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Version: 1.0

Suddenly a Girl

Suddenly a Girl is a Life Simulation with Transformation elements in a modern world. Male to Female transformation and mind control is the main focus.

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The game is now complete!

After finishing school you wanted to start a career as a professional Gamer. But unfortunately it isn't that easy and you have to spend all day playing games and practice a lot if you ever want to get there.
It would have also been easier if your Mother wouldn't nag you all the time to get a real job and to finally contribute to the household. But your Mother's patience is running thin and her new Boyfriend Jeff seems to work on another weird invention of his. He thinks that he made a breakthrough with it and convinces you to help him test it, let's just hope that nothing goes wrong.


New Content:
-After finishing all of the documents in the office you can now start the final main quest
-Added Jeff's ending into the game (with a few new events, new dialogues and other text changes at the free roam part of the ending)
-Added 5 girl path endings into the game (all with different variants and new events at the free roam part)
-Added 1 male path ending into the game (has different variants as well but no free roam)
-Added a new scene between Darnell and the MC at the last main quest, if you get caught
-Added two new scenes between Ms. Santons and the MC at the last main quest, different scene depending on if you are dom or sub

Updated Content:
-Fixed several bugs occuring while you visit the bath at home
-More minor changes and bugfixes


New Content:
-Added a short description to every location
-Added one new model contract at the model agency
-Added the big model contract at the model agency
-Added the pornstar career branching path to the model agency (will be available if you fail to get the big contract)
-Added 7 pornstar contracts to the agency
-Added 5 random bathroom events if you are living with Hiro(mi) (1 event for each path)
-Added 3 random watch TV events if you are living with Hiro(mi) (Jenny+Hiro, MC+Hiro, Hiromi corruption)

Updated Content:
-Added a "start game" button to the first page (Mainly for mobile users)
-Added a text map mode and a visually impaired mode toggle at the start of the game
-Some model contracts are now repeatable after you have done them all
-Some pornstar contracts are now repeatable after you have done them all
-Removed the mental insight trait (it was pretty useless and I couldn't come up with any ideas for it)
-Minor changes and bugfixes


Updated Content:
-The bar opening hours got extended to 23h
-You can now drink an espresso at the club to get some energy
-Swimming at the beach also increases your fitness now
-Fixed an endless loop bug at the mall
-Fixed a bug with a random event at the "take a bath" action at home that prevented you from starting Linda's path
-Several other minor changes and bugfixes


New Content:
-Added Hiromi's office corruption path (11 corruption events + 3 social events at the office)
-Added 5 secretary training tasks at the office job
-Added 3 new social events with Dina at the office canteen
-Added 2 social events with Hiro(mi) at the office canteen (you need to be far enough into the mainstory to see them)
-Added 2 new random events at the office job
-Added 1 event at the office job if you are too aroused

Updated Content:
-New dialogue at the birthday party with Darnell if you already met him at Electronic crafts
-New dialogue at Jenny's first club event with Jack if you are already his slut
-New dialogue on Jenny's final date if you decide to "go to your place" and are living with Hiro
-The ambitious trait also influences the model's and office's job pay now
-Added more information to the starting traits at the start of the game
-You can now already masturbate in your room with only 45 arousal
-You now earn a bit more money from camgirling
-High sex drive trait gives +20 arousal each day now
-LOTS of spelling and grammar fixes
-LOTS of minor changes and bug fixes


New Content:
-Added the base framework to the office job
-Added 6 new random events at the office
-Added Dina, a new meetable NPC at the office
-Added 4 new social events with Dina at the office canteen
Updated Content:
-You can now change into your casual wear after you worked at the diner (if you have a casual style defined in your wardrobe)
-You can now give Hiro the schematics even before he gets his new game
-It should now be easier to trigger Hiro's friend and romance path
-You can now also masturbate in your room without going to sleep, if you are aroused enough
-If you are Jeff's slut he will now give you the last maid uniform even if you never got the 2nd one (for consistency reasons)
-Added cheats into the game (can be accessed from under the phone)
-Autosave only saves inside your room now instead of every passage
-Several bugfixes and minor changes


New Content:
-Added 3 new model contracts + a few smaller events (all of them have at least 1 or 2 choices that will influence your future model career)
-Added 3 repeatale dates with Jenny on her romance path
-Added 1 new final date with Jenny that will influence some future events with her (it has 3 major differences depending on what route you are on with Jeff and Linda)
-Added 2 new random events at home with Jenny and Jeff, after he turned her into his slut
-Added 1 new social event with Linda at home after Jenny got turned into Jeff's slut
-Added 3 new events on Jack's slut path at the gym
-Added an exclusive tattoo for Jack's path
-Added Linda's, Jenny's, Jack's and Hiro's reaction to your new bimbo body
-Added 6 new random events that can happen while traveling around the map

Updated Content:
-Slightly increased the mood you gain from certain activities
-Drinking coffee at the diner also gives you a mood boost now
-Added small hints to certain jobs so you know which stats you need to start them
-Fixed a bug that prevented Hiro from getting his new game
-Fixed a bug where you never get the "let's move in together" talk with Hiro after the birthday party
-Fixed a bug where you could have gotten stuck at the phone menu
-Fixed a bug at the bimbo path that prevented some image popups to show up
-Other minor changes


New Content:
-Added the pregnancy system into the game, it now has visual changes on your character and will go all the way until you give birth, once you are pregnant you can also change the pregnancy duration at your phone
-Added 1 new social event at home with Linda about your pregnancy (her reaction will be different depending on who got you pregnant)
-Added 1 new social event with Jeff about your pregnancy (different variants)
-Added more than 11 new events at the Diner's breakroom involving Jenny, Max and the PC
-Added 3 new events with Hiromi if you are romancing her
-Added the beginning of the model job
-Added 3 photoshoot events
-Added functionality to both the laptop and webcam at the mall
-Added some random events while browsing the net
-You can now work as a camgirl if you have the necessary equipment for it (8 different events with some variations)
-Added one new social event with Jeff on his slut path (It's TF time once again! Happens after the party)
-Once you have enough perversion you will now be able to "modify" your waitress uniform at the diner's breakroom
-You can now offer the thief to have some fun with you instead if you have the slutty trait or enough perversion (two different events that can happen)
-Added the beach area (just two activities so far, not much to do there yet)
-Added two new milestones to earn trait points

Updated Content:
-Replaced some of the images with pregnant versions if you start a generic sex scene with someone (Only works for straight sex and when you are heavily pregnant)
-A bunch of bugfixes and minor changes (the $money and $appear bug should be gone for good now! Hopefully <.<)
-You can now use the helmet to remove certain traits


New Content:

-Added Linda's Birthday party event (It has three major variants: 1) Jeff has no control over you. 2) Jeff used the helmet on you once. 3) You are Jeff's slut.)
-Jeff's and Linda's talk events at the party also have different variants depending on your relationship with them or if you are in a relationship with Hiro
-Added the third maid uniform + 3 new random events for the chores (you should get it once you are far enough into Jeff's path)
-Added two new main story related events with Hiro after the birthday party at his home
-Once you got the helmet you can now use it to get new traits. To get new traits you need to spend "Trait Points" which can be earned by reaching certain milestones in the game
-You can now move in with Hiro if you aren't living with him already
-You will now start to lactate if you get pregnant or have the lactation trait
-You can now do a pregnancy test at the pharmacy

Updated Content:
-Converted all of the gifs to mp4's which reduced the game's size by around 70% without quality loss
-You can now wait till nightfall on your phone
-Attributes are now capped at 100 and can't go below 0 anymore
-Increased the amount of rent money you get back when you do chores
-You don't need to solve everything correctly to get hired at the office job now, one mistake is allowed
-Edited some text on the bimbo-resist path
-Added an autosave function
-Minor changes



New Content:
-Added 3 new events with Jeff after he used the helmet on you (happens when you watch TV and already got several dreams)
-Added 1 new event with Jeff and Linda after she found out about what you did with Jeff
-Added 2 new events to visit Jeff at night when you are horny (after he took full control of you)
-Added 2 new events with Linda (and Jeff) on her (romance) path, after Jeff took control of you
-Added 1 new random event with Linda and Jeff in the bathroom, after Jeff took control of you
-Added 1 new random event with Jeff in the bathroom, after Jeff took control of you
-Added 1 new random threesome event at home (requires being on Linda's and Jeff's path)
-Several new social events with Jeff on his slut path added, sexy times and new traits are awaiting you
-Added new social events with Jeff once you start the bimbo path
-Finished both the resist path and the main path on the forced bimbo path
-Added a bunch of new events to the forced bimbo path ending
-You can now deposit and withdraw money at an ATM, I added ATMs at several locations
-Added a few new locations to the map for future content
-Added two more custom styles to your wardrobe
Updated Content:
-A lot of text changes and additions to already existing random home events so they make more sense if you are on Jeff's path
-It's now a bit easier to run away from the thief if you have enough fitness + the event doesn't trigger that often anymore
-Made some slight changes to the dreams
-You no longer lose 1 attractiveness when you go to sleep
-Fixed a lot of visual issues (you should now be able to wear any kind of clothing combinations without any issues)
-Minor changes and bugfixes



-Fixed a bug while doing the cooking chores with some of the text not appearing correctly
-Fixed a bug where the text to ask your partner to dominate you didn't appear at the sex minigame
-Fixed a bug where you could still get pregnant even though you were using a birth control shot
-Fixed several graphical clipping issues with nails and dresses
-Tried to fix a bug where your money gets displayed as "$money", no idea if I actually fixed it though since I never got to replicate the bug
-The event to show Hiro the schematics should now appear correctly (Can only be done after Hiro gets his new game!)
-Hiro is now a bit harder to beat at his bets (new game required)
-Increased the amount of how often you can use the back button from 5 to 10
-Some of the radiobuttons at the character creation are now pre selected to avoid bugs in case you forget to select any


New Content:
-Expandation of the sex system (5 new poses and anal sex now has it's own category, some traits unlock additional scenes)
-If you have the submissive trait you can now tell your partner to take the lead and dominate you (if you have enough perversion)
-Added lesbian sex with 10 poses to the sex system
-Added 3 new Hairstyles (+all dye options)
-Added 2 new tops
-Added 3 new bikinis to the clothing store (for future beach/swimming content)
-Added 7 new stockings/socks to the clothing store
-Added 8 new tattoos, you can get them at Suzie's Beauty Parlour
-Added 6 different piercings at Suzie's Beauty Parlour
-Added 4 erotic dream events you can get after Jeff uses the helmet on you
-Added 1 new random bathroom event with Jeff (+a lewd variant if Jeff used the helmet on you)
-Added 2 new random events at home involving Jeff and Linda
-Added 1 new variant to the random helmet event at home
-You can now unlock the 2nd maid uniform around 10 days after you get your first (the event should trigger by itself)
-Added 4 new random events for the 2nd maid uniform
-You can now get your nails done at Suzie's Beauty Parlour (5 different colors)
-Completely overhauled the bar location, you can now talk, flirt and even hook up with random people. Success chance depends on your social attribute as well as on some traits or how drunk you are
-Added one new random event that can happen while you travel around the map
-Added a little chain of events that can happen while you relax at the park, with some additional content for characters with the exhibitionist trait

Updated Content:
-You can also wear both hotpants and the sexy red top to work out in the Gym now
-You can now walk around without underwear if you have the exhibitionist trait or if your perversion is 55 or higher
-You can only use the "back" button 5 times now instead of 100 times which should increase performance by a lot (especially in long game sessions)
-Fixed some more bugs and other minor changes


-Fixed an issue with links not working after your Stepmom caught you masturbating
-Fixed an issue with notes at your phone not working
-Fixed an issue with case sensitive for mac users


New Content:

-Second "Play new game" Event with Hiro added (it has 4 pretty BIG variants depending on your choices with Hiro and Jenny)
-Third "Play new game" Event with Hiro added (it's repeatable and also has 4 different variants)
-One new big club event with Jenny added, it's repeatable and has a lot of choices and will consider all of your paths (Lesbian, straight and romance path)
-A new event with Jack added that will decide if you end up as his slut or not (It's pretty big with several choices and three different outcome variants)
-7 new workout events with Jack after becoming his slut
-Start of the office job (right now it's only the job interview and a test you have to solve to get the job, more to come soon)
-You can now start a relationship with Hiro
-1 new event at the Cinema if you are Hiro's girlfriend
-5 new bets on Hiro's non romance path added
-1 new random event while doing the cooking chore
-1 new random event while doing the floor cleaning chore
-1 new random event while doing the dishes chore
-You can now use your dildo to practice your oral skills at home (but you need to unlock it first + you can earn a new trait)
-3 new events while posing nude for Jeff (+a chance to steal some schematics and some story advancement)
-4 new social events with your Stepmom added (they work a bit different now, she will now talk with you about new stuff depending on your progress and what you do and buy)
-5 new events for Linda's aka your Stepmom's intimate path added (might be a bit hidden and harder to find, so let me know if you do!)
-You can now talk with your Stepmom about the chores and get your first maid uniform
-All of the random chore events now change and get naughtier if you wear the maid uniform
-Added a wait function to the phone
-You can now buy and use a gaming console
-You can now set your relation with your "Mom" at the start of the game
-The game should now acknowledge if you do something for the first time (like losing your virginity, if you still find some scenes where that isn't the case let me know)
Updated Content:
-You only need half as much experience now to level up your Sexual Experience stats
-You can now choose to take care of your arousal if you take a bath, it doesn't trigger on it's own anymore
-You can now also use your custom clothing styles at the gym locker room
-You can now repeat the previous bets on Hiro's non romance path
-The club only opens at the weekend now (Fri-Sun)
-Reworked Hiro's post-sex talk after playing the new game
-Reworked how the bets with Hiro work, the higher your gaming skill is the higher the chance to win
-Reworked how resting at the diner works, there is now a breakroom
-Reworked the home a bit since it was getting too cluttered with links
-Getting the portrait done takes much less time now (If you have the right stats)
-Rent caps at 300$ now
-The attractiveness stat effects the tips you get at the Diner now
-It's now also possible to enter the glory hole stall at the club if your perversion is high enough 
-Added some more text to already existing content
-Other minor additions and polishing
-Fixed a lot of bugs, a lot!

New Content:

-It now has real consequences if you don't manage to pay your rent several times. 5-6 events (Start of the forced Bimbo/Trophy Wife Path)
-If your arousal gets too high it will change and influence different kind of events now (6 new events/changes)
-You can now do chores around the house to decrease the amount of rent you have to pay each week (unlocks after first week)
-You can now earn new traits once you have enough experience and level up to the next level with certain body parts (1 new trait for each body part so far)
-You now gain experience from using your hands, breasts, vagina, anal and penis (if you have one) in sex acts (stats, can be seen on your phone)
-15 total new traits added (not all of them can be obtained yet, but most can be earned by leveling up your sexual experience or through the Forced Bimbo path)
-3 new bottoms, 2 new tops, 2 new dresses, 1 new set, 3 new shoes are now available to buy at the shop
-3 Different Bodytypes can be choosen now. Hourglass (the old one), pear and petite.
-2 new bets with Hiro added
-1 new social event with Jeff added
-2 new random events at the diner added
-New NPC, "Max" at the diner added (you will meet him after a few days)
-2 new social events with your Mom added
-Expanded the Intro with new content and a few choices that will define your background story and starting stats a bit more
-Added Underwear, you can now buy and wear different kind of underwear
-You can now save different clothing styles to easily change your clothes
-Added two new hairstyles and 4 different dyes for each hairstyle (24 new combinations altogether, while previously there were only 4)
-Hair Stylist at the mall added
-Gaming and Cleaning as a new skill added

Updated Content:
-Clothing Overhaul;
-Clothing is now separated in the following types: Casual, Sexy, Slutty and Sport
-Depending on what kind of clothing you wear you will now receive an attractiveness bonus
-You won't be able to buy sexy or slutty clothing if your perversion isn't high enough
-Different clothing types will now influence some events (more to come in future updates)
-Converted all of the old and new clothes to fit the two new Body Types
-Reworked some parts of the intro and added a few more options to the character creation
-Reworked the glory hole events a bit and added more options
-Changing your clothes at the wardrobe takes much less time now
-Random events at home only start happening after day 3 now
-Taking a daily bath increases your appearance now
-Missing ambitious trait description at the phone added
-Reworked the Pharmacy, you can also buy a birth control shot instead of pills now
-Rent only increases by 25$ each week now, instead of 50$
-Adjusted the gym accordingly to the new clothing overhaul
-Overhauled the contacts UI at your Phone
-Complete rework of the Shop UI
-The Protagonist's family has now a surname
-Fixed a bug where you sometimes had to pay rent twice
-Fixed a bug with time passing incorrectly at some places
-Fixed a bug where you could get impregnated even though you were already pregnant
-Fixed a few typos and other little bugs
-Optimized and rewrote a lot of old code

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 08/27/2023


Not bad. Interaction in the game is great but there is major grinding at sections (damn digitize documents: 2000!), though the game engine is solid and there is plenty to do to work through the sim-life content of the game. Writing is good, but the depth of the story depends on which route you're trying for (consult the walkthrough) and on a few of them the writing is stronger than the others; keep in mind that if you go down the corruption routes. Graphically the game is fine with a static background used for most locations, paper doll body used for your avatar is good and some random porno video content thrown it for filler on what wasn't 3D image developed, but directly connected to this the transformations are limited; I would have liked more transformation options rather than just clothes/piercings/tattoos as my avatar "accepted" their lot more readily as the only physical transformation you can hit past the initial three choices is on the worst ending route unless you are on the second worst ending route (grants access to their lab). After all, there is a mad scientist in this game and he's a chronic liar as you'll quickly learn.

The biggest draw of this game to make you keep playing through the grind are the multiple endings with all of them now active on this release and are worth playing through the game to find out. Writing aside, you'll likely remain interested as you either seek to find a way to reverse what happened to you or just give up and accept it. And linked to this are the NPCs you encounter and their content (again mostly covered through porno video content filler) to discover on their game route playthroughs.

I'm interested to see more but the lack of real transformation content after the introduction is finished did annoy me. Yes, lactation and pregnancy are implemented but that's it. Nevertheless it's worth the time to check out this game.

Recommended. Strongly recommended if you're into mental changes.

Review by renenarciso

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 08/26/2023

This is one of the very few grindy, sandbox games that I really like. Mostly because it has content that actually appeals to my tastes. Firstly, it features a fast and complete transformation into a girl, instead of going the sissy/crossdresser route like so many other sandbox games, or alternately, a painfully slow change that leaves you a half-man/half-woman person for great portions of the game. These tend to turn me off. I prefer my sex changes to be complete and fast, so this is right up my alley.

I also like it that this game doesn't really has femdom relationships with women, unlike 90% of the TF games these days. Actually, it features a lot of opportunities for you to have sex with males. It features a dominant stepfather, instead of a dominant stepmother, so yeah, this is REALLY more up my alley. The game doesn't have chastity play nor any of the stuff that is unappealing to me. 

But even though this is the life sim game that actually caters to my tastes, I keep thinking that it would've still been better as a CHYOA. I'm really not into life sim. Most of the choices in life sims are illusory, cosmetic. It's still boring to click-click-click a lot to go through the day to get to the bits that actually impact the storyline, even if this has fetishes that I actually enjoy.

Also, it suffers from the errors that all life sims are prone to. For instance, if you decide to explore your relationship with Jeff first, and focus on that, and only later you go to Hiro or Jenny, you'll get weirdness. Your character will have dialogue with Hiro and Jenny as a relluctant woman who is unsure of her femininity, even if you already advanced so much in the perversion stat through going through Jeff's storyline that you're already an enthusiastic cumdump for him. You'll still have dialogue like a shy virgin with Hiro and Jenny.

Review by dandan1234

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 08/25/2023

Great game too bad it ended has a lot of potential 


Hope you will keep working on more games of this type really good job

Review by aloopy

Version reviewed: 0.11 on 12/28/2022

Overall this is great.

Where it falls down is in the unfinished content, which doesn't take too long to reach.

There are a few spots where a small tweak would have improved convenience during play, but overall the daily routine works out well.

The office job, and the Hiro/Hiromi story clearly isn't finished, and sets up tasks that you can't finish (or my game is bugged), but everything else is good.

The modelling job runs out of contracts pretty easily, but it's clear you've hit the end of content, and you can't waste ages trying to progress something that can't be done.


I enjoyed what there was. The plot-premise results in a goal that feels more urgent/convincing than some other games.

I hope this will go on to get a conclusion, and perhaps some enhancement of the sub-plots once that's done.

It would be nice if there were more clothes and hair-styles and maybe have your appearance discussed/referenced by the NPCs more often.

Some clothes you can only wear on the bimbo path would be a nice compensation for the clothes you lose access to by being bimbofied.

Looking forward to updates.

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 0.11 on 12/24/2022

Lots of quality media, both 3d renders and porn gifs, and a generally interesting storyline that isn't overly grindy with limited but developed branching choices that have certain impact on the direction of MCs life.

Thanks for an early holiday release, and happy holidays to everyone!

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