
• Updated: extended End Game screen to the 35th day
• Updated: settings foundations for submission to become an important character stat
• Updated: a few of the generic dream images now have text associated with them
• Updated: made park scenes sensitive to day/night cycle
• Updated: tweaked messages display
• Updated: special menus (Inventory, Status, Help, Settings, etc.) are now dialog boxes.
• Updated: made some special events more likely as gameplay progresses
• Updated: sidebar to be a little more compact

• Added: maid events (potential run-ins with residents whose apartments you are cleaning)
• Added: welcome screen explanation about what a virgin is (because Jesse does not come out of the gate as some sort of Sex God)
• Added: you can now purchase a fancy computer (allows you to view twice as much porn in the same amount of time!)
• Added: the option to upgrade your apartment at the cost of higher rent (new apartment gives 2x experience for cleaning it, cleaning takes half as long, it gets dirty half as quickly AND you always have a 33% chance of getting a well-rested bonus every night ((unlock the chance to upgrade by having enough $$$ in your account)))
• Added: I'm Afraid of Penises mode redacts (almost) all references to penises and replaces (almost) all penis images with something... safer...
• Added: you'll get sick if you don't clean your apartment/bathroom/dishes
• Added: you'll start to smell if you don't do your laundry
• Added: you now update task issuers about completed tasks automatically before going to sleep
• Added: you can view completed tasks in the Status screen
• Added: the beginnings of an achievements system
• Added: officially added Janice, your office nemesis, to characters
• Added: the possibility of having arguments with Janice (in the manner of Rock, Paper, Scissors)
• Added: added Shelly, a human female that you can attempt to date, to characters
• Added: Post Orgasm Regret when cumming to porn that's outside your comfort zone
• Added: trying hard to channel the Matrix on the title screen...
• Added: you now have a chance to find money on walks, so now you have a literal cash incentive to take walks!
• Added: you can discover a new adult bookstore on a walk (but there are still quite a few placeholder images, so DEAL WITH IT, bitches!)
• Added: new voyeurism hypno with accompanying scene that can be unlocked in the gym
• Added: new streaking task
Version 0.1
• Fixed: issue with oufits and saving
• Fixed: Giving Head Minigame should work EVERY time (and if it somehow still breaks, there's a link to the previous passage)
• Fixed: added the Unread Message notification icon to Computer page
• Fixed: issue with Ethan/Danielle first name
• Fixed: an issue with a couple of Porn images displaying properly
• Fixed: an issue with a few images displaying with the wrong dimensions
• Fixed: getting multiple rent strikes now works as expected
• Fixed: a few pronoun issues

• Updated: no longer relying on JavaScript to store any non-static game info
• Updated: save names now include the version number and the final character is a unique (probably) character that can differentiate character saves (e.g 8:00 AM | 01/01 | (v0.1) &)
• Updated: napping through curfew now sends the player safely to sleep through the night
• Updated: changed the boss's name to Rodney Spencer, because Neo-Nazis ruin EVERYTHING
• Updated: reworked dreams a bit. They're no less confusing, but slightly more topical.
• Updated: tweaked a few colors
• Updated: added a few more images
• Updated: tweaked the porn screen to include each category's effect on sexuality
• Updated: task engine so that it will be able to support long-term tasks

• Added: an incentive to not abuse the Housekeeping Job :)
• Added: purchasing a dildo gives you the option to Practice Blowjob to get Giving Head experience
• Added: Autosave every morning (at least until I'm sure that there aren't any more game-breaking bugs)
• Added: more Giving Head images
• Added: Gilbert has a chance to comment on your appearance (feeding when naked/in chastity/women's underwear/practiced bj/shrunken penis)
• Added: a few more work events
Version 0.0
• Initial release



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by DerrekA

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 11/23/2021

The immediate lack of rent money is a bit frustrating, the slow burn gets kind of tedious with so little to do, but the mechanics all work and there's enough numbers ticking upward to keep me entertained. Only real issue is how easy it is to get locked into an M/F power exchange even though that's supposedly not major. Even worse is that you can submit to a Mistress despite already having a Master, both of whom basically come about by just saying "hey bb u wan sum fuk" and bang boom there they are. Shame that this got dropped.

Review by Somedude02

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 06/29/2021

I like the game so far, and the writter has a nice sense of humor too. 

The only thing that I didn't like is that the game doesn't force you to take the next steps. It lacks a solid motive that explains why the sudden change. The sudden change itself is the problem for me.

The charater was never forced to accpet the master/mistress proposal in the chat, nor he had any previous experiences to influence his decision. Actually, if don't want to  make this decision, you don't have too and then you just don't progress in the game.
Also, the maid job. You'll never need to do that if you're carefull to always have the money. There's an event at the job that makes you lose money,  but it's at a random point in the game, and it will be coincidence if it comes at a convenient time of your corruption.


I hope that the key to the characters corruption is that girlfriend. That relationship could be a potential trigger.

But I like what you have so far. Nice structure of doing your chores and building skills.

Review by vn0l

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 04/26/2020

Please update this. It's really good. The game that combines slow change with some rather extreme fetishes and lighthearted yet engaging writing. What's not to like! One of the best on this site IMHO.

Review by overseer

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 03/02/2020

overall, its an extremely well made game. my only concern is a buy with Elayne, in which her tasks seemingly can tbe completed. no matter how many times i do the task it just never marks that ive done it so i get punished anyways. 


otherwise the game is amazing

Review by mitori

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 02/25/2020

Awesome fantastic game. One of the few sub games I actually enjoied. With actually good interface. My main complaint is that there is no pateron and no news for updates as I really can't wait for a new patch anymore. Seriouslly if u r going to make something this good -Tell. me. WHERE and HOW do I give u money so I can make sure this is continued. I want this continued. Please set up a patreon or something, 

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