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Version: 0.2.3b

King’s Fall
by Haseo

We are Bastard Games and Entertainment more commonly and formally known as BCT. We have been around the adult game genre for almost 8+ years and have built a name for ourselves on the modding and writing scene. After years of modding and cracking games from a certain website, we have jumped into creating original content.

After 2 years of leaving the BCT name behind, we have created an original tool set to help us create games and we plan on creating many more not just for ourselves but for others as well. Not only will we create games but we plan on leading the way in creating the next creation engine to match that of RPGMaker, Ren'py, and Unity.

Everything we make is created by hand to create and motivate others and we plan to demo what our tools can do with our first project.

Kings Fall is our first project that captures what we can do with our hand made tool set. We have modded the original Maple's universe and have re-purposed it to fit something entirely new!

A Clicker-Style RPG that brings together hundreds of NPC's, a vast world full of secrets, and an original story, Kings Fall is the first project from BGE.


In Kings Fall, you are the Chosen One, called by an unknown figure to journey through a world and kill a King who has been chosen to meet his end. Along the way you meet hundreds of normal, zany, sexy, and plain ol' bat shit insane individuals as they help you (sometimes in more ways than one) in your travels. You will pick up loot, job classes, and volve your abilities until you are the force of destruction you were chosen to be.

Kings Fall will be a game where every single NPC will have importance in the world, quests, and art. Something on this level has never been tried before but we at BGE believe we have the motivation to try it.

Hero: The Chosen One that has been tasked with killing the King of the land. Has the ability to switch the sexes of people.

Leonore: A man turned woman who has been tasked with helping the Hero on his journey. Has the power to make people speak whatever is on their minds.

Tienk: A well known Flasher who has been troubling the Harbor for years. Will be transformed into a woman by the Hero to teach him a lesson, but is the lesson pushed too far?

Press Q to bring in the built in Quest Tracker and in game guide

To transfer your old save files:

1. Go to the folder from 0.0.2C. Data>UI and find the char_UI.Dat File

2. Rename it to save.dat

3. Move it to path that contains the exe and UI folders. 

4. Launch the game and your save will be converted to the new format. From now on, Save.dat is your new current save file.


Changelog for King's Fall 0.2.3 Henesys Part 2


New Content: Quests, Towns, Monsters, Bosses, etc.


-250+ new Quests in Henesys, An Empty Town, and Utah's Farm

-4 New Enemies 

-1 New Boss Enemy

-200+ New Items, Weapons, Armor, etc

-16+ Story Quests that pick up after speaking to the Chief of Henesys 


New Content: NPC's, Character Quests, Sex Scenes.


-Added Unique Cum Effects for Athena, Maya, Camila, Luna, and Mrs. Ming

-16+ New NPC's added

-4 New NPC's to Romance added  

-10 Lovers/Corruption Quests added:

All new Lovers and Corruption Quests are triggered by getting to the end of the NPC Storylines.


Mrs. Ming:

Lovers- Train Ming's Body in a loving way. Ming will open a shop that sells rare items at reduced costs for The Ardyn

Corruption- Train Ming's Body harshyly until she's nothing but a living fuck doll. Will travel with the Hero available for his needs at any moment.



Lovers- Will become Queen Harem and help convince other girls it's alright to share him. Will share in his exploits. (Dom oriented scenes)

Corruption- Will become Queen Harem and help convince other girls it's alright to share him. Will follow his every command. (Sub oriented scenes)



Lovers- Will become the next Mayor of Henesys. The Hero will become her husband.

Corruption- Maya and her Sister will become the Hero's Concubines. Have the option of sharing with Utah Sr.



Lovers- Likes Utah but when he leaves she starts a relationship with the Hero. Later she will choose between the Hero and Utah. If Hero is Chosen she will become a communications expert and will relay info for The Ardyn.

Corruption- Manipulate her mindset and instead of getting with Utah, she will start fucking the father. Both you and the Father will share her. Utah will leave and join The Libratas.



Lovers- Will join the Ardyn as the Hero's woman/mate and will become a loyal leader for them. Raul will be proud.

Corruption- Will have her mind broken and will become a cum deposit for The Ardyn. Raul will leave the Ardyn.


New Content: Gameplay


-Added Jump Quest

Jump Quest can be built and played by following Camila's Questline. Beating it 3 times gives different rewards

-Added MoonBunny Event

Can be accessed anytime when entering Henesys. Can get many rewards from it

-Added Respec Scrolls to Sid's Shop. You can now Respec anytime you wish.

-Added Rewards for collecting the Card Set for Mano. MushMom and King Crab will get there own reward in the Public release


QOL Improvements:

-Added new Mouse Cursor when fighting Enemies (Target Cursor)

-Added better SFX support for varying machines

-Further cleaned up the writing. 4000+ words were deleted to help with reading

-Further improved Engine. Less load times and less lag 

-Further improved Saves. New Save file added to main directory of the game (Save.dat)

-Added Effect for NPC's walking away in game

-Added Respec Scrolls to Sid's Shop as it wasn't clear enough that Dark Knight is the Main Job Class in the game.

-Added Help Folder to point you to newer Skills and to help with the Dark Knight Build


Bugs Fixed:

-Game was deep dived twice. Majority of quest issues were found and solved. Game should be very smooth.

-Many grammer issues were fixed

-SFX Issues were addressed

-Fixed Issue where Quest Tracker was not reporting completion on certain quests.

-Fixed Crash when going to next page in Library

-Fixed many Hidden Spots being TOO Hidden


Update 0.2.3B

-Added Repeat Strip scenes for Luna, Ming, Athena, Camila, and Maya

-Added 2 Tinkerer Boxes with the 1st Item necessary to find The Tinkerer inside!

-Fixed further grammer issues

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Review by Seleroan

Version reviewed: 0.2.3b on 08/08/2020

This has pretty high production value, and an interesting tone to it.  The decision to make the player have no on screen avatar is bizaare in my opinion.  It makes the combat feel very uninteresting and tedious as a result.  Also, the fact that ESC makes you insta-quit the game is extremely irritating.

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