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Version: 0.2.1B

Version: 0.2d

King’s Fall
by Haseo

We are Bastard Games and Entertainment more commonly and formally known as BCT. We have been around the adult game genre for almost 8+ years and have built a name for ourselves on the modding and writing scene. After years of modding and cracking games from a certain website, we have jumped into creating original content.

After 2 years of leaving the BCT name behind, we have created an original tool set to help us create games and we plan on creating many more not just for ourselves but for others as well. Not only will we create games but we plan on leading the way in creating the next creation engine to match that of RPGMaker, Ren'py, and Unity.

Everything we make is created by hand to create and motivate others and we plan to demo what our tools can do with our first project.

Kings Fall is our first project that captures what we can do with our hand made tool set. We have modded the original Maple's universe and have re-purposed it to fit something entirely new!

A Clicker-Style RPG that brings together hundreds of NPC's, a vast world full of secrets, and an original story, Kings Fall is the first project from BGE.


In Kings Fall, you are the Chosen One, called by an unknown figure to journey through a world and kill a King who has been chosen to meet his end. Along the way you meet hundreds of normal, zany, sexy, and plain ol' bat shit insane individuals as they help you (sometimes in more ways than one) in your travels. You will pick up loot, job classes, and volve your abilities until you are the force of destruction you were chosen to be.

Kings Fall will be a game where every single NPC will have importance in the world, quests, and art. Something on this level has never been tried before but we at BGE believe we have the motivation to try it.

Hero: The Chosen One that has been tasked with killing the King of the land. Has the ability to switch the sexes of people.

Leonore: A man turned woman who has been tasked with helping the Hero on his journey. Has the power to make people speak whatever is on their minds.

Tienk: A well known Flasher who has been troubling the Harbor for years. Will be transformed into a woman by the Hero to teach him a lesson, but is the lesson pushed too far?

0.2.1B Changelog

If you need any help or have questions please check our Official Discord> https://discord.gg/S7EE5N9
Want to support us and help King's Fall grow? Join us on Patreon> https://www.patreon.com/bastardentertainment

Before we list the current changelog, we are running a character poll. This Poll will tell us which characters are popular currently as well as tell us which character should get the next Event/animation. Vote for it here> https://www.patreon.com/posts/28674571

Old Saves WILL NOT WORK! Check the QOL Part of the changelog to find out why.

Changelog for King's Fall 0.2.1 Henesys Part 1

New Content: Quests, Towns, Monsters, Bosses, etc.

-2 new towns Henesys & Empty Town
-New Story quests
-9 New maps for monster Hunting
-10 new Enemies
-1 new Mid Boss
-10+ new Hidden Quests
-New Armor, Weapon, and Item shops added.
-40+ New Items, Weapons, Armor, etc
-100+ new quests in Henesys, Lith Harbor, and Maple Island.
-Nave's Shop: Nave is a new NPC in Henesys. He will sell you items that are needed to complete quests at a premium cost. The game will tell you when you can buy quest items from him.
-The Domain: A mysterious land between life and death. A core mechanic going forward that will ask the player to piece together a Conspiracy and who the members of this Conspiracy are. Play through Leonore's Content to gain access to The Domain. Teleport back with items recieved when you leave The Domain.

New Content: NPC's, Character Quests, Sex Scenes.

-22 New NPC's. 13 in Henesys and 8 in The Domain.
-6 New Female NPC's to romance. Only Asuna and Leonore recieved sex scenes this update. The rest will get it in Henesys Part 2
-1 Character Questline: Asuna. Make sure you have completed all of Leonore's Quests in Lith Harbor and Henesys to get her to complete the training in the Empty Town. Asuna's questline can be started by entering one of the houses in Henesys.
-Breakfast scenes: Play through Leonore's questline to unlock Breakfast scenes. Some are fun, some are naughty, some are both. Invite your favorite characters over for breakfast!
-1 new Dream Scene: AsunaXLeonore
-1 new Transformation scene: Tienk. Slowly break him until he enjoys his new female body.
-Added Secret Spots Questline. Somewhere in Maple Island is a room with a Hidden Spot that is more Hidden than others. By finding it you will find a lot of money and to start a questline where you try to find the location of the person who created these Secret Spots, The Tinkerer. These spots hold greater rewards than Hidden Spots so make sure you explore every area to find them all.
-Added 3 Secret Spots
-Added Festive NPC's. This family of sisters will travel the world and show you the different amount of side activites you can play. The first activity is the Gachapon Machine. The machine can be found in Henesys.
-Added SD's to every character in Lith Harbor.

New Content: Gameplay

4 New Skills that will be recieved for completing Leonore and Asuna's questline.

1. The Knight's Strike: Attack skill that does major damage in exchange for HP and MP
2. Knight's Blast: Attack skill that uses the "redacted" for AOE and Darkness damage
3. ????: Complete Asuna's Character Quest
3. ????: Complete Asuna's and Leonore's Quest
-Added Return Scrolls. These will teleport you to a town or space without the MESO cost.
-Added breakable boxes to towns. You can find random items but they are mainly there to test your strength.
-Added Gachapon machine to Henesys. This machine can give you a random assortment of stuff. Tickets can be bought from Nave or gotten from quests. These will be plentiful so you will have many chances to win big!
-Free Mode: Free Mode is a bonus mode that can be selected in the main menu. When creating a new character there will be an arrow to the right of the box where you can start Free Mode. You can create a Male or Female character.
-Added 2 Darkness Weapons. Both are recieved by following Leonore and Asuna's questlines.
-Free Mode currently has Maple Island and Lith Harbor.
-Domain Trials: Harder versions of previous quests that reward the player with different items. (This will be added in Part 2)
-Added Library: The Library is brought up with L and will tell you about every single item, weapon, and armor in the game. It will also track if certain items can be recieved from quests as well as give you a way to plan out what equipment you may want in the future.
-30+ Quests
-20+ Unique items
-Hunting Event: After beating Asuna's Questline she will host a Hunting Event that will grant the Hero multiple prizes like Stat Pills and Potions, Equipment Scrolls, Gachapon Tickets, and Meso. This can be done multiple times.
QOL fixes:

-Added Mouse cursors to better show you your character.
1. Pointer Finger: You can better track where you are on the screen
3. Magnifying Glass: When searching for Hidden Spots
4. Birds: The game will now tell you when you are hit by the stun effect
5. ZZZZ: When using chairs you will be able to see when you are sleeping aka getting HP back.

-Added Avoidability Hidden Stat: Now when in monster areas there is a stat that will prevent enemies from hitting you right away. This is so you don't get swarmed.
-Boss Monsters now don't spawn right away. There is now a 30 second timer for them to appear. Areas with Bosses will now have a sign so you know where to wait for them.
-Adjusted the drop rates so that you get more things at once when fighting monsters of a certain level.
level 1-19 max 3
level 20-49 max 4
level 50-99 max 5
level 100-200 max 6
Boss monsters are based on how much HP they have.
-Added Special Effects to V-Player. These are to add more of a dramatic effect when things happen in the text like fighting with swords, getting hit, or the MC trying to focus his abilities.
-Added 8+ BGM's. Songs will now play depending on the mood. Climatic battles, sad moments, or curious dialogues will now play different songs. This is to help improve the moment to moment scenes.
-Quest Progress is now shown on screen when hunting monsters or gathering quest items.
-Improved Fading in and Out.
-Loading Bar added to intro. As the game gets bigger the initial load time will get bigger so the bar will tell you the game is loading so there is no confusion if the game has frozen.
-Game will load up twice as fast across all systems. Any issues let us know as we have want to make sure you don't have to wait long to
play the game
-Better saves. The game will now save when leaving an area instead of when entering. You can also force a save by pressing Escape on your keyboard.
-Improved Codex for Familiar Cards. Rewards and grouping is now better explained. Tutorial for Codex is found in Henesys.
-Gender specific clothing will be further colored to tell you if you can or can't equip something outside your gender.
-More early game rewards, items, and MESO.
-Added Cheat to West of Mushroomtown to get you to newer content faster. Bra on clothesline 
-Added Tutorial with Mai to tell the player about Equipment Scrolls.

Bugs Fixed:
-Early crashing fixed
-Fixed multiples dead ends in the early game preventing further progress
-Touched up rewards from Maple Island to Lith Harbor to give the player more.
-Fixed NPC's leaving the game when they weren't supposed too.
-Fixed text that was being pushed to another page
-Touched up a few grammer issues.

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Total Online Plays: 2,715,881

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