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Version: 1.0.0

Become a Girlfriend: Remastered

Become a Girlfriend: Remastered (Demo)


Maybe some of you are like "don't upload the same game twice". Well, you can calm down. It is not the same game. Far from it. It is very different both in terms of technology and the content.

This is my attmept at making HTML games much more similar to standard desktop games. I've seen what a huge difference it makes whatever you make a game in an HTML engine like SugarCube or if you make it in a classic desktop engine like RenPy. I have decided to change that. This is fully HTML game that can be played in your browser, but its UI is heavily inspired by the UI of desktop RenPy games. I think I have managed to capture the feeling of RenPy games. Now you can enjoy the same quality UI in your browser as well.

So far I've managed to put together only this very short demo. But I will add more content if people are going to like this game better than the last one.


Note: That tasting cum video is the current end of the content. Sorry about not making it more clear.

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Review by S01

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/28/2019

Way too short and needs more choices

Review by ChaosFalcon

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/28/2019

"Maybe some of you are like "don't upload the same game twice". Well, you can calm down. It is not the same game. Far from it. It is very different both in terms of technology and the content."

How is this any different?
Excuse my wording, but it's the same s**t as the one before. (Regarding the amount of content even worse)
You got no choice, it doesn't matter if you (try to) resist or enjoy the fate your stepmother/teacher are forcing on you.
You'll get videos linked to a different site, rather than be able to watch it right where you are.

The content is actually very CLOSE to each other, it's almost the same.
The technology is maybe a bit different, we can't know for sure, it's hard to say since they "play" just the same.

What is shown here can be done with simple tips of selfhtml. The statement of trying to make html look similar to standard desktop games also doesn't say much and in my opinion, is not even close to the "game" presented here.

Review by shakey2

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/28/2019

This game already suffers the exact same problem the last one did. There is no choice. No matter what you pick its the exact same result. Whats the point in having a "homosexuality" stat if it has 0 effect on anything? And again you link to external content like the other game. I do not like being forwarded to websites by games. Right now this demo just screams lazy.

I'll give you points for making a browser based VN engine at least (assuming you made it).

Review by tf1394

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/27/2019

i love the interface, and im sure it will be a good game eventually

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/27/2019

The game's content is crap in my opinion, but the interface gets a thumbs up.

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