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Version: 0.85

CNT University!

In a future where job opportunities are seemingly endless one man is having trouble finding a respectable career.  With colleges and universities strung all across the galaxy, surely there's at least one school that will accept this social outcast...

CNT University! is an RPG blending CYOA elements of story progression following Harold Cummings on a journey through his education at a school specializing in transforming "plain Jane" into busty bimbos! Still confused as to how Harold is accepted into an all girls' university?  Surely, no one would try to trap Harold in his own sexual fantasy...

The Demo features the introduction of the game which revolves around collecting "Boyfriends" or "Girlfriends" to complete class objectives in order to further progress to the next semester.  The game content leads up to the first week of school and ends the morning of the first day, yet every choice you make will lead to different circumstances (some more drastic than others).

For version .06 you will need to start a New Game if you already have saved content.


Patreon https://www.patreon.com/balthamel

Art by Saturnxart



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Review by Malhavok

Version reviewed: 0.85 on 09/24/2021

This is definitely a game that shouldn't be using RPG maker as it's base/framework, because honestly it detracts from the game very heavily. Let me put it this way - This is essentially a narrative/choose your own style game, so the things that RPG maker does bring to the table that are somewhat unique to it - exploration/tilesets/item management/stats/combat, are largely not used, or in some cases, like having to physically navigate the university, a huge detractor.

This would probably be a good Twine game. It would probably be easier to work in as well.

As for the game content - It's a little wierd in some places, but I don't mind that. I think I agree with some others that the transformation could be drawn out more, giving you more time to soak up the setting and getting to know the characters. Overall, the writing was good for a game like this and funny in some parts. I didn't have any problems with it, but it also didn't stand out as excellent. Possibly because of limitations around everything being told through RPG maker dialogues? Not sure on that point.

Anyway, if we're keeping track, put me down in favor of gigantic boobs. I love 'em ridiculously cartoonish, so I don't find that a put off at all.

Admittidly, I probably won't come back to this game as I got bored with walking around the map and bumping into things to interact with them. It was just too much of a chore.

Review by blehtastic

Version reviewed: 0.73 on 01/17/2021

It's uh, something. The plot is ridiculous but it makes up for it by occasionally being sexy. But when it's not sexy it's very boring. You also have to be a fan of super ridiculous proportions (seriously, the boobs in this make FGO Raikou look miniscule) in order to find it sexy at all.

Review by Semicvetok

Version reviewed: 0.4a on 01/08/2020

Transforming is tooooooo fast... Awaited much more events before MC became a girl. BTW it's a great game. Hope it won't be abandoned.

Review by willowsimmons1

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 12/03/2019

Really enjoying this. One concern is that based on the images the transformation is pretty extreme pretty fast. If this is going to be a longer game perhaps it could be more gradual?

Review by bananaflyman

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 10/10/2019

As of latest update the prologue was remade and the game seems to be shifting from involuntary m2f to "he secretly wishes it and was trans all along!". I don't know what made the author take this direction but personally it's not my thing. Other than that the game is pretty good and the art is terrific.

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