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Version: 0.0.13c

Version: 0.0.13b

Version: 0.0.13a

Version: 0.0.13

Version: 0.0.12c

Version: 0.0.12b

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Version: 0.0.12

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Fresh Starts

21/10/2019: 100 likes reached! Thank you so much!
21/03/2020: 250 likes reached! Love you wonderful people <3
23/01/2021: 500 likes! I can't beleive it. Thank you everyone, I wouldn't be there without your support.

Fresh Starts is a game where you finally move away from your home town to the big city, but Hutinberg is an unforgiving place and you might need to do... immoral things in order to make your place in the town. To what lengths are you willing to go to stay in the city? Will you stay true to who you are, or will you change to try to fit in? Only time will tell...

As of Alpha 0.0.13a, the game --still-- heavily revolves around sissification of the PC, most event revolving around said theme. However, there are plans in the future to open new paths, but also to implement a female character. The game currently doesn't offer much story wise at the time, but all the content is optional, which felt really important as the game is supposed to be a "sandbox".  However, major features keep being added with each update, making the game quite complex despite its early stage of development.

Join the discord for weekly dev diaries and to interact with other players! (https://discord.gg/3AjHUuY) Also, you can now support me on Patreon and get some cool perks :)

Selling points:
-Decent writing
-Option to avoid specific content in character
-114 unique clothing items
-438 passage
-175 unique adult pictures and videos
-23 visitable locations
-9 jobs (with three involving complex game mechanics)

Please note that:
-Starting from 0.0.4, files are now save compatible! How wonderful!

Feedback and reviews are welcomed! (Even if you didn't like it! I strive on constructive critiscism)

Mr Ronzo: Your cheap landlord.
Crystal: A girl you meet at the Red Vixen with a secret...
Jordan: One of Crystal's friends, you can see him at the Gym some times.
Jeff Godwyn: Your boss at the Gas Station
Kara: Crystal's roomie, from what you can see, she's quite kinky~
Raven: Works at Tenebria, a snarky, almost stereotypically goth woman.

Go to the Gas Station to get your first job, working there will unlock new options such as the gloryhole and specific stats will unlock new options!
Go to the college and choose a program before day 5.
The laptop (unlocks porn, cheat, extra items and additional jobs) is available for purchase at Future Shack which is located in the Mall

If you want to access the sewing content, you will need to choose the fashion program and attend to a class on day 33+

For Holt-Oritz Engineering (HOE) job, you need to be in the business program and attend the interview (don't miss it!)

Content Patch 0.0.13c
-Gas Station: Added Clean Wipes (Suggested by AWolfe [Usable from Inventory]
-Apartment: Sex with the landlord now as some dignity reduction for first times and an hygiene cost
-Gym: Added a new event
Red Light District
-Blue Moon: Added hygiene
-Show N' Tail: Added hygiene
-Fixed Routine only triggering at a specific hour on sundays
-Fixed Acting's week 7 disappearing
-Fixed weightcheck widget so it no longer causes errors
-Fixed Dimly Lit Alley events
-Fixed Floral Blouse not counting as feminine clothing
-Various UI and spelling fixes
-Additional Sewing fixes

Hotfix 0.0.13b
-Fixed Makeup styles not being applied through Routines
-Fixed Routines not triggering after certain Rent events
-Fixed a couple of HTML and UI issues
-Fixed consistency issues with unlocking Grooming
-Fixed Wax and Depilatory Cream always being usable despite never buying them
-Fixed Metal Cage being named Clear Cage at Desire~
-Added additional hardcaps to Bimbofication, Sissification, Dominance, Submission and Dignity
-Added Soap, Wax and Depilatory Cream to the inventory

x 0.0.13a
-Fixed Foundation being only wearable once
-Fixed School Girl Outfit picture instead displaying text
-Fixed priority issues with Studying updating the chances to pass an exam
Fixed Sissy Maid not accepting Black and Metal chastity cages as "Owned cages"
-Fixed errors when using the sex machine
-Added hardcoding preventing health and hygiene from going above their caps
-Added hardcaps to fitness so it won't go in infinite ranges
-Added failsafes for drastic fitness changes over the span of a day
Alpha 0.0.13
-Desire~: Added alternate chastity cages and a new gag
-Red Vixen: Added 4 new Kara quests. (2 Patron poll'd)
Red Light District
-Forever 69: Added 4 new items
-Dimly Lit Alley: Added new interactions
-gregschart: 3 new tasks
-gregschart: Added a new special interaction in the second Sissy Maid repeatable job
-icoast: A fourth item slot was added (4 new items, two new joke items)
-icoast: Added an additional item
-Renamed and lowered price of the Cage (New name: Clear Cage/New price: 80$)
-The Chastity Cage(s) can also be made available with submissiveness (Suggested by Plat)
-Titfuck and Anal gloryhole options affected by surgery recovery
-Going to the gloryhole outside of work now requires the player to crossdress (Suggested by Salvelinus)
-You can no longer accept work in the Dimly Lit Alley if you are recovering from a surgery
-Wearing the ballgag while using toys may raise submissiveness
-Wearing the dildogag while using toys may raise submissiveness
-Wearing the dildogag while anally using toys will grant a small oral xp boost
-Latex Nun Set: Changed image, lowered cost (120->80) (suggested by Salvelinus)
-Sexy Nurse Costume: Changed image, lowered cost (90->70) (suggested by Salvelinus)
-Dimly Lit Alley now grants sexual skills xp
-Optimized code at the gloryhole
-The article for body build now adapts to the adjective after it under the profile tab.
-Added a bunch of gifs for repeatable sexual content
-Spelling and grammar tweaks
-Fixed Foundation not properly reaching inventory
-Dignity condition for accepting sollicitation in the Dimly Lit Alley now properly applied
-Fixed some broken images for case sensitive OSs
-Fixed Floral Blouse being missing from Elsa & Rose's stock
-Few UI fixes
-Fixed spacebar click reduction sometimes sending the player to debug
-Fixed an <> in the Halloween Event
-Fixed Jock special interaction with the repeatable gloryhole event
-Fixed issues with a bunch of clothing items
-The threesome event will no longer make the player skip rent
-Fixed Makeup Styles failure detection false positives
-Fixed Grooming path not unlocking if you only have a regular success doing crossdressing 2

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by ff87

Version reviewed: 0.0.13c on 09/09/2021

Nice game, the mechanics works fine. Missed the importance of the laptop for loosing dignity(you need that for loosing dignity)

Curious what the storyline is going to do. It needs some synchronisation: You get the task to wear a butplug while running around in a latex maid dress, with butplug and chastidy cage for your internet job.

Review by o3soewr

Version reviewed: 0.0.11a on 07/09/2021

It's fantastic start to a game, and I look forward to what comes of this in the future. 

I must say though, content is not being added in a sensible order. 
To start with you only had one off side quests on your computer.
Then a school system was added without any real content besides rocking up and studying. The patch notes indicate there is more, but I haven't had the patience to reach it. 
Finally, what looks to be the main quest line (the Red Vixen pub relationship storyline) has appeared. But you can only progress once a week, and each progression is extremely minor. 
Quite frankly you'll quickly find there's nothing to do and you'll just be skipping 7 days at a time to get to the next tiny piece of questline. 

Personally I think you should give this one a miss until the weekly limitation is removed, or until there is so much extra content that you can fill a dozen weeks. 
The game should just be a wake up and go to university button, followed by a visit the pub button with no locations or computer and one or two shops that get added in as they are needed for the storyline. 

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.0.10c on 06/05/2021

Considering it is version 0.0.10, this is not a bad start. Changes occur once every week once after you get to the said content. For the rest of the week, you grind food shower work school gym.

Review by mally01

Version reviewed: 0.0.10b on 06/04/2021

This is a great game. Easy to navigate fun to play and having a choice of starting character is great. One bug I found is with the tuition in 10b. When I try to pay the fee I get the following. Error:<<if>>:bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: unexpected identifier. It's either a bug or I have gone wrong somewhere. 

Review by silverhammermax

Version reviewed: 0.0.8b on 03/21/2021

So far it's a very good concept, but the QoL oprtions are bugged. Every morning the debug escape has to be used as it breaks somewhere after it applies the time for breakfast and shower but before it flags them as complete. Also randomly interspersed with every action involving changing outfits.Otherwisethe gameplay is solid enough and show potential if one is into a slower burn and selecting the options for themselves.


I'll be keeping an eye out for some significant bug fixes, but I'm excited to try again.


That was a wonderfully fast update and many bugs were addresed. There are still a few liying in wait, but it made the game playable enough to track trough many options. the gym still binds up making it impossible to use after your first trip, unless you manually change your outfit.

There's a very solid foundation for a game here, but very little going on without player driving or foreknowledge. I can see the framework of a decent game here building itself up and I know with a little expansion and some better in-character engagement this game could be one of the greats.

One of the major failings of slow-burn TF games is player engagement during the tedium. Strong QoL features, clear paths, and intermittent burst of activity are critical to make it happen. Fresh Start is clearly building toward those, but doesn't have all of them yet. The game is currently at a point where you can experience the tedium, then buy your way clear fo some of it via the alarm clock (When the routines are working) and outfit saving. There's also framework for more to make things easier.

What's lacking is feedback and clear pathing. Feedback on what resources have been used by automation or when something has been altered outside of the various hypnotic content the player has to choose to engage in. Clear pathing in what actions are suggested, something to lead the player to make the right choices to engage the content they want. I can see the intentions to include that sort if guidance and from the earlier glitches I encountered, it's likely the kind of reporting I'm asking about is already in the back ground, we just need it more accessible.

On the subject of intermittent activity, there's some strong flashes here and there, but there could stand to be more and they would make a great way to guide the player without having to eternally use the porn/hypno method (For instance, In several hours of playing I encountered a single opportunity to decrease dignity, but reducing dignity is needed for most of the lewd content)

TL;DR: There is massive potential here. There's framework obviously in place for something good, but the execution so far leaves the player wandering in circles with too little feedback as to what effect they're even having.

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