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Version: 0.0.7

Version: 0.0.6

Version: 0.0.4

Version: 0.0.1

In A Fog



In A Fog.


...what do you do?


Please be aware that this game is:

a) in a very early stage of development

b) in Twine, which I have not used before

c) currently filled with 'placeholder text'; i.e., I am putting in the bare minimum of text for each 'page'; readable and containing the clues, but certainly not fully fleshed out.

A general overview:

Well, Player, great job - you managed to stop living without dying! You are now simply a possibility, waiting to be expressed! Ah, but every action has an equal and opposite reaction - can you figure out the rules of this (non)universe before being stuck in a fate you don't want...?



Where we are now: Barely anywhere. (*Grin*)

Where I am going: The game, in general, explores some of the potential implications of a chaotic reality; to wit, many of the *apparently* nonsense/dead-end paths ARE NOT; clues through the 'main story-line' will indicate various effects. (As I do not wish to spoil the game, I do not wish to get into too much detail; as an example, however, there is not and 'endless loop' for doing 'everything the same'. After the first repeat, it will do something different, AFTER Cat specifically pointing out that if you do the exact same things in the exact same order you will get the exact same outcome. (Path initiated, but not filled out.))


So, the End Goal will be a game where you will have to figure out the correct events, in the correct order, to get the 'win state' of the game. (Which means that there will be 'lose' states, as well - i.e., dead ends that DO NOT allow a restart) However, it is currently in the 'intro' section, with only five of the eventual twenty-one 'clues' (triggers in the game) you will need, and two game overs.

YOU: Vito Giordino... or was it Al Giordino...? ...or Alice? or...?

CAT: the anthropomorphic personification of the chaotic nature of non-Newtonian physics on the quantum level

Shelby: An impressive woman in a tunnel

Nurse Practhett: A less-than-ideal health care provider

Doctor Whom: An apparently capable, caring physician.


0.7Another incremental update, with most changes 'behind the scenes':
-Extended Hospital path; 'real' bad end added.
-Extended Office path slightly; 'real' bad end added.
-Tweaked 'triggers' for multiple play-throughs.

0.6 - Shelby side-path finished; hospital and office paths slightly extended, some 'filler text' expanded.

0.4 - More added for the beach contest and the Shelby paths.

0.3 - Fixed file location issues

0.2 - Minor updates to Beach, City, and 'Down' paths.

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Review by alguienquepasaporaqu

Version reviewed: 0.0.7 on 08/08/2019

Still a lot to be filled with. Nice skeleton, though. I wonder where it will go to.

Review by Feylamia

Version reviewed: 0.0.6 on 07/27/2019

While there are just some choices with many dead ends, I like that this is a game with muscular female tf, as there are nearly none around. It looks promising, but still needs much more content.

Review by CowTits

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 07/26/2019

A silly choose your own adventure with nothing but dead ends that lead to nothing very interesting happening. One path just has you repeat events/decisions. So not only is it hardly a game but it's also hardly a story. Basically, all side decisions lead to abrupt endings so you get railroaded down the main path that also abruptly ends with nothing happening unless you choose to just repeat the last decision again and again. "Exploring" all paths took me about 8 minutes or so. There's practically nothing here. 

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