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Version: 1.0.3

Version: 1.0.2

Version: 1.0.1

Version: 1.0.0


Hiyas! This is an early version of a game I've been working on now and then - one of my first projects with RPG Maker MV. I'd like to create something a bit more.. freeform than the usual experience you'd find here, insofar as you're an adventurer with an objective and there's little else telling you what to do.


Seek out power, but whatever means you can, and achieve your goal - or end up running around as a fairly useless chicken, it's.. somewhat up to you.


The game itself has a fair amount of content so far - including 12 transformations, though ideally by the end of it there'll be roughly 50 options for players to find, all that influence gameplay in some manner or other. New forms and content has been added!


I'm definitely looking for feedback and such - you'll find the specifics over on the forms!


A second version has been uploaded to test out a simplified combat system, along with a few other changes detailed in the changelog.


A third version has been uploaded with several bug fixes as well as a bunch of new content.

In this version, there should be ~16 (and a half) forms to find - the half being a temporary spirit form.



New stuff.




Stats reworked; there's now several major categories with varying effects. (A book near the starting cell has a little bit of information on what each stat does).


There's now several encounter options consistent throughout the game: Fight, Flee, Charm, Coerce, Submit and Talk - most options aren't universally useful.


Spells can no longer be cast directly on enemies - three spells exist: Dark Vision, Cure Poison and Restore. More to come.


The original doll TF has been removed (to be added elsewhere later); a new "secret" body-swap is available for particularly annoying adventurers.


You'll now gain intelligence from the scroll on the wall (previously might / double attack).


Several new potions have been added with varying effects.


Overall difficulty decreased slightly; all damage instances are now lethal (this includes floor and poison damage). Poison ticks for significantly less damage, but has an infinite duration.


Darkness has been added to a couple locations.


A bunch of bug fixes - intentional or otherwise with the rework of encounters.


Note that certain NPCs that act as failsafes (the Alicorn & Magreet) cannot be attacked; this may change if people are truly intent on making the game nigh impossible.




- New Combat System

- Door cannot be opened by animals (top left)

- Bears moved slightly behind a door.

- Chest added, gold moved.

- You can now attack the merchant in the cells.

- MP replaced with SN (Sanity)

- MP no longer regenerates.

- You can now choose to attack the fairy queen.

- Spell Tome: Protection has been removed.

- Spell Tome: Fire has been changed to Spell Tome: Banish Spirit.

- Mating encounters with wolf/cow NPCs; costs sanity to restore HP.

- Items updated to focus entirely on ATTACK/AGILITY/INT as these are the only stats that affect battles now.




- You'll now receive a warning when taking a bear. The sign nearby now has a sparkling effect.
- Take Flight (chicken ability) has changed; it now causes you to flee from combat (50% success rate).
- The bat transformation has been removed.
- The bat encounters will only end in game over screens if you fail to achieve victory. You cannot escape from these battles once triggered.
- The chicken event will no longer trigger a second time if you re-enter the prison.
- Chickens now sometimes lay eggs.
- The Merchant NPC will now offer advice if asked.

The Beach:

- You can now flee from most battles in this area; the odds of doing so are unlikely without a boost to agility.
(Note that fleeing isn't easy to achieve yet - there'll be ways to increase agility later).
- Fleeing causes enemies to despawn, but reloading the area will cause them to reappear. Defeating an enemy will prevent it respawning.

The Forest:

- You can now flee from worms and brown mushrooms. You cannot escape from red mushrooms, however; the fairy queen will mention this.
- Fae in the wilds will no longer attack weaker animals or other fairies.
- You can no longer continously interact with the fairy queen by reloading the area.


- There are fewer rat patrols now.

Deep Woods:

- You can now flee from slimes in the deep woods.
- Slime encounters unchanged, but the amount of slimes in each encounter has decreased.

Other Changes:

- Magic Water restores 15 MP and costs 5 gold, instead of restoring 10 and costing 10.
- Fairy Charm now provides 2 MR, and 1 HP/MP.
- Wizard's Hat is now a head-slot item.
- If you cease to be a snake, you'll now lose your resistances.
- The PC will now regenerate 1 MP every 15 seconds.
- Lions have 40 HP, down from 70.
- Oozes now take 33% more damage from lightning; they're still heavily resistant to fire.
- The Wolf will drop a potion, for some reason.
- Added battle backgrounds
- Updated Name/Title

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