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Version: 0.3

Version: 0.2

SQ Cruise Ship
by Tiplick

Hi there! I´m Tiplick!

This is v0.3: Introduction +3 weeks of content +2 docking visits (+ AUDIO) Keep in mind that this is just a little taste of what the complete game will be.

Leave a comment with anything you would want me to improve, correct or add to the story or the aesthetics. Please, have in mind that it´s a work-in-progress and that this is my first time making a game ever :)


Due to a series of apparent mistakes, you end up on an only women "Size Queen" themed ship. As the reputation of the company is at stake, the Captain blackmails you in order to keep your mouth shut. She designs an strict Schedule, which you have to complete or you will get punished. The relations with the women on the ship will mold your mind, as well as your body, as you are trapped in a prison surrounded by water.


Content: Femdom, humiliation, sissification, submission, cuckold, transformation, BBC.

The actual game starts once you get into the ship, where a sort of "rpg" mechanic starts working. Stay tuned for updates (This game WILL have an ending/various endings).

Upcoming >v0.3.5 content (spoilers):

- More cuckold content (SMS)
- Dockings: visits to different parts of the world (DATES IN ROME)
- Dating sites: GRINDR.
- Costume party.
- Different classes, due to your newly acquired sissy needs.
- Men on board! (YAY!)
- ''"M"'' presents herself?






Hany suggestions? Found a bug? Join my Discord server ---> https://discord.gg/vxmRNg8




You are a young man living with your capricious girlfriend near London. Your rich american parents have always paid everything for you, so you´ve never had it hard in life. One day your best friend calls you to give you a present:

Two tickets for a two month cruise!

Unfortunately, your girl won´t go with you due to the inestability of your relationship. Nevertheless, you make the decision to go alone and enjoy it for yourself.

A decision that will change your life forever...



Turns out the ship is an only women "Size Queen" themed ship. As the reputation of the company is at stake, the Captain of the ship blackmails you in order to keep your mouth shut. She designs an strict Schedule, which you have to complete or you will get punished. The relations with the women on the ship will mold your mind, as well as your body, as you are trapped in a prison surrounded by water.

You: You´re 5'7'' tall, which is considered below average. Your pale skin and small constitution has always complexed you. All this features, together with your lacking personality, has made you a girl repelent all your life.

Your best friend: He´s more like the Alpha man stereotype. He´s always been nice to you and usually forces you out of your introverted bubble.

GF: Your life together in London has kind of spoiled the relationship. Although you were never a "high libido" couple, these last months have been sex-less.

GF´s best friend: You are not very fancy of her, she´s a bad influence for your wife and for everybody. She is always carrying that slutty look and bringing new guys home. 


Tara: ???

Captain T: ???

Cherry: ???

Rae: ???

Anastasia: ???

and many more...

Just follow the Schedule for now.

Most of the content is on the submissive path. Use your free time on Saturday and Sunday (after docking) to buy the stuff you might need for the tasks. Also, time doesn´t run when you use the menus or buy clothes. You only spend 1 minute passing through each deck.

v 0.1 - Intro and first week until arrival to La Rochelle.

v 0.1 fixed - Date bug after the Cooking lesson fixed, broken images brought to local, "read for a while" in Library bug fixed.


        - New changes: More variety of dreams and they now appear depending on your actions, new "fetishes" in appearance menu, Schedule button visible on the side, new area: Casino, Fashion Boutique 8-22h, stats redistribution, transformations depending on stats, dining room flashes when available, Provisional inventory (previous was giving problems with saves).          

        - All images are local (under surveillance), .jp2 converted to .jpg.

        - Saves do not interfere with the inventory and date systems.

        - Bugs fixed: Time issues fixed, Friday repeating fixed, day number stuck, not going to ship bug fixed, cage is now accesible in the wardrobe, quest log "return" loop fixed, default friend´s name bug fixed, spa pool loop fixed.

* 0.2 posterior minor fixes: Image in Anatomy class, week 2 misspell fixed. Appearance "bad conditional expression" error fixed.


        - New stuff: Soundtrack + sound effects, Tinder, Random encounters on Decks 3,5,6 since day 9, +1 underwear slot, Women´s Secret, Sex Shop, Cooking class 2 taste testings, Psychologist memory test, Chores for captain, Chores for Rae, new trainings and pictures, New library section, Special massage available, 3 new SMS.

        - Changes: Class reminder at the top right, Schedule display as image, spa hour change (11-22), stores clothes display, buying clothes doesn´t depend on your FEM, new masturbation scenes, swimsuit on Fashion Boutique, 2nd week - 900points instead of 1000.

        - New inventory system: Divides Key Items and Consumables. Counts up to 5 of each consumable.

        - Bugs fixed: Quest log´s badge doesn´t show, multiple wardrobe and store malfunctions, dining room doesn´t show Tara´s review on friday, Goodies store malfunction fixed (didn´t appear on inventory), SMS notifications fixed, multiple audio bugs fixed, inventory fixed, elevator bug (no return) fixed.


Have any suggestions? Found a bug? Join my Discord server ---> https://discord.gg/vxmRNg8

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Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 12/27/2019

I haven't played the version that just released, but of the game I have played I have to say it is a great start. The characters are fairly strong, the quest system is a neat touch and the fetish content is brilliant. If I was to make a complaint, it does get pretty repetetive over day in day out but the ability to go to various areas of the ship and different daily classes makes this feel less impactful than it does in other games. 7/10, looking forward to the future :)

Review by KRanseyer

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 12/21/2019

The handling of the schedule is now MUCH better, and the new content is great.

Please keep on working on the story, I would hate to see this game get abandoned.

Review by Raven2015

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 12/20/2019

I like this game very much... looking for more content in future.

The style is fantastic, the render looks fine.

I know it´s only a sidestory, but I think that the gf should be more unobtrusive. She really goes fast in this cockhold think, just a little alcohol and she start cheating on her bf...

The speed of transformation is opimal.

Nice work at all, keep gooing :-)

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 12/19/2019

Great game, excellent concept.


For those looking to get the password to the laptop, highlight the text between the brackets and paste it in exactly with the specific capitalization:

[Under development]

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 12/18/2019

This game is progressing fine. It delivers a lot of unavoidable cuckold and size humiliation so that had better be your thing.

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