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Office Bully

Office Bully

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You mostly play from a submissive Point-of-View. Expect the game to contain scenes involving mind control, M/F, F/F, breasts modification, sissyfication, bimboification, transformation into a woman, light BDSM and use of alcohol and pharmaceuticals/drugs.

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Office Bully


Current Updates:

2020-06-27: Office Bully 1.01 Final (Update 0.17 - fixed a few bugs and spelling mistakes)

2020-06-06: Office Bully 1.00 Gold (Update 0.17)


Office Bully

You were the Office Bully, the playboy who could get anything he wanted. But not anymore. From now on, Women will rule your life.

Will you please them as a virile Stallion, or will you serve them as a humble Sissy?

Actions and choices traditionally linked with virile or macho behavior will increase your Stallion Rating.

In contrast, acting in a more passive or submissive manner will increase your Sissy Rating.

There are no rights or wrong ways to play the game, but the story will be tailored by your choices.


Office Bully is a Reverse Trainer game, in which you are being “trained” by various characters who aim to transform you (physically and mentally) into an obedient and compliant submissive.

It features non-linear gameplay, and allows you to choose the characters you want to be involved with over time (either as lovers, master/mistress or girlfriend/boyfriend).

All scenes features high resolution graphics and the sex scenes are animated.


The New Secretary - Woman Story - Abandoned)

You are a proud and ruthless executive in one of the world’s leading biotechnology enterprises. Or at least, that is who you were until recently, when your reputation as an “Office Bully” was about to bring an end to your career. To avoid a scandal, the company has offered you a single chance at redemption, which you reluctantly accepted.

Your body was transformed and your old identity erased, as you undergo behavior modification sessions with Dr. Kumiko Tamura, a renowned psychiatrist, to prove you are no longer a threat to your colleagues. In the meantime, you have been assigned as a secretary in a very peculiar enterprise, where you’ll need to display compliant behavior toward customers and coworkers as you are compelled to become an obedient employee.

Will you find happiness and a lasting relationship in this new submissive life, or will you attempt to regain your previous position of power?

Note: The game features characters from the Dream Therapy series, but in a different storyline. The original games can be found here: https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1681

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Review by nerewhon

Version reviewed: 1.01 Final (update v0.17) on 06/29/2020

It's a good thing he abandoned the incredibly dull female route in favour of the male route.  The art is quite good.  The dialog is not quite so good with the characters a bit weak in the area of having individual personalities.  The plot's actually pretty good, though.  It's actually kind of interesting to see the evil shrink from Dream Therapy actually make the final choice to be irrevocably evil here.  I'll continue to follow new releases.  

Note however that this "game" is super linear.  I've played through with all submissive and all dominant choices and there's almost no difference in what happens.  It isn't true that there's no "sissy" content.  You are given several opportunities to wear women's clothing.  It just...doesn't matter to this point.  I assume that if and when this character's story ends your dominant versus submissive score will determine which of two endings you get.  Then again since Rick's story seems to be over and we have switched to a new victim that may not be the case.  

Review by awkwardcultism

Version reviewed: 1.01 Final (update v0.17) on 06/28/2020

Despite being listed as complete, this game doesn't allow you to play past chapter 2 unless you cough up some dough on Patreon. 

Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: 1.01 Final (update v0.17) on 06/27/2020

There are now two games under the same heading.

Disclaimer: There are two paths to choose from at the start, the majority of my review is regarding one of the two paths which is abandoned work by the author. The game contains no indication that this path is abandoned. I wrote this review before I learned that it was an abandoned path, and was very angry to have wasted my time on basically nothing.

Female path review:

This game is utter trash.

It has a mind-numbingly boring gameplay loop where you literally have the following choices:

Day: Go to work. I've seen a total of five outcomes for this. Four of them are sexual, where you choose whether or not to do something with one of two men, I'm not sure what as I'm skipping the text and declining the option. With the two women, it's cunnilingus. The other is solo, and you can choose to masturbate, suck a dildo, or... I think just buckle down and get work done. This last option gives you extra money... which is completely useless, because you cannot spend it on anything.

Night: Masturbate or sleep.

There's your entire game. New clothes, which do not look remotely interesting, cost more than your money cap of 100.

There's a locked daily event which costs 200 "progress" points (advanced by sucking the dildo, and maybe sex events). Once you grind out the points for this daily event, you're then informed it isn't available. It would have been nice to know that before I wasted my time grinding this exceptionally boring game.

Also, this game with no content is marked as complete? Holy shit.

-Added later: I just read that the author generously left in this "incomplete" path for those who like extreme tedium. My mistake for missing one sentence in the cluttered description. (This sentence is now missing entirely from the description and you must go to the plot tab to even find out about it. This should have been clearly marked in the game.)

Male path review:

The other path follows the visual novel style of his other games and, at least the way I played, led to the male character eventually being instantaneously TG'd. I won't spoil the rest of the story, but I figured knowing that was important.

If you like his other games, this one should suit you as well.

Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: 1.00 Gold on 06/12/2020

I'm not usually one for sci-fi magical tranformations where you just take a pill and BAM GIRL but this one was nice. It was pretty decently paced if you are a good reader and took me about an hour to play through. The characters are strong which is nice, there is a sex scene for basically ever chapter and the story was simple to follow. The art is fantastic and very immersive, combined with some decent animation to create some fluidity.

Of course, the main complaint I and others have are the lack of choice. Sure there are choices you can make in the moment, but none effect the outcome of what comes next. And the music only exists in the chapter screen, and the sfx is very sparingly used. I think it worked once.Still if you like a story where you become submissive to women go ahead and try it. 7/10.

Review by 1watt1

Version reviewed: Online 0.16 on 05/28/2020

This game is just like every other by this author:
AMAZING renders (that are rehashed between each and every game)
Decent story
Good writing/dialogue
Poor animations
Virtually no impact to your choices

If you want an author of a run-of-the-mill virtual novel with GREAT art that you will see copy/pasted from one work to another, he's your guy. If you want an actual GAME where your CHOICES MATTER... not so much.
I don't mean to be too harsh, but I don't want to sugar coat things either. The art is fantastic. The story is fine. The writing is good. But this guy's work consistently fails to offer even the illusion of choice. And at that point, it's not even a game at all.

Unsurprisingly: my main advice to the author is to work on making choices matter. And not just in a "you are locked out of certain options if you made previous choices" kind of way like I saw in other games of his. Branching arcs where your previous choices are taken into account would take this, and other works of his, from "meh... I'll take a look at it every couple updates or so" to at least an 8/10 game. And that's even with the sub-par animations.And to accomplish this, that "chapter" system has gotta go.
I wouldn't even complain so much about the renders being reused across multiple games. I don't even know the half of the work that goes into making them. But I do know how hard it is to make renders less than half as beautiful as his. Nice art is nice art. I don't care that it's rehashed from a previous game by the same author. This guy could almost do renders for a AAA game studio. Game design is not his forte, however.

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