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Sluts and Ladies (Legacy ver)

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image by ReaperOf666 (edited by icarue)

You receive a letter from an old friend. When you arrive, the house you remember is no more. The house is in ruins, and even hunted by ghosts. You will need to play in order to remain un possessed.

Will you survive the night or will the ghosts bend your mind and body to their will?

It's a mechanic-evolving game of Snake and Ladders. If you land on a ladder, you have the "choice" to go up or not. If you do go up, you gain a perk, nothing happens if you don't. Perks can be things like: changing your die so it rolls certain numbers, do X or do Y when a number rolls etc. Not all perks are good however, so take that in mind. 

It's a short and sweet game, each round shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes if you don't read anything (but it's relatively heavy text wise; don't worry, there's more than 4 rows to read). I made this game as mouse friendly as possible (but keyboard control is also available, both by default). 


Entry for the Game night contest


Note: Game ends when you or your opponent reach the goal (in which case you'll have to close the game and start another one). Future release will have an easier way to restart (Patreon already has it for anyone interested). 


 Version .3 (Legacy = multiple nights/play sessions)

You can now play multiple nights (up to 3). How it works is that you just keep the mental tf with the higher stat and it's correspondent physical tf. There rest are reset (so it's easier to go for one route and one ending). 

Change the intro a bit (added one box of text explaining that there's going to be 3 nights).




Incorporate the 3 stories from all the ghosts

25 endings or such

3D graphics (at least for scenes from the stories)

Multiple rounds and nights (around 3, I'll poll for a more specific number). 


Added the ballerina story


Added the cow story (no images, except placeholder ones)

Added mechanical descriptions to all mind tfs. 

Added compatibility with keyboard only players (you click enter and should have options; mouse click doesn't give you options since you can choose what die to roll). 

Added skip intro option and fast replay (placeholder)


Demo 2 initial release

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Review by BigPervert

Version reviewed: Demo 2 on 09/03/2019

Very creative idea, but as another person said, the board is incredibly short and that makes the game incredibly short and you won't see many TFs.

I'd also add in a way to skip the prologue and reset the game to the beginning with just the press of button after finishing.

Review by alguienquepasaporaqu

Version reviewed: Demo 2 on 09/01/2019

Still little rought, but the idea is really promising!! Quite different of what i have been seeing, and I like the Jumanji-like scenario :p .

Really looking for following how the idea is evolved, to see how it will be movement is refined and scenes are added.

Review by sgb69

Version reviewed: Demo 2 on 08/30/2019

It's functional proof of concept, but it's so short almost nothing happens.  You can get transformed or TF your opponent depending on which tile you land on, but the board is so small you won't see more than 3-4 TF stages per game before someone reaches the end.  There's also not much dialogue aside from the intro and a story about a foxgirl ghost if you land on a specific tile.  If you speed through the dialogue on additional playthroughs the game will literally be over in about a minute tops.

There's nothing wrong with making a short board game type TF game, it's a fine idea and actually has a hope in hell of getting finished unlike a lot of projects on this site.  But this is too short, the board needs to be a lot bigger so more TFs and scenes can occur before the end.

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