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Version: v11

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Anomaly Vault

Anomaly Vault is an HTML game made by Noodle Jacuzzi. Check it out and keep up to date with all other games via my master index here: https://noodlejacuzzi.github.io/index.html

You play as a researcher performing experiments on various reality warping artifacts, currently including a presence-erasing bracelet and a crate that converts anything inside into a hypersexualized version of itself. It's quite short because I try not to use any kind of grinding or filler if possible.

The game uses real porn gifs, and if you enjoy it I highly recommend also giving Human Alteration App a shot here:

The themes and fetishes of the game are governed by what artifacts you interact with, hopefully as time passes you'll find and artifact you really connect with. Let me know if you have any artifact / scene ideas!

Nonoptional Tags: Unpercieved Sex, Ignored Sex, Dubious Consent, Seduction of Women in Committed Relationships
Optional Tags: Corruption, Mind Control, Deepfake, Genderbending (both M to F and F to M)

Tags I intend to include in the future, all will be optional: Time Stop, Public Molestation, Sluttification, Wormhole Sex, Memory/Truth Alteration, Femdom, Rough Sex, and others depending on what artifact ideas I have. Check out my index for a roadmap of artifacts I'll be adding/am considering adding.

You can also find some screenshots of the game here if you need them: https://mega.nz/#F!7jZQQCzL!gkaVTE_kPzZWWCGDxWJoYA

Since v2 there are now multiple cheats for fun, one-shot artifacts that are taken less seriously than the ones in the rest of the game. I post these cheats on my patreon, but the release posts are visible to non-patrons. The post with the cheats in it is here:

Similarly, download links lead to patreon posts. No paywalls, but I do use those posts to track view numbers. Hope you enjoy!

You are Swallows Deeznuts! Or whatever you decide to name yourself. Perform experiments with artifacts for sexual gain until you're satisfied, with endings in the future depicting you attempting to use the artifacts to take over and dominate the Anomaly Vault.

Here's a list of how to obtain each artifact's ending, as they are currently in the game:
Midas Coin - Complete the intro anomaly hunter mission with the Midas Coin equipped. To go on the mission you need to be interviewed on day 5 or later.
Erotibox - Research every possible item in the erotibox. This includes 2 items that are found in the intro anomaly hunter mission (a flower and a bottle of beer)
Super Truth Serum - Use the erotibox with the super truth serum equipped. You can trigger the ending again by researching the serum afterwards.

As an additional note, if you're having troubling finding all the Free ___ Sign scenes, here's a checklist. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know what you tried writing before looking at this guide, I'm looking for more ideas:
TOILET (Watersports warning!)
These will unlock all of the Free ___ Sign's scenes up to version 6. This list will only be out of date if I add more sign scenes afterwards.

v1: August 2019, First upload
- 19 Total scenes:
- 10 Reprehensive Bracelet scenes
- 6 Erotibox scenes
- 3 Exchange Gas scenes

v2: September 2019, Time Stopwatch & Antique Mirror
New Scenes:
- 21 Total scenes
- 10 Antique Mirror scenes (split between a free-use and femdom dimension)
- 7 Time stopwatch scenes
- 4 Dark Vault scenes (gummy dicks, punification cage, and succubus onahole)

v3: November 2019 - Midas Coin & Super Truth Serum
New Scenes:
- 3 new scenes for the reprehension bracelet
- 5 Midas Coin scenes
- 3 Super Truth Serum scenes
Redone CSS (thanks to stiggy)

v4: January 2020 - Chaddicus Shades & Super Truth Serum
- 6 Chaddicus Shades scenes
- 3 Super Truth Serum scenes
- 3 Dark Vault Bimbo Dust scenes
- New sub departments

v5: February 2020 - Free ___ Sign
- 3 Free ___ Sign scenes
- 1 Reprehensive Bracelet scenes
- 2 Dark Vault Nymph Mirror scenes
- New anomaly hunter scenario

v6: March 2020 - First Endings
- Many new Free ___ Sign scenes, see the cheat list for a checklist if you're missing one
- 3 New scenes and ending for the Erotibox
- New ending for the Midas Coin
- New ending for the Super Truth Serum
- New dark vault artifact: Domino PMV
- New dark vault artifact: ErotiVHS Player

v7: May 2020 - More Scenes
- 6 CEO's Pass Scenes
- 2 new scenes for the Reprehensive Bracelet
- 2 new scenes for the Erotibox
- 1 new scene for the Chaddicus Shades
- 1 new scene for the VHS player in the dark vault

v8: August 2020 - Reproachive charm
- New artifact: Reproachive Charm
- New dark vault artifact: Stiff Voodoo Doll
- New scenes for the Erotibox
- New scenes for the FREE ___ Sign

v9: January 2021
- Ending for the Chaddicus Shades
- Ending for the Time Stopwatch
- Additional scenes for the Erotibox
- Additional scenes for the Stiff Voodoo Doll
- Additional scenes in the library for a variety of artifacts

v10: July 2021
- New Artifact: Appreciation Perfume
- Additional scene for the Antique Mirror
- Additional scene for the Erotibox

v11: August 2021
- New Mission: Beta Vault (unlocks the two new dark vault artifacts)
- New Mission: Finale
- Ending for the Little Men are Fun Toys reality
- Ending for the Public Fun is Not Unusual reality
- New Dark Vault Artifact: Charity's Cage
- New Dark Vault Artifact: Perfectly Ordinary Dayz Are Reviewed

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by digitalsurrender

Version reviewed: v11 on 08/02/2022

This is my new favorite game on this site! Thoroughly enjoying it! 

It feels "open world" enough to where you're free to choose which artifacts you inspect and how far you'll go with them. Generally it's safe to test it once, but if that's a path you want to go deeper down, you totally go -- and end up with a fun transformation ending! Half the fun is using the artifacts on NPCs though. So refreshing. Very well made game. 

I see the author's got a few other previous games. Can't wait to see what they come up with next, too!

Review by Dranylis

Version reviewed: v11 on 03/31/2022

Good Game. Interesting plot and great porn characters. Would do much better with an actual avatar for the main chater and perhaps a walkthrough. Over all I'd say worth the play and the time.

Review by Whatevermancer

Version reviewed: v10 on 07/11/2021

Excellent game that explores a more erotic version of the SCP organisation. The result is a host of varied scenes with high-quality gifs and often delicious writing. I particularly enjoyed the mirrorverse and "erotic box" scenes. Not much in the way of MC transformation at the start, but you can get that fairly quickly once you get to the more "dangerous" objects. A number of bad ends in there as well for those that are into that sort of thing, although nothing is permanent in this game (although that's explained away in-universe). If you don't like (perpetrating) noncon, it's not for you, though. I expect the MC's thought process might be off-putting to some people.

Review by RMK99

Version reviewed: v9 on 03/21/2021

Nice TFTG game but ending is to fast.

Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: v8 on 10/12/2020

I've been enjoying this game with every update. That said the Free Sign has 11 Scenes and the Walkthrough only lists 9 of them as of now.

The game itself is well made, and doesn't have you hang on forever reading through tons of text for fun, and gives you access to a lot of tools, and even the game overs aren't game overs.

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