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Land of Monster Girls

You are transported to another world. There the inhabitants are animal girls of various types, usually people that were transported like yourself. They don't act like humans though meaning that you will have to fend off the animal girls as well as learn to survive on your own in this new world.


Lost of skills and crafting

62 recruitable monster girls

9 monster forms

Discord link:https://discord.gg/rPKnjUX

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Review by SnowCones

Version reviewed: 0.027 on 06/15/2020

This is one of the most uneventful uniteresting games I have ever played. The majority of the game is walking in uniteresting locations and fighting enimies. The fighting is as simple as pressing fight, literly pressing space wins or looses every single battle. You can't do anything else to aid yourself, other than explore another empty area and fight more boring enimies. None of the game over screens have personality, they all just show you getting several parts of the enimies. The amount of time it takes to do anything of intrest is too much. You should be able to have fun and do interesting things throught the game. I enjoy the home mechanic. However you have to rest multiple times to recover your health when there is no reason for it to be in the game. It took 5 and a half minutes for something that could have taken 5 seconds. I enjoy having a safe space, however the map is so large with nothing in it that you will never get back to your safe space again without spening forever trying to find it. There is crafting, but it takes forever. This game is very time consuming.

There are many bugs and glitches that halter your quest, that is failed to be explained what you are doing. I played for 2 hours and I encountered a glitch that forced me to be a harpy-boy and trapped me in a house. There was nothing I could do to get out, so I had to redo 2 hours of literal bordom.

1/10 : I didn't have fun playing this "Game". This is like Death Standing, but with no story and when you get there, nothing intresting happens.

Review by firebil

Version reviewed: 0.027 on 06/15/2020

I really wish you would add a change log and update that discord link also the game is still sub-par and needs tons of work to fix it


Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: 0.025 on 05/18/2020

+1 to what the previous two reviewers said.

Tons of updates but they are rushed and poorly tested.

It's alright to have a hicup here and there, but that NOT what this is.

Glaring, easy to notice errors get systematically pushed onto players.

Untill the author starts taking the basics of quality seriously, I'd strogly discourage people from playing this.

The game is not without it's promise (even though It'll take some serious rethinking of some elements to make it work well), but untill the author stop rushing his updates this is not worth playing.

Like the previous reviewer said - that kind of "quality" of release is really disrespectfull towards players.

Imagine a coder publishing a software update every time he hits "compile". This is close to that.

I dunno how many people repeating the same words it'll take to make the author take those words to heart, but I seriously hope that we eventually get enough.

I'd hate to see this game rot away, and if nothing changes it will.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.017 on 01/29/2020


I dont want to be rude but releasing games without any play test are disrespectful towards us who kind enough to try out your game.

+side has graphics generic but seen worse(much worse) in better games

--side:weak story

-crushing bugs

-no ingame help or reliable guide

-gameplay gets boring fast

if this game is a hobby pet project fine by me

it has a long way to go before it becomes a game that most can enjoy

I belive the review is accurate and impartial.

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