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Version: 0.9.12

Mice Tea

Mice Tea is an erotic human to anthro transformation visual novel that's both cute and sexy. You'll play the role of Margaret de Campos, a young bookstore clerk who's frustrated with her life and looking for a change. She doesn't know just how much things are going to change for her and her friends and co-workers.

The current build includes explicit sex and nudity, so 18+ only, please!

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Preview Image - Tea Shop

Preview Image - Bookstore

Preview Image - Sylvia

Preview Image - Ears

Preview Image - Growing Teeth



Margaret de Campos is an overworked bookstore clerk wishing for something better in life. Once day, she stumbles upon a weird looking tea with the capability of transforming the drinker in various ways.

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Review by unit5421

Version reviewed: 0.9.2 on 05/23/2020

Looking for a cute visual novel with amazing visual and a tf related story?
Seems like mice tea has it all.

This is my favorite game on this site. It has a large selection of TF themes and do them all well.
The game is still in development and promises great things for its future.

- Looks good
- Good story
- Animal tf
- CG art and scenes
- Demo is worth its time

- Still in development
- Some tf themes are there but only in limited amounts (so far)

Review by theclosetmonster

Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 06/23/2019

Really love this! Wonderful illustrations and a fun, light hearted bit of erotic transformation fun. Nice to see something other then "you become a bimbo slut". Can't wait to see more and thanks for sharing it with us!

Review by Arothe

Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 06/23/2019

Not a bad start at all! I really hope you keep adding to this and fleshing out the paths too. It's already really interesting.

Review by lupnash

Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 06/22/2019

intresting so far... but a lot of clicking and very few choices (at least yet)    


definatly a demo /alpha game still.. but an intresting storyline.. but would be better with alot less clicking


will deginatly look back at this in a few versions but right now it is still too much in alpha and too much clicking .. but will look at in a few versions

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