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Version: 0.1.0

by Mord

Welcome to My page!


My nickname is Mord, and I am the creator of Futaland. This is the first game ever wich I am developing. This game is entirely free. This is a RenPy game. At the moment, it is at an early stage. I will be updating 1-3 times a month, depends on my free time. It will be an open world full of events and side quest. It contains pictures, gifs and videos. I don't want to keep using the same content everywhere. I am spending third of my time gathering and editing every content to make it fit into the story and be more interactive.

Example: When you are masturbating in your room and you cum the video is showing you cum in front of the laptop with both gender.

The basic story is about your revenge. When You was a little boy, your parents killed, and when you grow up, you want to destroy the company who killed your parents. To do that you have to transform yourself into a woman. Different quest needs a different body to do it so you will keep changing your body and your mind.

The new release will be posted on my patreon page. The public release will be posted 3 weeks later after the patreon release.

I need your help to improve my game. If you find any fault in my text or any bugs in my games, please let me know!

Enjoy the Game!


Every new info from the next update is on my Discord!




I have to take a break to make the game. In my private life is very busy these days. I will be a manager at my workplace and I have to go for different courses. So I will spend all of my free time to learning and going to courses. I don't know how long will be but once I finished the courses and everything settled down at my work then I will continue working on this game. I hope you can understand it. I want to thank you, everybody, who supported me. I will be back soon as I have time for the game!



Moved the game to Twine.


  • Adult shop updated, added 25 toys to buy
  • Toy box updated. Dildos and buttplugs are useable, the rest still in progress.  Contents added for every toys with every body type, oral, vaginal and anal. 71 contents added.
  • Random NPC Generator created. 20 names, 4 hair color, 3 skin color and 3 body types. 108 different pictures added. Everything generated randomly with diffirent sex types and fetishes. 11520 variations.
  • 20 random npc added to club dancing screen. At the moment no extra content with them, I want to test the system first.
  • Other small bugs fixed.




  • Owned camera counter added to inventory
  • Clothing store stats bar bug fixed
  • Female clothing in your wardrobe bug fixed
  • Female body maid cleaning crash fixed
  • Watching spycam time and arousal bug fixed
  • Email system bugs fixed
  • You will cum after you watched porn and not before
  • Other typos fixed



  • You can buy spycam from Bonnie at PC shop
  • You can install spycam in Mariana`s and Chanel`s bedroom
  • You can not peak anymore on Mariana when she masturbating, but you can watch her with spycam from your laptop
  • Laptop Browse web menu updated: You can check the patreon website, Honours board added including the Expert patrons name, and you can watch the installed spycams from here
  • Breasts serums bugs at bodycheck screen fixed
  • 3 masturbation videos added from Chanel. You can watch it with spycam from your laptop
  • Chanel find the spycam and if you not doing chores for her you will be kicked out from the town and game over
  • You have to buy a maid outfit and clean her room once a week
  • Adult shop created
  • Message system created
  • Chanel giving you orders via messages
  • Selfie picture added with 3 different body transformation
  • Maid outfit added
  • Fade effect added for sleeping
  •  Chanel`s room maid cleaning chores added with 3 random clips for each body type
  •  If you didn`t clean her room game over at the moment.
  •  New chores from Chanel. You have to go to park and take a flashing selfie   
  •  Selfie picture added with 3 different body transformation 
  • Wardrobe redesigned
  • Super spycam added. You can keep spy on Chanel with this
  • Beauty salon created
  • 40 women and 20 men hair styles added
  • 10 nails style added and 10 toe nails style added
  • 10 eye makeup added and 10 lipstick added
  • 10 necklace 10 ring 10 earring added
  • Dressing table added to your room
  • You can change your jewelry at the dressing table
  • Gloryhole shemale body masturbation bug fixed




  • Various bugs with Bonnie`s quests fixed
  • Gym membership 500 credit bug fixed
  • Shemale body sleeping bug fixed
  • Security guy club quest boobs size modified. You need average or bigger.



  •  Body transform reworked, You have 3 serums: male, female and shemale body.  You just need use the serum and your body will change.
  • HR interview with Venus created with male and female body
  • Gloryhole blowjob skill bug fixed
  • Gloryhole money bug fixed
  • Sleeping with buttplug increasing arousal 30 
  • Item screen updated
  • Added shemale body masturbation video
  • Added shemale body showering video
  • On the sex scenes every action cost 5 energy points
  • You can use energy serum during sex scenes to add +20 energy
  • Game starts with 10 willingness points
  • Random event in the park with male, female and shemale body
  • Other texts and small faults been updated



  • New skill system
  • New sex system
  • Living room 19:00 Chanel event with male body and male genital (new system test)
  • Living room 19:00 Chanel event with female body and female genital (new system test)
  • The body transformation is modified. It is connected to the breast size. 
  • If you have flat chest the lowest boobs size, you have male body. If you increase the boobs size, you have female body.
  • The work in the lab is quicker, less grinding
  • Server room quest bug fixed
  • Tablet my stats screen updated



  • Buttplug bug fixed
  • Background pictures sizes adjusted
  • Dream reworked, you have a random dream from the 3 most watched category
  • Club closed background picture added
  • The 10:00 work start time restriction at lab reception moved to outside the lab
  • Body transform stat bar female bug fixed
  • Chanel`s office event only available once a day



  • Created popup windows. Every time you finish a quest or earn a point it will popup with the information
  • Created Chanel`s room, wardrobe, bathroom
  • You can collect a small buttplug from Chanel`s room
  • You can insert a buttplug, body check picture showing it
  • 1 female genital and 1 male genital buttplug insert video
  • 1 female genital and 1 male genital buttplug remove video
  • If you sleep with the buttplug you earn 1 anal skill point and stretch your asshole
  • Body transform point bar modified
  • If you work 2 or less days per week you will get a warning email
  • After 3 warning you have to go to interview. If you miss it you will be fired and game over (interview not finished yet)
  • If you go to sleep with 80 or higher arousal than you can not sleep well and you will wake up with 50 energy
  • Dancing time fault fixed
  • Chanel can catch you in Mariana`s home office when you try to log in her PC
  • 1 female and 1 male body event with Chanel
  • Tips screen updated on the tablet
  • Created a canteen in the lab, you can eat here at lunchtime



  • Every event with Mariana need min. 10 willingness
  • Yoga energy bug fixed
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner give you 20 energy
  • Gloryhole open after Bonnie give you a quest
  • Dance cost 10 energy
  • Time bugs fixed in gloryhole
  • Arousal bug fixed in gloryhole
  • Patreon link added to about menu
  • Other small bugs fixed



  • New places: Park, toilet, gloryhole, server room, Toy box
  • New quest: Disable tracking fuction in your bracelet
  • 3 female and 3 male video in gloryhole
  • You can make money in gloryhole
  • New sex toy: small dildo
  • You can practice with sex toys to increae your skills
  • Started to making the relationship mechanism (more info on discord)
  • Living room event with Mariana. 13 pics and 1 video from Mariana and 1 female body and 1 male body video ending
  • Garden event with Mariana. 23 pics from mariana and 1 female body and 1 male body video ending
  • Bedroom event with Mariana. 32 pics and 1 video ending.
  • quest screen updated on tablet
  • email screen updated on tablet
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Nios rewrite some texts. Intro, first meet with Bonnie and first transformation.



  • quest screen on tablet is done
  • if you click on any quest a small window pop up with useful information
  • The information keep updating if you go forward in the quest
  • items screen on tablet is done
  • if you click on any item a small window pop up with useful information
  • email screen on tablet is done
  • Bonnie keep sending emails to you with usefull informations
  • if you got new emal a small warning icon pop up next to tablet button
  • Body transformation screen in bathroom done
  • every serum ready to research in the lab than you can use it in the bathroom
  • 6 different size tits, cocks, pussy and asshole
  • At the moment you can only change the tits and cock sizes
  • body transformation between male and female is possible with different actions
  • swimming at home +1 male body point, do yoga at home +1 female body point
  • weight lifting in gym +1 male body point, running on treadmill in gym +1 female body point
  • You can go to gym
  • If you didn`t shave your facial, and body hair keep growing. You can grow a beard.
  • 8 hypno videos added to laptop
  • You have to watch hypno videos to incrase willingness
  • you can go to club, at the moment you can only do the security guy quest or dance
  • the security guy quest is done including sex scenes
  • some extra dialogues with Bonnie +1 picture
  • Every action has male and female content it is depends on your body.




  • Intro Done
  • In your room on the laptop you can watch porn. 10 categories 3 videos for each.
  • at 22:00 you can peak marianna. 3 videos
  • You can shower and use the toilet.
  • You can walk around the house and most of the town places.
  • you can do 1 research in your lab midweek
  • you can do 2 private project in your lab at weekend
  • bonnie has 1 side quest (microscope)
  • bonnie show her breast for you
  • bonnie give you the transformation quest.
  • you can transform yourself if you develop the serum.
  • you can buy some basic lady clothes is the clothes shop, and you can change it in your wardrobe.
  • front of the house and the garden background changing day and night.
  • you can swim once a day
  • you can use sauna once a day
  • tablet can be open and close from the right top corner after you spoke with bonnie
  • you can have breakfast lunch and dinner in the dining room.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by shaneopks

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 01/03/2020

I really wanna like this game. There are lots of good visuals and story is interesting but the grinding is horrible. Please please please rebalance the money/grinding.

Review by barbar

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/30/2019

It's a fun game, notwithstanding the grindy aspects. Interesting story and some really good media selection. Looking forward to more. 

Review by ZevJimmu

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 12/22/2019

From reading previous reviews, I can see that some minor progress has been made. I can tell that the creator is intially trying to add more gameplay, but it seems that there are a few quality of life issues that I think need to be addressed as well for the next update:

1) Obtaining money is a bit of a slog, you are paid on a weekly basis, which by itself is not an issue, but the amount of money earned is laughably low for the prices of the objects currently available in game. It would probably be a good idea to either increase payout, increase payout rate, change the payout from days worked to shifts worked, lower the price of quest items, or some combination of the four.

2) the travel system seems a little glutted, unless you are planning encounters in it is there truly a need for the "hallway" location in the lab?

3) The "wait X minutes" option should be available elsewhere, not just in front of the lab, or perhaps a "wait until ..." option. At the very least the lab should have a "Wait until 8:00" option

4) The UI is a little too crowded in some of the shops, and in the wardrobe images and texts should be over a solid background, not a picture.

5) Third shift at the lab should be available for "personal projects." that way research won't take months if you will continue to have 4 research slots per serum.

6) Putting the amount of time actions will take next to them goes a long way towards planning the character's day, also energy expenditure costs could help as well.

7) The ability to review messages.

In addition I would like to address some of the issues I encountered in my version:

1) Upon first administration of the "female transformation serum" there was a strange glitch that made it so the "once a day" events were perpetually flagged. It eventually resolved itself but I have no idea what or how it was triggered or resolved.

2) Quest log never updated, not sure if this is because a flag was not flipping or because it was not added to the log of development end.

3) Living Room events do not appear to be triggering properly/consistently.

Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 08/01/2019

This game has potential, but right now, it's really painful to play.

Here's my daily activity for about four weeks in the game: Leave - Downstairs - Housefront - Go in the town - Laboratory - Go inside - Hallway - Your lab - Research - Energy Serum - (click) - Develop the serum - (click) - Research - Energy Serum - (click) - Develop the serum - (click) - Leave - Reception - (click) - Leave - Leave - Your House - Go Inside - Upstairs - Your Room - Sleep

28 clicks, cycled over and over. This is the gameplay loop, so you can go to the lab, do your research, go home and go to bed. This is the only thing you do most days. You might add swimming. This is not fun.

Additionally, I don't feel like there's any reason to take as many weekends as it does to complete the personal projects.

Also, I have some shocking news for you... women also swim. Making this a masculine activty is very strange and there's nothing in the game that makes it obvious this is considered masculine.

Review by lupnash

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 07/27/2019

that is alot in a 0.0.1  not much active yet.. good promise....  there are alot of extra clicking but besides that seems like a good start.. probably a few more versions before much will be there i think

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