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This is to be an 18+ game, with themes of exploration and interaction with the characters in a bright and vibrant solar/cyberpunk world. The content will cater to the furry audience, and feature open character creation and customization, as well as a variety of NPC characters, each with their own interactions and story lines. Development is in progress, with new public builds arriving weekly.

The game features a character-creator, an easy to use interface, and is built in the Unity Engine. The focus of the game is text-based furry erotic content, with the player being able to fully customize their gender, body, and identity within the world. In future updates TF content will be integrated, with full-human starts and both voluntary and forced TF content within the game, caused by NPCs in specific scenes or through intentional transformation.

There are currently around 16k works written within the game, including around 12k of erotic content! Please feel free to give the game a go, test it out, and explore the content!


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The Story of Atlantia

Taking place in the future-city of Atlantia, a massive artificial island of white stone with numerous layers and towers, created as a post-warming housing solution and Utopian city-state. Atlantia formed under two factors – ensuring full legal freedom and equality for all citizens, as well as pursuit of science and the advancement of all people. In the year 2100, the oceans have ceased rising, and while major nations fell after the refugee and food crisis, thanks to development of materials and agricultural science in Atlantia many lives were saved as populations shifted to the new climates and mainlands. 

After the world finally restabilized, nations rebuilt, Atlantia still stands, and over the decades of its scientific research has changed the world dramatically. Exploring every option to maintain and recover habitability, the scientists developed full body modification. After the initial research into use scientific and habitability benefits, it wasn't long until the recreational elements were explored...

Version 0.07 - Updated 8/23/19

Added two futa rabbit-morphs, Lennie and Mara, to the Freeuse Lounge!
Two options, both pretty long:
    -Get spitroasted ( Anal and Pussy versions) as they casually talk
    -Getting double-penetrated and getting cumstuffed by them both

Adjusted the following scenes to allow for alternate player choices on scene variations -
    Party, Deers Girls:
        Choose if you use pussy or cock with them
    Party, Guys:
        Choose anal or vaginal variations
    Main Square, Couple Threesome:
        Choose cock or pussy scene
    North Park, Jamie:
        Select variations on watersports scene

Fixed bug where dick-shrinking TF added to length instead of subtracting
Minor spelling and organizational changes to code
Fixed lounge to properly add filled/cumdrunk status

Got a lot of backend stuff done this week prepping to add in a couple elements, such as stats and effects
Nothing implemented in-build yet as it's a fairly big element but just to say it's going on in the background! ;)
Version 0.06 - Updated 8/16/19

Added to Eddies: Nick!
    Cute, spotted, dog-morph, he's the main employee of Eddie's
    Can talk to him, which provides another way to learn about the freeuse lounge (Someone has to serve drinks up there!)
    Can flirt with him and take him into the back, with 3 sex options available
        -Put him on his knees and fuck his face while he jacks off if you have a cock
        -Make him eat you out if you have a pussy
        -Bend him over and fuck him anally if you have a cock
Added Lounge characters!
To be used by:
    Dominatrix woman
        -Get ridden by her if you have a cock
        -Get fucked by her with a massive strap-on
            (Vaginal and Anal versions available)

Changed around the lounge a bit - you can now select who you get used by when opening yourself up for freeuse, and choose which things you do with them.
    While the random selection was fun, I feel this better allows player content-control, which is always good!
    Kept the follow-up describing a decent into getting fucked by random people however - after all, giving up control can be fun too! ;)
Also, as usual, fixed small spelling errors as I find them.

Version 0.05 - Updated 8/08/19

New scene with Lin - if you ask about her selling TF items, she will offer to dominate you by making you you to take a random item without knowing what it is!
Added Eddie's - whole tone of new content here, roughly 7k words of new content!
You can now work a shift at Eddie's, getting paid per hour and with three different flavortext descriptions of your shift
Added the Freeuse Lounge at Eddie's, where you can fuck and get fucked!
When at the lounge you can fuck one of these characters:
    Katt (Bound and blindfolded)
    Alex (from couple in the square)
    Red (Party Deer)
You can also decide to get used yourself and get fucked by:
    Lin (Demon futa vendor)
    Shepard-morph from the alleyway gang
    (Partner selected randomly each time - after all, you're opened up to free-use!)

Added Avian Options for Character Creator ( Avian TF coming next build )

Nickname no longer required - if left blank it will use the first name instead.
Slight changes to inventory and shop screen designs
Changed Lin's shop to add a secondary screen where you choose to either look at her inventory or take her up on the offer she makes
Minor spelling fixes, etc.
Version 0.04 - Updated 7/30/19
  • Added Tom the horse-morph in the southern end of the park. He's a buff, polite guy with a 20-inch horsecock (Vag+Anal versions)
  • Locked Katt's bondage scene behind knowledge of her interests in it. This is easy to get through chatting with her. (This is to demonstrate scenes being locked behind prior actions)
  • Added mini-scene snippits for each transfomation-item
  • Added Lin's shop, where you can buy items
  • Added inventory screen where you can use purchased items
  • Added ability to change full name, nickname, gender, pronouns, and self-description in the 'appearance' screen. None of these will be changed by TF, these will all remain self-defined.
  • Added credits page to main menu to display supporters and credits
  • Changed Eyecolor in character creator to an inputfield, as it should have been, to permit custom eyecolors
  • Added in-game transformative items so that the player can change within the game Currently you can buy transformatives from Lin, and open your inventory to use them, which will change your body ( Added money-cheat button under current money )
  • Begun planning on expanding character creator to have further options and content
  • Added store and item coding with individual NPC inventories for shops
  • Updated save file dialog to reflect current day and version in the default save name for easier reference
  • Refactored interenal playstate variables to be more modular and easier to expand
  • Fixed bug of status effect items not saving and loading properly
  • Minor spelling corrections
  • Added credits page to mainmenu for those of you who backed the game on patreon!
  • Added mac version! Be sure to please report if there are any issues with it to me, thanks!


Version 0.03 - Updated 7/23/19



  • Added version of scene with the two deer-girls at the party for players with vaginas
  • Added scenes of chatting over tea with Katt, asking about herself, her history, and her work
  • Note: Some more serious content in her past, as she shares about a toxic relationship she was in. 
  • Fixed "Appearance" menu not referencing character's breasts
  • Fixed several smaller typos and incorrect references within various scenes


  • Added font size increase/decrease buttons within game which store value
  • Added Options menu
  • Added option for resolutions and fullscreen mode
  • (Resolutions limited due to minimum size considerations)
  • (NativeDisplay Resolution Added)
  • Added option to change font type between three options
  • Updated character-creation page text to better reflect the planning of the game
  • The Main Menu button now autosaves (seperate from quicksaves) to ease moving to/from the menu. 
  • Note: like Quicksave, will not continue mid-scene


Version 0.02 - Relseased 7/20/19


Added a variety of inital scenes with several characters
(G = Giver, You fuck them; R = Reciever, They Fuck You)
  • Self - Masturbation with Cock, Pussy, Both
  • Katt- Titjob (G), Fuck her(G), Get Eaten(G), Bondage(G)
  • Lin (Vendor) - Blowing Her(R)
  • Alex+Darien ( Couple in Square ) - Threeway (G)
  • Alleyway Group - Blowbang(R), Gangbang (R)
  • Jamie (Catboy in the North Park) - Anal fuck (G) and Watersports Scene(G)
  • Threesome with two deer girls within the party (G)
  • Threesome with a bull and human within the party (R - Inflation, Huge Cocks)
  • Fixed bug leading to map-glitching due to incorrect shift when entering apartment from courtyard.
  • Added changelog to main menu
  • Integrated status effects from certan action; currently no effect on gameplay
  • Revised file system to account for Win/Mac/Linux builds
  • Changed red X button in game to prompt for quit to mainmenu or quit program
  • Revised several scenes which were a bit long to be multi-page to limit scrolling
    • (Alleyway gangbang and Square Threesome

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by CowTits

Version reviewed: 0.03 on 07/23/2019

So far I'd say this is a pretty good foundation to work off of. As it just started there's barebone content presently available but what's there shows promise. I like the idea for character creation like being able to manually choose sizes for some things. Could still use a lot more options and expansion to get to where they want it. As a result, would also like to see the appearance screen get a lot more detail and time into it since this is a customization heavy game. On other fronts, the UI and the few NPCs there currently are all done pretty well and just need more content to fill them out. The worldbuilding/lore is pretty basic so far and hope it gets expanded more on but it works for what it is. 


Good luck and have fun, Coffee Girl!

Review by icepixie8

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 07/21/2019

There's practically nothing here.  Most areas and passages are marked as a work-in-progress.  There's a few sex scenes, and that's it.  The writing's not bad, in that the writer seems to have a decent grasp of grammar which is harder to find than I'd like around here.  The character creater is bare-bones, and a little awkward that you have to type in some stats that should be on a scale or selected, such as height and dick size.  The story is mostly missing--just a brief intro page before you start with a smidgeon of the world's history.  I didn't find any bugs.  I don't usually go looking for bugs, but in a game this young it's pretty rare to not stumble upon any, so that's a plus.

All of this is not intended to say the game is bad.  On the contrary the frame looks good.  It's just that there really isn't anything here yet.

Overall it looks like it was inspired by Lilith's Throne, with a lot of stylistic similarities.  If it enjoys the same attention and improvements as that game this will grow into something good, but it has a long way to go to get there.

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