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Version: 0.6.9

Blacked & Whited


Blacked and Whited banner


The official Blacked & Whited website is now out ! Click here to play


SHOP UPDATE - 0.6.10 Patreon build is out !

TWATSAPP UPDATE - 0.6.9 is now public !


The game is in the early stages of development. The work done focuses on the game's foundations, features, gameplay & design. The current content allows you to discover the characters and the plot of the story.


Blacked & Whited. Two words. Two paths.

You play a young man in search of identity in a world where competition is fierce, very fierce. Which path are you going to take? Your decisions can make you the undisputed alpha, or on the contrary lead you to unknown depths. Reality has no mercy for the weak. And behind the varnish of civilization is hidden a beast. Overtake your rivals, or accept to be damned. The winner takes everything, the loser... says yes.

About the game

It's a game about corruption, domination and submission, with an overlay of raceplay to spice it up. My main sources of inspiration are: The Company, A New Dawn and Succubus Dream. The Blacked path leads to fetishes such as: submission, female domination, cuckold, slow feminization/sissyfication (for you), BBC. This Whited path leads to fetishes such as: domination, female submission, cheating, masculinization, feminization/sissyfication (for your rivals), cruelty, BWC...

The game is available in French and English. If you want to add a new language, please contact me in private.


I want to thank you all for your many feedback, advice, help, translations, and of course all your encouragement and sharing. The enthusiasm for this growing game is fantastic, and I hope that the development will meet your expectations!

Join us on Discord : https://discord.gg/f64k9M7

Support us on Patreon and get access to the patreon build, polls on the next update and much more!


You. Your blonde stepmom. Your blonde stepsis. Your redhead girlfriend. Your bestfriend. Your brunette bestfriends's. Your rival. Your rival's chicks.

And many surprise characters are planned!

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Changelog 0.6.6a

- Fix bag opening blocking bug


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Review by pixelfrenzy

Version reviewed: 0.6.8 on 05/25/2020

Okay, I really like all the characters and the images used in this game. The story build up for each character is very gripping and exciting. The UI is pretty neat as well. But this is where the praises for this game ends. I have actually started to find this game to be more insulting now. Every update is just a build up with no pay-off. The grind is sad. The blacked-whited point system is insultingly slow and miniscule. So many threads that lead to "Thats the end of content for this current path."

On the Blacked path, lets try to list all the characters and locations and see what happens with them:

1. Your Landlord - nothing happens, end of content right away

2. Roommate - nothing happens. You snoop into her room for some cash and steal her panties. Nothing happens. Can't do anything with those panties. Place a mind control weed in her stash, nothing happens. You can peep while she is in the showers, nothing happens.

3. Your girlfriend - it takes you days to make out with her. Then another few days to get her off. She strips for you after a few days. end of content

4. Theo - after a few days of watching porn with him progressing 1 action a day, he jerks you off once. end of content

5. 2 chicks at the bus stop - a couple of interactions with choices that gives blacked or whited points. nothing happens

6. Moussa [Bully] - gives a few side quests that lead to end of content. A few dream sequences with cuckold theme, nothing happens. One quest sends you to a brothel, nothing happens. In this update, gives a quest with one of his chick, Clara. After one visit to her, end of content.

7. Working at massage parlour - You can meet the owner, but do nothing with it. You can visit your massage teacher, nothing happens. You massage your clients, after a lot of grind, you start getting tips. Nothing really happens.

8. Discover a club - nothing happens

9. Discover a park - find a drug dealer behind washroom, nothing of interest happens. Within the park itself, nothing happens.

10. See Hot women - you dont  have the courage to talk to them or they arent interested in you.

Does that seem interesting to you at all? Would you like to grind your way for hours to achieve absolutely nothing? Keep in mind, you CANNOT SAVE during player choices. The creator thought it would be appropriate to make a simple save feature inconvenient too. Basically you can only save in the night by going under your bed! What a brilliant idea! The wardrobe, inventory and phone, just like everything else in this game, is useless. Your part-time job is meaningless. The money you earn is meaningless.

There is no TF in this game. Come to think of it, there isnt even any sex in this game! The only sex scenes in this game is masturbating to "hardporn" which takes a grind to unlock, AND is the end of content. The other sex scene is watching porn with Theo.

I really want to like this game, but I simply cannot recommend this to anyone, especially to anyone from this TF focused community. This is the first time I feel the need to warn people to not play this game and waste their time.

I know I am being harsh, but I've played through every update of this game from start to finish. At this point I feel insulted and I feel sorry for the patreons who are supporting this "game" with nothing in it.

Review by andrchal

Version reviewed: 0.6.8 on 05/25/2020

Another game gone from my list of games as this has not Transformation at all.  One of the tags for this game is "slow."  SLOW!!!  try glacial slow!  On day one you can put on a bugs bunny t-shirt (how feminine) and you can steal a pair of panties that you can do nothing at all with!  If you play for about a year building up your blacked score, your male friend will jerk you off once and then that content ends is not even re-playable!  This game is so slow at developing it almost mirrors how slow the in game progression is.  The creator has falling into the same hole as so many others of trying to fan out to too many characters far to early and spreading the game thin and wide instead of concentrating on what the main theme of the game should be.  Games like this really need to be taken of TFGames, I am sick of playing through games that have no TF themes to them at all, but by being here the creator gets a few more people to donate to a project that will never be a game that should be on TFGames.

Review by Witoli

Version reviewed: 0.6.7 on 04/13/2020

This is one of several games on this site that I honestly question why they are here or if there is any actual rules or mederation on what can be posted or not.

This site was once a focused safe haven for dedicated transformation games, even if the line between what is actual transformation and what is simply mindcontrol/personality changes was always vauge. Perverted Education that started the sissy/cuckold craze was at the start still a game with a modicum of mind-control and had a stong focus on physical transformation.

This "game" (no gameplay mechanics, just CYOA) has no mental transformation outside of what the protag choose to be attracted to - a person discovering a kink may be hot but it's no transformation. It lacks any physical transformation, any real apperance transformation, any surgical modifications, or they are all so obscure and hidden that I didn't find them.

It's developement is barely moving forward. It doesn't fit the website. Certainly not a patreon candidate and if anything, check it out in several years when it's finished abandoned.

Review by Nippy

Version reviewed: 0.6.7 on 04/12/2020

It's horrible, like everyone else said. Nice UI and no content and really really slow development.

In my opinion this french man just tries to grab money from you and gives you at the end of the month 3 new scenes, some pics, a little bit sound and oh, wait, I promised
MtF transformation? Sissy Content? Chastity?
Yes, sure guys! It will come! Just spend me more money for maybe... the next 2 up to 3 years and I give you this content, maybe.
But first, more empty places and more dead ends, and another useless scene with your girlfriend.

Sad that you can earn so much money with so less effort & heart in developing a good story, instead present a good UI and grab all the money you can.

Review by Jarwellis

Version reviewed: 0.6.6a on 03/18/2020


Game without TF on TFGames.com. Very grindy without any reward.

Really nice UI.

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