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Version: 0.2.11

Version: 0.2.10

Version: 0.2.06a

Version: 0.1.51

Version: 0.1.50a

Transylvania: The EroticHorror Adventure
by Somnium

You are Alex, a poor student that decides to take a summer job working as a receptionist at the Crooked Elm, a hotel in a faraway mountain village deep in the Transylvanian region. Quickly you realize that nothing and no one in the village is what it seems, and every passing hour has you more embroiled in the mysterious happenings...

For more details about the story check PLOT, but beware of SPOLIERS!

=====>QUICK UPDATE: <======

There is a SURVEY avilable here: https://forms.gle/qhdMejgjXq8thkuc9

If you have played the game and want to contribute your opinion for updates going forward, it would really mean a lot!

 Version 0.2.12 - the Big Polish, part 3

This patch continues to improve Chapter 1, focusing on new content:


A new character has been added:

-3 new scenes have been added for this character;

-new interactions and choices have been added for character;


-new art for character;


-you can now encounter Elise during end-of day job and talk to her to progress her story (similarly to how you can talk in her room ->this is mostly a quality of life change and adds minor variance depending where you meet her)


-some improvements and polish to traits and interactions;


-the patreon cheat menu has been polished a little and should now feel better and also offer you more options;

-added more flavor dialogue for characters and locations;

-bugfixes and typo fixes;


In progress:

-you will notice that the Journal and Character modules still have partss that are not live, which will be the target for next patches. 

-more traits and interactions coming;

-inventory system;

P.S. Please note that the current ongoing rework of gameplay features has halted progression of Chapter 2. I feel that currently this is the best course for the project and a strong foundation will make work on Chapter 2 faster and easier in the future. The story will pick up as soon as the systems overhaul is complete.


Patreons  get a version with cheat menu for quick navigation. Please note that all in-game content will always be accessible to everyone, for free.

If you wish to support the game and gain additional perks, click on "Support the game" on the left panel =)

Patreon helps me commission more art for the game. It gives you access to in-dev builds, cheat menu, polls, as well as Discord. Pledge only if you can, playing is the biggest support already ;) 

If you like my content you can find more stories and games at http://xfiction.org/


The main premise of the game is that death isn't the end. Dying changes you but it's also a way of gaining valuable informaiton that helps unlock the secrets of the village. New dialogue options, locations and events become available.

If you are having difficulties or are not sure what to do, this is here to help. In the first part there are some spoiler free tips that can orient you without revealing the plot. If you're still having trouble, below are detailed pointers, which contain spoilers.


1. Spoiler free tips:

-the game has a long intro; until you reach Monday, there isn't anything to worry about.

-if you die, keep playing;

-exploration is usually rewarded; even if you have already talked to a character or visited a place, your options might change in the future;

-there is a recap at the beginning of your day that will tell you your current knowledge and relationship with the main characters. Keep a close eye on it. If you're not sure what to do, working on improving these can give you a direction;




IONUT / TOWER line - you need to acquire the keys from the servant. You can do this by distracting him, via messing with the pipes in the basement.

ELISE line - talk to her regularly in her room, AFTER breakfast. You will need to give her flowers, which can be found in the garden. After a point, you will need to take the ribbon from FELICIA at the antique shop to further your progression. Once you max out the Elise relaitonship, you will be given a choice to define its final shape (servant / friend).

LAVIUS line - you need to talk with him at the inn, but you can only progress if you have few beads remaining.

WEREWOLF line - you need to get pheromones from FELICIA in order to not die. Use 1 and remain calm to pass him by. Use more if you want to trigger the phero overdose events.

ZACHARY line - you need to remain cool and not flirt with him. Zach will give you info about the characters. If you have visited Lavius' lair alone FIRST, THEN you can ask Zach to help.

MAIN story line - activating the generator. You need to have gone to Lavius' home once with Lavius, then alone to get info. You need the pheromones from Felicia. You need to talk to Zach and ask him to help. Find the fuel in Lavius' lair after these conditions are met.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Winter1

Version reviewed: 0.2.10 on 04/29/2020

This is a truly gorgeous and unique game. Too many games just try to be everything and blur together lumping all fetishes at once, this game sticks to what it is with a unique gothic horror style and some very good writing. The puzzles are just tricky enough to feel rewarding for figuring out but not so difficult to get in the way of moving the story forward, and the descent to feminine evil is very well done. I look forward to seeing the story progress and evolve! 

Review by Lipwig

Version reviewed: 0.2.08 on 02/24/2020

This game is everything I have been wishing for ever since I outgrew my old "Choose your own adventure"-Books, where your decisions make your story unfold before your eyes, while you are frantically turning over the pages and found more of the world of lewd entertainment.

The writing is great, finely polished and you really get the feeling how much effort was put into it. The characters are brilliant, the story is grabing and makes you question your decisions - "Am I sure I wanted to do this?". Which only makes you play it again. 

It is mainly a text based game, but there is a lot of art to help you with your imagination, if you need that extra nudge. 

As you slowly get into it, you will begin to find more and more interesting, small stuff, hidden in plain sight. The developer really did his job, I feel, to reward you for liking his product and having fun with it. 

As of now, there are "two parts", if I can call it like this without spoiling anything and I find it amazing that they have such a different feel to them. 

I am fairly certain I am not overselling it by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through the pages, trying different stuff and I cant wait for the constant updates that are coming on regular bases. 

Have fun!

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.2.06 on 12/22/2019

It's a fun idea, but I'm giving up on it.  By nature it's repetitive...and after a while that just gets frustrating.

Review by WhenDarknessComes

Version reviewed: on 12/04/2019

It's an intriguing game, full of dark mistery. Interesting characters and challenging puzzles. Would be nice if there was lesbian content. Definately one I'll keep an eye on.

Review by BitNevada

Version reviewed: on 10/26/2019

Transylvania has everything I've wanted from a lewd game. It has a cute protagonist, an engaging story, a very good mechanic for exploring different scenes, a willingness to get dark, and a variety of fetishes. If you're still not convinced let me explain those points further. The protagonist's cuteness is thanks to the game having a really good artist. The story feels like an actual story and not merely an excuse for having sex. I won't spoil anything but there is a mechanic for seeing the different scenes that isn't just saving and loading. The game isn't afraid of darker themes like death and i like that. Again, I won't spoil anything specific but there are more fetishes past just men and women having sex.



In summary I love this game and I highly recommend it. 

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