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Version: Demo 0.1.0

Project Circe
by dplock

Project Circe is a role playing science fiction game about using genetics to modify your body.  You collect blood samples from your enemies, extract DNA from them, sequence that DNA, and then insert their genes into

viruses to create body modification serums known as "mods", which you can inject into yourself to give yourself the abilities and appearences of animals.  Your goal is to fight four bioterrorist organizations; the Anthro Alliance,

the Legion of Other, the Cult of Lilith and the Army of Light, who are trying to use mods to take over the world and transform everyone on Earth to be like them.

It is the year 2050. In this era, modding, the act of genetically modifying yourself to gain superhuman abilities and otherworldly appearances has taken the world by storm. The United States government has seen an opportunity here; they have been working on a super soldier serum for decades, but have been hindered by the protocols put in place to protect human test subjects. And here are people willing to inject themselves with animal DNA, regardless of the potential consequences. Thus begins Project Circe, named after the Greek Goddess of Transformation from the Odyssey who kidnapped Odysseus and his crew and turned them into animals. Those who are arrested for selling genetic modifications without a licence are given an offer to have the charges against them dropped, if they agree to make gene mods for the government, test them on themselves, and use them to fight terrorists who use mods. This is where your story begins. You've agreed to work for Project Circe and become a glorified lab rat (in exchange for not being incarcerated and for a cushy salary of 200 grand a year), and to fight fellow modders who are abusing their newfound powers and committing crimes and terrorism.

5/26/2019 Uploaded Demo Version 0.1.0

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