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Version: 0.1.2

Version: 0.1.1

Version: 0.1.0

Hogwarts Panty Raid

Warning this game takes place during the characters 3rd year of Hogwarts making them 13 years old along with the majority of other characters

 Started rebuilding this game from the ground up I'm rpg maker due to a couple of very helpful suggestions. Have a framework built, please feel free to take and look. I'd love feedback. Design and look aren't final, looking for an artist that would enjoy helping out.

Turned off Reviews because apparently people think leaving a "not much there, just a layout" is an actual useful review when its in the concept section and I put in that Im in the process of completely rebuilding from the ground up


No real events yet, other than the wand and polyjuice at the starting dorm room, Griffindor girls dorm you need to use the poly juice to enter.


You are a third year at hogwarts who has entered into a bet with his friends. You will either end up a legend or humiliated pulling off the panty raid of the century.


Ive got the outline and much of the story for the gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin wing written and awaiting implementation.


If you have the drive to draw or create images, feel free to contact me about it, I'm not a terribly good artist, my main skill is in programming



As all I have written now is a basis through Gryffindor, pick that as your house, also be sure to grab the poly juice in your robes, then feel free to explore gryffindor

Slytherin is also started now, grab you wand from the desk if you want some additional options, I'll be continuing to build out this story line soon

Re imagining of the game in rpg maker has begun, I've fleshed out a basic castle layout and am beginning the process of even building within the game!


Minor bug fixes, small amount of new content, working on building events and item DB

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